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Last time you saw me, I was 17 and had just attempted sex with a girl who was in love with me, and I her. While consummation did not fully occur the event itself definitely cemented my feelings for her.

And we go.

Note: All those guys asking someone to email them the story are hilarious, please whatever you do, do not email them. maybe add their Google+ profiles.

(and another side note, I laughed at every "mfw" reply in the other topic, so don't overdo it but realize I appreciate those)

Getting on the plane was so difficult. It felt like a nightmare when I landed back in the states, back to my family, back to my normal basement-filled existence with only my vidya games and my online friends for company. Talking with Lily was great and I did like it and looked forward to it - but the image of being on top of her, or of her lips on mine, made typing on a keyboard feel stupid.

My masturbatory fantasies were literally solely focused around that encounter in the park. Sometimes I changed it up by just jacking off to the thought of us kissing. Sometimes I dared to imagine the future. Basically, my penis ended up being sore for days by the time I was done with it.

I had a real girl and she lived across (down?) the globe. It wasn't fair - but it was also exciting. I loved the thought, and could feel myself going full pedo -- though I preferred to think of it as going "full Lily".

I tried to not have all our conversations revolve around sex, but I did remind her over and over that I loved her and that I wanted to kiss her more. She said much the same, sometimes adding that she wondered what others would think if they knew she had a cute boyfriend who was in high school. I attempted not to freak out and tell her I'd die if she told anyone - but she did in fact use the word "cute" to describe me, after seeing my 'o' face. The only person to ever see it. It made me wonder if maybe I could actually be desirable or attractive. But fuck it, I was attractive to HER, and no one else mattered.

After several weeks I asked if she was okay with what we had done in the park. I said I was sorry if I had forced her - she just went with the same line, she was disappointed we didn't get to really 'do it'. It had been enough for me, as detailed before, but she had hoped to deliver more.

"I'm too small." I remember her saying that, as it mirrored her statement about being too short to kiss. I assured her she wasn't, that I just didn't know what I was doing, and one day we could maybe try again. She said she hoped so. And that was enough to have me jacking off like a maniac yet again.

She was turning 13 in a bit over a month. I was happy about this, as it was one year closer to being an acceptable age, even if it was still horribly young when I thought about it - thought about me, acne and braces, at 13. Yet one year closer was one year closer. A five year difference meant literally nothing by the time she was...18? 16? I tried to push the definition, wondering where the line would be.

Trying to shop for your girlfriend who exists in a culture you don't get in an age you don't entirely get is hard. I looked around for a while before settling on getting flowers delivered to her from an 'anonymous friend'.

And oh boy did that go over well. I was afraid it was too mature or her parents would catch on, but that night she told me she was overjoyed and her parents assumed it was a boy from school with a crush. It was...perfect. And started a new tradition, that will be mentioned in the future.

We never talked about her body or mine, never got into having 'cyber'. That seemed sort of like perverting her, more than what I had already done. And plus who knew if she knew how to delete logs or hide her computer activities. Best to play it kind of, but not really, safe.

Her birthday was the precursor to Christmas, and I decided to not do anything big for that, just maybe a picture of me, or an emotional chat, or something. However she got to me first - "guess what I asked for for Christmas"

I did not guess, as my first thought was a doll or an iPod. Of course when you come from decently wealthy stock, as her dad was, gifts tend to be a bit...big.

"i want to go back to america for a week."

SPROING. My pants flew across the room from the power of my erection. I'd waited half a year, and figured I had another half left before I'd see her again. Suddenly there was potential for... soon! Really soon! She hadn't been back to America since they moved away and the request made sense. They used to live in our city (a big one, don't ask)

and thus it made sense that they'd come back to the same city if they were going to see their old friends/places. I was overjoyed, especially when she said her dad had bought tickets for the first week of January. I started taking care of personal hygiene and stopped wearing sweatpants and began lifting like a champ (none of that really happened) to prepare for her arrival.

This was going to be it. I was going to open the year, before I turned 18, by losing my virginity. I was going to do it. I was.

Power of positive thinking aside, I was just excited to have her back again. Really our emotional bond had hardly changed, we talked all the time, we were just missing everything physical - from holding hands to hugging to kissing to...the 'beyond'. Or maybe I was just missing it, who knows.

December crawled by. I finished my second to last semester of high school, got accepted to a decent college for business, basically made sure I did not bring shame to my family while I did everything to create a scenario in which my family would be more shamed than one would think possible (um I am not sure that sentence worked, you know what I mean).

Christmas was coming, not that I cared. Each day was like an eternity, and I looked forward to logging onto the computer in the evening just to get in some talking before I went to sleep, praying the next day would come sooner.

Then one day she stopped signing on. A few days off here and there made sense, but in the middle of December she was just gone. Never online, not invisible or anything else. Just...gone. My heart sank when I saw that, immediately traveling down the worst possible solution, assuming she had found a new guy or had told on me or... That it was over. I couldn't handle it being over. We signed off our chats with "i love you" and/or "i miss you". How could it end so unceremoniously?

A week passed. No Lily. Christmas day was just me sitting under a massive tree with a huge pit of anxiety in my stomach. Two weeks had passed now - no Lily.

I had been living the dream and it was time to come back to earth. I...tried to find it in myself to accept that.

We were supposed to meet up in my home city. We were supposed to, uh, take one more step in our relationship together. I was supposed to at least be able to kiss her one more time.

Masturbation came to a near-halt as each time I fantasized about that one early evening in the park, all I could see was her face, her smile, and then it vanishing. The way she had vanished, suddenly, leaving me alone.

The first week of January. It had now been three weeks since I'd spoken to her, the longest we'd gone in years.

I was devastated. Thinking about going to college, even thinking about going to classes in high all felt so pointless. My parents noticed something wrong, and I admitted it had to do with a girl, they told me that young love was always like this, like it was the end of the world.

But this was MORE than that, it wasn't just an immature relationship. It was...she was...

She was my everything.

As I write this I can feel my chest tightening up. That was the furthest I've fallen, the darkest I've allowed my mind to go. Was it codependency or sick or something else? Maybe.





I had thought about skimming over this part, fortunately I know you guys all know the pain of having something ripped away from you, whether or not you ever really 'had it' in the first place.

I knew she was supposedly in our city in early January, and as I woke up each morning I wondered where she was, who she was with, what she was doing. I wondered if she missed me.

It was stupid to wonder, stupid to consider that a lovely girl would-

I was in the midst of just such a downward, flagellating spiral when my mother told me that some Spanish person was on the phone for me.

I assumed immediately, trying to keep my heart from leaping (it did), trying to keep myself from sprinting to the phone (I did), trying to keep my voice from quavering as I said "ola?" (it quavered like WT Snacks when he sees cheese pizza).

"Ola. Puedos ir tu habitacion?"

(Yeah yeah don't make fun of me at least I tried)

I knew that voice.

I went to my room.

In my room we switched to English, thank moot, as I had reached the limit of my ability the moment I said "ola". I guess a summer down there hadn't actually improved the espanol at all.

"It's me." It was Lily. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't decide what to say before finally settling on "where have you been?" I knew girls don't like desperate guys and I tried to keep it together, but what the hell, what she'd done was bullshit. "Our computer broke." That made sense. Sort of. "Why didn't you FIX it?" "My dad got me a new one for Christmas. But I don't know how to put AOL on it."

To this day I blame Mac OS X and its coolness for almost ending my life. Parents, buy your young daughters Windows computers so their communication with their pervert boyfriends can continue. And that's the moral of the story.

"Are you here? In America?" My voice sounded like I was on the verge of crying. I cleared my throat and tried to blink away the, uh, mist in my eyes. "Yeah. We got here last night, we're staying at the [large hotel]." A long pause. I had no idea what to say. My day had suddenly gone from the worst of my life to the best yet (or maybe second best) and I hardly knew what was next. "I missed you so much, I love you, I-"

She interrupted me, which was probably a good thing before I went full-beta on her once again.

"When can I see you?

My first response was I'd sprint to her hotel room in the next five minutes, but tried to play it slightly cooler. "I'm sure our dads have a dinner or something, try and find out." She hung up and was off. I clung to the phone for dear life, snarling and hissing at my mother when she tried to take it from me, eventually biting her hand off to show her who the alpha was.

It rang again, after ages and ages of waiting. "They had one tomorrow night but I got him to change it to tonight."

I laughed. Lily's ability to manipulate her father was always outstanding and it seemed like this was no different. "I told him I'm meeting a friend tomorrow night, but I wanted to see you guys."

Perfect. In several different ways - she was definitely not meeting a friend the next day. And I would be seeing her TONIGHT. Assuming my parents were fine with the switch, which they had to be due to them being window dressing for this story/my life.

Dinner came. She was wearing a black dress with a wide neckline, one that showed off her collarbone and the upper part of her chest, no cleavage popping despite breasts clearing being shoved upwards by a bra that was clearly a feat of engineering. She was on slight heels, just an inch perhaps, and looked even better than the last time I saw her. Gorgeous, perfect, everything I wanted in one human form. Lily wore a white headband holding her black hair away from her face, a face that shone brightly as she turned and smiled at me.



We hugged awkwardly. My erection said hello within milliseconds, then we all sat down to a meal together.

I tried to talk and not stare at Lily. She looked so good, how could everyone not see it? My counterpart, a fellow senior in high school now, an expert bitch like most senior girls, ignored me.

I seriously considered going to the bathroom with her, or playing footsy under the table, or just running out the front door with her hand in mine until we found a place we could be alone.

Really though the bathroom plan was halfway real in my mind. Quick kisses in the hallway - simple enough, right? But how to get her to come with...hmm... These thoughts took up most of dinner, except when I chimed in to talk business with "the guys". Other than that I looked like my usual strange closed-off socially maladjusted self.

The mystery of why any girl would like me is still not solved, by the way. Don't expect a how-to manual at the end of this, I am still as mystified as you are.

Dinner ended. More hugs. I really, really, really wanted to kiss Lily. Just for a moment, just to feel what it was like after half a year without it.

They got in a taxi and were gone. I floated back home and tried to remember how to breathe.

Then the planning went into full effect. I was going to get alone time with Lily and I was going to get it soon. She had an excuse for the following night, and I was going to take advantage of it. We spoke on the phone again that evening -- going to my home was not possible, going to her hotel room wasn't either. Unlike parks in exotic foreign lands, we would definitely be caught by a group of /b/tards and raped to death if we attempted anything out in the open.

So it was time to bust out daddy's credit card. Or just a pile of cash. Or use the credit card to get a pile of cash.

School vacation was still on. Lily had plans from approximately nine am until seven pm when she was supposedly meeting up with her friends.

We planned it together, after I told her what I was thinking.

I paid for the hotel room -- a nice one, though not too nice. I sat back in my home while she did whatever she did with her family. I resisted the urge to masturbate. I wondered if this was going to happen or if a bear was just going to break down the door and eat me. I wondered for hours, tossing and turning, before she called me.

It was on.

I told her the location.

We both took taxis, with me arriving just slightly before her, trying to not look incredibly suspicious as I moseyed past the front desk looking incredibly suspicious. She probably did the same. I was sitting in the room, wearing 'nice clothes' - a polo shirt and jeans - when I heard a light knock.

I opened the door. She jumped into my arms. I staggered backwards and closed the door, locking it, wondering... No, no need to wonder. This was about to happen.

Now despite all my research on sex (i.e. all the porn I watched) I was not feeling very confident in my ability to perform oral. This was, in all seriousness, the number one concern in my mind as we kissed one another, held one another, fell backwards onto the bed. I am not sure what she was wearing to be honest, that became a very small matter all things considered. Soon her top was off, revealing the juvenile bra beneath -- the first time I'd actually seen her like that. I kissed her firmly, pulling her on top of me, maneuvering her body over mine, marveling in her litheness, her beauty, her...everything.

We pulled away from one another with an almost audible pop, both of us gasping, faces wet and messy, eyes shining, her hair already a mess from me running my hands through it.

"I need to call my mom."

This was almost as much as the period comment, causing me to throb in my pants as she moved to the bedstand, pulling a scrap of paper from her jeans and dialing, informing her mother she had arrived safely. She hung up and I pulled her back to me, onto my lap as I sat with my back up against the headboard, Lily facing me, almost like that first time we had kissed.

I could see her breasts pushing into the bra just inches away from me. I took a long look, not afraid to let her see me enjoy her body, before shifting my eyes back to her face and smiling.

"I love you. I missed you so much."

She grinned. "Do you want me to take it off?"

Honestly each thing she said made me want to blow a load in my pants. But instead I took a breath and nodded.

She seemed to take her goddamn sweet time with it, unsnapping, pulling it forward, letting the patches of fabric hang on her breasts for interminable seconds before letting it fall off.

My first in-person boobs. They did not disappoint at all. Small, just handfuls I would say, topped with soft pink nipples. My mouth was definitely dropped open as I looked and she watched me with obvious delight.

"You're gorgeous." I breathed it out without even thinking, voice full of lustful desire. My hand came up practically on its own, cupping underneath one youthful breasts, feeling its slight give, the taut warm flesh beneath my hand... Again, enough to make me cum a hundred times over. I leaned in and kissed her, one hand on her boob, the other behind her back, holding her close to me, our mouths opening, coming into one another, kissing like old pros now, like two people fully in love. Obviously at this point her age didn't matter, nothing mattered, all that mattered was her.

Her nipple didn't harden - I do remember that quite specifically. I wonder if I fucked up? No matter. It remained soft, pliable, and I rubbed my palm over it for a moment before Lily grimaced and shook her head. This was enough to make me move both hands to her back, smiling apologetically.

She backed off of me, pulling down her tight jeans with mild difficulty, revealing panties with some sort of silly pattern, before getting back onto the bed with me, where I had taken off my own shirt to reveal my oh-so-beautiful skinny torso.

We kept kissing. I was trying desperately to take it slow. I knew where this was heading and wanted to do it right - and do it all the way.

The kissing was, honestly, almost enough. If I forgot the sensation of my dick against her then I was able to imagine that I could be satisfied with just kissing.

Seriously, have I said enough about the kissing yet? Let me know.

We rolled over so I was atop her now, her hands lightly pushing against my chest as I bore down on her, mouth nuzzling, probing, tongue against her own. Finally I pulled back and away from her.

I had Lily here, in bed, in her underwear. Nothing to interrupt us. I sat back and took off my own pants, the massive tent of my erection (I'm like sixteen inches you guys) as obvious as anything. "Ahe. I'm sort of..." I had no idea how to explain this. Eh, she had to know what it meant. Or hopefully she did.

I moved between her legs, both of us with our underwear still on, and rocked against her, feeling my erection press into that soft flesh between her legs, her stomach shuddering as she took deep breaths, breasts expanding upwards slightly each time.

"Can we..."

I tried to ask for permission.

"Can we try?"

I am not sure if that is exactly what I said, it was something like that. Then it was her turn -- "I love you, anon. I. Love. You."

Seemed like permission.

I moved backwards and pulled my underwear off, now fully naked with a girl for the first time.

"It's too big." She pulled her mouth to the side as she took her panties off, then laying back against the headboard, head propped up by pillows.

"We can go slow, it's okay, we don't have to-" I started to back off mentally before trying. I wanted to have the right expectations. Maybe it wouldn't work, maybe she couldn't, maybe I was actually 'too big', though that seemed like such a porn thing to say.

I moved up between her legs, dick bobbing between my own as I lay on top of her. First we kissed some more, feeling our naked bodies against one another for the first time. Her kisses were slightly more hesitant, kind of nervous, or perhaps I was just projecting my own insecurities onto her (almost definitely that).

I could feel my penis, slightly wet already, resting on top of her folds. My shaft was lengthwise against her labia, just moving gently up and down, head hovering below her belly button. Finally I propped myself up onto one hand, raising my torso so we met at the hips only.

Pulling back I reached a hand down to try and reposition myself. This time around I noticed she had a tiny bit of fuzz on her pussy, just enough to make me feel slightly less pedo (but not much). Should I have worried about her period? Definitely yes. Did I? Nope.

Lily spread her legs side, those puffy, reddened parting slightly, and I pressed my cockhead against her, this time fully cognizant of what I was doing, seeing it all beneath me, pressing in oh-so-gently and yet firmly. Her folds pressed inwards, dragged in slightly by my penetrating erection, a strange look that made me worry I was hurting her.

I stopped. Looked up at her. "Are you okay?" Maybe it was beta to ask, but I had to. She nodded. "It feels like stretching."

Well...better than ripping and tearing pain. I withdrew, repositioned, pressed in again. The same thing happened, slight inward folding, about half my cockhead successfully making it 'in', but clearly some sort of tight ring preventing me from going further.

I kept going like that. Pull out, press in, try and get a millimeter further each time. It was slow going and I was on the edge of cumming, and ruining the moment, from the instant I saw my penis press inside of her even slightly. Finally, finally, finally I pressed harder, my hands moving to her hips to hold her in place as I tried to get past that first little 'trial'.

I felt a ring of what seemed like muscle pop down around my cockhead. Have you guys felt that? Oh my god. Oh. My. God.

Paused for a moment. Looked at Lily. Kissed her more, until she actually pushed me away with a soft hand on my chest. "You don't have to stop."

That took me aback for a moment.

"I want to kiss you. I don't just..."

I looked at her for a moment, dick buried a solid inch inside of her, trying to decide what my best move was.

"We love each other. This isn't...some stupid..." I couldn't find the exact words to say. So I kissed her more.

She didn't speak up. I felt my dick beating inside of her, my heartbeat seeming to come from the very tip of my cock now. Finally: "I love you too. I do. I want you to..."

It was her turn to trail off.

I was past talking, and looked downwards, humping my hips into her, trying to get any further, feeling like it was an impossible task, especially when I could see 5/6 of my penis outside of her.

With extreme delicacy, trying not to get too, uh, overwhelmed, I pulled myself out and pushed in again, to the same point, right where I felt her 'snap' around me. Then out, then in, just that one little bit of my length.

Who knows how long that went on - it could have been an hour or thirty seconds. After a while I felt like I could go deeper, and on one thrust I tried, pushing in a little further, a little faster, a little harder.

FINALLY I felt myself really penetrate her, my dick now slightly further in, the hot grip encasing my head and the top of my shaft. There was a slight resistance inside her, despite it feeling like I could go further. Really hard to describe.

I think you know what I'm trying to describe - I am unsure how many of you have deflowered a thirteen year old, but I have, and I'm here to say it is really hard to put down in words. Won't stop me from trying though.

So I pushed. And pulled back, and pushed again. It took three attempts, the third more straining, pressing, feeling her clench up against me, her hands suddenly on my stomach as I closed my eyes and strained. Yeah - not quite as romantic as you might hope. And then the resistance was gone, my penis moving inside another inch, maybe less. On pulling back, I saw red fluid on myself, as if I needed confirmation of what had just happened.

It dripped onto the bedspread (though I didn't see this, just discovered it later), those final remnants of Lily's girlhood.

She was obviously in pain, eyes clenched tight, mouth a thin line that she held closed as well. I said something trite and stupid like "it's okay", or even more likely I let out an animalistic gurgle.

But that sort of clenching, stressed-out, pained response had one negative impact on my perfect sexual form - and that was that she had clamped to the point that I couldn't move in and out of her any more.

Now I did clear my head, or try to, looking down at this beautiful girl, my everything, moving a hand from her hip to her face, stroking my thumb against her cheek.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry - it's okay."

I did not magically become a porn star at any point, so things stayed pretty real, sorry if you are expecting a unicorn to pop out of her ass while I fuck her mouth. (I'm looking at you, furry guy)

But she did open her eyes finally, smiling for real now, shiny with slight tears. I didn't try and explain it to her, she wasn't a five-year-old, but instead just kissed her nose, running my hand up and down her side now, moving my kisses to her upper lip, then her full mouth. As I did this, I started to move my hips again, gently, feeling myself go in noticeably deeper. I was still 'bottoming out' before I got myself fully inside of her, but I figured that this was to be expected.

I was actually fucking her. I looked down at my penis shifting in and out, her labia dragged inward and outward with it, the blood still present, along with plenty of other liquids I wasn't about to try and identify.

A year previous I'd have been surprised had I died NOT a virgin, and now here I was, having sex in a hotel room. Having sex! Yes, these thoughts were actually in my head. It was exciting to finally be doing it, even if I was a little late (little did I know that 18 isn't really that late). And with someone I loved, and someone who loved me back, enough to do this with was...

I could have almost cried, were it not for the bolts of pleasure shooting through my body each time our hips came together, each time I thrust into Lily's body, each time I felt myself begin to slide out of was indescribable. Better than kissing, better than masturbating, better even than dubs (no seriously).

The time it took you to read this is almost definitely longer than the amount of time I lasted, though in my memory we fucked like old lovers for a minimum of six hours. The idea of even bothering to pull out was silly - I had managed to get inside her, I was going to end there as well.

I could feel it building-

My balls tightened as I picked up my pace, now thrusting in and out more frantically, with less timing and precision, mouth probably hanging open, first looking between us to see myself actually penetrating her, before deciding that wasn't what I wanted to cum while looking at -- I moved my eyes up her body, to Lily, my beloved, my everything. She was looking down as well, but then up at me as she felt my gaze shift.

I tried to say I love you, it came out more like grunts, and then-

I felt myself unload inside her, hot jets spurting inside her body, against her immature womb, the liquid building and making my cock slide easily as I continued to jab into her with each throb of pure pleasure. I saw white, fell downwards onto her as it began to subside, letting out moans as I slowly began to come down, the realization of what we'd just done...if anything turning me on again. No regret, no fear - only love and lust in perfect combination.

I'd just felt my first boob, lost my virginity, taken a girl's virginity, and cum inside her all in one fell swoop.

Jesus christ please excuse OP while he cums from remembering.

I managed to get off of her before I smothered her to death. The aura of sex lay heavy in the air, and with regret I felt myself slip out of her - a place I never wanted to leave again. I don't like a mess, but the semen, blood, and lubricating, uh, stuff was basically everywhere and there was no cleaning it up. I checked the clock - she had to be back to hers within the next couple hours. Enough time to cuddle and talk, and maybe...But then again judging by how she was wincing as she sat up, Lily wasn't going to be up for round 2 in the near future.

"That was...amazing."

The first thing I said was about as cliched as they come, and I was ashamed of myself but also knew there was no more honest way to express myself.

"I love you."

She said it back this time - "I love you too." I leaned over to kiss her before standing, walking to the dresser and getting some kleenex to clean myself off a bit, OCD shining through.

I brought her back a handful - as I came towards her I did look lecherously between her legs, where her labia remained parted open slightly, sticky white globules oozing out of her at a slow crawl, an amount I don't think I've ever produced before, creeping down her ass and landing on the bed.

Lily took the tissues and pushed them between her legs.

We kissed again, a quick peck on the lips, as she stood up slightly shakily. The amount of stains on the sheets was kind of gross, if not incredible, and she maneuvered to wipe away between her legs several more times, the amount of semen inside of her seeming to finally come to an end.

Whether or not cumming inside her was a bad idea didn't matter, I had done it and that was that. What did matter was hugging her again, which I did, kissing her forehead - the only place I could reach while I was standing - and telling her I loved her.

"I think I need a shower." Lily said, with a little giggle, my first sign that I could relax and freak out just slightly less. We went into the bathroom together, stood underneath the spray, ran soap over one another.

Of course I was sporting another boner quickly, which made Lily laugh as she noticed it poking her in the belly. "I don't think I can do that again right now." She said, looking downwards, the angle just right for me to pick her up and impale her and have shower sex just the way -- I broke myself away from that train of thought and nodded.

"I can't help it when I see you!" It felt nice to...not be ashamed of my erections, or of any part of my body, to have someone loving and gorgeous appreciate very bit of me, when she could see literally every flaw.

We got out of the shower and I made the bed again - she put her clothes back on, much to my disappointment, as now that I'd seen her naked it seemed a shame to ever cover it up. I dressed as well. With me sitting on the lovely hotel chair (joke, it was not lovely), Lily got onto my lap, resting her legs sideways over mind, nestling her head underneath my chin. I put my arms around her, pulling her tightly to me. She let out a happy sigh. I did as well. I drew in her scent, the soap of the shower mostly prevalent, perhaps I just imagined an odor of what we'd just done still present on her body.

We stayed like that. Maybe she slept, maybe I did. But the moment she had to leave came far too soon.

She walked out the door, leaving well before me to prevent things from looking odd. Or whatever reasoning my 007 mind had come up with.

My heart wanted to break again as she walked away. But the door closed, and she was gone. I wondered when the next time would be... I wondered if I'd made a huge fucking mistake.

Mostly I basked in the afterglow of what we'd just done.

Holy shit. It had really happened.

We did not get private time again before she was back to her home. We saw each other a few more times, hugged, said our goodbyes on her last day. Again, I had a hard time looking her parents in the face knowing what I had done. I also researched as much as I could about whether or not there was a way to know if my kid was inside of that was obviously not going to be okay. Sadly the internet did not have an easy solution for that one, so I knew I just had to wait it out.

Time passed.

We kept talking.

I brought up the sex every now and then, and she seemed mostly perturbed by how painful it had been, and that an orgasm had eluded her. She did not seem to be pregnant, though I did not push the issue of her period as that seemed weird.

But I did mention missing her body, her perfect breasts, the feeling of her arms around me or hands on my chest... Every now and then mentioning the hotel room, what we had done.


It was hard, and by it I mean my penis every time we spoke. Cybering with her was not going to happen, but there was plenty of simultaneous chat/fap that she was unaware of. I think.

I had the chance to go back down there to do the same internship as the summer previous, and while it'd be notably shorter due to prepping for FRESHMAN YEAR OF COLLEGE, I obviously did everything to ensure it'd happen.

(Okay guys. Where do we go now?)

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