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The chronicles of hentaisan

Retired HentaiSan Tue 28 Feb 2017 15:46:46 No.35199997

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Hey robots, I was /thatguy/ in high school, let me explain.

>Be me
>15 years old
>School had a library and computer lab drive
>We made a 4chan-inspired culture which we dubbed (School abbreviation)chan
>We were able to hide everything from the teachers.
>We could use aliases, but we mainly used Anonymous.
>100 or so kids knew about the chan
>Bustling with activity every day
>We also had an arcade which we had doom and some other games on.
>Come up with an idea to serve my schoolmates
>New alias "Hentaisan"
>Made a thread (To make threads, we made a folder Name that was the subject, then a .txt titled OP for the OP, and then replies were titled as ReplyX.)
>Thread subject is hentaisan
>OP is just me explaining what I'll do, as well as some rules, (No Loli, Gore, scat.)
>Next day
>Check thread
>Biggest thread on the chan
>Decide to put it on a flash drive and take it home to do the request
>Get porn of all the requests.
>Some basic stuff, like milfs, incest, etc.
>Next day, Put stuff on the drive, wait for an hour.
>New thread, It's an appreciation thread.
>Guy is thanking me for taking up a role, his parents turned off internet in his home cause of porn.
>Feel warm and fuzzy on the inside
>That afternoon, Announcement is made
>"If anyone can find out who "Hen-tay-san" is, we will give you a 100 dollar reward"
>Oh-hohohoh. It's on teachers
>Lay low for a week

Will continue if you guys are interested. Just let me know

Retired HentaiSan Tue 28 Feb 2017 16:01:14 No.35200265 Report

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Ok, Part 2

>Come back, I've got some good shit this time
>People have made a shit ton of requests for the past week
>I've got some catching up to do
>Get it done all in one night
>Make a special folder.
>Make a request in my post for the new thread,
>"I've made a .bat that will automatically change the background of your computer screen to a slideshow of hentai, help me my friends."
>By the end of the day, over 250 computers are affected
>Bounty on my head is increased to 200 dollars.
>People are trying to figure out who Hentaisan is.
>Normie detective agency is trying to work on finding me out
>Not gonna happen.
>Get some good spitroast and Bukkake hentai.
>Get pictures of every staff person and student on the normie detectives.
>edit the hentai so the staff are in the pics
>Post a .txt on the drive that day
>"Do NOT try to find me, You will be unable to. if you do, you will be defamed and made into an example"
>Post a pic with a chad getting cum all over his face. Pic is titled "example"
>Announcement time
>Whoever this Hentaysan is, we will pursue legal action whenever we find you This is not ok
>Devilishly laugh when I get home.

Thats part 2, Part 3 coming in a few mins

(I know this may sound a bit like "The pooping bandit story" but it is coincidental")

Retired HentaiSan Tue 28 Feb 2017 16:09:55 No.35200419 Report

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Part three.

>The chad is fucking livid, He's seen it all over social media.
>Posts that he will kill whoever did this.
>Find his girlfriend
>Edit her face into a blacked video. Share that into the drive when I head to school the next day.
>That bitch had it coming anyways
>So, Now two people have been hit, what to do now?
>Ponder for a bit
>Decide to take this to the next level.
>Get a huge folder. Like, 30 pics
>Squeeze them onto a folder and set it to print out all the pics on all the printers
>Teachers are going crazy trying to turn the printers off

Thus ends part 3

Retired HentaiSan Tue 28 Feb 2017 16:19:24 No.35200592 Report

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Part 4, Cumstains are Unwashable.

>Jocks are acting cool, saying hentaisan is probably a pencil necked faggot
>He is but thats beside the point
>They even say that they are working with the normie detectives to find me
>Wrong move faggots
>Go to a nearby farm. They've got horse semen which can be bought.
>Bring it into school the next day for gym in a Mcdonalds cup.
>In locker room
>Everyone heads out
>I hid in there.
>Get all of the jocks's clothes and dump them in a nice pile.
>Get my cups of horse cum
>Dump them on their clothes
>Leave Note that says "Hentaisan doesn't want you helping the detectives. Enjoy smelling like horse cock for a week"
>Get out just in time for attendance so I have an Alibi,
>Gym ends
>Smell is awful in locker room.
>Jocks are confused as to what the substance is until they read the note
>Almost thought they had tard rage
>Teachers come in and take them out
>Janitor had to burn the clothes

Thats it for part 4

Retired HentaiSan Tue 28 Feb 2017 16:31:22 No.35200849 Report

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Part 5

>The stakes have been raised,
>If anyone gets my identity, Its 500 bucks for them
>Cant let anyone find out
>Check on the drive
>Usual stuff, fulfill requests that night
>See an unusual request
>"I saw what you did to the chad, do it to my ex. please, ill take the heat off you"
>I didnt want anyone else taking heat but I need it right now so I take care of business
>Do it
>.txt is paired and it says "Hey stacey, You should really not be a bitch to the tan"
>Said tan to throw the student detectives off
>The guy confesses in my place
>500 dollars are supposedly donated to the jocks for new clothes.
>Now with the student detectives resting easy, the fun really begins

Part 6 incoming

Retired HentaiSan Tue 28 Feb 2017 16:40:19 No.35201033 Report

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Part 6

>School assembly has been scheduled for next month
>Thankfully, the guy that took the heat didnt get thrown in jail, He's not allowed on computers though
>He snuck onto one and said that he was the guy who appreciated me at the beginning of this debacle.
>He gave me his phone number and email
>Made sure to verify it was him
>He set up a new email so he couldnt be monitored by the school, he goes to the county library every day to check it
>Tell him we will hit the assembly

Part 7 in a few mins sorry if this was shorter

Retired HentaiSan Tue 28 Feb 2017 17:03:53 No.35201504 Report

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Part 7 time, Sorry for the wait

>Discussing plans with the recruit
>Our current Plan is to hijack the sound system and play hentai audio over the speakers.
>Send him the video file, He agrees on it and we start getting to work
>He burns the audio onto a CD.
>I spend my weekend making Hentai cards, Not unlike the ones seen in Shimoneta's EP,
>The day comes.
>I meet with the recruit and He shows me the CD player is working
>Recruit makes his way to the sound system on top of the outdoor bleachers
>Before the hentai audio, I said with a voice distorter that "Hentaisan has taken over, please remain calm"
>The hentai starts
>Teachers run to the sound control but the recruit barricaded the doors with file cabinets.
>I dont remember the exact video, but it was Super loud
>Could be heard in the neighborhood behind the bleachers apparently
>Teachers eventually get in. Destroy the CD and such
>(The reason they knew it was nsfw was because there was an english voice actor that did say some japanese and did say some lines like "Fuck me with your fat cock Onii-chan!")
>Assembly cancelled
>We go back inside
>The Drive exploded
>People were lmaoing all over it
>Someone made a tribute drawing to hentaisan which I cant find. Wish I still had it.

Thats part 7

Thanks for following me around, If you guys have any questions about details you want, Ill see if I can answer them. I love y'all

-Hentaisan <3