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Calling for a Raid[edit]

So your best friend just fucked your loli sister? Your ex just posted sex pics on the web? Maybe there's a forum that's pissing you off. Some pissant idiot is outting you on your [JB]) "fetish" on his blog.

They fucked up. They might just get raided.

Calling for a raid on a person[edit]

Get their information. Address, Phone number, email, name. Go to 4chan's /b/ around 10pm EST, and post it.

Give a small amount of information as to why they pissed you off. Otherwise /b/ will **NOT YOUR PERSONAL ARMY** you to death. It is going to happen anyway, of course. There will be newfags who will claim that /b/ is not your personal army. This is untrue; Anonymous is Anonymous, /b/ is /b/, we are all one. We play ball with other anonymous.

So just keep in mind; for every person who claims NYPA, there are three people who will attack your target. There will also be at least one uber newfag. This person will contact your target, and give them as much information about you as they can.

This is an example of not enough information to give:

hey /b/. This person pissed me off. Please fuck him over. [email protected] 1234 Anon Dr. Washington DC, USA (800)588-2300*
Anonymous's response:

This is an example of too much.

Hey /b/. The principal at my highschool just gave me three days detention for putting a note in my girlfriend's locker. It was announced over the PA system, even. [Information on faggot principal.] Send him horse porn, send him pizza, make him change his phone number, etc.
Anonymous's response:
Dear [Principal's name, <principal's email address\>]. A student of yours is calling for a raid on your personal self. This particular student recieved three days of detention for putting a note in his girlfriend's locker. I'm sure you know the student. The raid that is about to fall on you is solely his responsibility.

Anonymous just fucked you over by supplying your identity to your principal. You are now royally screwed. Unfortunately, because the reason for the raid is so good, the person in question will get destroyed. He will be *sure* to want to know who is responsible. And you will probbaly get arrested when 140 pizzas show up at your principals house. Too much information ≠ good.

The right amount of information is somewhere inbetween. Honestly, it depends on the situation. When you call for the raid, you have to think; is your number one priority not getting caught, or fucking the person over?