The Return of the Well Cultured Anonymous/Music Recommendations

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Anon Recommends

  • Nirvana: Because it's so much more than Teen Spirit and Heart-Shaped Boxes. Simple, yet poetic, but not whiny-bitchy like modern stuff.
  • Beastie Boys: Good beats and funny raps, despite the fact that all members are white and jewish.
  • The Misfits: Sure they heavily inspired My Chemical Romance, but forget that and listen. It's Punk Rock, sometimes with a touch of Rockabilly and Hardcore, with gory lyrics... Should make that goth girl you've been wanting to get with wet her panties.
  • Immortal Technique: Awesome, at times intellectual raps, good beats, and actually discusses important topics of today. It also depicts thug life as the dark dismal reality it is.
  • Death From Above 1979: Although technically Drum and Bass in the most literal sense of the word. almost considered metal, except the lyrics have EMOOOOOTIONNN. Like i stated earlier, they are made up of a Drummer and a Bassist, both incredibly skilled. They have broken up after just one album, 2 EP's and a few singles. Catchy as hell, and it will make you want to dance.
  • At the Drive-In: (Alternative rock) Hardly anyone has heard of these guys, and yet they are possibly the best band ever. Their sound ranges from spaced out electronic songs. To power hungry rock and roll. Youtube their songs 198d then Catacombs to best see the diversity.
  • Streetlight Manifesto: Third wave ska band from New Jersey. These guys are the ultimate example of third-wave ska. Insanely fast tempos, ripping horn lines, complicated drum patterns, quick and non-repetitive vocals, everything. They are influenced from a variety of sources (reggage, punk, classical, etc.) and you can hear it everywhere in their music (If and When we Rise Again quotes Hungarian Dance No. 5 by Brahms, for fuck's sake). If you're a fan of reggage, punk, or jazz, Streetlight Manifesto will be right up your alley. Recommended albums: Everything Goes Numb, Somewhere in the Between
  • Less Than Jake: My personal favorite band. Skapunk with meaningful lyrics, as opposed to the usual poppy happy gag songs of Reel Big Fish, Five Iron Frenzy, etc. Their style seems to change with every album, with Pezcore having the most punk sound, Hello Rockview being the most ska, and Anthem having a very mature sound. Their latest offering, In With The Out Crowd, was a little disappointing, but still better than most other bands. Recommended albums: Losing Streak", "Hello Rockview", "Anthem"
  • Mindless Self Indulgence: Used to be a really good band, but has lately been pandering to fat angsty scene kids. Pretty good mixture of rap and techno, really good if you want to impress the girl working at Hot Topic. A very /b/ band. Recommended albums: Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy, Tight, Alienating Our Audience
  • The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches: Another great skapunk band, thought leaning more towards skacore. Their lyrics mainly tackle the struggle of the music industry, self-depreciating humor and awareness, and being pretentious as hell. The latter most Anons can relate to. If you can stomach it, go onto iTunes and buy the nearly complete collection. Official bootlegs: Recommended albums: The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches! (collection), Three Cheers For Disappointment"
  • Bomb The Music Industry: Front man of ASOB(above) continues his legacy.
  • Dune: You WILL get a candy ravers pants. Annoying, but it will make annoying raver chicks gleeful.
  • They Might Be Giants: You've heard Dr Worm, The Boss of me and probably Bangs. This rock duo infuses their music with tonnes of funny stuff the whole way through while touching on important subjects like identity, and well christ, No One Knows My Plan is based on and directly references Plato.
  • Animal Collective: They're huge in hipster circles, appealing to that pseudo-electronic-psychadelic mish-mosh of genres hipsters like. Anyway, don't give up on them, they're a truly inventive band with one of the few "unique" sounds left in music today. For those of you in touch with your romantic emotions, their album "Merriweather Post Pavilion" will strike a chord.