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Cool Story Bro is the name of a story posted to /r9k/ on January 27, 2012, posted by an anon named Dan (who confusingly called himself Uncle Anon, but is unrelated to the original).

Dan tells a harrowing tale, about a day when he opened his door to see a woman begging him for help; one that betrayed his love, shattered his trust, and stole from his family.

He nearly throws her out, but the woman shows Dan her battered body; morbid proof that her new boyfriend has been abusing her for years, and was still trying to hunt her down.

And despite the odds, Dan, conflicted between deep-seated hatred and lingering love, reluctantly gives a safe haven to a woman whose transgressions he once deemed "unforgivable".

Remastered Chapters[edit]

The Bibliotheca Anonoma has remastered the story by restoring the replies by fellow anons to the story. They form an important part of the context by motivating Dan's storytelling, creating derivative works on the fly, and poking fun at the oddities in his life.

Dan constantly used run-on sentences and rarely used periods, so the original form was difficult to follow and hard to read. Thus, we have broken up his sentences and added periods, and rearranged some posts. Otherwise, we have edited nothing else.

1. CSB Chapter 1 (/r9k/12296527)

2. CSB Chapter 2

3. CSB Chapter 3

4. CSB Chapter 4

5. CSB Shower Thread (/r9k/1243804)

6. CSB Chapter 5

7. CSB Chapter 6

Alternative Storylines[edit]

Before Dan made a tripcode, a few ghostwriters submitted troll posts to screw with their fellow anons while waiting for him to finish typing.

However, some of those stories ended becoming interesting derivative works in their own right.

Original Run[edit]

There were two threads posted to /r9k/, `12296527` on January 27, 2012, and a continuation in `1243804` on January 28 - 29.

Dan's tripcode is `Dan/UncleAnon !!JcDj4Fv3Vfi`.

Backups of the original threads from 4chan can be found in the Original Thread Archives, graciously created and submitted to the Bibliotheca Anonoma by an unknown /r9k/ Archiver.