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Saturday Tasks[edit]

  1. Connect Bloo with Anounym and help optimize MySQL
  2. Set up Hyperpyron and figure out how to write to LTO-3 Tape
  3. Empty out 2TB Hard drive and upload anything that needs pushing
  • Back up to LTO tape
  1. Receive 8archive data from my server in LA and put it in tape

Step 1: Optimize MySQL[edit]

Bloo needs more time in order to put together a dedicated server setup. We will have to keep running for as long as possible.

10:43 PM <antonizoon> how do i help resolve the issues with mysql
10:43 PM <antonizoon> performance optimizations and such
10:43 PM <Bloo_SemiAFK> eh
10:43 PM <Bloo_SemiAFK> i need to see his htop
10:43 PM <Bloo_SemiAFK> to check how much of the ram is used
10:43 PM <Bloo_SemiAFK> also in general runing mysql-optimizer also helps
10:44 PM <Bloo_SemiAFK> *
10:44 PM <Bloo_SemiAFK> wget
10:44 PM <Bloo_SemiAFK> perl
10:44 PM <Bloo_SemiAFK> and it will check how many queries were done and etc

We need to get an htop from him.

Step 2: Back up DB and Thumbs[edit]

We need to gain a backup of the DB and the thumbs. We have to grab a smaller portion for now to reduce the strain on their home connection. Most of these will be sent to Ragnvaldr unless otherwise noted.

  1. The Database dumps, which are about 30GB, should be obtained.
  • Send this to Chortasmenos.
  1. The thumbs, for each board, should be updated via Rsync.
  2. The images for each board should be updated via Rsync gradually, as the site is phased out.

Step 2A: Put the 8archive and data on LTO-3 Tape[edit]

It's not ideal to use LTO-3 tape, but it's the best option here and now. We'll invest in an LTO-4 tape drive later. Obtain the tars from the Internet Archive.

Step 3: Obtain an OVH Server[edit]

<Bloo_SemiAFK> for your morning reading xD
<Bloo_SemiAFK> Anyway, I'm looking at two companies mostly, 
<Bloo_SemiAFK> OVH in CA/FA - - - 500MBps bandwidth, down to 250MBps if i abuse it too much (over 85% for 3days in a row)
<Bloo_SemiAFK> LeaseWeb - 
<Bloo_SemiAFK> So, for 12TB storage at OVH is 89USD/month, at leaseweb is 161USD/month, which is kinda double, but i heard they are less serious about content.
<Bloo_SemiAFK> and well 9TB are reliable, the rest is kinda for cache and raid5 efficiency
<Bloo_SemiAFK> I'll be having everything backed up locally anyway, so if some host gets raided by the cops i can just mirror it on another site.
<Bloo_SemiAFK> It all depends how many users the site gets and how many people would buy 4chan pass for the site or click on the adds, cus the hosting is huge.
<Bloo_SemiAFK> maybe you can just install WebAlizer, it checks your nginx/apache access logs
<Bloo_SemiAFK> or you can just give them to me and i can check em
<Bloo_SemiAFK> For me the Archives are a.. busisness
<Bloo_SemiAFK> and so far they have been ~ok profitable for me

Dissolution Statement[edit]

What is going on with RebeccaBlackTech?[edit]

  • The original admin, anounyym1, has operated RBT on his own home servers in Finland for many years.
  • Unfortunately, the Archive has outgrown these aging servers. Despite serious optimization. There were no funds for expansion out of pocket.
  • Anounyym1 has also expressed a wish to resign from being the admin, so he can move on with his life.
  • To reduce the load slightly, anounyym1 transferred /w/ to Nyafuu and deposited /con/ in the Internet Archive.

What will happen now?[edit]

  • RebeccaBlackTech will now be operated by a consortium of archivists. One of these is the Bibliotheca Anonoma, an organization

How will the new servers be funded?[edit]

  • Why do we need funding?
  • Anounyym's current server is overcapacity and has a bandwidth cap
  • Funding allows new dedicated server blades will be procured
  • More archival capacity means more space for more boards
  • Advertising
  • There will never be advertising on /g/.
  • We will use only SFW

Where is the source code?[edit]

The web engine and Archiver is fully open source. You can use it to read our dumps offline if you choose (saves us bandwidth usage).

  • Fuuka
  • Asagi

Can I get the data dumps? (E.g. to start my own Archiver?)[edit]

Absolutely. RebeccaBlackTech will publish monthly backups to the Internet Archive, free for access by anyone.

We offer this data from 4chan as the common property of all Internet users, past and future.

Database and Image dumps -

We can't even sell this data if we wanted to. Why would anyone pay for something they could get for free?