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4chan Archivers[edit]

  • - had to be divided between multiple archivers at the end of its lifetime in October 2015.
  • RebeccaBlackTech/Dissolution - The dissolution of RBT and its unification with the Desuarchive database to significantly reduce the performance issues.

Searching for References to the BA[edit]

Surprisingly, due to the long life time of the BA, one of the most effective ways to find new stories and content is to search for the terms (on 4chan archives and Google):

  • `bibanon` - The organization's original short name, retained in the name of our Github organization and Github repository. Some anons refer to us by that. This search catches all references to the wiki URL as well.
  • `Bibliotheca Anonoma` - Because this is a longer word, it's not found as often, but it's there.

Github Traffic Analytics[edit]

Another method to find good backlinks is to check the URL references, as found in Github Traffic. It would have been nice if Github has more detailed statistical information, though... And Google Analytics helps as well.