IBM Wheelwriter/Teletype

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Automated Keyboard[edit]

This is a PCB shield designed to function as an emulated, programmable keyboard for the IBM Wheelwriter. This way, we can basically have full control of the typewriter the same way a human does. This is the key component of a computer teletype.

It can also be used as a clever replacement for the PC Printer Option, which is now rare and expensive and difficult to reverse engineer: and uses old parallel ports.

Method 0: Trio-Mate Out[edit]

This only emulates the keyboard and does not take in any manual input. Good for automation and impromptu printing, not great for teletypes.

Method 1: Trio-Mate in, Trio-Mate Out[edit]

This system intercepts keystrokes taken in, relays the signal to the controller, and also keylogs it. It can also send it’s own signal to the typewriter while the user’s input waits in a stack, such as while displaying a command line operation in TTY.

Method 2: Stackable Header[edit]

The most reliable, permanent method is to simply desolder the original Trio-Mate sockets (on the Wheelwriter board) and replace them with standard female header. This way, the emulator board can be stacked right on top. And when we need to return to original functionality, the emulator can just be detached.

Controlling the PC Printer Option[edit]

See PC Printer Option for more information.

If you can write to /dev/lp0 character by character in real time, it can be done. However, the keyboard will not be part of the control system., and the printer option itself is rare.