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A screenshot of Encyclopedia Dramatica as of March 20th, 2024.

Encyclopedia Dramatica (ED) is a wiki encyclopedia with the purpose of archiving all of the lulz and drama of the Internet, much of which /i/ is responsible for. Encyclopedia Dramatica has been both a reliable friend and tool of the Insurgency since /b/day.

For much of its early life it was overshadowed by the other humor-oriented wiki Uncyclopedia, which is arguably complete shit and undeserving of any internets. However, ED soon shifted towards encompassing the *chans and cataloging their memes/drama, and with this content pulled past Uncyclopedia. Nobody really noticed.

ED's saving grace is that lurking there can be more informative than lurking on /b/ itself. However, it also brings trouble by making *chan memes accessible to any idiot who finds the place, breaking rules 1 & 2 left and right in order to amuse and inform. Also, many (but nowhere near all) raids have been documented there, providing a shallow history for budding /i/nsurgents.

ED is sometimes useful as a source of /b/lackup, if you are able to get them to actually do anything to earn the credit they always claim in raid articles. From time to time, ED switches domains (from .online to .rs to .se) due to the owner not wanting to manage it or the owners being arrested.

Oh, also, DO NOT RAID ED, lest you yourself get raped.


In November of 2010, Girlvinyl decided to try to kill off ED and replace it with a sanitized KYM-like site known as Oh Internet. This is mostly due to harassment from Daniel Brandt, however her own lack of interest in the site was another contributing factor to the hambeast's decision. Ultimately, ED lived to preserve the lulz for years to come.

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  • ED - EDiots have quickly assumed the old domain name and copied the last version of many pages.