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>femanon gets cucked by anime catgirls
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Anonymous 10/14/17(Sat)04:45:25 No.40387351 File: IMG_1286.jpg (23KB 300x168)

>be me
>need dick NOW
>too antisocial and awkward for normies & chads
>wat do
>try to get beta dick
>meet suicidal acne ridden improv nerd white boi
>don't care, ill try
>become flirtatious and slutty
>a month after taking, says he likes me
>we're on our way boys
>tells me has daddy kink
>ok don't care as long as I get dick
>constantly watches hentai
>ok don't care as long as I get dick
>he starts talking less and less to me as months go by
>doesn't ever make a move
>ask his friends what the fuck is up with this gay shit
>they don't know
>I ask
>says he prefers hentai and wants to fuck a catgirl, not me
>mfw I'm still a virgin because of anime tiddies

I'll never understand you people