Chapter 3: The Shattered Memories

Chapter 3: Shattered Memories

1231743 (OP)

When I came to she was sitting on the sofa opposite watching TV in a pair of soft pink formal-style pyjamas. "Classy," I thought to myself before sitting up and rubbing my eye.

"How long [was I sleeping]?" I said. She looked over at me and said "Not long... about half an hour".

"Shit" I said, standing up to stretch out. "I can never get to sleep after a nap".

I picked up the coffee table and placed it down before sliding it against the wall.

"Cmon, it won't do either of us any good if we keep staying up, it'll just fuck up our sleeping patterns".

With that she stood up and walked behind the sofa and together we pushed them into the same bed formation they were before.

I took the sleeping bag and folded it out over the sofas and threw the pillows to the arm rests, then walked over to the lamp, set the timer and turned it on.

"Do you want the radio on low like last night?" I asked. she nodded "Kerrang? Galaxy? BBC 1?"

"Kerrang please" she said quietly, sitting down on her bed.

"My ipod has some albums on it too. If you still have the same shitty taste in music as me, just put it on shuffle and press the aux button in top."

"Okay," she said as she nodded.

I dimmed the lights right down again as I went to walk out of the room, as I grabbed the door handle she jumped off her bedding and made her way over to me. Without warning she wrapped her arms around me again and pressed her face hard into my chest.

"Thank you..." she said quietly.

"... I promise I'll make up for everything I did to you Daniel..."

With that she squeezed and then let go standing back.

"'Night," I said as I began to step backwards out of the door.

"Goodnight," she said back, and when that I closed the door, went into my bedroom and flopped down onto my bed face first.

1231882 (OP)

Admittedly I found myself in a bit of a worry over what I'd done and whether he was stupid enough to try and press charges...

"It's our word against his... He says aggravated assault, I'll say self-defense and defending a friend who lived there, his side won't stand up in court. Not after they see her bruises. If he can think that far, he wouldn't dare, they'd eat a fattie like that alive in prison."

I reassured myself with these thoughts... But still unable to sleep, I decided to tip-toe into the kitchen and took a bottle of malibu out of the cupboard. Then I went back into my bedroom and onto the balcony, broke the seal on the bottle and had a good long swig before lighting up a cigarette and leaning against the wall with my feet sticking through the railings...

I sat there for ages trying to clear my head, staring out at the cityscape like the night before that. I took it easy but kept sipping the malibu, hoping to get drunk enough to eventually get to bed...

Before long, I found myself staring out admiring the lights of the city centre, when I heard the door creak open, with a small familiar figure peering out.

"Can't sleep either can you..."

"No..." she said before taking a seat next to me. I picked up the bottle and offered it to her. She read the label slowly before taking a swig, then coughing as her body tried to reject the strong taste of rum among the coconut.

I smiled and said "If you don't drink it straight you're supposed to tell me... It's barely 20% proof... I'm guessing you're still not much of a drinker."

She composed herself before leaning on me, then she took another swig, this time calmly without gagging, then let out a loud sigh... "I don't know what I'm going to do..."

1232041 (OP)


"Well, if it's anything like getting kicked out, you're supposed to find a new address, tell your bank, place of work, DVLA and the passport office your new address, cancel any subscriptions you have at your old address... you get the idea."

She looked toward me and gave a wry smile before looking out again.


"How did you find this place?"

I took a swig before saying "Forget it, for starters you're not going anywhere until you pay me back, and that's probably going to take a few months... You can pay me back faster if we split the rent and bills between us... not thinking about going back on our deal are you?"

"No." she said, with a serious tone.

"But thanks... that'll make it easier... do you mean I can live with you for a while?"

I thought about this carefully and took my time to gather the correct words... Now let's not forget that I still hate her. I didn't want her thinking that we were pals just because she came to me in her hour of need.

After a while I said, "Until you've paid me back... I don't want you going anywhere. So yeah, you can register here for now, we'll do the paperwork tenancy after I get back from work tomorrow. You can spend tomorrow sorting out your accounts and changing your addresses. Deal?"

"Deal..." she said, staring out into the night sky. After a while I stood up and gestured for her to come in. I set the bottle and cigarettes down on my desk and stretched out on my bed. She sat down on the corner facing the door.

It looked like she was trying to say something so I closed my eyes and waited, but nothing came of it... She stood up and with my eyes still shut I felt a tap on my forehead and she said goodnight and walked out of the door.

I bought my fingers up and felt where she tapped, it was a little damp...

"Finger kiss," I thought to myself.

"If I'd saw it coming I'd have dodged it..."

Refusing to think about it any further I went to sleep.

1232334 (OP)

The next day I got up, showered, dressed and left for work without waking her up. I only left a note on the fridge that read:

{{Greentext|> "Change your addresses, help yourself to whatever you can find. I'll be going shopping before coming home tonight, be back around 7-8, and remember your promise!"

At work it was a pretty shitty day. Like I imagined, my boss chewed the shit out of me in the morning briefing and I had to work twice as hard to catch up on my tasks. I was knackered by the time 5pm hit.

I made my way to Lidl and did the shopping, then came back to the flat. When I came in she was sitting in the livingroom, paperwork out all over the coffee table with her netbook on her lap and her glasses on.

"How did it go?" I said, walking into the kitchen to unpack. "I hope you don't mind Daniel, I had to use your printer to print out a new passport application and some other stuff"

"Nah, had to be done I guess" I said whimsically.

"What do you want to eat?" I called out.

I heard nothing for a moment, then:

"Umm... I have a discount code for papa johns pizza in my email, my treat tonight."

"Err... Alright, sounds good," I called back, grabbing 2 beers from the fridge and setting one her side of the coffee table before lying down on the sofa on the opposite side, swigging the bottle of beer in my hand.

"Well I called my landlord for the forms, he's dropping them off on tuesday next week. He said it's fine to split the rent I'm paying now, but needs you on the tenancy agreement for his insurance..."

She looked over at me and smiled before facing back down to her laptop, "You still look weird in glasses you know, reminds me of how you looked in school..."

She simply nodded before saying, "You want a hot pizza, no mushrooms?"

"Sounds good."

"Seee... I remembered!"

1232387 (OP)

I thought for a second, sat up to face her and said:

  • Your favorite colour is Blue,
  • Your dogs name was Maurice,
  • Your mothers name was Betty and she was a bitch,
  • Your favorite teacher was Mr. French, he taught music,
  • Your favorite Artist was Alliyah
  • And your favorite band was Electric Light Orchestra.
  • Your favorite movie was Rush Hour 1,
  • Your favorite position was reverse cowgirl.
  • You have 4 moles, 1 on your ass, one on your leg, one on your back and one on the back of your neck,
  • You've always wanted to visit Canada,
  • Your favorite animal was the dolphin,
  • You prefer dogs to cats,
  • You're insecure about your height, size of your boobs and the fact that you put on weight around your waist first
  • Your favorite type of beer is Coors,
  • your favorite chocolate is Galaxy,
  • Your best friend was... pheh, me I guess...
  • oh, and your favorite meal treat was pizza, your favorite toppings being jalapenos, red onion and spicy ground beef...

"Your turn."

She sat and stared at me for a moment smiling, then said "For someone who can't stand saying my name you sure remember a lot about me..."

I sat up, took a swig of my beer, pulled out a cigarette, lit it and said:

"I used to love you remember? You can't forget those details so easily... I could keep going if you want me to.

1232541 (OP)

She adjusted herself, my last commented seemed to make her uncomfortable, she thought for a second, then began:

  • Your favorite color is red,
  • You never had any pets,
  • Your mom's name was Fiona
 * and your dads name was Stuart, 
  • Your brother's name was Marcus
 * and your sisters name was Lisa, 
  • You always wanted to visit Japan
  • Your favorite teacher was erm... miss... B something, she taught World History and you fancied her for ages,
  • Your favorite food is Chicken Madras with rice and garlic naan
  • Your favorite artist was either Tupac Shakur or Wu-Tang Clan
  • Favorite movie was that Top Gun parody with Charlie Sheen in it,
  • You have a massive scar on your chest from when your big brother pushed you off a garage roof when you was 14,
 * so you were in hospital for 2 months, 
  • Your favorite chocolate was dark, I don't think you ever told me the brand...
  • You're insecure about your weight as well, because you were fat when you were a teenager,
  • Your favorite beer is some german cloudy stuff, but you prefer spirits, irish whiskey I think...
  • ... ...

"That's all I got."

I was honestly impressed, although I wouldn't show it.

To think she knew so much and have been capable of doing what she did... "Amazing," I thought to myself.


"Well I guess she would have had to have known me at least that well to do what she did."

I looked over at her unable to hide my smile. Although that smile was there out of sheer disbelief, she took it as me being impressed and buried her head in her laptop again, "See..." she muttered.

1232704 (OP)

I was about to say what I was thinking, but I thought better of it. Instead I took a few drags of my cigarette and drank my beer while she sat typing away.

"So... has any of that changed?", she said, looking up while typing. I thought for a second, then said:

"Well... My favorite artist is Tupac, and my favorite beer is Belgian, not german... the movie is called hot shots and it's cadbury's bourneville... thats the name of my favorite chocolate, haven't had any in years..."

"But yeah, otherwise pretty accurate on the stuff you can remember, what about you? Anything changed?"

She sat and thought, then shook her head. "No, I don't think so... But do I really have a mole on my bum?"

I nodded. "Left cheek, just above where the cheek meets the back of your leg."

She smiled and rolled her eyes. "Perv," she let out, getting back to work on her laptop.

I snickered. "Puh-lease... I know your body inside and out, I could write a manual for you."

She smiled and typed away, until the doorbell rang and I bought in the pizza, as we sat down and ate she said "C'mon then, tell me all about my body."

"No," I told her, looking at the tv and picking up a slice. "I'm not here to indulge you, the fact is I know and that's all there is to it."

"Alright", she said as she turned to the TV, one thing and I won't bother you about it again, something nobody knows except you."

I thought for a moment and chose carefully, waiting for her to put a slice of pizza in her mouth, then I said:

"When you cum hard you make a sound like a rusty garden gate and you go cockeyed."


>"When you cum hard you make a sound like a rusty garden gate and you go cockeyed"




Beat me to it. Damn you, Sir.



Haha, I'll put you in the credits of that post!

1232888 (OP)

She gagged on the slice, covering her mouth with her hand, throwing the half eaten slice back in the box.

I grinned and squinted my eyes at her, then took a victory swig of my beer.

When she managed to swallow she uttered "fucker!" under her breath, then she went on to say

"I swear on my moms life, you're the only one who's ever made me do that."

While still looking at the TV I said "If you're trying to boost my ego don't bother."

She waved her hands and said "No I'm not, just a matter of fact thing."

"Well, it's easy to do, I won't bother explaining the mechanics of it but you'd be surprised how much I still remember... just a matter of fact thing"

"Is that so?"


"... hmph."

We polished off the pizza and watched TV until 10pm. Noticing that the news was coming on, I said "C'mon, you should probably go take a shower now, I'll set up your bed and stuff." She went into her boxes, then turned around and said, "I don't have any more pyjamas... or clean towels..."

"Hold on," I said while getting up to walk into my room, then I dumped a fresh pile of jogging bottoms, an old T-shirt and towel next to her.

"Thanks." She said as she made her way past me and into the bathroom. I set everything up for her and when she came out I went to bed, not long after I settled I heard movement.

Then the bathroom light shone into my bedroom through the cracks around the door... then when she was done, I heard a knock on my door.



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also, nice trips




This thread just got a lot more interesting. Do I smell... Hatefucking? That's the best kind.


lol you guys shower a fuck ton, 1 time a day is ok with me , at least ur clean


>then when she was done, I heard a knock on my door.

here are my predictions - semi intimate moment, bad memory, huge fight, some shit gets revealed, and then we wait for another post.

1233055 (OP)

"It's open," I said hazily, my mind firmly in sleep mode from a hard day of work. She shuffled in and took a seat on the bed, asking if we could talk, and telling me "It wouldn't take long".

"Alright," I said with my arms over my eyes "quickly though...", she sat fidgeting for a moment then looking away with her back towards me she began.

"I've been thinking all day while filling out that paperwork... and I'm scared about how you might react when I say this..."

"You're not going back on our deal." I said firmly. "And you're definitely not going back there."

"I know..." She said quietly. "I'm not trying to go back on the deal, I promise..."

"Alright... then what's this about?"

"... Do you think you'll ever be able to say my name again..?"

I'll admit, it felt like she was pressuring me a little bit and it made me uneasy, but I tried not to get angry about it, I wanted to go to sleep and I've never been good at going to sleep pissed off. So I let out a deep breath and gave the only answer that I could think of.

"I'm only going to say this once... how you take it is your problem." I felt her shuffle, probably nervous about what I was going to say.

"You did something so horrible to me and my family that I honestly sat awake at night for weeks wishing I could burst into flames. I lost a lot because of what you did, and what makes me angry the most is that you can't even come up with a good reason for it."

"That leaves me imagining that you never loved me, and that you did it sheerly out of spite and the fact you could... telling you what I went through is pointless because it's in the past, and I'm over it. It might have taken me back a few years but whats done is done. Nothing can change it..."

"Now if you were in my position, and I'd done all that to you, do you think you'd be able to say my name without feeling angry?"

... "No."

1233172 (OP)

She began to sob, which put me in a spot... I wouldn't be able to get to sleep with her sobbing.

"Fuck me..." I thought. sitting up, too tired to think about the implications I put my arm around her and pulled her sideways and down onto my chest and shushed her.

I was more than aware of how it could be interpreted but I really just wanted to quiet her down so I could get some sleep. Eventually her sobbing softened and I'd noticed she'd grabbed my arm to cuddle.

I was a little annoyed at her taking liberties after all that I'd said, but I decided not to act rashly, which would set her off again. In fact, a little part of me was happy about it. It's exactly how she used to sleep with me, she had to be touching me somehow, whether she'd be wrapping herself around my arm or sleeping on my chest with her fingers touching her mouth.

It made me smile briefly, before that feeling was consumed by darker memories, I let out a loud sigh and with a quiet "For fuck's sake..." I settled down and eventually fell asleep.


i don't like where this is heading. seems like it's heading down beta ave.

not that this whole story hasn't been heading there since day two.

1233242 (OP)


Oh you'll see... it wouldn't be a cool story if it ended beta after all, I'd have had to have called this whole thing "A FEELSBADMAN STORY" if it was beta.


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I'm eating pizza, not spaghetti, close man but no cigar



Speaking of cigars I'm kind of disappointed that you weren't smoking one when you went to her boyfriends flat to get her stuff. It seemed like a perfect moment for one.


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{{Greentext|>>1233511 } Why would he keep pictures of her when he can't even say her name?