IRL Yandere

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| image = Forced knockup.jpg | description = Anon get locked down for marriage | story = | creation_date = 2016-01-01 | discovery_date = 2022-11-01 | language = English | source_url = | provenance = 4chan


IRL Yandere
Forced knockup.jpg
Anon get locked down for marriage
Language English
Source URL
Provenance 4chan
Creation Date 2016-01-01
Discovery Date 2022-11-01

Anonymous Fri 01 Jan 2016 14:53:57 No.660645450 No.660645450

1st girl I hook up with in college

>be 17, her 19
>get new job meet chick
>she's extremely pretty but has a physical disability
>I'm fairly good looking
>seems like most guys she dated couldn't deal with her having a noticable limp
>we go on a few dates then she just starts blowing me after a movie one night
>only had sex once before her
>spent the next 5 months doing everything sexual with her including anal in public
>one day says she's preggers (I think she's just late)
>Change college major in attempt to graduate sooner
>get a new job to make more $
>girl is showing no signs of being pregnant but complains of symptoms constantly
>she keeps saying oh I'm pregnant you don't have to wear a condom
>shit goes on for two months until one day we are making out and I made a quick grab for her cooch
>anon no
>feel a pad
>wtf bish? Why are you wearing a pad if pregnant?
>instant water works, anon I had a miscarriage but didn't want to tell you
>finally get the truth
>trying to get pregnant to lock me down because she was afraid I'd leave her

Tldr, the time I thought I got a girl pregnant