Chikan Otoko

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In 2005, an innocent 2ch user is mistaken for a 痴漢 (Train Molester), but manages to survive the accusation with a bit of charm. He becomes unfittingly dubbed the 痴漢男 (Chikan Otoko), or "Molester Man" (in a reference to Densha Otoko), and the woman is named (Miss Understanding), or Miss Undies for short (wtf). They continue to contact each other after the issue with resolved with the police, and thus the story of Molester Man begins.

Longer description incoming as this is researched, but it had a manga adaptation.


  • Molester Man
    • The main character of the story. He's a mediocre college student who regularly browses 2ch. He gets wrongly accused of stalking a girl when he tries to protect her from stalking. He posts his story to the VIP board of 2ch, in the distant hope of becoming the next Train Man (Densha Otoko)
  • Miss Understanding
    • The girl that Molester Man was trying to protect. It turns out that she had been a victim of stalking recently, and so was paranoid about people following her. She is friends with her co-workers, Kansai and Loli Jugs.
  • Glasses
    • A "witness" that saw Molester Man trying to console Miss Understanding after she broke down crying from him chasing her. He helps resolve the issue with the police after Miss Understanding explained the situation. He sends a crab to Molester as an apology for the misunderstanding, but he disappears from the plot soon afterwards.
  • Kansai
    • Miss Understanding's co-worker and friend. She is named Kansai because of her outgoing personality, not because she is from Kansai. She becomes friends with Molester Man after they discover some shared interests. She initially tries shipping Miss Understanding with Molester Man.
  • Loli Jugs
    • Miss Understanding's other co-worker and friend. She had huge jugs, but Molester said that they didn't affect him because he preferred his girls 16 and under. Because of that, she was dubbed Loli Jugs



Plot Summary[edit]

After the issue is cleared up with the police, Molester tries to get closer to Miss Understanding, using the pretense of helping her with her stalker problem (though he does express that he does genuinely care about her situation). Kansai, now friends with Molester after they find some common interests, easily sees through him and tries to ship him with Miss Understanding. However, eventually she tells him that Miss Understanding has no real interest in him, so he gives up on her.

[Keep chasing Miss Understanding]

`>`[Give up on her]

After consulting with 2ch, he realizes that his love of Miss Understanding was fairly shallow. His new-found love of Kansai, however, is not. He now continues to help Miss Understanding with her stalker problem, but this time with the intention of getting closer to Kansai.

[some shit happens, Molester ends up in Loli Jugs' room] While in apartment, he starts wavering in his love for Kansai. He suspects that Loli might be trying to seduce him. When she goes to take a shower, he can't help himself and tries to peep. The frosted glass prevents him from seeing anything more than the vague outline of a person. However, he realizes too late that this also means she can see him. He quickly jumps back under the kotatsu (literally jumps under it, with his ass sticking out) when she leaves the shower. He sits up normally and starts watching TV, but to his surprise, Loli sits next to him instead of on the other side of the kotatsu. He's nervously wondering why she would sit there, when she says, "Normally, when a girl and a guy are sitting like this, the guy would do something. Aren't you going to do something?"

[Do something]

`>`[No, I won't]

They sit awkwardly for half an hour before he leaves.

kansai wins lol