Voice Actors

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The Voice Actors of 4chan[edit]

Famous for doing comic dubs and satires of the culture of 4chan's /v/. They have a few things in common:

  • They are all voice actors.
  • They have some unique talent in their voice that gives them their cult following of subscribers. (ForeverPandering's range of authentic accents, Nyanner's and LilyPichu's high pitched voices)
  • Birds of a feather come together; They are all friends, or otherwise familiar with each other, and sometimes do collaboration.


  • ForeverPandering - The king of 4chan voice actors. He painstakingly took the effort to learn an authentic snobby Recieved Pronounciation accent for criticism and satire. Unfortunately, the pressures and hate mail from saying the harsh truth and the clash with anons who were boggled by his partiality towards Madoka and singing rock songs caused him to completely delete his channel.
  • Nyanners/NyannersVA
  • LilyPichu
  • SwardVA
  • StrawberryCreme36 - Holds massive collaborative projects, especially Gunshow and Persona comic dubs.
  • ObnoxiousDouche - All comic dubs, all the time.
  • GeneralIvan - Except for a few remnants, his groundbreaking comic dubs are all but lost.