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The Bibliotheca Anonoma is a research task force archiving, documenting, and safeguarding Internet Folklife. It was founded by Antonizoon in January 2012, and became a multi-member organization on 2014.


(a little outdated)

  • Stories - Gripping folk tales collected from around the internet, for the enjoyment of future readers. Many of these stories are important snapshots of a certain time period in a website's history.
  • 4chan Chronicle - A community built textbook, reconstructing 4chan's decade-long history.
    • - Complete History of 4chan - A community built timeline of 4chan, passed down from wiki to wiki after the fall of Wikichan. Updated weekly by the community whenever an event of interest occurs.
  • 2ch Chronicle - A Community Editable Textbook, reconstructing the 15-year long legacy of Japan's most culturally significant website.
  • The Return of the Well-Cultured Anonymous - A self help book made by anons, for anons. Reconstructed from Wikichan after its total collapse.
  • BASC-Archiver - 4chan complete thread archiver. Grabs images, thumbnails, HTML, JSON, and even child threads.
  • BASC-py4chan - Python wrapper for the 4chan API.

Projects on the Archive Team Wiki[edit]

  • 4chan - We made this impressive listing of all 4chan Archivers known to exist, in the past and present.

Saved Websites[edit]

Information on the internet is infamously volatile. In just a few seconds, sites could be there today and gone tomorrow. To prevent another Wikichan from happening, the Bibliotheca Anonoma saves down websites to be researched in their extant state.

  • Fybertech 4thread - Fybertech has one of the largest collections of 2008-2014 4chan threads, outside of the fallen Chanarchive and the modern 4archive. This is a contingency backup of all 9GBs of threads (up to 2015-02-16) to the Internet Archive.
  • Penfifteen Archive - In 2013, Vyrd discovered that some anon (whose native language is Finnish) had this curious, undocumented public archive of very, very early handarchived threads from 4chan (along with many other period-appropriate .swfs, videos, and images), spanning all the way from 2004-2008.
  • Everything Shii Knows - Shii is an important primary source for the early days of 4chan and anonymous textboards.


We generate dumps of important wikis for later analysis.

  • Encyclopedia Dramatica - Text dumps are uploaded to the Internet Archive on a biannual basis. Image dumps are pretty difficult to do, but we'll try to do them yearly (and only for newest images? somehow)
  • Puella Magi - (Archiving since March 2012)
  • Insurgency Wiki - (Archived December 2011) A massive database of information made by Anonymous, especially the /i/nsurgency in the days after /b/-day from 2006-2009. It was never saved very well, and as of 2012 seems to be in an unusable state.

Saved Collections[edit]

The Information Library is a gigantic collection of informative images from 4chan created by an anon called InformantB900. It composes 2,206 images containing guides, strange facts, and cool tips, organized in 180 folders.

The Insta-Oldfag Kit is a collection of various OP image thread starters or reaction images, in convenient folders, as well as a few thread screencaps. It was uploaded to the Internet Archive by the Bibliotheca Anonoma.

  • Moot Video Archive - A collection of every talk or panel that Moot up to 2011. The torrent died recently, and we're scraping together what we can.
  • Neglected Mario Characters - One of the first sprite comics to appear on the web in the 1990s. Died after an ugly spat of infighting.