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Sometimes strange and obscure slang words are used throughout this wiki. These words can go out of fashion at the drop of a hat, so it's important to keep a dictionary of definitions and etymologies lest we forget.

The majority of these words were once the common vocabulary of 4chan, and later adopted by other sites. Other words come from various places in the internet.

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Key Terms[edit]

IE; The most important of them all


A unit of cultural knowledge that is repeated and passed on many times. Examples of memes range from catchphrases and songs, to fashion trends and activities. Online, it has come to symbolize any popular media online that is, at least initially, user‐created.

A Forced Meme is an attempt to “create” popularity with an image, catchphrase, or activity. Usually seen by Anonymous as poor form. Typically done by repeatedly posting the same 'meme' over and over again to create artificial demand.

Image Macro

A popular medium for distributing memes. Relies on a specific sort of juxtaposition of image and text. One example of an image Macro is a so‐called ‘demotivational poster’.

The original poster, or OP, is the person who started a thread on an imageboard or forum. When the OP is acting in an undesirable manner or is actually gay, it is customary to yell "OP is a faggot".

CP is the acronym for child pornography used to covertly mention the topic, usually in threads on 4chan /b/ and sometimes seen on the greater Internet.

Prompts to post CP on 4chan are usually met with cheese pizza, Captain Picard, colored pencils, and "Inb4 604".

Loli or Lolikon is a type of Japanese animated pornography (all types, including manga, film and general images). It refers to the age of the main interest in the art, which is generally pre-teen. It has been expanded to refer to any girl under the age of about 15, real life or other.

Is this loli?

A meme that originated from a reply to people posting jailbait back in '05/'06, when it was much less common.

External links Loli Manga Collection - 6.8GB

Related Terms: CP, Loli-chan, Pedobear
Jailbait, or JB, is the codename given to teenagers, especially teenage camwhores, that old people want to fuck. The reasoning is that if you have sex, or attempt to have sex, with a person younger than the age of consent, you'll go to jail. Due to pornography laws, the use of the term on the Internet expands to the age of majority, or the legal age to be in pornography. The latter use is mostly due to the term being used to differentiate between legal nudes and CP. Related Terms: CP, FBI, Loli
The word fag, or faggot, is the 4chan general insult for anything that Anonymous does not like, including himself. Contrary to popular belief, this meaning is exclusive to 4chan and does not necessarily imply a disdain for a non-mainstream sexual preference, though it can given the context.

By extension, faggotry is the science of acting like a "faggot". Fag is frequently affixed to common words and memes as a suffix to give them a negative connotation, though by 4chan standards it is only a mild insult when not paired up with other curse words. For example, a Namefag is somebody using a name, while a fagfag is a smoker, a straightfag is straight and a homofag is a homo.

It is uncommonly believed this use of fag followed moot and other former Goons from Something Awful, but this theory would likely be proven false.


Emailfag - One who uses the Email field when it contributes nothing to the context - typically new or of a different era

Furry - Pretty self explanatory

Moralfag - One who attempts to stop others from doing something based on their on beliefs, pretty much a killjoy

Namefag - One who uses the Name field when it contributes nothing to the context - typically attention whores or sluts

Newfag - Someone who's not been around 4chan for a long time, typically unacclimated to the culture. (More or less considered to be anyone post Operation:Chanology.

Oldfag - Someone who's been around 4chan for a long time.

Tripfag - One who uses a tripcode when it contributes nothing to the conversation - Only considered a big deal when one uses a name with it when not contributing.

Avatarfag - Someone who consistently posts with the accompanying picture of a character - Mostly roleplayers or attention whore.

Samefag - Someone who pretends to be multiple posters in a thread to generate artificial interest or controversy

Related Terms: OP


Did someone just say "Weeaboo"? Pot, kettle, etc. Weeaboo, also seen misspelled as Weaboo, is a synonym for "Wapanese", which in turn means "wannabe Japanese" and/or "white Japanese" (in line with the more mainstream term "wigger[1]"). It stems from an old wordfilter to that effect in /b/. The word itself comes from an issue of the (web-) comic The Perry Bible Fellowship[2], wherein it means something else (and more to the point, nothing in particular), but a single panel from the strip in question[3] is still considered synonymous with the meaning it has on 4chan.

"Wapanese" itself is a derogatory term for an American or European (usually white) who is obsessed with Japan to the point of wishing to be Japanese. Wapanese typically make statements about the superiority of Japanese culture to their own, that Japanese women are more attractive than anyone else, etc. The term is often used on 4chan when a moderator deletes fanart made by Americans or of American characters. "Weeaboo" has since taken on a life of its own, and is used by /b/tards who don't watch or like anime to taunt /b/tards who make more than passing mention of it, even if they're not obsessive otaku. "Weeaboo" has almost completely eclipsed "Wapanese" on 4chan, the latter is rarely used anymore.

It is usually seen as a grave insult, but then again it is often pointed out that anyone browsing 4chan qualifies as a weeaboo by default (especially on /a/). In essence, it's used derogatory for someone who does not adhere to 4chan's usual negative stance towards using random Japanese terms and emoticons for no good reason, and who is thus "more weeaboo" or at least more openly weeaboo than the usual 4chan user.

Since its inception, the term "Weeaboo" has been used in a more distorted way to its original meaning. 4channers on any non-anime orientated boards will often use "Weeaboo" as an insult for liking anything remotely Japanese as opposed to being reserved soley for those who are utterly obsessed with Japan.

Japanese-Derived Terminology[edit]


Originally a semi-derisive term for Japanese, used whenever things like scans of Japanese magazines (fairly common in /a/, /m/, and /v/) are posted, typically to ask for a translation of the moonspeak.

The term was first coined in /b/, when someone posted a picture from the Tick comic book where the hero is fighting ninjas speaking in Japanese characters, and he tells them he doesn't understand their moon language. Thus, languages like Japanese were initially called "moon language," but this failed catch on and now 'moonspeak' is the generally accepted term.

Its use has since expanded to mean any language that isn't English, especially if it uses lots of special characters (like umlauts) or, as with Japanese, a different character set entirely (which is even worse if you don't have the fonts installed). The most common examples on /b/ are Scandinavian languages like Swedish and Finnish, owing to the relatively large number of /b/tards in those countries; other European languages have also been called moonspeak, usually German and Russian.

Korean has also shown up on /b/ from time to time, usually in pictures. Numberous threads of "true" moonspeak (Japanese) also appear very early in the morning on /m/. This is suspected to be from actual Japanese posters, as early morning in America is evening in Japan.

The symbols used in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean (and sometimes also other languages that use different character sets from English) are known as "Moon Runes".

While Moonspeak is the universal term for a different language, Spanish has been dubbed Taco Speak.

A reference to the term appears in the videogame Disgaea 2, the description of the rune staff item claims "Some crazy moon language is carved in it"

Mimicking of the Japanese pronunciation of the phrase "My Wife" ("Wife" is an English cognitive in Japanese, keeping it's pronunciation but adding a "u"). Originally uttered by Mr. Kimura in Azumanga Daioh. It is a common reply to a picture of any female character that the replier has feelings of attachment or endearment to. Now each anonymous has chosen their own waifu, usually the one that embodies the traits they desire most. Given the extreme ronery level of /a/, there are very few compromises regarding three-dimensional females. "Waifu Threads" are still common in boards such as /a/ and /c/.

Some variations of "mai waifu" include "mai husbandou"(Husband), or even "mai bossu"(Boss).


Tsundere's have become so common in anime that the characters themselves are becoming aware of it.

The term “tsundere” (pronounced as “soon-dare-ay”, the “tsu” being like “tsunami”) is not so much a meme in and of itself as it is an unusual term you’re going to need to be familiar with before you can browse /a/.

A tsundere is one of several character archetypes (or stereotypes, as some view them) common to anime and manga, usually specific to female characters. A “tsundere” is a girl who initially displays a combative, angry, ill-tempered, possibly violent or generally mean nature towards the person she has affections for, or that has romantic feelings directed at her. This is commonly exemplified with things like insulting, patronizing, complaining about or having angry outbursts against whichever character they have romantic tension with, but later as they come to terms with how they feel, the mean façade dissolves into a more loving, gentle, honest and affectionate disposition.

A chart showing the basic behavioral patterns of the tsundere.

In the midst of their angry disposition, they may hint at their kind, affectionate nature but overshadow or conceal it with meanness (“You forgot your lunch again today? Jeez, you’re such an idiot! How many times this week is that?! …..Well, if you’re too much of an idiot to bring your own lunch, I guess I wouldn’t mind making one for you each day. Don’t get any wrong ideas! It’s not that I like you or anything! It’s…it’s just you’re too dumb too remember it yourself, and I can’t let you starve. Be grateful…”)

Tsun, tsun.....

The way such characters misrepresent their feelings of love towards another character as meanness or anger and being unwilling to accept the fact they have affections for another character points to an immature nature, as such behavior can be seen in how little kids show their affections for each other (grade-schoolers tend to pick on the person they secretly like). This personality-type may also operate on the mechanic that the harder it is to get, the more you want it. Because of this, the “tsundere” personality is considered highly cute and attractive in characters among the denizens of /a/ and many anime fans in general, with many /a/nonymous having a tsundere waifu (though most Anons fully recognize and admit to the fact that the tsundere factor is only cute in fiction, and is rather unattractive and annoying in real-life).

....dere, dere.

The term “tsundere” came to use through otaku Internet-slang, and is derived from the Japanese terms “Tsuntsun” meaning aloof, pointed, angry or mean, and “Deredere” meaning lovestruck or affectionate. Tsunderes are characterized by their angry and mean façade that eventually collapses into a softer, loving temperament, often with tears. This transition is often characterized by /a/nons as going from “tsun, tsun” to “dere, dere”, with images of the same character’s conflicting natures often being placed side by side. These have also been described as going from “tsunbitch” to “dere dere-mode”. Though it’s not invariable, the twin-tails hair-style is often associated with tsunderes. /a/ has also described characters, or even itself, as being capable of tsundere-like behavior. For example, /a/’s on the surface word-of-mouth hatred for Lucky Star conflicting with its denizens’ apparent love for the series has lead many to describe /a/ as being “Tsundere for Lucky Star”.

The first ever tsundere.

Many view Naru from the manga and less impressive anime Love Hina as the original archetype for the modern tsundere, though many argue “Naru’s not tsundere, she’s just a bitch”. More agreed upon examples include Rin from Fate/stay night, Shana from Shakugan no Shana, Nagi from Hayate the Combat Butler, Akane from Ranma ½, Louise from Zero No Tsukaima, and possibly even Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden. Haruhi from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Kagami from Lucky Star have both been argued to be tsunderes, but many claim there simply isn’t enough evidence to make them fit the bill. It can be argued that the “tsundere” archetype is nothing new or even specific to anime with many claiming the first real tsundere to be Katherina from Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew or that characters like Helga Patacky from Hey Arnold! fit the tsundere-mold 100%.

Another regularly seen archetype from girls in anime and manga is the Yandere (with similar terminology derivatives); a female character who’s initially kind, loving or otherwise normal but is later revealed to be dangerous, unstable or psychotic.


Unlike a tsundere, who is cold and unfriendly but occasionally nice, yandere are ostensibly nice characters prone to intense psychotic episodes. Although they're often used to deconstruct cutesy stereotypes in anime and generally freak out the audience, /a/ tends to be fond of them, either because they create a bizarre feeling of protectiveness in Anonymous or mirror the kind of berserk lashing out otaku dream of. EXAMPLES: Asakura Ryouko Hot, sexy, and dangerous Also known as Canada, Eyebrow-tan, and Knife-tan, she is the psychotic alien bound to kill Kyon in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Cute and HOT on the outside but unemotional on the inside, she tries to murder him without hesitation while maintaining a cheerful face and voice. Killed by Yuki, her death is covered up as having to "move to Canada."

Euphemia Li Britannia

The Euphienator in action Also known as "Euphie". A character from Code Geass who initially was nice, sweet, utterly boring spoiled princess. Originally, the only Anonymous who really cared about her were the ones wanting to see incest between her and her half-brother, Lelouch Lamperouge (or her extremely hot, badass, and possibly bisexual older sister Cornelia Li Britannia). As was the case with Kaede Fuyou, her popularity skyrocketed due to her unexpected and intense bloodlust. In her Geass-induced state, Euphie slaughtered approximately 200,000 "Elevens" within the span of about five minutes. She is now also known as "genocide-tan" or "the Euphienator". Commonly used to sage posts made by "Japanese posters". Her Yandere status is debated as the massacre was only triggered because of Lelouche's accidental use of his Geass.

Kaede Fuyou

OH SHI- A character from the harem anime Shuffle! which is based on a hentai game of the same name. Suddenly exploded in popularity on /a/, /e/, and /h/ when she was revealed to be psychotic in episode 19 (some time after her childhood male friend Rin 'ditched' her for Asa). Shopped pictures made to include her holding a boxcutter and other shopped pictures with Asa's face scribbled over with black marker (as Kaede did in the anime) became commonplace for a few days. Her psychosis proved to be brief and disappeared after episode 21, making her popularity a relative flash in the pan. Still holds a special place in many 4channers' hearts, due to her charming and 'perfect housewife' personality. She was later immortalized in a Flash loop (http://dagobah.biz/flash/kaedepsycho.swf) featuring a .gif of her trembling with a deranged expression on her face with the song "They're Coming To Take Me Away" by Napoleon XIV as background music.

Her weapon of choice is the boxcutter, which has become a meme in itself.

Shizuru Fujino

From Mai-HiME and one of the earliest known yandere since Kaede Fuyou. The HiME are a group of girls who obtained powers and guardians. The turning point of the series started when it is revealed that one HiME must eliminate the rest in order to preserve the world. Shizuru is an old friend of Natsuki Kuga and nursed her back to health after she was attacked by another HiME. Late at night, Natsuki overhears an argument with Shizuru and two other characters and finds out that she may have been sexually molested by Shizuru. Shizuru tries to make another advance on Natsuki again only to end up rejected. She then proceeds to kill those she considered as Natsuki's enemies. This seemed to be purely situational, as the version of Shizuru in Mai-Otome doesnt go nuts and seems to genuinely be Natsuki's girlfriend (though this might be an effect of her huge popularity with fangirls) so the crazy bitch torch is passed to Tomoe.


Ronery is the 4chan equivalent of the word "lonely", i.e. feelings of friendlessness, social abandonment or isolation that many 4chan users experience.

The misspelling of the word with an "R" is done to mimic the way a person with a thick Japanese accent would pronounce the word "lonely" (a Japanese accent often causes L's to be pronounced as R's, due to the mechanics of many Eastern languages). Its rise to prominence was caused by the movie Team America: World Police and the song I'm so Ronery.


The statement so ronery ;_; or SO RONERY! often comes as a reply to images of Japanese men with hug pillows, advertisements for sex products for lonely men, or other things that indicate lonelyness.

Ronery Threads

Though all boards across 4chan have users that feel lonesome, /v/ and /a/ users are known to be particularly ronery, with "Ronery Threads" popping up on said boards from time to time, the sole purpose of which is to communally dwell upon feelings of social isolation the users have. These threads usually contain the question "Anonymous, what's it like to hold a woman in your arms?". Some /v/irgins or /a/ssholes step up and attempt to answer this question, claiming they’ve actually hugged a girl before, while other users sit back and long to one day feel the feeling these people describe. Some Anonymous denounce or simply ignore these threads, claiming them to be puerile vortexes of self-pity. Other Anons get so emotionally involved in such threads that they claim to actually get moved to the point of tears.

Even when surrounded by friends, it is still completely possible to feel isolated and lonely, so the ronery condition could be said to be something not specific to 4chan, and instead something the majority of normal people actually deal with. Others take a more pessimistic view to the condition, saying that the roneriness seen on 4chan is due to the users’ offstandish disposition and geeky, reclusive lifestyle.

Either way, the feeling of being ronery is something everybody can relate to, at one point in their life or another.


WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY is the battle cry of Dio Brando, the vampire nemesis of Joseph Joestar, star of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, made popular by a flash featuring a stick figure (assumed to be Dio Brando) dropping a steamroller on his victim. While the character and the noise originate in the Japanese manga, the stance of the stick figure, the use of vehicles as weapons, and the sound file itself were taken specifically from a Capcom fighting game based on the manga.

It is pronounced "REEEEEEEE", NOT "Rye", as is the common misconception.

The meme inspired a series of parody/tribute movies called WRYYYYYYOWNED, where Dio uses his special moves to put the hurt on various overly-reposted Flash movies and characters on 4chan.

Dio actually does throw a steamroller on Jojo at the end of part 3 of the manga.


The meme has been seen as WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, a reference to Nintendo's console, but with Dio Brando replaced with Dark Samus from Metroid Prime 2 & 3, and the steamroller replaced with the Wii console.


A word/meme originating from a japanese fansub of Death Note, Wherein the subber added a note to clarify that "keikaku" means "plan". Naturally, /a/ thought this was hilarious and spread the meme from there.



AIDS is a disease that kills.

"Enjoy your AIDS"

Another way of saying "You're a stupid faggot", due to the fact that AIDS has been historically considered a "gay" disease. Also used when the poster is talking about something sexually unwise, like sleeping with a strange girl (you might catch something from him/her/it) or engaging in rape or pedophilia (you'd go to "pound me in the ass" prison and catch something there). The original macro (in which the text is seen overwriting a screenshot of Heero Yuy) was the creation of "Rabbi Bob Hitler", a /b/tard whose disgust at its popularity would later lead him to stop posting altogether.


Cancer is a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. The term has been applied to the spread of newfaggotry and shit posts on the Internet.

X is the cancer that is killing Y

The meme "X is the cancer that is killing Y" is a standard reply to anything the poster thinks is overused faggotry or otherwise ruining the board in question.


Original content (OC) is any media that hasn't been posted to an imageboard before. Usually this means content that was made by the uploader himself. Rarely is the uploader also someone very popular, in which case the original content would be seen on the content owner's popular website.

When the term original content is used in reference to pornography or camwhores, it usually means that the media is "fresh" or new, and hasn't been posted or uploaded multiple times to every site out there. If the source of the media isn't the camwhore itself, it comes first hand from the person who took the pictures or captured the video.


Despite the "no original content on 4chan" meme, /b/ is surprisingly able to create OC with relative ease. Some of the OC becomes small scale in-jokes exclusive to /b/; some traveling to the furthest reaches of the Internet. Unfortunately, /b/ is often left in the wilderness, while less offensive websites take the glory, such as LOLCats and ORLY Owl spin-offs.

Quite a bit of original content comes from the use of Rule #34. Occasionally, artist-residents of /b/ have made request threads and populated them with the artistic demands of Anonymous. One such artist was Kristal, who regularly had mini-contests on /b/, with the 10th post in the thread being the winner of having their request drawn by Kristal, and the 10th post after that drawing, and so on. Kristal's work used to be located at http://kristal.smonson.com/gallery/v/4chan/.


What in other contexts may be called hacking or cracking. It is an activity where people post personal information about a person or organization and then hack, harass, or otherwise target on an individual using online methods of communication. Has generally fallen out of favor with /b/ and requests for such are generally met with "Not your personal army kid"

Translator's Note

On occassion fansubbers encounter words thrown out in anime that they wouldn't expect a viewer to be familiar with, usually because the term is rather obscure or thickly cultural/regional. In many instances, the fansubbers themselves are not familiar with the terms either, so for everyone's sake they embed a subtitle at the top of the viewing window detailing some elaboration on a word or background information. ";Translator's Note" became a meme when a screenshot of Milfeulle Sakuraba of Galaxy Angel started circulating around /a/. The single subtitle, "hai", was untranslated, and instead the fansubber put a translator's note at the top that said (we shit you not) ""hai" means "yes" in japanese". Now a common meme for mocking new or careless fansubbers, the most popular variant spoofs another meme Just as Planned as "Just according to keikaku" with "translator's note: keikaku means plan" (this version is where the ";Translator's Note" name comes from). Also used for not exceptionally common English words (some fansubbers apparently deem words like "debris" and "photosynthesis" worthy of a TL;;). The TL and its companion, the "Cultural Note", are also used as a substitute for the classic /v/ meme PROTIP.

Editor's Note
"TL" stands for "TransLation".

4Chan Wordfilters[edit]


Drama, among other things, is a deactivated wordfilter for almost anything relating to furries, because according to moot and WT Snacks, "furries cause drama". Despite being an inactive wordfilter, furries are still occasionally referred to as "drama", and furry fans and artists are sometimes called "dramafags".


DSFARGEG is a forced meme by the moderators of 4chan. On April 10th numerous threads were stickied in which many people were banned for posting in, along with the original poster. One of these was the random selection of letters DSFARGEG, accompanied by an image of a monster riding a motorbike. During the next few days similar events took place, every time with the post DSFARGEG being one of the topics stickied. Another recurring theme was that one unfortunate poster would receive a ridiculous amount of short term bans and/or warnings. For this time, posting DSFARGEG nearly always led to a sticky and/or a ban. This has often resulted in the front page of /b/ being almost completely full of stickies. In reality, the monsters depicted on the dsfargeg.jpg picture are the characters from the Japanese children's show Ponkikki. The episode pictured is a parody of another Japanese TV program, Kamen Rider, a sort of "Power Rangers on Bikes"-like show.


All roads lead to Duckroll. A delightful trap (in the literal sense) in which someone starts a Duckroll thread and then inserts links to it in other threads, as if those links are quotes from posts earlier up in the thread. This causes victims to unintentionally end up at the Duckroll thread, often confused and angry. To troll /b/ in this fashion is sometimes called duckrolling. If a user is duckrolled, then the user is "required" to post a duckroll link in another thread.


Duckroll first appeared in /b/ in mid-November 2006, where to many people's surprise, Duckroll took off and became very successful because /b/ took much glee in duckrolling each other.

Duckroll has evolved as well, with a /v/ spinoff called Psyduckroll (wheels on a Pokémon called Psyduck) and YouTube videos that are comprised solely of a stillshot of Duckroll[1]. This in turn lead to Rickroll, /v/'s official answer to Duckroll, and from there to hybrid YouTube videos that combine a Duckroll still shot with Rickroll music (sometimes with Rick Astley's face also shooped onto the Duckroll image[2][3], or with other images like Mukroll[4], another Pokémon-based variant). Some have dubbed this development "Dickroll". Duckroll Warning System

A Greasemonkey script[5] that flags duckroll links with the text "[duckroll]". Often posted in Duckroll threads.


See also: Rickroll

The (arguably) more famous variant of the duckroll.


On 4chan /b/ you could add #fortune to the name field and it would add a "fortune cookie" fortune to the end of your post as a word filter. This was removed shortly after almost all other word filters were removed. Despite it's removal from /b/, #fortune is still in use on many other image boards and /s4s/


On February 6th, 2008, the 4chan mods put a sticky on /b/ with a flash picture of html visible through the broken background, and Sinistar followed your mouse. There were also sounds from the game Sinistar, such as, "I hunger!" The message was accompanied by the words, "OH GOD". It has been a meme ever since, although a forced meme.



Derisive term for online reputation, derived from the idea of guys equating their penis size to their manliness. The term is mainly used in reference to tripfags. A poster who actively tries to establish a reputation is said to be making his e-penis bigger.


A nominalization of the acronym LOL. Essentially laughter (usually at someone or something’s expense). An equivalent word would be schaudenfreude.

Usually, Anonymous's goal is to do it for the lulz.

The word lulz originated when "DESU" was Wordfilter to lulz. It's current meaning was defined after the FOX News report on Anonymous.


This joke originated with episode 217 animated sitcom South Park, titled "Gnomes". In this episode, the Underpants Gnomes are stealing everyone's underwear. When the main characters ask why the Gnomes are stealing everyone's underwear they show a chart:

Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Collect underpants ? Profit

None of the gnomes were aware of what the middle step was, though they each assumed that one of the other gnomes did.


The quote was originally a large single question mark. In the process of becoming a meme on 4chan and many other boards, it had multiple question marks added to it to compensate for the lack of font size control:

Do something ??????? PROFIT

Sharpie in pooper

Sharpie in pooper is a traditional camwhore technique used to provide proof of being real, when the camwhore is posting pictures to the boards, and also as a means to humiliate the camwhore and brand her.

The related techniques of keyboard on head and shoe on head were also heavily used during the early years of video on the web.

Related articles


Verihand and Verisign

Verihand is the procedure of identifying oneself as being the person whose picture is posted, typically a camwhore or attentionwhore. Traditionally done by posting a picture of writing on the hand with a timestamp, the term expanded to cover any body part that had writing Verisign is the same concept, but done on a piece of paper rather than their body.


A perceived victory, usually in the context of raiding/trolling. Sometimes treated as though it was a countable noun (i.e. “many wins”, “much more win”, “epic win”)


A perceived or even actual failure. Sometimes accompanying massive amounts of spaghetti being dropped or an absolute public embarrassment. In the modern age this term has seen spread beyond the internet culture so far that it's usage is considered cringe to some

People and Groups[edit]

AOL Police/Internet Police

Often used in phrases to sarcastically mock users who are taking the Internet too seriously.

"Oh shit, it's the AOL Police"

"I have reported you to AOL for stealing pictures, as it is a crime."

Old meme, long story, still slightly funny. Think of it as if a 3 year old screamed that he was going to sue you for copying his unintelligible scribbles.


Dickgirls are girls with dicks. Stupid! Dickgirls are generally known as traps or Futanari/futa

/d/ is for dickgirls

/d/ is for dickgirls is a mantra replied to threads regarding 4chan's /d/ board, which is the Hentai/Alternative board. It is not specifically for dickgirls, but that is a large portion of the posts.

See: /d/ is for dickgirls

Related Terms: Hentai, Traps, Futanari
Every now and then, we'll get the occasional fuck who lurks on /i/ and tries to ruin every raid by snitching on us. These fuckers are called lulzkillers, and are more than a little annoying. Their motives are all different; sometimes, it may be just a failtroll looking for attention, while other times, it's some guy who's pissed at us because we won't raid this girl who rejected his fat ass. Either way, when one appears, deploy some Anons to start hunting for dox on the fucker, or else we can't fucking raid for shit.
WE ARE A LEGION. Semi-frequent /a/ meme pointing out that people who spend too much time on 4chan have internalized certain memes, and when given familiar stimulus (like flamebait) different Anonymous will respond with similar answers in rapid succession. Ironically, pointing out examples of "hivemind" has also been subjected to hivemind phenomenon. Came from the concept of individual insects having no personal thoughts and relying only on collective instinct; possible derivation of /v/ memes involving the Zerg from Starcraft. The meme has since spread to /co/ and /tg/ as well, in the later case having become popular because the Tyranids from Warhammer 60K actually DO have a hive-mind, as they were the creatures Zerg were originally based on.

An alternative use has sprung up where the "hivemind" is used to gather a general consensus on what the boards opinion is on something. Requests for such are generally followed by shitposting and memes.


>What does the /co/ hivemind think of the new Batman Movie?

>It's shit

>Its been 12 years and batman still hasn't raped the joker

Most thread will degenerate from there.

Many often misinterpret what a Hivemind is; to be a Hivemind, several criteria have to be met.

Has to be in the same minute in 4chan's poster time stamp Can't be a simple answer to a question (I.E. Yes or No)

Must contain at least 3 words
An active user of the internet. Equivalent to "citizen" in the real world, and used in the same manner. Netizen has fallen out of modern use in favor of "user"
An individual who gets their kicks by lusting after children. see also: /b/tard
A Project Chanology term for Scientologists. From Cylon. Sometimes, especially online among Anonymous members, “Scifag”. Sees little to no modern use.
Usually used in the context of message boards or synchronous chat, the activity involves either posting shocking content, feigning ignorance, or faking an identity with the intent to rile up a crowd or convince a person to reveal private information.
White Knight
A white knight is a faggot who tries to "defend" whores, in hopes to get e-laid. White knights are usually men who treat women as goddesses, constantly complimenting them on how beautiful and special they are, ignoring every fault. It wouldn't matter if a girl carved a hole in her face, the White Knight would tell her that it is beautiful and she's so smart and cool. Child molsters and pedophiles tend to be white knights.



Widely considered to be /a/'s most famous meme. GAR, also spelt Gar or gar, is a term used to describe an anime character that is the epitome of what it means to be manly and badass. Individuals of this standard are as rare as they are awesome, emotionally overwhelming those watching to the point of orgasming in surprise and excitement or sobbing uncontrollably in a flush of admiration.

It has been described as a neologism of the Latin "virtus", an ancient (and forgotten) Roman concept glorifying men who strive for a life of courage, self-sacrifice, cunning, overcoming the impossible and honoring those who die a worthy death. Virtus for the Romans and Greeks was not sexual love (eros), but a deep respect requiring a higher sense of admiration and comeraderie neglected in the modern era.

Originally applied solely to Archer, a character from Fate/stay night, due to the harmony of the two words (Gay for ARcher). Allegedly derived through a typo by an Anonymous expressing love/admiration for Archer after his gutsy last stand in episode fourteen of Fate/stay night. That Anonymous intended to say, "I'm Gay for Archer", but mistakenly typed "I'm Gar for Archer".

Given the context, which was a turn-around from going gay for effeminate male characters (see: Bridget), the term "gar" immediately gained manly/badass connotations, quickly catching on with Anonymous after a short period of forcing. A common phrase in /a/ at the time was, "You are gar for badasses but gay for traps". After a while, the word's meaning started to become objective, as opposed to subjective. Rather than saying "I'm gar for Archer", people began to say "Archer is GAR", usually in capital letters.

/a/ssholes also found success at spreading the meme on /m/, where GAR became synonymous with "hot-blooded" mecha pilots. Coincidentally, /m/ was even more receptive of the term because one of the most hot-blooded mecha anime ever produced, GaoGaiGar, conveniently had with the word "Gar" (ガーGā) in its title. This association allowed /m/orons to quickly adopt the term, and parallels with GaoGaiGar have allowed non-4channers to better understand the concept.

Possibly in response to /m/'s ideal of GAR, the popularity of "cold-blooded" characters began to rise on /a/. In contrast to a hot-blooded characters, who frequently act first and think later, cold-blooded characters are exceedingly cunning and are slow to make a move. They tend to lack the overtly physical superhuman qualities of hot-blooded characters (like cyborg implants or a mecha), but make up for it with enhanced intelligence and incredible foresight. The archetype of "cold-blooded" GAR is Akagi Shigeru, the genius game prodigy from Mahjong Legend Akagi who psychologically terrorizes his opponents before permanently destroying their reputations and forcing them into several lifetime's worth of debt. Light Yagami from Death Note was arguably the first well known example of such a character, but he is commonly considered to have been "de-GAR'd" after he fell apart in the final third of his manga.

This broadening of the criteria for defining "manly/badass" lead to characters like Kyon from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Yuuichi from Kanon (2006), notable for their pessimism and dry wit, being considered GAR. Additionally, some female characters with manly traits like Revy from Black Lagoon or (according to some) Takamichi Nanoha from Mahou Shoujou Lyrical Nanoha. At times, arbitrary animals or inanimate objects were also called GAR (whether these labels were sincere or sarcastic is debated to this day), and much blood was spilled in /a/ during Summer 2006 as to what or who can qualify.

These debates eventually lead to the creation of SaiGar, a popular competition employing a "GAR" theme.


/a/'s annual "Man among Men" tournament, centered around the popular "GAR" meme for manly/badass characters. Created in response to 2ch's SaiMoe 2006, which had irritated many Anonymous with the ellimination of many beloved /a/ icons, with the final slap in the face from Suiseiseki (Rozen Maiden) victory over Fate Testarossa (Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha A's) in the November finals. One day, an Anonymous made an offhand suggestion in /a/ that 4chan should hold its own version of SaiMoe. After the idea was forced for a while, many Anonymous warmed to the thought but voiced sentiments leaning toward a "sister" tournament, rather than a mere clone; because of the GAR meme's popularity and how it conveniently contrasted the female associations with "moe" with an emphasis on masculinity, a tripfag named "SaiGAR Guy" wrote a script emulating SaiMoe's methods for counting votes and set up a website dedicated to the tournament in late November. Nominations were held in December 2006, with the first round of voting occuring on 01/02/07 and the finals on 03/07/07

SaiGar has been largely credited as introducing many lurkers and Anonymous on /a/ to old and obscure anime featuring Gar characters they would not have normally been exposed to, notably Mahjong Legend Akagi and Captain Harlock. Additionally, threads devoted to SaiGar brought change from angry opinion-related trolls regarding certain controversial anime (such as Evangelion), and brought a respite for the universally hated "viral marketing" meme from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. There was also a rise in new /a/-centric shops and fanart during the tournament's run, particularly 4koma "Churuya-san" parodies of high profile matches. Nearing the end of the tournament, a casual illustrator dubbed by Anonymous as "SaiGartist" paneled sketches for both semifinal matches, as well as the final and an "interlude" picture featuring the four semifinalists together prior to their respective battles.

However, the tournament has also been criticized for polarizing the relationship between 4chan boards a/ and /m/, due to differences in interpretation over the word Gar; /m/'s general interpretation is synonymous with "hot-blooded" mecha pilots, whereas /a/'s views on manliness can extends beyond merely emotional outbursts, physical combat and proactive, often violent tendancies. Due to /m/'s strong coalition cohesion in backing mecha pilots, which were strongly represented in the tournament, /a/ became annoyed and bitter toward /m/'s victories, and following the tournament's conclusion tensions between the two boards remain stretched.

SaiGar Guy himself has been personally attacked for doing little to clarify confusion or police his own tournament. His carlessness lead to the lumping of all Gundam characters into a single category, as well as incidents of multiple enrollments (Shiki Tohno/Shiki Nanaya and Char Aznable/Quattro Bajeena) and ambiguities (Kenshiro from Hokuto no Ken versus Kenshiro Kasumi from Souten no Ken). While cheating in the form of multiple, fradulent votes was apparent from the beginning of the tournament, the matter was not even discussed until Archer from Fate/stay night (the original GAR character) was delt a crushing, fabricated defeat by dark horse Eikichi Onizuka from Great Teacher Onizuka. In defense, SaiGar Guy explained that he considered the SaiGar tournament to be fragile, and wanted to simplfy matters and have as little involvement as possible for fear of jeopardizing anything. His goal was to establish a genuine interest in this first, "experimental" tournament, hopefully allowing for a more secure and highly prestigious follow-up tournament in subsequent years.

The ultimate winner of the tournament was Guts, the main character of Berserk, who was awarded with the coveted titles of "GAR KING" and "SAIGAR CHAMPION '07" in a highly controversial final match. This was because his opponent, the subsequent runner-up, was Master Asia from the mecha anime G Gumdam, essentially rendering the final bout a matter of "/a/ versus /m/", with defactors on both sides. Master Asia was defeated by a narrow margin of four votes, with both Guts and Master Asia overtaking each other in vote count numerous times during the polling period. This extremely competitive match earned the approval of many Anonymous who had brushed off the tournament as a sham, as well as those from /a/ and /m/, resulting in some reconciliation between the boards.

SaiGAR has since returned for its second tournament, with nominations open from Monday 19th November 2007 until Sunday 23rd December 2007. The tournament itself began in the first week of January 2008, in line with SaiGAR 07. SaiGAR 08, however, failed to generate either the following or the intense /a/ vs /m/ rivalry of the previous tournament, and in late February it was announced by SaiGAR Guy that he was "tired of this" and the tournament was suspended indefinitely. center


There is a way to use the ampersand (&) by using it with combinations of letters and shopping it on top of pictures to get words like "S&" on top of a desert or "L&" on top of a field. The most common usage for using the ampersand is to create the word banned with b&. This meme started on Something Awful.

B& - Bannned
Underage B& - Being banned for underaged posting
V& - Vanned- reference to the 4chan Party Van, or the act of getting arrested by the fbi for posting on 4chan



The activity of entering an virtual space, usually a multiplayer ‘virtual world’ such as Second Life, with the express purpose of disrupting gameplay in some fashion. Related to Troll. Commonly used in reference to the game "MineCraft", wherein a griefer would destroy or deface another players creations for shits and giggles.


Always an option. aka "[X] GENUFLECT". Will invariably turn up in any thread that has "choices" or "checkboxes" in the opening post. A meme from the parody/absurdist/MANLY short visual novel OMGWTFOTL[1], in which nearly all choices have "Genuflect" as the final option. Ironically, choosing to genuflect always leads to the same bad end, though it's not like the other options are much better most of the time. Has pretty much replaced Excel Saga's "Put it in" option.


Often when /a/ says "genuflect" they refer not to the normal act of genuflection[2] where one goes down on one knee, but rather a double genuflection with bow - kind of like when facing Mecca.

An attempt at a meme by photoshopping nonsense words into the speech bubbles on the page of a father/son incest comic; a good portion of /b/ ran with it, and anyone posting a comment that contains the words "I don't believe it" will likely get a few "Habeeb it!" replies.
A few people are using "Habeeb it" instead of "believe it" in normal speech as well. Several attempts to cross-pollinate this with other memes have been made, though none of them have really caught on. Also frequently shows up in Naruto threads in /a/, as the main character's catchphrase is "Believe it!"

Also related, "itty bitty baby, itty bitty boat" and "twinkie house".


F5 is a function key. AFAIK, there are F(x) keys on PC and Mac. If an Internet page is not loading correctly, hit F5 and wait. If you give it some time and it still doesn't load correctly, hit F5 again and wait some more. If that doesn't do it for you, there's always tabbed browsing + F5. Unless you suck.

On 4chan, when threads are sufficiently interesting, it is customary to say F5F5F5 to depict the action of refreshing the page repeatedly, waiting for the next post.

Memetic Phrases[edit]

The following List contains common memes from across the internet.

Are they still on Namek?
Chii turns on, Chii turns off
Cute, not pedo
Epic Win

Barrel roll
Fanta Sea
First, Bring It On
Fansubbers = stupid
Shit Bricks
I see what you did there
lol i dunno
Never Forget
No girls on the internet
Stick it in the pooper
Internet. Serious Business
Pic Related
Dividing by zero
What is a man
Pic Unrelated
Pool's Closed
X is that way
Year of the X
You should be able to solve this
Your resistance only makes my penis harder!