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Re is the second syllable in Solresol's alphabet. It can be represented with the written or spoken 're', the letter 'r', the color orange, a vertical line (in the Solresol stenography), the number 2, the musical note D (in fixed do solfège), or the second note of any major musical scale (in movable do solfège). It is preceded by the note do and followed by the note mi.

The word re means "And."

All the two-syllable words starting with re are posessives (my, your, etc.)

Four-syllable words begining with re are generally dedicated to things contained in a house, toiletries, housework, and the family. Words beginning with re that are four syllables and contain a repeated syllable are generally dedicated to "construction and various trades."

The word rere, sometimes written as RE, indicates that a verb is in the pluperfect tense.