The Uncultured Anonymous/Stalking

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Stalking is a fun way to get to know someone that you wouldn't be able to get to know under normal circumstances. The main reasons for this is either that they hate you, or that you're a coward. There are three kinds of stalking. The most common kind is the stake out, which involves looking through windows and the likes. The second most common is tracking, which involves following the person to see what they get up to out of the house. The third most common is media stalking, which involves listening into their phone calls, bugging their house, and hacking their computer.

The Stakeout[edit]

The best time to stake someone out is when it is dark enough that the person can't see you, but light enough that they haven't closed their blinds yet. The stakeout is best done in a car or a van. Avoid FBI vans, as you have already been in them enough. The best location is across the street. Anything is possible, however, though sitting in the bushes for hours may give you cramps, and get you soaked. The main things needed are:

  • Food and drink, especially on long stakeouts. Donuts are the cliché. Energy drinks are a good for, well, energy.
  • A bottle and a bag. Unluckily, you may have to piss and shit.
  • Binoculars, preferably with night vision attachments.
  • A laptop, because you are Anonymous, and this is required to live.


In a public place, tracking is a free for all. You don't have to worry much, because there are too many people for her to notice you following her. The main rule is, however, to dress like a normal person, so you don't stand out in the crowd. Staying about 5feet behind is also advisable. In less public places, you may have to choose hiding over just walking behind her, as she will notice someone following her instantly.

Media Stalking[edit]

Media stalking will require either advanced hacking skills, or access to the targets house. Since access is unlikely (as you have resorted to stalking), you may have to break an entry. But that is advice for another chapter. Spy cameras can be bought from most gadget stores.