The iPhone Scalper

From Bibliotheca Anonoma

During the infamous iPhone first day shortage sales, an eBay scalper in Dallas swonked up in her *awful* getup, fans herself with $16,000, went to the FIRST GUY IN LINE and paid him $800 for his spot, planning to buy out the entire store's $100,000 worth of iPhones and sell them at extreme markup.

But the scalper should have read the fine print: only one iPhone should be sold per customer. This is the very definition of having more money than brains. And Marc Rebillet, the man in the front of the line, made the most profit out of the deal: he happened to be have friends who were 10th in line, so they got 2 iPhones and were $800 richer.

"That dude looked and acted like he came right out of a 90's nickelodeon tv show." - brtlblayk