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Moldovan Anon[1] is a story about a father who adopts a runaway girl. Spelling and grammar mistakes have been preserved, unmarked. Every post replies to the post before it, as is usual for greentexts; these are not transcribed.

Anonymous 08/18/15(Tue)21:41:01 No.635674261[edit]

I'm drunk as fuck /b/ so I thought I should share this story with you

>be me 15 yo
>be in romania
>live in orphanage, i'd rather have lived in hell
>war in moldova breaks out in 1992
>stole money for over a month so i can go there and maybe make a life for myself
>gathered enough money and headed out
>3 more weeks of almost dying everyday
>get accepted into the army without any id
>around a month later one night i get shot in the head
>god bless russian ammunition
>the bullet moved at half the speed it should have and it bounced off
>stay in hostpital for the rest of the war
>moldovian government wants to pay me
>ask instead for apartment
>they give me a shitty two room apartament
>fast forward to 1998
>i made a decent life for myself and even became a moldovian citizen
>everything went really nicely until this one fucking night
>cant recall the exact day but i was taking a walk as i usually am
>decide to take a detour
>worst decision i ever made
>little girl sits on the ground
>clothes are all fucked up
>she isn't moving
>"is she dead" i though
>poked her
>I kept doing it until i heared a muffled "please stop"
>she didn't even raise her face to look at me
>i asked her what was the matter
>she told me she had ran away from her orphanage
>she said it was like hell
>that struck too close to home for me
>i knew all too well what she was feeling
>i asked her if she wanted to come home with me
>to this day i still remember her exact words "are you going to rape me too?"
>told her that i wasnt and told her to come with me
>she lifted up her face to look at me
>have you ever seen the face of a dead person? thats exactly how she looked
>grabbed her by the arms and took her home
>to this day i believe she thought i was going to rape her
>feed her and give her some of my old clothes,they were way too big for her but they did the trick
>ask what her name is
>lets call her Ana
>we talked for a bit


Anonymous 08/18/15(Tue)21:18:18 No.635675063[edit]

>learned what shes been through and what happened to her at the orphanage
>basically raped constantly
>found out she was 11
>told her to go to sleep as it was very late
>lay on the floor of the kitchen and fall asleep
>next day i go into my room, shes all over the place
>one of her feet is up against a well, the other dangeling off the edge of the bed, her arms are in every single direction possible
>shes drooling,and i mean fucking drooling my bed almost became an ocean literally the funniest and cutest shit ive ever seen
>close to door
>try to not die of laughter
>about 4 hours later she wakes up
>she says shes sorry and that she should go back
>tell her to screw the orphanage and share what my childhood was about
>she finally understands why i took her home
>give her some more food
>days go by
>she learns how to make really god damn good food
>while watching tv i take a look at her
>still wearing my old clothes
>"that won't do" i tell myself
>i take her shopping
>get some weird looks from people because shes still wearing my oversized clothes
>buy her the cutest fucking skirt ive ever seen
>that shit costed me half of my salary but damn it was worth it just to see her beautiful smile
>a few weeks later she starts having nightmares of being abused
>wont sleep alone in her room
>buy a bigger bed so i can sleep in the same room with her
>the nightmares seem to get rarer and rarer
>3rd of august 2001
>she fucking calls me daddy
>happiest day of my life and ill never forget it
>months go by i take her to school
>shes finally getting a education
>smartest kid in her class
>gather money to bribe some people to create official documents which would say that im her father
>works out without a single hickup
>officially her father on the 10th of september 2002

now this is where all goes to shit

Anonymous 08/18/15(Tue)21:22:02 No.635675776[edit]

>take her home as usual
>shes unusually quiet, typically Ana would tell me everything about her day
>but not today, she just walked along side me and just say yes or now to every single one of my questions
>we get home i make dinner this time
>while eating she bursts into tears
>Ana tells me some kids trapped her in the bathroom and fucked her

fuck im getting my blood boiling just as im typing this

>go out of my fucking mind
>ask what are the names of those little fucking shits
>she wont tell me
>i get really fucking angry
>tell her that ill kill the entire fucking school until i find them
>finally she breaks and tells me
>find those little shistains that look like humans
>follow them home one by one and beat the living shit out of them
>everyday one guy
>this went on for 5 days
>none of them ever came back to school
>dont know if i killed them or fucked them up for life
>preferably the latter since those fuckfaces dont even deserve death
>kids at school call her a whore
>they say that she fucks me
>at this point im thinking of fucking every single one of those subhumans up
>tell her that if i were to go away she must take care of herself
>i literally had in my mind killing 300+ kids and all the teachers who would do nothing when i asked for fucking help
>she realizes it and stops me
>weeks pass and she gets more and more silent
>doesnt talk to me
>i try to reach out to her
>promised her that id protect her no matter what
>2nd of january 2004
>i go to visit a friend and tell Ana she can do whatever she wants while im gone
>come back home
>get the worst gut feeling ive ever got
>go to her room
>go to the kitchen
>go to the bathroom
>find her laying facedown
>turn her over
>she stabbed herself in the heart
>sit down next to her and start crying
>felt like an eternity
>eventually a neighorer entered the room after hearing all the god damn crying i was doing

Anonymous 08/18/15(Tue)21:25:11 No.635676347[edit]

>he called the police
>i attacked the policemen when they tried to take me away from her
>they handcuffed me to a pipe in the bathroom
>all of them had this look of pity on their face which ill never forget
>calm down and go to the police station to give a report
>the police men found a note

i dont have the stomach to type it, sorry

>go to identify her body
>i look at her face for the last time
>that look on her face
>it was the same when i found her
>hopeless and dead
>burry her, the skirt i bought her years ago wouldn't fit on her anymore so i put it next to her alongside a picture of me and her I had taken a year ago

i regret ever meeting her, maybe if she hadn't met me she'd have been happier, maybe she'd be alive
i think thats the end of the journey for me
it was an honor shitposting with all of you faggots
i was a bad person my entire life and never done a good thing but if i had one wish id ask god if he exists it would be if i could see her for just one more fucking time


  1. A title assigned by the transcriber; the author refers to the country either as Moldova or Moldavia, but the usual name in English is the former