Object Storage

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RAID is quickly reaching it's technical limits, and imposes major costs on users. It's time to move beyond RAID, and utilize other methods of Software-based redundancy such as Object Storage or Erasure Coding.

  • Distributed Object Storage - Items are insteads stored as Objects in Containers. These objects are effectively backed up on many unrelated drives on a case by case basis, configurable based purely upon how much you care about it.
  • Ceph - Popular distributed Object Storage system developed by Red Hat. Provides an Amazon S3 compatible API.
  • Project Greyhole - Uses Samba to keep things in sync.
  • Erasure Coding - Data is encoded in a way that allows the whole dataset to be reconstructed even if portions of it are damaged or lost. This is similar to DVDisaster.
  • Logical Volume Groups
  • LVM
  • ZFS - http://www.datamation.com/data-center/the-zfs-story-clearing-up-the-confusion-1.html

RAID vs Object Storage[edit]

At 4TB, RAID becomes utterly ineffective due to long rebuild times.