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Windows (PuTTY)[edit]

This video should explain what you need to know.

Convert to ppk Format[edit]

The dkl3.key file is your private key. However, it needs to be converted to PuTTY Public Key format.

  1. At the Windows side, download puttygen.exe from Putty website.
  2. Execute puttygen.exe
  3. Click File->Load Private Key, load the file "dkl3.key" from Step 5.
  • Enter the passphrase if you used it in step 2.
  1. Now the key has been loaded as in the figure above.
  • Hit the button "Save private key".
  • The converted key would be saved as "dkl3.ppk".


Unpack the encrypted 7z archive. You will know the password.

Inside it will be passwords.txt. This contains the passwords you need. Destroy this file after reading it.

Since it is your first time using the private key, set the correct permissions on it to keep it safe.

chmod 600 dkl3.key

Next, from the same folder, run this command (you can use this command any time in the future to log in):

ssh -i dkl3.key [email protected]

It will ask you for a password, found in passwords.txt. Now you will be logged in to a Linux shell.