Snippets are what we call random pieces of text from around the internet. They can be subcategorized as Copypasta, Greentext, Pastebins, etc.

Cargo Table

  • title - Page name
  • discovery_date - Time when it was posted to the site.
  • creation_date - Time when the story was written.
  • language (default EN) - Source language of the text.
  • setting - The environment/place/community that the story generally takes place in. If unknown, try to infer from cultural cues in the story for a Western/East Asian setting.
  • source - Source URL, Immediate Origin
  • provenance - Chain of transmission, e.g. 4chan -> Tumblr -> Reddit
  • story - Cargo table for parent stories. Should it be set up?
  • lines (derivative) - Length in lines of a certain section?

Categories are used as tags, such as for all Copypasta, or all Feels stories.