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As a hugely popular story on /b/, the Liliad of course attracted a share of copypasta, fake OPs and trolls. Some of these were almost like fanfiction of the story, or commentaries, and thus merit inclusion.

Fake OP[edit]

Hello. OP is back.

To those saying Lily is dead, you are also correct. I know this will affect you all so I just want to break it to you all. She died in a car accident last year. She was 19. She was with her family. Her father and older sister also died. Her mother is not the same. She's paralyzed but also depressed about the loss of her family.

I found out through Facebook. She didn't chat with me one night, I looked on her wall and there was a list of R.I.P.

I wrote this so the final chapter, which is tonight, will end on the one year anniversary.

To those of you saying that I will an hero after this to be with her, well I'm not sure yet. I've had a couple drinks already and am debating it. I might post here again, but I won't promise. I want it to be known that I love Lily and always will. Goodbye.

Someone like Moot[edit]

We lie in my hotel bed. Lily's head resting against my chest, one of my hands is wrapped around her, the other is behind my head. I am enjoying us being together but I cannot help but feel worried, like everything has changed. I am not sure what brings on this feeling.

I still love Lily; that is beyond clear. If anything, our newfound relationship has only reinforced that belief. I hope to be with this incredible girl the rest of my life.

Perhaps this is why I am so shaken when Lily throws the covers off and stands up.


"Yeah, what?" she asks.

"What are you doing"

"What does it look like, Anon?"


Lily turns and looks at me. There is something new in her look: pity. "Look, Anon, it has been great and you're a nice guy. I really do feel something for you but it won't work between us." I fall silent after this rejection, the only noise is my heart being breaking.

"Lily, why are you doing this? We can make it work, fix the thing with your father." I can tell that she is not evene listening to me at this point. Her clothes are on and she is walking across the room to retrieve her heels.

"I can't do this, Anon. Maybe some time in the future. You're a sweet guy and all, but this...this can't happen. I need something more, I need someone like moot."

"We need to talk. I can't let you walk out that door, out of my life. I promise I won't be long but please, we need to talk this out."

I am angry and desperate at this point. I cannot lose her to moot. That is unacceptable. I snap out of bed, running to her, hoping to block her before she reaches the door. Lily's eyes widen for only a second before I impact against her. To my horror, her head collides against the wall and there is a sickening crunch.

I feel my stomach drop, just as Lily drops to the floor. By the time I reach out to her, there is blood everywhere. Lily's hair that silky, perfectly smooth hair, that I had been caressing earlier is washed in blood.

"Hold on, Lily! Please! I love you; please don't die." Lily's eyes begin to become cloudy and distant. Her hands fall to the side, her lips parted. She was no longer breathing.

Years later, I took several slow, deep breaths and awkwardly shuffled up the stairs. The anxiety that had kept me going for the past few hours was wearing off and the myriad of heart aches and pains were begin to draw my attention. It felt like it took hours to climb the graveyard steps, each step taking its toll on my last bit of strength.

The graveyard stood silent and empty, the grass surrounding her, all neatly trimmed, the scent of jasmine blooming. Blinking back tears, the memories of Lily begin to flood my brain. The picture of Lily in my arms, my nose buried in her hair, her fingers clutched against mine, an image of her writhing under me. Lily...

I stumbled next to the grave that had been hers for three years and dropped heavily on the grass. Resting my head against her stone, thinking of her one last time, then thought nothing more.

I was wrong, she didn't fuck moot.

      1. Never forget

So, on Sunday, The Liliad concludes.

The greatest story ever posted to /b/ since Blindmute, the story that generated so much traffic that Google Drive disabled editing, that spawned anticipation threads that lasted for six days, waiting and waiting for the next installment.

And on Sunday, it will end.

Aside from a token, quickly-aborted attempt to find out which South American country it took place in, nobody knows where OP is, or where he is from. However, he has created a wonderful story, rivaled only by the great epics posted in the early days of /b/.

Here is what we know: The son of a businessman fell in love with a young girl living at a foreign branch of the company. They slept together, and, feeling guilty, he left without saying goodbye. When he returned, years later, he discovered that Lily, no longer so young, still loved him. OP has had to deal with many obstacles - his guilt, her father, and the apprehension that is still there from when he left - to stay with her. But he *has* stayed with her, because he loves her, and she loves him.

And that is where we are as of now. Friday was supposed to be the end, but OP wrote slowly, and promised to return Sunday.

The question is, why is he telling us?

It's a beautiful story, but posting a personal story on /b/ is dangerous. Your identity could be discovered, or you could be reported if your actions were illegal. So why risk it, so long after the events of the story? The prevailing theory is that Lily is dead.

OP has lost her forever.

The Liliad is a final token of his love.

At the end of the story, he will kill himself.

Of course, OP is denying it. Any admission would be met with an attempt to find out who he is and prevent his death. If he intends to kill himself, he will not admit it until it is too late to stop him.

The Lilions care about him so much that they would save him rather than watch him die.

His story will be sung until the day /b/ dies. He will be immortalized in the pages of Bibanon and ED, and remembered forever. He has created something great, and hopefully will one day be recognized as one of the great storytellers of the Internet.

If OP intends to kill himself, it will hurt me to see him go, but I bid him godspeed. Assuming there is an afterlife, I hope he gets to spend eternity with Lily.

10.12.13 - 10.20.13 Never forget the Liliad.

Moot imitator[edit]

What had I ever done to deserve a second chance at love? What had I done to make someone so beautiful and amazing think I was worth her time? Lily could of had anybody; someone her own age, someone nearby, someone like her.

And yet she chose me.

The issue of our age difference didn't bother me anymore. While Lily wouldn't be of legal age for a few more years, I was committed to making things work. In time, our age difference wouldn't matter.

Life fell into an easy routine. Lily and I would share our hopes, dreams and love for one another. That connection we had before was as strong as ever but there were still problems between us. I could feel she was hiding something from me, something that she thought would anger me.

I remember that day like it was yesterday. Her voice was the coldest I had ever heard it. It froze my blood and its tone caused goosebumps against my skin. What she would say next, would change my life for forever. "I fucked moot"

In a blink of an eye the world that I shared with Lily was shattered. I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. I felt cheated.