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Some hosting regions, such as Eastern Europe, Iran, (and perhaps even Israel) have fallen into a black hole where copyright, patent, and trademark law have taken a back seat.

These providers can effectively be considered Lawless, since the current government is concerned with far more than the rights of faraway international corporations.

Notice that due to political considerations, you need to make sure your content does not conflict with the general sentiment of the host nation (e.g. don't be pro-Ukraine on a server in the Donetsk Republic).


I remember that somehow got pierced through the front proxy in eastern europe, and their actual host just wiped everything upon a report.

I can only suspect they messed up the reverse proxying somehow, unless the Eastern European host got a request to give someone access to their machine and they got the IP that way. But that sounds unlikely and rather involved.

They probably were leaking the real IP somewhere, or even worse, had the real IP available prior to using a reverse proxy to Eastern Europe

There are a lot of sites that lookup IPs for large sites, and keep historical records of them to later sell for a couple bucks.

So if their real host IP was ever out in the open it could have easily been found that way.

It isn't enough to just hide your IP later, you need to do it from the start. These days anyway.

Eastern Europe[edit]

Eastern Europe tends to be the best option for hosting, since these nations actually have pretty good internet speeds that can be paired with a good high storage VPS in Western Europe as a front proxy.

Of course, it is obviously safer to keep storage in one server if you can.