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The Weekly Peek[edit]

This is The Weekly Peek.

Status: 1 to 100 COMPLETE.

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Signoff Notice[edit]


This folder has every issue of post peeker's [s4s] newspaper, The Weekly Peek. The newspaper came out almost every week (usually on Fridays or Saturdays) from January 3, 2015 to June 25, 2017. Therefore, there are 130 issues in total, plus one extra issue (104B). The "extras" subfolder has GIF versions of issues 41-43 that were originally released as WebMs and OP images for release threads of issues 95 and 96. These special OP pictures had to be made and the issues had to be posted elsewhere because [s4s] did not support audio WebMs.

The Weekly Peek started originally as namefig Kektacular News Guy's idea, as he suggested post peeker could start a daily newspaper of his adventures, the Daily Peek. Post peeker replied he would not be able to make one paper every day, so Kektacular News Guy said it could be a weekly paper. Thus, The Weekly Peek was born.

Ever since the beginning, The Weekly Peek had a section for news on other boards. This was unusual for an [s4s] newspaper -- the papers that did feature other boards focused on upcoming or stolen GETs in those sections. The Weekly Peek had actual peeks at discussions and events, in addition to stolen GETs, outside [s4s]. Another novelty was a section for peeking-related OC, usually [s4s]-made remixes of post peeker or The Weekly Peek. The third thing that separated the "Peek" from other [s4s] papers was the fact it was free. All the funding came from advertisements. Lastly, there was a lot of focus on peeking in the articles, which was also something newspapers on [s4s] did not do much. This was done to stay close to the original idea. It also gave the paper a "theme". Of course, the paper itself also was a "peek" at weekly life on [s4s] (and other boards).

The Weekly Peek had some "firsts" in the [s4s] newspaper industry. In addition to the aforementioned "On Other Boards" and peeking OC sections, the paper was also the first to have issues in WebM format, an audio track, and an issue with both animation and audio. The Weekly Peek was also the first (and as of June 2017 the only) [s4s] newspaper to reach the milestone of 100 issues.

Another special was top-10 lists of the best and the underrated new [s4s] memes of the year. These lists were released at the end of 2015 and 2016. To make the content more diverse, there was a coloring activity for adults in issue 70, much like some other newspapers had crossword puzzles and word-finding activities. One reader even submitted the result of their coloring! One fairly unique feature in [s4s] newspapers was the Aged Post, which was a staple of The Weekly Peek since issue 8. This section included a selected post from the time the previous issue had come out, usually from the release thread of the newspaper.

Despite the "Peek"'s success, the paper started to experience some problems in early 2017. It was no longer received by readers as well as it used to. Post peeker also started to get too busy to work on the paper, especially as summer came, and also lose motivation. In the end, it was not certain whether it would be possible to keep making a paper every week, so at 130 issues and shortly before June 25, 2017, post peeker finally decided it was time to stop.

The last issue of The Weekly Peek got a surprisingly good yet sad reception. The release thread was stickied, which had never happened to any of post peeker's threads before.

Thank you again for reading and supporting The Weekly Peek! It was a mostly fun experience to create and publish a newspaper for [s4s].

- post peeker