The Tale of Fionn

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The Tales of Fionn[edit]

narrator !!1Svfc0foNQx 10/04/09(Sun)01:11:35 No.5697474

Alright. first off. I started college about a month ago. Me and my girlfriend of three years both got into the same college. we were both super happy. and we left from the east coast to the west coast for the first times in our lives. Her parents were nut jobs, and I was kinda sick of sharing a room with my brother, so we wanted a new start in Southern California.

Getting there. it was pretty cool. The weather was amazing, the people in my hall were really welcoming, and I got all the classes I wanted. On the other hand, me and my girlfriend. let's call her Casey, didn't get the same dorm arrangements like we wanted. She got put in a hall that was like a 10 minute walk away, so that sucked that we always couldn't be together.

After getting settled with my roommate named Jae (his full name is some crazy long Asian thing. so we just call him Jae). I set course for her room to see how everything is going. First thing that I notice is that there are like twelve people in her room. In their dorm it seems like they have an 'open door policy' which means that all doors must be open until 9:00 PM at night.

I try to say hey, but it takes her about 15 minutes to get through some talk with her roommate and then finally talk to me. She says that everyone on her floor is really nice, and her roommate was from the east coast as well. Right when I'm about to ask if she wants to go for dinner on our first night in California. he enters.

Wearing some shit you wouldn't even see /fa/ wearing. he says, 'Oh Casey, some people on the floor are going out to eat.' She looks at me and then asks if I can come, and he walks up to me. puts his hand on my shoulder. and says. Sorry, its a floor bonding thing. Ice breaking and all that, you know?'

narrator !!1Svfc0foNQx 10/04/09(Sun)01:11:53 No.5697479

I tell him ifs cool (when it fucking wasn't). but I didn't want to come off as a crazy boyfriend on the first night. Before they leave. I introduce myself as Casey's boyfriend, and he tells me that his name is Fionn and that he'll take good care of her for me. So I'm left in the room with her roommate who wasn't invited to their little 'floor gathering'. and I spend the night eating Chinese by myself at some place on the campus.

Sadly, if this was all to the story, it wouldn't be all that bad. I ask you. even before I continue. is Los Angeles really over populated with douchebags like this guy? Fuck.

narrator !!1Svfc0foNQx 10/04/09(Sun)01:29:42 No.5697712

Moving to the next morning, we still have like three or so days before our classes start. I go over to her room around 7:30 AM to see if she wants to go get breakfast because we didn't eat dinner together, and she isn't fucking there. I ask her roommate where she is, and the roommate says that she never came back the night before.

I ask her if she was invited to the 'Floor Gathering Dinner or whatever it was called, and she said that most of the floor was still here last night and that only like five or six people actually went.

I call her on my cell. she finally picks up after the sixth time, and she says that she is getting breakfast with a few new friends. She asks me to come join. so I rush over there and see what's going on

Turns out there is only like three other people beside her. and one of them is Fionn. I ask what happened last night, and she said that they were just having fun and that I didn't have to worry about anything. I was going to sit down and have breakfast, but Fionn told me that he and Casey had to go get a book for a class they had together. She apologizes, I'm left again once more, and I eat some sausage and eggs for two hours.

I finally get to talk to her again around midnight that night after she's gone all day, and she tells me how much fun Los Angeles is. I ask her what the fuck is up with this Fionn kid, and she tells me that he knows L.A and was showing her around the town She said that he was one of the smartest people she's ever met in his life and that he's been living in the Valley of Los Angeles his whole life. She told me this like she met some sort of fucking movie star.

narrator 1!1Svfc0foNQx 10/04/09(Sun)01:30:19 No.5697722

I got kicked out of her room by her roommate because she was trying to sleep, and I didn't see her for about three days after that. Every time I called, she either didn't answer or said that she was hanging out with a group of friends. But I knew it was not a group.

It was that motherfucker with the fake colored contacts and iron straightened hair. God. it was so rage inducing.

narrator !!1SvIc0foNQx 10/04/09(Sun)01:40:41 No.5697855

Okay, continuing, its been about a week since we moved in. and I've only been with my girlfriend for a combined hour in that first week. This is the time when most people hang out with their girlfriend/boyfriend because when classes start. you don't have that much time to go to other halls and hang out with other people.

I finally caught up to her in a class we had together. a lecture one with like 70 students. so I trapped her in the back and asked her what was going on. I wanted to know if we were still dating or if that our relationship just ended out of nowhere. She said that she still care about me the most out of anyone in the world, kissed me on the cheek, and held my hand throughout the lesson.

When it was done. I asked if she wanted to come back to my room to do our homework, and she actually said yes. I was surprised. but happy. We got back to my room where my Asian roommate was gone since he had a class at the time. We sit down on my bed, do our work a little, and then make out on my bed.

Things going good. right? Then her phone rings a few minutes in. and she gets up like the fire alarm just went off. I tell her to turn it the fuck off. and she says that it might be her parents. I tell her that she hates her parents, but she ignores me and rushes into the bathroom.

She's in there for 20 minutes, whispering. and finally comes out to say that it is Tuesday Movie Night in Allison's room and that everyone has to attend. I tell her to just skip it. but she says that ifs totally mandatory or everyone will hate her.

She rushes off. and I follow her. I know it sounds clingy, but fuck it. She had left me high and dry for a week and now was running off for some movie? I had to see what was going on.

narrator 111Svfc0foNQx 10/04/09(Sun)01:50:32 No.5697968

Anyways. I get down to her hall. go up to her room and check if her roommate is there. She is. so I sit down and talk to her. I wanted to know more about my girlfriend and Fionn. Seeing as she lives a few feet from her and the bastard. I thought she would know more than me.

She tells me that Casey is a nice person and all, but she seems a little bit floaty. She asked me if Casey did any drugs. and I told her no. She then goes on says that all she talks about is Fionn. Told me that the two of them went down to one of the Malibu beaches one night and looked for shells across the beach and other stuff like that. She asked if I was really her boyfriend, and I told her I was. She said she only heard about me once or twice, and I was getting pissed at this point.

I ask where Allison's room is. she tells me where it is, and I go down to check what is going on The door is open because of the door policy, so I go in. On the bed is my girlfriend and Fionn, trapped under a blanket and her head leaning on his shoulder.

I ignore the fuckers around them, walk up to her, and ask what the hell is going on. She doesn't answer, and Fionn just stares at me, puts a finger to his lips, and says. 'Shhhh. we're watching a movie. If you want to stay, go sit in that open chair.'

That was all. He then turned away, went back to putting his arm around my girlfriend. and ignored me. I tried to get her attention, but she was obviously embarrassed and didn't want to create a scene. I stormed out of the room. walked back to mine, and spent forty minutes thinking about how I should have punched him in the face.

narrator !!1Svfc0foNQx 10/04/09(Sun)02:00:42 No.5698091

After that night, I talk to Jae and everyone in my dorm what to do. I have been with Casey three years, and we always got along well. She NEVER did anything like she was doing with Fionn when we were on the east coast. She was kinda shy, had only friends who were females. and only had me to talk to. I asked them if I should break up with her, and Jae tells me to man the fuck up and challenge him to a duel with swords. I said I would have kicked his ass last night, but I could have gotten kicked out if I started anything. He told me that he once had a girlfriend (Jae is like 52. acne all over, and a pedophile mustache) and that she cheated on him with his brother. He then said that he burned all of his brother's clothes and moved out. He said that if I wanted to keep her. I would have to show her that I wasn't going to back down.

A girl, let's call her Lindsay, then stopped me and just told me to break up with her. I asked her what she knew about my relationship, and she just said that it sounded like it was going nowhere. I thanked her, but I said I would be fine.

If I hadn't been with her for three years. wanted to marry her, and have a family with her. I would have dumped her after the whole thing last night; but being me, and still wanting a certain future. kept hope that it was just her happy to make her first ever guy friend.

That's before I had dinner with her.

...And Fionn.

Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)02:15:14 No.5698262

Onto the dinner part. I had made plans to talk over this whole thing with Casey. so I asked her if we could go off campus and eat dinner. She agreed, but said that Fionn wanted to come with and explain his actions. I thought it would be better to confront it all at once. so I said sure.

We all get to the place to eat, and he's wearing a nice suit, tie, and all the works while me and her are just wearing normal clothes that we would have worn back in the east coast. We sit down. and she sits down next to me instead of him which made me happy.

He orders us all three waters and wants to know why I'm so mad at him. I tell him straight out. 'Are you doing anything with my girlfriend?, and he responds by saying. 'I am doing something with your girlfriend. Having friendly fun. That's all.'

I tell him to stop acting like he doesn't know what is going on. and she asks me to stop making a scene. He apologizes for making me think that he was doing anything with Casey and tells me that he'll pay for the meal because his Dad just got a promotion or some shit.

We all eat, no one really talks except him, and she leaves in my car after he leaves in his Dad's hand-me-down sports car

We get in the car and that is when it all breaks down. I tell her if she really thought I believed Fionn's bullshit, and she told me that nothing was going on. I pulled over about five miles from our college and stopped the car. I asked her if she had done anything with Fionn in the past two weeks.

Anonymous 10/04/09(Sun)02:15:48 No.5698267 She said that she loved me. Then I asked if she had kissed him.

She then told me that it was only once and he forced her to. I basically raged. called her a whore and told her to get the fuck out of my car. She looked at me like I was joking, and I told her that I didn't even know who she was anymore.

She got out. I slammed the door and told her to go call Fionn. That's how me and her broke up. Three years down the drain in two weeks. Really, really sucked. but I couldn't handle her total change of character. There's more. but its more to do with me and Fionn than her.

narrator !!1Svfc0foNQx 10/04/09(Sun)02:16:29 No.5698277

Oops, forgot my trip.



Those are me. Sorry.

narrator 111Svfc0foNQx 10/04/09(Sun)02:30:24 No.5698423

I talked to Fionn by himself a few days after that event in his room after his roommate came up to me after my class. He said that Fionn wanted to talk to me alone and asked for me to come to his room around 9 when the doors could be closed. I had tried to stop thinking about Casey and him. but it was hard to get over. Every time I tried to do work or think about something else. all I thought about was her. It really sucked.

I went to his room around 9:30 and thankfully didn't meet Casey while in the hall. I walked into his room and he was sitting there in a suit. I didn't know why he was wearing a suit. and I didn't ask. It was like he was trying to gloat that he had more money than me or something.

He asked me to sit down on a chair, but I declined. He said to please sit down or we couldn't talk like gentleman. so I went over and got the chair. I sat down and talked to him alone for the first time. I asked what he wanted to say, and he basically summed it up in one sentence: 'I lucked your ex-girlfriend last night.' I looked at him like he was joking. She was good. Thanks for breaking up with her.' I really didn't know what to say, so I got up to leave. I did break up with her. so it wasn't entirely her fault. I just wanted to get Fionn out of my fucking life before he ruined the next four years. Then, before I left, he added, 'I also lucked her the first night she was here! That was even betters I basically snapped and punched him in the face. It was a good punch. too. His nose was bleeding. but he didn't throw any punches back. He told me that he deserved the punch and that I could punch him again if it made me feel any better. I did, but he didn't fight back, so I had no real reason to keep beating on him. The last time I talked to him was tonight before I started writing. That's where I really snapped.

narrator U1S*OfoNClx 10/04/09(Sun)02:42:48 No.5698556

Alright, finally, it all came to ahead tonight. It had been a while since the whole me punching him in the face thing, and I was still trying to get over Casey. I was out with some of my new friends from the hall that I made ever since ending it with her, and we were having an okay time eating and all that. I tried to act happy and all that. but I was still depressed over how everything went down.

That's when we saw Fionn and her sitting by themselves at a table a few feet from us- She was sitting with her back to me, so only Fionn could see us. He whispered in her ear. started making out with her in front of me. and then got up to go to the bathroom. He did a little hand motion to ask if I would follow him, and he wouldn't move until I got up as well.

I followed him outside instead of the bathroom, and I asked what the fuck he wanted. He said, 'Sorry about everything. man. I know that I shouldn't have done anything with her. but it was fate. you know? The stars aligned and we fell in love'

I could tell he was just bullshitting and trying to get a rise out of me, but I just wanted him to get his kicks and get the fuck out of my life. He then said, 'If you want to know, she still loves you a lot. We haven't had sex since the last time I talked to you. She's really hung up over you. She really, really loves you.'

I looked at him and didn't know how to respond, so we just stood there for 20 seconds or so. Then he ended the silence by laughing and saying. 'I'm just joking. She hasn't mentioned your fucking name since we started having sex every night in her room.'

narrator P1Svfc0foNQx 10/04/09(Sun)02:43:39 No.5698565

I think he realized that I didn't give a shit anymore and actually put his arms when I rushed him and started punching the shit out of him. He fought back this time, but he obviously really didn't know how to fight. I don't really know how to either. but I was just letting my adrenaline throw all my anger into his cheap plastic face.

It took a minute or two for someone to see us and stop the fight. His nose was bleeding again and his right eye looked really lucked up. Casey came outside. saw what happened, and slapped me in the face. She hugged Fionn, kissed him, and walked him away from me. She then turned around and said, 'I never fucking loved you. I only dated you because my parents forced me to.'

That's when I just sat down on my car for about an hour. drove back to the dorms. and spent the rest of the night writing this.

And that's it. That's The Tale of Fionn. Your guess is as good as mine at what happens next.