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A SA goon tried to sell a Powerbook on eBay, but is contacted by a scammer instead. He decides to play along with the scammer, and hilarity ensues.

Much later, the scammer, who now realized he was being scammed himself, proceeded to DDoS Harris’ website, P-p-p-powerbook.com[10], and emailed Harris a W32.Beagle virus[11], a worm that mass-emails itself to people in the affected’s address book. No further updates were made to the site or the discussion thread on Something Awful.

While the PDF can basically be found anywhere, the website itself is disappearing. We managed to a full backup of the original P-P-Powerbook site, movies, and all of it's updates to the Bibliotheca Anonoma.

Website Mirrors[edit]

  • Notice: A complete backup of the story has been discovered at Mortencb.cx, which is hosted at the Universitetet i Bergen. Thanks Morten-Christian Bernson!

Mortencb.cx - P-p-p-powerbook - This is the definitive archive, all files are extant.

Archive.today Mirror

Internet Archive Snapshot from 2004

http://www.hot.ee/ppppowerbook/ - Only the Homepage works...


Something Awful - P-P-Powerbook

1000 page PDF snapshot of the thread

Encyclopedia Dramatica - P-p-p-powerbook

PDF Outline