October 22 - copypaste creates 8chan, inspired by STI's (of Tinyboard and 4chon fame) refusal to create new boards when the users wanted them.

October 23 - First board is created. /albertross/ (dead)

Probably this year - First and second migrations as laid out by copypaste here >>>/b/1360579. Lowcard becomes a global volunteer.


February 22 - /waifuist/ is created by refugees from /tv/ after the mods cracked down on inane posts.

June 9 - /legion/ is founded by /co/ refugees.

2 September - Fifth migration/"First Exodus", after Five Guys (not yet Gamergate) is banned on /v/. /burgers/ is created, but sparsely populated as of yet.

September 18 - moot goes full retard and makes the "4chan is not about free speech" sticky on /v/. People repulsed by this flock to 8chan's /v/, which remains one of the fastest boards on the site.

September 19 - "Fuck it, We're Out" propaganda images are spammed on 4chan encouraging people to leave for 8chan by 10 October.

September 20 - Hotwheels upgrades the servers four times in a day to accommodate for the massive surge of traffic.

September 22 - Hotwheels announces a partnership with 2ch.net, the largest japanese textboard on the internet.

Late September - Hotwheels invented as a nickname for copypaste AKA Fredrick Brennan.

October 10 - Some people have left. 8chan gets a sizable number of migrants from /b/.

October 16 - 8archive is opened by Drybones.

October 20 - 8chan taken down by a DDoS attack. Promptly brought back up.

October 23 - Rei (零, types LIKE THIS) migrates to 8chan, and is subsequently banned from all boards that he frequents. He takes to whining on /meta/, and subsequently creates /politik/ as a replacement.

October 26 - A shitstorm erupts over /fem/, with anons demanding that Hotwheels remove it from the header. He agrees, and blacklists several other boards including /hebe/, /furry/, and /cuteboys/. He later goes back on this decision, deciding that it is not in the spirit of free speech or the site.

October 28 - Hotwheels moves to the Philippines to work with 2ch.

November 8 - /pol/ style flags added.

November 24 - DoS attack via search.php brings down 8chan for a few hours.

Late November - Anon makes a thread on /meta/ asking why moderator notes were visible across boards. Hothweels removes the feature entirely and hashes IP addresses to prevent any further potential for abuse.

December 1 - /gg/ is given back to Niko_of_Death. Users immediately revolt. /gg/ is completely destroyed by high power shitposting and /gamergate/ becomes the replacement board. This is the largest board exodus in 8chan history.

December 7 - "Second Exodus", following moot's destruction/funpostization of /pol/.

December 8 - Ponyfags steal both the 1M get and 999999 get on /b/. /b/ raids MLPchan in retaliation.

December 10 - Foxworth posts on /b/ for the first time, with a Blender screenshot of his character and 3D text reading "Sup 8chan". He will grow to become one of 8chan's most profitable lolcows.

December 12 - Following a wave of "muh shills" bans on /pol/ and binary-encoded bait being posted by one of the volunteers, Hotwheels nationalizes the board. He later creates /news+/ and returns /pol/ to its original owners.

December 25 - Three sticky threads for Christmas, wishing Hotwheels, 8chan, and fellow anons a merry Christmas.

December 27 - /baphomet/ is created as an edgier alternative to /b/ with "less cancer".

December 28 - 8chan goes down for a server move.


January 8 - 8chan gets hit with a DDoS instigated by srhbutts and Dan Olson unknown SJWs, using LizardStresser. This attack brings down the entire 2ch network for over 7 days.

January 9 - Hotwheels creates Weekendchan as an 8chan substitute while doing upgrades to mitigate the DDoS. It is promptly raided by anons from Ylilauta, who spam dicks on /b/. They are repelled by an animu counter-spammer.

January 10 - 8chan comes back online with few interruptions.

January 12 - SJWs go to Cloudflare and Internet.bs, 8chan's domain registrar, with CP claims. Cloudflare doesn't give a fuck and automatically reveals who sent said claims, but I.bs shits itself and suspends 8chan.co. 8chan moves, temporarily, to 8ch.net. /baphomet/ has a field day and doxxes the bullshit claimants.

January 13 - Hotwheels gets the 8chan.co domain back, but has warmed to 8ch.net. The domain move is now permanent.

February 8 - >>>/baphomet/ is unlisted from the board list after being wiped for the third time, this time by a compromised volunteer account.

February 11 - Law and Order SVU airs an episode loosely based on gamergate that features a site called "redchanit" (a mashup of reddit and 4chan/8chan.) that is used to harass an innocent fictional female game developer. The board >>>/redchanit/ is created and a CSS based off of it's appearance in the show is added to the CSS list. Hotwheels buys the domain redchan.it and has it redirect to the board.

February 12 - A user on >>>/baphomet/ reposts the dox and SSID of a federal judge. The post was removed by the global administration for being illegal in the United States.

February 16 - >>>/operate/ is created by hotwheels as a replacement for >>>/meta/ due to intense tripfag cancer and shitposting.

May 10 - Jawsh (Aka Null of KiwiFarms) begins development of InfinityNext as a replacement for 8chan's Vichan forkMay 10 - Jawsh (Aka Null of KiwiFarms) begins development of InfinityNext as a replacement for 8chan's Vichan fork


March - Growing frustration with board owner of >>>/b/ Dysnomia triggers exodus to >>>/b2/ owned by Tybb

July 21 - Bling Bling Goy appears on >>>/b/ posting an audio clip calling for 'namefag revolution' on /b/

August 3 - El Paso shooting occurs after a manifesto was posted on >>>/pol/

August 4 - Hotwheels voices regret at creating 8chan in a Vice interview

August 5 - 8chan is kicked off their domain registrar, it was still available over TOR and via connecting to the IP directly but bugs meant these versions were read-only

August 6 - Jim Watkins releases a video on his YouTube channel Watkins Xerxes entitled "Sorry for the inconvenience, common sense will prevail" stating his dismay at the El Paso shooting

November 2 - 8kun is launched although connection is spotty as Ron aka CodeMonkey is still setting things up