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Part 1 - 11/18/17[edit]

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The following is an account of real events

>be 23
>need job after college
>scrounging indeed.com
>depressing minimum wage job after depressing minimum wage job
>fuck my life
>in the mean time drive lyft
>feel my life draining
>desperate for a job where I can actually do something and get minor enjoyment out of it
>22$/hr swim instructor wanted no experience required
>holy shit just what I needed
>get to do some good and make decent money doing it
>get called in for interview immediately
>get there
>place is a complete shitshow
>super tiny pool with a million kids and a few instructors
>kids running around the lobby like its a jungle gym
>guy across the comes out a door and waves me over
>at least three girls run over and jump on him/hug him  etc
>he laughs and humors them
>get nervous-- this guys so good with kids and I have no experience at all
>he pushes the kids off and brings me in the room
>learn he's the owner of the school and he's interviewing me
>the school is basically a mom and pop joint he's been running for about 20 years
>asks me to come back tomorrow for an "in water" interview to see how well I do with the kids
>of course
>assures me I'll love it here...

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>next day
>have no idea what to expect
>tells me I'm to work with another instructor and do what they do
>no problem
>go to bathroom to change
>"whoaaa there"
>was about to go into the bathroom for kids, bathroom on the other side is for instructors. whoops
>get changed, get into pool and meet instructor partner
>4 girls, 3rd and 4th grade
>I'm not pedo but I've been around the block and I've gotten my fair share of boners from loli on /b/
>I'm not some dope either, this occurred to me when I had applied
>I knew my porn addled brain has had some nasty thoughts before and I wondered how this job might link with that
>so I wasn't naive about the fact that I found two of these bikini clad girls physically attractive
>I made a mental note of the fact, had some flashbacks to loli porn I had seen, imagined these girls naked, then went on with the lesson
>autopiloted the rest of the day mirroring everything the other instructor did with a half chub
>knew I would never and could never do anything stupid with parents and instructors constantly looking at their kids so beyond porn addled thoughts nothing about doing this job felt weird to me
>actually got invested in teaching the kids swimming
>by the end of the day I actually had a lot of fun and I completely forgot I was staring at kids asses and shit a few hours ago
>got out and went looking for the owner to talk about starting work
>couldn't find him anywhere
>went in his office and there was another man in his 30s there instead
>I asked where the owner was and he said he was busy for a minute and he'll go over my water interview for now
>said the owner told him I looked enthusiastic and "kid-friendly"
>got the job
>start in two days
>said hi and buy to one of the girls I worked with in the lobby
>went home and fapped to loli all night long...

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>get to work on saturday
>go in ready to get some mental fap material
>end up getting assigned all these snot nosed ugly kids that can barely stand in the water
>spend all my time trying to keep track of my students and what I'm supposed to be teaching them
>seems like all the other instructors got the chill attractive kids that know how to swim
>guess thats what I get for being the new guy
>finally make it to the end of the day
>feels like a miracle
>its almost impossible to not get distracted while making these kids blow bubbles
>the pool is about 50 feet by 50 feet and there seems like 50 people crammed in there
>even disregarding the noise and visual distraction, some of the instructors are smoking hot and some of the students as I'm sure some of you know
>yes, for those of you that don't know kid bikinis have a funny habit of being either so tight you can see every curve and bump or so loose they hang down revealing everything
>first time I saw that was at the end of the day while taking a breather by the side of the pool
>right up to the left of my head this little asian girl was sitting with her feet in the water wearing a bikini of the later category
>never seen that shit before and mentally slapped myself after realizing I was visibly staring at this kids crotch
>chill in the pool until almost everyones gone taking in the sights
>getting out of the pool I thought about how surprisingly accurate some loli drawings are
>head over to the bathroom to change
>have to press down hardening chub
>just in front of the door a girl bursts out of the bathroom and bumps right into me
>go "ohp sorry"
>"its okay" she looks up at my eyes
>I just start to head in wondering if she felt my dick
>tell her "this is the instructor bathroom, students use the one over there okay?"
>she just runs away
>head in
>owner is changing and says howdy
>I didnt realize he taught lessons too
>"only private ones after school"
>"have fun" I say
>shower, fap, and go home

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>next work day
>half as many lessons/hours so decide to chill in the pool again
>there is one girl I've noticed every time I've been here now that's just a knock out
>long tan legs, silver blonde hair in a perfect pony tail, round budding breasts, ridiculously nice ass for her narrow hips, struttin around every day in a one piece that rides way up
>wonder why the fuck I cant teach lessons to her...
>go up to other instructor hanging out
>ask when/how I get new students
>"youre tired of level 1s?"
>yea, and I want to fuck that blonde teen
>"you're not ready for the higher levels"
>the fuck does that mean
>"levels 3-competitive have been with us a while and are tight with their instructors, you know"
>sure I guess
>I asked him how long hes been working here and he said a couple years
"that must get old"
>"not in the slightest. this is the best job Ive had and will ever have"
>okay billy mays I believe you
>then a little foot appeared on his head
>a girl with short brown just-dried-violently-with-a-towel hair wiggles her toes into his scalp
>without turning he goes "julie what do you think your doing young lady??"
>she starts giggling like mad
>he shakes my hand "duty calls"
>"you guys really are tight huh"
>he winks at me and gets out
>fucking weird
>but I forget about that immediately because that blonde girl is standing at the side of the pool combing her hair with her back arched like her ass is trying to get away from the rest of her body
>dont even have to think twice
>I get out to take creep shots

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>take one pic before my heart starts pounding and get too paranoid about it
>check out pic
>dick screams at me to take another
>fine, dick.
>spam the photo button aiming the phone all over
>one of those has to be good
>peak at photos
>goddamn I want to get "tight" with a girl like her
>jam phone into pocket
>its that same instructor guy, the brown haired girl next to him with another younger brown haired girl
>"you mind looking after Gaby here for a minute?" meaning the younger one
>sure I guess
>they go off and I'm left with "Gaby"
>make small talk with the kid, try to look like I'm an enthusiastic teacher
>desperately want to go to the bathroom and look at the photos I took
>god blesses me
>Gaby's mom comes up to me and introduces herself, takes Gaby with her asking if I knew where her sister Julie was
>told her she was with the instructor
>she said "oh okay good" and walked off
>sprint to the bathroom
>pull out phone and dick simultaneously
>pictures are fucking gold
>couldnt have been better if she was posing
>nut on phone screen in about 15 seconds
>fuck me
>head all foggy now
>I need this
>decide to ask owner if I can teach some upper level students
>go to his office
>not in his office
>check one of the other rooms
>dark room like a conference room
>another door in there with a light on
>just opened it instinctively
>that instrcutor from earlier is sitting on a toilet seat with the little brown hair girl on her knees, head in his lap
>I make eyecontact with him and see the most fear I've ever seen in a mans eyes
>with his eyes wide open he just smiles a disgusting shaking smile I've tried and failed to forget
>close the door and leave
>I get to the dark conference room door when the owner comes around from outside and bumps into me
>"oh! anon"
>I look back and see the intstuctor and the kid peaking out from the bathroom
>look back at the owner whos eyes are coming back from that back door too
>"anon, come to my office"

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>he takes me to his office
>I'm on straight up blank mind autopilot mode right now
>my brain is speechless
>he closes the door
>"take a seat anon"
>I do
>I'm actually kind of scared
>"listen. I've seen you in the pool, I've seen you looking at our students..."
>wait what
>wait double what
>for a split second I forgot about the 10 year old girl blowing the man and go into shock
>"and did I see you take pictures of Chelsea?"
>"whatreyou spying on me?" 
>I sounded like I was about to cry
>he looks very serious and starts clicking on his computer
>"we take stuff like this very very seriously anon"
>"hey! one of your instructors was having sex with a girl in the bathroom. thats what was happening in that other room"
>he stopped typing on the computer and just looked at me
>I feel like I'm about to pass out
>"let me see those pictures you took anon"
>I start to yell out of fear and anger. say there are no pictures, ask if hes listening to me.
>he just holds out his hand
>"I saw you"
>I can feel blood pumping through my temples
>nearly vomit up a "sorry.." and say I'll delete the photos right now
>fumble for my phone and drop it on the floor
>hear him laugh
>"its alright anon"
>look up to see he's still holding his hand out
>delicately place my phone in his hands
>my hands are shaking out of control
>unlock my phone and open the photos
>he goes "hmm" and starts scrolling
>I feel like my visions going black
>we go on something like this
>"do you know who this girl is? Chelsea?"
>"she's the daughter of my assistant manager. thats why shes always hanging around"
>I feel like I'm going to vomit for real
>"she's only 12 years old.
>"I'm so sorry. Please just don't tell anyone please--"
>"so, what? you find her attractive? So you took these pictures, is that it?"
>"no, I--"
>"these pictures dont leave much to consideration"
>I start to cry
>"we are just talking anon. that girl in the bathroom, what about her?"

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>my heart skips and I stop crying
>realize I can shift the attention to something far worse here
>tell him I saw that instructor raping a student that couldnt be older than 10
>I assured him thats what was happening
>he told me to sit and not move and he left the office.
>I thought about running, but by the time my brain finished scanning the 10 million ways in which my life was over the owner was back, with the instructor and the girl behind him.
>"was this who you saw?"
>he turns to the girl
>"anon here says he say Instructor Franco 'raping' you."
>she giggles and just says "noooo"
>my head is pounding
>wtf is happening
>"what were you doing in there then?"
>"we were just playing" she says
>I blurt out that she was blowing the guy they werent playing
>"is that what you were doing?"
>the girl just giggles
>"okay Julie, and what do we say about that stuff"
>she goes "oh.." and looks down
>"nothing, right?"
>"okay Julie run off and find your mommy"
>she hops up and skips away out the office
>at this point my brain has calmed down but my heart is still racing
>didnt even realize I was standing
>"so where were we? you were just saying how you found Chelsea attractive."
>I felt my jaw go heavy and the last thing I saw before pacing out was the image of that Julie, that little body, ruffled brown hair and purple suit, passionately sucking away
>I felt my head hit the desk and the next thing I knew I was lying on a couch in that conference room

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>when I woke up I was surrounded by instructors and a few parents
>I told everyone I was fine and I just needed water
>the owner and that instructor were in the room acting completely normal.
>it made me scared
>i wasnt sure what was going on or how many people knew about it
>that Chelsea girl was also in the room, which flooded me with everything that had happened
>I looked from her to the owner who just smiled and nodded
>I said I think I need to go get home and Franco came at me witha pretty agressive "are you sure?"
>without even looking at him I said yes and started walking out
>I could tell he was reluctant to let me go
>as I the owner he grabbed me and said goodnight with a wink that felt threatening
>I just turned and kept going
>I got home and fapped over and over and over trying to clear my mind and calm myself which didnt really work because it kept images I should have been trying to forget floating around in my head
>it might seem obvious to some of you what is going down at that swim school but it wasnt to me at this time. I still thought my life was over.
>was about to fall asleep when everything shattered
>holy shit I left my phone at the school
>felt like my entire body was crumbling
>knowing my phone with those creepshots were off in someones hands from my work was enough to make me seriously consider suicide
>I thought about killing myself until I fell asleep for about 3 hours
>the next workday was during the week so there weren't very many people at the school
>the owner greeted me at the door and I said howdy trying to pretend like nothing happened hoping he would forget to
>"I think I left my phone here"
>he said yup and hands me my phone
>I stood there for a second then went off to the bathroom to get ready for lessons
>got dressed and in the pool and started teaching
>suicidal anon is a much better teacher than porn addled pedo anon apparently
>day nearing its end
>look at my instructor sheet for my final lesson:
>Chelsea McSwain

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>my heart made one single quick thump
>I looked up just as she walked in
>slender tight body wearing that one piece that looks painted on, and the tiniest pair of trackshorts youve ever seen
>she walks over to a bench in the corner and strips off her shorts bending at her waist
>all the blood that has been pumping through my brain the past 24 hours hightails it to my dick
>my heart is like a fucking bass drum
>there aren't that many people left in the pool, and she's the only one scheduled for my lesson
>it doesnt even cross my mind that my boss set this up
>she sits on the side of the pool by my lane and puts on her goggles
>her thighs pressed against the ground and that perfect arch in her back-- made me feel like my dick was a rabid dog on a flimsy chain
>I said hello and she said hi in a voice I could barely hear
>she sinks into the water and sits with her head barely poking above the surface
>she is a lot more shy than I would have expected a smoking hot babe at her age to be
>realize I'm just staring at her
>realize I have no idea how to teach competitive level swimmers
>apologize to her and frantically flip through my poolside instructor papers
>"so you can swim on your own right?"
>"do you want to start with a couple laps of freestyle?"
>she doesnt say anything and just does a perfect little dive off the wall, her butt breaching as she rainbows in, and starts swimming
>figuratively get a hold of my dick and realize I'm teaching a lesson
>want to seem knowledgable
>stop her halfway on her lap back
>when I pull her up I get a full length stroke of her stomach-- so small and delicate yet hard and tight
>have her sit on my knee
>see her face is bright red
>my dick is barking
>its doing that thing where its in a constantly flexed state and keeps tightening over and over like its trying to break out of my skin
>make up some bullshit about her stroke
>she just nods and continues to the wall
>it bothers me how shy she is
>decide to ask her

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Also booru md5 e54416a3b64134723260abdddd1bec74

>"why are you so shy? Is something wrong"
>her face turns bright red again, opens her mouth and closes it again
>"its okay"
>do the rest of the lesson normally
>notice the owner watching me from outside in the lobby
>by the end of the lesson my boner is gone
>start to get out of the pool feeling pretty bummed and a little creeped
>feel a tap on my shoulder
>turn around and chelsea pops up and pecks me on the cheeck
>almost fall backwards out of surprise
>she just says "thanks for the lesson" and gets out
>I look to the lobby but the owner isnt there anymore
>just sit in the water watching Chelsea leave
>awkwardly yell "NO PROBLEM" as she heads out into the lobby
>sprint to the shower
>a million thoughts
>what the fuck just happened today
>what was that fucking kiss?
>Is that normal?
>what was with that girl?
>I was expecting Chelsea to be a show-offy-I'm-hot-af type of girl from what I could tell of her walking around the pool but she was the exact opposite
>I was expecting my life to be over today but its the exact opposite
>think about the fact that the owner purposefully set me up with her
>WTF. is he fucking with me? is he trying to see if I would be stupid enough to try something?
>did he force her to do a lesson with me and kiss me is that why she was so weird?
>I felt gross and as much as I liked what happened I just wanted to leave this place forever
>get out, get dressed, grab my phone
>remember all those pics I took of her
>feel super gross now
>I objectified this child for my degenerate fapping, this shy innocent child
>go to delete all the photos
>open gallery
>nearly drop my phone to the tile
>the first image is of Chelsea, but not one that I took
>she's posing in what looks like some room in the swim school, maybe the kids locker
>she's on all fours, elbows to the ground, sticking her pantie clad ass in the air with that impossible arch, a huge devilish grin across her face
>my knees started shaking
>burst into the stall and sit down

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>flip through phone furiously
>4 photos total
>different poses in her panties and tank, last picture shows Chelsea revealing her breasts
>start fapping instinctively
>realize I can barely focus on stroking
>jump up off the seat, tuck my boner into my waistband, pocket my phone and burst out to the pool
>bump into the owner again just like before
>I'm still speechless
>"how were your lessons today"
>I pull out my phone and just kind of hold it there, trying to say WTF IS THIS
>"ah yes"
>"you saw Chelsea's present. That was her idea."
>I slapped myself
>finally got it out of my mouth
>demand he tell me whats going on right now
>he jerks his head gesturing to his office
>I don't move at first remembering the rollercoaster of emotions I went to last time I was in there
>he laughs and pulls me with him
>I stumble into his office and sit back down in that horrible chair
>I ask him why there are naked pictures of Chelsea on my phone
>he explained to me that he told Chelsea about my "crush" on her and that I was secretly taking pictures of her. He explained that Chelsea likes when guys have crushes on her and that he suggested she become my student to tease and get back at me for taking pictures of her. Then this morning "chelsea had the bright idea" to take pictures of her own to mess with me.
>It didn't make any fucking sense at all. At least not in the world I live in.
>but one thing did make sense, the one thing I took away from his rambling about his and Chelsea's good times this morning:
>the owner is a pedophile
>realized this whole charade is just to rope me into his racket
>"youre a pedofile"
>he just looked at me and smiled
>I didnt feel disgusted by it at all, it actually lifted a weight off my current situation
>then he said something like this
>"have you ever made love to a girl Chelsea's age anon?
>I asked how old she was, though I knew obviously not. Never.
>"she's twelve"
>I told him I hadn't

booru md5 463b43a5f19335dd7b674f9a13cec3cb[edit]

>he told me that before he opened the school he was a pastor. He said he opened [this place] because he wanted to give back to the community, and because he had an invested interest in the subject"
>do I need to say he didnt mean swimming
>I said with this for what felt like minutes, then came to deciding I would play the snarky I'm-not-as-low-as-you persona.
>"looks like you've built a nice little kingdom for yourself then"
>he looked disappointed in me
>lets go to the conference room"
>I followed him. I felt cool and collected somehow, like I was in control of this situation in a way. he was the vulnerable one
>in the conference room Chelsea was sitting on the couch
>I didnt say anything to her, I just watched as the owner locked the door and drew the shades
>"you already met Franco, there's also Damien, Bobby, others you will meet. We are all just hopeless romantics."
>I humored him
>he pulled down a screen and plugged his laptop into a cord that run up the wall to a projector
>"this is OUR kingdom" he said gesturing to both Chelsea and me
>it actually made me cringe the way he was doing this pretentious act
>"so the male instructors fuck the female students. youre sick"
>I felt good about my high and mighty act
>he looked at me like he didnt believe my words
>the projector screen lights up
>he flipped through a bunch of pictures of girls by the pool, the students, some with Xs some circled, and explained to me that they chart every student and catalogue which ones have been "initiated", whichs ones should be avoided, and which ones are possible candidates
>I just sat there thinking about how pathetic this guy was
>he explained to me how it all started with Chelsea, that like me he had eyes for his assistant manager's daughter and found she was "willing"
>Chelsea involved her friends and he involed his
>the projector kept flipping and the scope of this started to take shape in my head
>This time I did feel sick

booru md5 d20691683d1d1b48fa12788cbbc7f973[edit]

>so anyways
>creep slideshow continues
>owner makes weird asides about certain girls as they pass on the screen, seems to be lost in his own presentation now
>look over at Chelsea
>she doesn't seem to have any reaction at all to whats happening, she sits on the couch playing with her phone, biting her nails and spitting the scraps on the ground
>in my porn addled brain she used to look like a sexy petite woman with a flawless body, but sitting here in this room with the owner she just looked young. way too young.
>look back to the owner
>he is just flipping through the pictures now not even saying anything, and has a clear boner
>that made me stand up
>clear my throat as a 'are you done?'
>he just looks at me like "well?"
>turn to Chelsea like "are you not terrified of this man?"
>don't think that came across because she just sat there tapping her feet and smiling
>back to the owner
>"you're going to get caught and... pay"
>cringed to myself the second that left my lips
>"by someone like you?"
>it made me angry how confident he was
>he said he thought I would be excited about all of this. The way I eyed the kids in the pool, he saw me take photos of Chelsea. He asked if I didn't like Chelseas gift
>I looked back at Chelsea
>she puts her phone to her mouth and very exaggeratedly goes "Tee Hee" and spreads her legs
>blood empties from my head but I instinctively just turn for the door
>"oh now dont make her sad now anon."
>"you're sick... and I hope Chelsea, that you can recover from this"
> I walked out the door and slammed it shut
>Now, I don't want to write this with too much hindsight/retrospective thoughts, but, yea, I regret that. I don't know if I thought I had to pull this righteous moral hero act to mentally dig myself out of the fact that I was basically caught in the act being a pedo or if I just autopilot that scenario in the way I thought "good" people are supposed to.
>regardless, I went home and fapped to those pics of Chelsea all night long

booru md5 a34b0800b0590bac5f1ff7b9937e7941[edit]

>I think started to regret leaving that conference room after my second orgasm that night.
>then after the 4th or 5th I started to seriously consider the situation I was in
>the magnitude of what I had stumbled into, and the opportunities that were quite literally spread out in front of me
>Yea, I've fapped to loli on several occasions. I've thought about it
>just the idea that its something essentially unobtainable and unknowable to 99% of the adult world is enough to make the "kingdom" here intriguing, but already having frequent fantasies is a whole deeper level
>what DID it feel like to have sex with someone Chelsea's age? or.. younger?
>Was it really better? Tighter? What does that feel like? How smooth is their skin? What does that feel like? What do their orgasms sound like? Feel like? Mouths? Hands? Tongue? I've had sex with a number of girls in my time but somehow every aspect of this fantasy seemed foreign and exciting to me
>maybe I just didn't fap enough, or maybe I had just calmed down from earlier, but I went to sleep completely forgetting how I left the school and instead just wanted to learn more
>I went in the next morning despite not being on the work schedule for that day
>the owner smiled when he saw me, like he wasnt surprised at all
>he said howdy and I told him I need to talk to him
>went into his office and this time I told him to sit down
>Asked him so what if he was right about me. What does that mean?
>he seemed confused by the question, but said something about keeping me on as a valuable member of the work force
>told him I need to understand what I'm getting into. how this works. what are the risks
>I didn't even listen to what he was saying in response to this stuff I just wanted to hear myself. 
>I knew I wanted in, but my mouth pretended like I still wasn't sure about the whole thing.
>eventually he stood up and put his hand on my shoulder
>"relax." Told me I should find Bobby and tell him Im another hopeless romantic

booru md5 11f4103ed032aa4505733b176d3a0a3f[edit]

>bloods pumpin so immediately head off without another word to find this Bobby character
>ask receptionist, she shrugs
>go to pool
>it's amazing how covert this shit is. you could not tell given a million years that most if not all of these instructors are doing god knows what to these kids
>it turned me on a bit
>Bobby? Bobby? Bobby?
>everyone just shrugs, got one "I think he went out"
>start heading back to the lobby to tell the owner
>feel a tap on my shoulder
>"oh hi"
>"are you mad at me?"
>at this point I've 180ed so hard I completely forgot what happened the last time she saw me
>"no... why?"
>she shrugs
>tiny awkward silence
>that fucking beautiful swimsuit
>"taking pictures on your phone?"
>"No--" putting my hands up
>hesitating out of instinct... "--I liked them"
>her mouth cracks open in a single burst of laughter
>she turns and walks off, swaying those narrow hips as best she can
>maybe its just Chelsea, but it seems to me there is some magical ass purgatory that exists between childhood and adulthood where the cheeks have become full and plump and stick out from the small body but remain tight within the small space of underdeveloped hips
>every step smashed my brain like a judges gavel
>she disappears into the bathrooms without ever looking back
>expertly flip my boner into my waistband
>just stand there with a big stupid grin on my face replaying the last 10 seconds
>oh my... do I follow her?
>mid day during peak ours
>mentally slap myself out of it
>where the fuck is this Bobby guy
>decide to go fap in the bathroom real quick
>go to instructor bathroom
>open the door
>a young guy is just walking out, his hand on the back of a small girl, maybe 6 or 7
>he looks up at me
>stammering "are you Bobby?"
>"I am. Feelin better?"
>reminds me that I had passed out
>I assure him that I feel much better
>a silence
>I look from him to the girl, then back to him
>he just smiles. and nods.

=== booru md5 4ccf25966cdeb07fa7ee0cc9724ceb86 ===
>he introduces me to the girl. Her names Aly.
>cute little white girl with sad eyes
>ask her if she and Bobby were playing
>she looks up at Bobby
>he nods to her
>she meekly says "yes"
>look back to him
>okay, yea, I'm a fucking hypocrite but looking at his face made me sick. I thought he was disgusting.
>It's weird, I fantasize all I want about doing anything and everything to a girl like Aly, but looking at the face of someone else who has is painful
>says something to her I don't remember, some creepy inside joke
>I don't remember what he said because I only remember his face. An uncomfortably small trace of fear in her eyes.
>he tells her to go play with her friends in the lobby
>She yells "BYE" and runs off
>tell Bobby I'm supposed to tell him I'm a hopeless romantic
>he laughs
>says something about how the owner likes to use codewords and "retarded shit like that"
>says we should sit down
>back in the conference room
>we sit
>he gets right into it
>he asks me if I have a preferred age range
>I said old enough that I don't feel sick about it
>he just looked confused
>I can't believe how casually I begin to talk about this to another human person
>"old enough that they are into it I guess"
>he still looks confused. Tells me any girl can be into it if you approach it right.
>this guys fucking gross
>but Im not
>tell him they should be old enough to understand what sex is
>he mulls this over and says he "gets that"
>"Like Chelsea? I heard about that"
>tell him I found her very attractive
>says something like this that made my face feel like it was flaming "She was pretty hot. She's a used up slut. She was the only one at the start so, you know, naturally..."
>looked at me like I should know what he means
>"...pussy doesnt compare anymore"
>I hate this man
>"is that so?"
>"Yea. Don't get me wrong though, shits still--"
>does that chef kiss gesture
>furious knowing this guys fucked Chelsea
>"so how does this work"

booru md5 ea4082ccd0980332cdff2765a1f4d04e[edit]

>he explains to me that the instructors mainly have relations with their own students, since its easier to be alone with them and there is trust. "It's not about trust with the kid, it's about trust with the parent. The kids are up for anything thats fun, and mm we have lots of that. The goal is to get to a place where the parent wont think twice about you walking off with their kid. And private lessons. The pinnacle, what this is all about-- us veterans have kids left alone with us. All day. When they trust you enough you become a daycare. Then there are girls-- Chelsea, Camila, Em,-- they get their own kicks out of it. They hang around here because they like it."
>jesus fucking christ
>I ask him how many girls hes done this with
>goes "oh wow uhh" like I asked him how long he met his girlfriend. says "too many to count really. If you mean sex thats different."
>told him I mean sex
>"Five. Thats a number you dont forget bud, trust me."
>Number seemed low to me, then mentally spat at myself for that being the first thought I had
>trying to seem invested I told him I thought there would be more
>god his face was evil
>"you've never done this before have you"
>no mother fucker I havent
>he gets all giddy and goes "oh my goodness" over and over tapping his fingers together
>tell him its a strong fantasy of mine
>keeps saying "oh my goodness", then, "you have nooo idea brother"
>"I know I don't"
>"you're an eager little boy aren't you"
>pretty sure I'm just as old as this faggot
>start to get honest
>tell him I'm desperate to do it with Chelsea
>"Oh no please anon, your first time, no, I'll give you one of my private lessons"
>tell him I actually prefer the fact that Chelsea was sexually experienced
>he insisted
>"I know just the girl for you anon"
>he stood and held out his fist for a bump
>it hit me right there
>brain started rushing, heart pounding
>what the fuck was happening
>what the fuck am I doing
>I stuck out my fist and pressed it to his

booru md5 6ecbc4610acd5f09c98cdfda50511605[edit]

>this "private lesson" wasn't for a couple days
>stuck around to try and run into Chelsea again but I didn't see her for over an hour so I left
>for the next few days I didnt jerk off. I couldnt stop thinking and didnt want to
>I am literally standing on the crossroads of my soul
>wake up Wednesday and go to work without a second thought
>Walk in and immediately notice a bunch of instructors turn their heads and grin at me as I walk by
>I started getting excited
>enter pool area
>see bobby
>next to him, a woman, and a girl. The girl. Maybe 10 or 11.
>short brown hair in pigtails, adorable little face with sharp eyes and dark eyelashes and everything else to match
>she was still in her tiny school uniform
>what the fuck is wrong with me
>Bobby introduces me to her mom and explains that I'll be taking over the lesson and I'm a great guy etc etc
>can't stop starring at the girl
>every time I talk I feel like I blurt out and enunciate everything
>Bobby looks at me like wtf are you doing calm down
>eventually the mom says goodbye, shakes me hand, leaves
>how easily this is all going makes me feel sick again
>only  two other lessons going on in the pool, the least I've ever seen
>ask where everyone is
>"we reserve Wednesday for private lessons only"
>I just exhale deeply and shutter
>"HII" the girl tugs on my leg
>something about knowing this girl was sexually active and her being to blatantly desperate for attention...
>"my names Johanna but I like to be called Joey thank you very much"
>told her to get ready for out lesson then went off to the bathroom to change
>immediately like a bomb going off I start having a panic attack
>body flushes, sweating, heart pounding, heavy breathing, every heartbeat like a stab
>fell onto the toilet seat and sat there breathing slowly for what felt like 15 minutes
>just focusing on my breathing I almost forget why I'm there
>"anon are you in there?"
>barely get out a "yes"
>"you okay?"
>"this is so fucked up"

booru md5 5eb543dc19f934294f0610424d27d402[edit]

>he stands by the door
>I've been paraphrasing basically all the dialogue, but I remember this perfectly
>"if it's regret you're worried about, I can assure youll have none"
>he opens the stall
>I have a hard time looking at him
>"are the other instructors...? out there...?" wondering if they are pulling the same stunt
>Bobby just nods and smiles
>dont know why that calms me
>after a long moment of silence we walks away
>hear him call for Joey
>they come in
>Joey jumps out in to the stall doorway infront of me like shes trying to scare me
>"teacher anon here is a little nervous about your lesson"
>she leans against the stall "why anon?"
>dont know what to say
>she cocks her head
>fuck she is so cute
>"I think anon is just a little sad. Do you want to play with him Joey? Make him feel good?"
>she pouts "are you said because your things hard?"
>I let out a sad, disappointed sigh as blood slowly crept into my dick. I felt like a parent watching their failure kid wiff a game winning shot.
>"yes..... that's why I'm sad"
>"are you okay helping instructor anon Joey?
>she shrugs and sways and looks around like she's bored and doesnt care one way or the other
>"Joey's really good at that right Joey? She helps me all the time."
>"thats RIGHT" punching Bobby in the dick
>he crumples and cries out
>"ohh youuu" lunging at her he picks her up and spins her a round and puts his face right into her skirt and nuzzles back and forth going "arrrrrghgllf"
>Joey is just cackling like a maniac
>brain forgets about context, her laughing makes laugh and I sit up relaxed
>he puts her down
>she punches at his dick again but he holds her back and gestures at me
>"instructor anon needs your help"
>she turns and hops right over to me
>"do I use my moruth or my pussy" hissing after that last word like she knows its bad and lifting up her skirt
>fucking boner what is it with kids underwear/vulvas that make for precum inducing cameltoes
>just shudder a breathy "oh my god"

booru md5 79bb675e67c45f0c41e727539ce2872e[edit]

>I look up to Bobby
>he's not looking at me, he's looking at Joey's legs and rubbing himself through his pants
>those two fucking mounds man. framed by those two tiny, hairless, spotless thighs and cupped by that tight pink cloth. Maybe some of you pedos have seen pictures, but none of you have seen this.
>she drops her skirt
>look up to her
>her head is cocked again
>think my dick is ripping through my jeans
>"oh, uh, which do you like Joey"
she steps back and puts her hand to her chin
>she jumps onto my legs with full weight. kind of hurt
>just barely mouth 'okay'. I feel like I'm being suffocated by my dick
>look back to Bobby
>try to talk over the lump in my throat
>"should we do this here?"
>"if you want"
>"can we go in the-- uh" gesturing outside
>"conference room?"
>Joey is lightly hopping up and down on my legs looking bored again
>Joey makes a loud fart noise with her tongue
>"lets go"
>move quicker than I have for anything
>boner so strong it cant be held by my waistband
>speedwalk out holding Joey's hand
>out in the pool an instructor is talking to a little girl who sits on the side, the other lesson seems to have disappeared.
>lobby is empty
>get to the conference room
>its locked. Without hesitation Bobby pushes me aside and opens it
>lights are out, but the bathroom lights are on and I could hear noise from inside. Talking, grunting, couldnt tell
>didnt bother me for one second
>Bobby locked the door, the blind were already drawn
>I look around
>Joey has jumped up onto the couch and bounces up and down
>this is it
>how do I want to do  this
>"Yes instructor anon"
>"do you want to be on the table?"
>she jumps, spins, lands her button the table and faces me kicking her legs
>I look at Bobby again
>almost looks mad at me like what are you waiting for
>look back at Joey
>she looks at Bobby then back at me, spreads her legs and pats her pussy

booru md5 6dcc6cb6fc00efe4d3c6ab5a8d6a00c3[edit]

>fuck. fuck. okay. fuck
>Joey notices I'm frozen
>she jumps off the table turns around and sticks her butt at me
>she arches her back way too much, she was obviously told that looks sexier but doesnt quite get it
>feel like I float towards her
>she wiggles back and forth, almost dancing
>"can I take off your panties"
>"NO" then drops them herself
>very okay
>lift her skit
>dick is actually so hard it pushes my waistband down and lowers my pants for me
>perfect little orb, two pale baby smooth cheeks
>never thought the only thing hotter than a fat ass would be a tiny baby-fattened underdeveloped ass
>reach out
>inches from cupping this childs bare asscheek
>she stands up
>"whats wrong??" almost aggressivly
>shes wiping a sleep booger out of her eye
>bends back over
>gives me a half second to scream at myself "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING"
>then she reaches back and spreads her cheeks
>there aren't words
>just stare... just stare
>"can you see where you put it in?" shes says into the table
>"yes Joey"
>she spreads her cheeks wider and scoots back toward me
>"put it in my PUSSY" hissing again after the word
>"okay Joey"
>grab my dick
>its actually pretty painful trying to point it downwards
>"are you sure this is okay"
>"dont you hurt?" looking at my dick
>"yes Joey"
>"if you put it in my pussy it will feel really good"
>"I know"
>"you've done it before?"
>"not... with someone like you Joey"
>"Oh. it feels really good, okay?"
>she puts her hand on my arm to comfort me
>jesus christ Im going to cry
>"okay, I trust you" getting closer
>she bends back over and spreads her cheeks
>I press into her, my dick, huge over her tiny body, going up over her buttcrack, the base pressing into the pink button of her ass
>that heat. that smooth flesh.
>a spurt of precum pops out of me that she feels, making her turn
>"OH did it come out?"
>"no not yet"
>"oh okay" then goes back to spreading

booru md5 d09f19a05d992265b6efb72932e0164b[edit]

>I grab my dick and try to point it down
>have to work it a few times before it lets me point all the way down to her butt
>why the fuck does it all have to be so hairless and pink
>I felt like I was holding a gun to someones head, but instead the head of my cock is pointed directly at the slit of a 5th graders cunt
>even though shes spreading her cheeks as far as she can her pussy is so puffy that it barely opens
>just to baby smooth mounds
>my voices cracks like it did the first time I was 'found out' in the owners office
>tell Joey I'm going to put it in now
>don't even finish that scentence before making contact
>jesus fucking smooth squishy christ
>she giggles
>dick starts trying to jump out of my hand, struggling to keep it pointed down
>that bubbling, brain foggy feeling starts to come in
>body just fucking begging to go inside the pussy
>feel like I'm going to pass out, not from pleasure but because part of me is still screaming to stop this
>heart fucking exploding
>start rubbing up and down along the lips trying to open them with the tip
>Joey is giggling like mad
>her maniacal laughter actually gets me laughing
>rub up and down faster just to make her laugh harder
>she is fucking losing it
>can't tell if it feels good for her or if it tickles or what
>she stops arching her back and kind of curls up in laughter
>bend down to keep going at her pussy while she crumbles
>finally she goes "STOPP"
>I do
>she just breathes heavy and lies on the table
>"....that tickles..."
>I'm just rubbing up and down on her buttcrack
>"your things still hard..."
>"yes Joey"
>she sighs deeply and spreads her butt again
>holy fucking fucking fuck
>there is a small stripe of glistening shine right between the mounds
>I'm fucking down
>immediately just try to stick it in
>get pretty forceful, I know I'm not being super gentle but I just need to know what this shit feels like right fucking now
>that schliking sound
>still cant get past the lips
>"turn around Joey"

booru md5 3a51d27a512b5d3c15bf20244e58f1b5[edit]

>she turns and jumps up on the table kicking her feet again
>"spread your legs Joey"
>first proper view of her pussy
>looks just like it does in loli pics
>literally unreal
>"your thing looks really hard" as she spreads her pussy
>this time with her fingers on the lips
>no loli pic prepared me for this
>dripping, shining pink flesh perfectly framed by the puffy white vulva, and a tiny hole right in the bottom middle that looks too small to even fit a finger
>"does it hurt?"
>"what?" snapping out of the trance
>she is just looking at me like she just asked an honest question, like she has no idea what she's doing to me
>"youre going to make it feel better."
>"yea" as she lies down and pushes her waist out towards me
>felt like I lunged forward
>quickly, but gently press the tip into the glistening pink
>the fucking heat
>not different from a regular vagina, but coming from such a small, pristine little source made every hair on my body strand straight
>push against the small hole
>hear Joey gasp and her back arches
>the arching of her back actually pressed her pussy into me more
>before I even knew it was happening a loud "schlop" rang through the room and my tip became encassed in a 10 year old pussy with a snap
>Joey let go of her vulva and slapped her hands against the table digging her fingers into the wood
>I didnt know what I was feeling
>the puffy lips now around may cock made it look like I was pretty deep inside her, but that tight dripping furnace was just barely clamped on the tip
>the image and the sensation felt like enough to make me pop, but I wasnt
>I was to busy thinking about how desperately I wanted to slam the rest of my dick into this fucking feeling but that same feeling felt like any push would shatter her whole body
>ask her if shes okay
>she just asks me if it feels good
>I assure her it does beyond anything she can understand
>she giggles and starts pressing into me lightly, back and forth back and forth

booru md5 6e239250ef70393c74f6c8a377205d6e[edit]

>feel myself getting deeping, little by little
>Joey is just looking at me and breathing deeply like shes waiting for something
>its clear she knows this makes em pop
>the look on my face probably encourages her
>she presses up with a yelp
>slide in about an inch and a half
>throw my head back
>involuntarily gasp so loud it was like someone shoved a finger up my ass
>crumple onto Joey, my chest in her face
>shes still going up and down
>"joey stop. stop"
>push myself up to look at her, she's just looking down at my dick going inside of her, lightly jumping up and down, breathing short little gasps
>dont think she even heard me
>what the fuck is this clamping sucking feeling it felt like I was being milked
>start saying "joey-- joey" over and over
>dont know if I was just trying to warn her or just needed to expell air
>that soft "squish, squish, squish" sound just ringing in my ear like some kind of hypnotist trick
>whole body flushes, dick tightens, push forward holding back every urge to slam my hips down as hard as I can
>feel cum start to pour out of my dick
>not cumming, but that eye rolling seconds-before-popping sensation has taken over and I guess the cum didnt want to wait for the pumping
>this steady stream of cum and body-freezing tingle lasted for about 7 seconds
>my eyes were closed but I could feel Joey had stopped moving as well
>I wondered if she could tell I was cumming but I couldnt bring myself to open my eyes and look at her
>the whole body tingle floods up from my toes, down from my head, all into my dick
>the first spurt felt like a shotgun going off and I immediately felt the pressure of it filling her insides
> the second was accompanied by a loud squelch of cum squirting out the small space between her pussy and my dick, each pulse and spurt sent more cum squirting out and dripping down my shaft
>if words can describe this feeling I dont know what they are
>Joey slides out of my dick
>dont even notice until I feel it pop out

booru md5 e247a1ab2eb999d3a5c996aa614f1335[edit]

>realize when I yell that my head is nuzzled down into her neck
>hips instictively searching for her pussy
>fuck it, too late
>just grab a hold of my dick and let it ride
>dont know how long I came for
>never even seen porn actors shoot this many ropes of cum
>spurt spurt it just goes and goes and goes
>start to laugh as I hear Joey giggling again
>hear her go "jeeez!!!" through laughter
>cant use my vocal chords
>eventually I die down and push myself up to look at her
>her eyes are shining and she has a massive open, mid laugh grin on her face as she touches all the cum on her lower body and stomach, fixed on it dripping between and off her fingers
>she looks up at me
>fuck man... shes so young
>"yayyy" bringing her hands to my face so I can see
>post jizz brain is starting to set in, but I just laugh
>"a lot came out"
>I pet her head "you made me feel better than anyone ever has"
>she giggles and hugs me
>shes so excited
>"my PUSSY" hissing again
>yea, your pussy
>I stood up and started pulling my pants up and see what I did
>it was like someone spilled a bucket of white transparent paint
>its still pulsing out of her, stomach and thighs are soaked and a massive puddle streams to the floow
>"how was that"
>I completely forgot Bobby was in the room
>made me jump two feet in the air
>clear my throat "yea, good."
>"good?!" he laughs "I always pull out"
>"ewwwwww" Joey scrunches her face as she slides off the table, pushing a wave of cum onto the floor
>I dont even know what to think
>just stand there replaying that feeling, I guess to forget about the fact that its something nobody my age should ever feel
>when she stands, cum starts flopping out under her skirt onto the floor
>heart fucking explodes
>finally register what Bobby said
>look frantically at him
>he just shrugs "should be okay"
>what the actual fuck
>pure bliss has immediately 180s like a bad trip
>Bobby looks at his watch "we need to get in the pool"

booru md5 98aadbd1c74527c004aac154ce282260[edit]

>Joey and I clean and change
>we get in the pool
>I ask if she knows not to tell, etc
>she rolls her eyes
>fucking pro this girl
>we do a swim lesson for about 5 minutes
> in that time that other instructor who disappeared comes in a with a girl about 13 or 14 who kisses at me when she passes
>then the moms come in and its like nothing ever happened
>Joeys mom asks her if she had fun and she just nods shyly
>holy shit shes good
>talk with mom for a bit the whole time just thinking "I think I just inseminated your elementary school daughter
>the mom thanks me "so much", then they leave, Joey waving goodbye with a big smile
>I go and find Bobby in the conference room
>he's sitting on the couch rubbing himself and looking at his phone
>"oh sorry"
>"youre good." he tucks his dick and walks over to me "check this out:"
>turns his phone to me, its a picture of Joey with two dicks shooting on her face and in her moth
>something about that being in a picture absolutely disgusted me
>he asks me why I look so gloomy
>I told him Im not
>"dont tell me you regret all that?"
I didnt. I really didnt. It was everything my fantasies were and more. But I still didnt feel good.
>"looked pretty intense"
>yea. it was
>told him I think I just wanted to go home
>he raised an eyebrow at me but just said "okay"
>got in my car and drove home
>it was a long, silent drive
>I got home, opened my computer and started browsing the internet like normal
>just clicking. didnt absorb a single thing
>just replaying the whole thing, from her leaning on the bathroom stall door to giggling with my cum dripping out of her
>by the time I closed my computer and went to bed I was desperate to get back to work
Consider this the end of part 1

Part 2, not found yet[edit]