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Solresol words are made up of from one to five syllables or notes. Each of these may be one of only seven basic phonemes, which may in turn be accented or lengthened. There is another phoneme, silence, which is used to separate words: words cannot be run together as they are in English.

The phonemes can be represented in a number of different ways – as spoken syllables (known as Full Solresol), as the seven musical notes in an octave, with the seven colors of the rainbow, symbols, hand gestures etc. Thus, theoretically Solresol communication can be done through speaking, singing, flags of different color – even painting.

To Do[edit]

  • Syllable system
  • "Fixed Do Solfège" ("sol" and "si") vs. "Movable Do Solfège" ("so" and "ti")
    • Note that the "sol/si" and "so/ti" (or, the most common modern form I experience, "sol/ti") forms don't necessarily have anything to do with movable or fixed do, which has to do with whether you allow 'do' to be the base note of whichever scale you're using, or whether middle C is always 'do'.