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DMCA-Friendly hosting won't just shut your hosting randomly just because of an unsubstantiated DMCA report. As long as you respond and take action on DMCA requests in a timely fashion, they'll be happy to have you around.

Notice that DMCA-Friendly is not Lawless Hosting: the providers can remain lenient because they are legally protected under the Safe Harbor exemption clause, where they have fulfilled their obligations by notifying you of reports. Thus, if you fail to take action for a week or even a few days, there would be no choice but to kick you off.

North America[edit]

  • Later



  • Sweden
  • AS8473
  • TOR friendly, bridge, relay, and exit.

Quite serious about privacy and customer protection. They seem to only cooperate with proper Swedish court orders as well so far. Would almost certainly go to court if needed to protect customers.


  • Sweden
  • AS37560
  • TOR friendly, bridge, relay, and exit.

Supposedly they are anti-censorship, support privacy, and network neutrality. They were previously in the Ukraine before they were raided by the police and now they moved their operation to Sweden. It seems their new operation is using Portlane as their main upstream with their own ASN and IPs.

1984 Hosting[edit]

  • Iceland
  • AS44925
  • TOR friendly, bridge, relay, and exit.

They are quite serious about civil liberties and privacy. They only seem respond to valid Icelandic court orders and basically ignore anything else. They've seemingly warned customers who have had authorities inquire about them in the past. One of the founders, and operators, is a member of the Icelandic Modern Media Institute. There is a solid chance they would be willing to go to court if it is a matter of free speech.