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Warning: Never put the swapfile on a brtfs partition.

Instead of creating a large swap partition, you can create a Swap file, which will be dynamically enlarged and reduced based on need.

If you have a /var partition, it would probably be best to put the swapfile under /var.


You will want to reduce your system swappiness to as low as possible.


Relocate your Firefox/Chromium profile to your RAM, to reduce read/writes on the SSD.

To enhance performance, you can also make overlayfs mode available to psd by allowing your user to run the psd-overlay helper tool.

tmpfs for compilation[edit]

Compile your programs in the tmpfs, to reduce wear on the SSD.

You can set makepkg to use the built-in tmpfs by setting /etc/makepkg.conf's BUILDDIR to /tmp/makepkg.

Note that if the file you are compiling is in the range of hundreds of megabytes, you may want to compile on the SSD instead by prefixing such a command with BUILDDIR=. .

BFQ Scheduler[edit]

Consider using the Linux-ck kernel, which contains the Brain Fuck Scheduler (BFS) and Budget Fair Queueing (BFQ), offering significant speed improvements for SSDs.