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Out of all the things associated with Chans, the act of raiding would be the most famous. If one would read up on their raiding history, they will definitely be surprised of its sheer complexity. As raids developed, an extensive amount of research upon weaknesses and development of tools make raiding a very serious business.

The start of a raid[edit]

Raidfloat.gif Raids (especially those of epic proportions) need a valid and "justifiable" reason. These "reasons" can range accordingly, from "they 'stole' our memes" to "these bastards are annoying". In the case of Anonymous starting a raid, these reasons are extremely important. If the reason isn't good enough, expect a lot of "/b/ IS NOT YOUR PERSONAL ARMY", "GTFO", etc.

Rules of raiding[edit]

There really aren't many; just keep in mind these couple:

  • [Rules 1 and 2]
  • Say that you're from eBaums or some other website Anon hates
  • Don't give the target any info about the attack ahead of time
  • Proxies are mandatory. Period.

Raiding methods[edit]

There is a vast amount of raid technology and techniques available, with each one for a specific purpose and/or target. (NOTE: someone get the download links for these programs/files)

Longcat Flooder[edit]

This program mainly involves itself with with "flooding" by using various HTTP/UDP/TCP techniques. It requires .NET FRAMEWORK 2.0 to be installed in order for it to be used.

  • HTTP - Goes off and pounds the server with a ton HTTP requests and replies with either the entered URL or the 404 message. If used correctly and en masse, it can shut down a whole server.
  • UDP/TCP - By entering an IP address, the flooder makes numerous UDP/TCP requests on the server, somewhat like the HTTP.

There are many versions of the Longcat Flooder on the internets, so just make a request on /r/ or something.

Vamp (raep,frame refresher,etc.)[edit]

Just basically a technique of rapidly downloading certain pictures from a website to fuck up its bandwidth and occupy the server so the site becomes "unavailable". It can come as either as website service or some sort of HTML code. An example, though not literally called vamp, is [](

MySpace plishing[edit]

I'm sure you heard of the panic that ensued by MySpace users when they found out that their profiles were being "hacked" into and spam being posted by friends. Yes, the one that warranted a notice from "Tom" about creating code to counteract and crap. If you didn't know already, the *chans were actually behind all of it. It's not really all that complicated; all one needs is an email address and the password of an actual user. Of course, it's not like the whores and wannabes are going to give them out that easily (MySpace is necessary for them to live), so the act of redirecting them on a fake login page was developed. Then again, you could just spare the effort of getting them and just look around for a list of emails and passwords. Once logged into an account, DON'T delete their friends; instead, send them messages and comments (you wouldn't know how many users set their messages to private when you're not your "friend"). Be sure to screw up the profile and make crappy posts in the groups they have.

Habbo raid[edit]

These programs and techniques were made to raid the one of the gayest kid game sites on the internets, Habbo Hotel. The big vulnerability was that the game was "tile-based". This means that a character cannot be on or go though a tile that has someone already on it. So in the first raid (7/12/06), this was exploited by users standing in the doorways/pathways so no one could enter or leave. This was done mostly in the "Habbosphere Pool Deck" which led into the phrase "Pool's Closed". Afterwards, the Habbo programmers made a few tweaks into the programming so that tiles near the entrances can't be blocked. In the reunion raid a year later, the plan was just to block the tiles a short ways away. Programs used were able to unban your character and spam the chats with various memes/crap. There were also directions to how to unban yourself manually though IP masking/change and Flash data manipulation and pictures of tiles of which were blockable or not. Chances are there will be another Habbo raid reunion next year (7/12/08).

File uploading[edit]

Some sites let you upload files, like (fail rule 34 site), and Most of them also contain galleries (epic chance to raid). Upload scat, guro, weird pictures, shock pictures, scary pics, and if you're brave enough: CP. If you do it a lot of times, the site will have a My Squirrel error, and shut down, causing victory to Anonymous.


This is a rather plain way of raiding known to man. All one needs, at the very most, is an email address to join the forum, which means that forum raids happen fast and hit hard. Typically, /b/tards will spam either the entire forum or a very specific section of it, for best effect. It usually starts with posts heavily laden with /b/ humor but like all things coming out of the mouths (or fingers, in this case) of /b/tards, it shortly deteriorates into pure madness. Pictures usually used are guro, various memes, CP, and RAM RAEP pictures (very, very large picture that will crash/severely slow down the browser of the one who's viewing it).

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)[edit]

When Anon has tired of conventional raiding means, he will turn to a DDoS attack to raep the server Anon is invading. A DDoS attack is deceptively simple:

1. Get the [tools]( for the job. 2. Raep. 3. ????? 4. Profit! Alternatively you can use MS-DOS or Linux... but that's only for people who can't get their hands on an awesome program.*

  • Note: Believing this may make you a script kiddie.

Command prompt[edit]

The worst way to raid. Ever. But if you insist...

1. Run the command prompt 2. type "ping -t [URL/IP address] -w [number of milliseconds between sending packets ] -l [size in kilobytes of packets] 3. ????? 4. PROFIT!!!

The end of a raid[edit]

Sooner or later, the site will act by any of the ways:

  • surrender and/or agree to change
  • say "fuck you", and refuse to change
  • strike back

If the first happens, rejoice, for victory has been achieved. If one of the other two happen, keep hitting back (unless if something of legal action happens). They'll resort to the first one eventually.

Noble examples[edit]

Of course, you could just believe that these raids are all minor/useless; if that's the case, read up on the history, you [newfag](/newfag).

  • Habbo Hotel One of the most notable raids, created Pools Closed meme. Cause was just being a crappy game for kids and a hang out for 47-year-old pedophiles.
  • MySpace Just because the MySpace bastards wouldn't stop being obnoxious and "all that". Still goes on, but not in large numbers.
  • Hal Turner A white supremacist of which Anonymous tinkered with for a long, long time. Little to no raids currently.
  • Subeta Due to the fact that they claimed the Longcat pic/meme as their creation. A just cause, one might say.
  • Project Chanology Due to legally prosecuting YouTube/Google for not taking down a private video of Tom Cruise.