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Created on {{{board_created_on}}}
Category {{{category}}}
Favicon-ws.pngWorksafe {{{posts}}} posts as of {{{postcountdate}}}
Board-tan {{{board-tan}}}
4chan Cup Team The {{{4cc_team}}}
Technical Information
Spoilers? No Max. Filesize {{{filemax}}}
Bump Limit {{{bumplimit}}} Image Limit {{{imglimit}}}
Character Limit {{{charlimit}}} Threads per page {{{threadsper}}}
Cooldowns: Thread {{{threadcd}}} Reply {{{replycd}}} Image {{{imagecd}}}
Geoflags? No Board Flags? [[|Yes]]
Thread IDs? No Archived Internally? No


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|Board=/mlp/ - Pony
|desc=...dedicated to the discussion of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
|board_created_on=February 16, 2012
|board-tan=[https://the-conservatory.fandom.com/wiki/Board-tans/mlp Emily]
|4cc_team=[https://implyingrigged.info/wiki//mlp/ Horsefuckers]
|other=Dice rolling


/mlp/ - Pony
Mlp logo.png
...dedicated to the discussion of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Created on February 16, 2012
Category Other
Favicon-ws.pngWorksafe 40328195 posts as of 9/18/23
Board-tan Emily
4chan Cup Team The Horsefuckers
Technical Information
Spoilers? Yes Max. Filesize 4MB
Bump Limit 500 Image Limit 300
Character Limit 3000 Threads per page 15
Cooldowns: Thread 600 Reply 60 Image 60
Geoflags? No Board Flags? No
Thread IDs? No Archived Internally? Yes
Other N/A