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Neal is one of the first and greatest "tard stories", though it obviously wasn't the first judging by the fact that it is the author's "personnel [sic] tard story". It is a regular favorite on /r/greentext and has been included in many a "Best of 4chan" album on Imgur.

Possibly it was written before the convention developed, because each post in the threads where the story occurred does not reply to the post before it. As usual, spelling and grammar mistakes have been preserved, but quotes, where they occur, are omitted. Due to its great length it has been divided into multiple parts. Naming of particular stories by the author themselves has been followed as far as practicable. They are:

Although the author says "I still have 5 years of stories to go through" at the beginning of 8th grade, no screencap going beyond the end of 8th grade has been found.