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Because Solresol's alphabet consists of only seven syllables, communication can take on a variety of forms, all recognized as being Solresol.

Standard Forms[edit]

The standard forms of Solresol are those that were either suggested or implied by either François Sudre or Boleslas Gajewski or agreed upon by the Solresol community, and are accepted as ways that one may expect Solresol to be expressed.

Full Solresol[edit]

"Full Solresol" means Solresol in either a written or spoken form, treated as a syllabic language - not sung, merely spoken. It uses the original Solresol alphabet: "do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si". Saying or writing Dore milasi domi, (I love you) is an example of this type of communication. This type of communication uses accents to distinguish parts of speech, plurality, and gender. It is considered the most standard form of Solresol to use.

Number Solresol[edit]

"Number Solresol" means writing out Solresol using the numbers 1-7 to correspond to the syllables do to si. Dore milasi domi is written as "12 367 13". This kind of communication would typically be communicated through writing, groups of objects, or gestures corresponding to numbers (such as holding up fingers). Speaking the numbers is also possible, though, given an opportunity to speak, Full Solresol is preferred.

Stenographic Solresol[edit]

"Stenographic Solresol" means representing the Solresol language using symbols.

Do A hollow circle
Re A vertical line
Mi Top half of a hollow circle
Fa A backslash, top left to bottom right
Sol Horizontal line
La Left half of a hollow circle
Si A slash, bottom left to top right

Musical Notation Solresol[edit]

Singing Solresol[edit]

Playing Solresol[edit]

Abbreviated Solresol[edit]

Color Solresol[edit]

"Color Solresol" is a way of representing every syllable in the Solresol language with a color. These colors are based on the colors of a rainbow. The colors are as followed:

Do Red
Re Orange
Mi Yellow
Fa Green
Sol Cyan
La Blue
Si Magenta

Using the Dore milasi domi example sentence with color Solresol with result in the following color combination.

Do re mi la si do mi
Red Orange Yellow Blue Magenta Red Yellow

Signing Solresol[edit]

Non-Standard or Proposed Forms[edit]

Because of the versatility of Solresol, it can be expressed through a seemingly endless variety of media. The Solresol community is constantly coming up with creative and innovative ways of expressing Solresol that are not considered standard, but are still noteworthy.