Tasha's Brother

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_Tasha's Brother_ was a story about a /b/tard having sex with his sister. Also, a few other things, like character development.

The story, posted on /b/ between February 2013 and February 2014, details the author's relationship with both his sister Tasha and his sister's friend Amanda, his attempts to move out and become less dependent on his parents, and in later installments,

However, it's an excellent read, and well written. /b/ waited with bated breath and one hand on keyboard for each installment, going so far as to nominate the author, known only as Anon in the story (smart of him), as "/b/ author of the year", until The Liliad came along and effectively demolished this story's chance of winning the /b/ulitzer prize.

OP posted more every two weeks or so, which was then typeset into a PDF file and posted to a [Jumpshare](https://jumpshare.com/v/46jrYryVmDXbEkcKv3Mb). After taking a break from August to October, OP began updating again, revealed that his name was Peter, and rewrote the first, greentexted entry into actual paragraphs.

The Story[edit]

Note: Not all the updates have been uploaded to the wiki yet. Please [use the PDF](https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B49M2OVcxxc9dl9pYjBPaVN1YUE&usp=sharing) or the [Reddit archive](reddit.com/r/TashasBro/new/) until they are posted.

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