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That's the true ending anons. It was fun.

But here's a tad about that week after, closure if you will.

>Raven and i ended up dating. We were wonderfully well matched for one another, and since i always love to tell everyone "The girl you date should be your best friend first, lover later", it worked out rather well.

>Her parents flipped seven, or eight shits when they found us asleep on the couch at her house (We hadn't slept too well at birthday's, so we just went to sleep again). Then they called my parents and they flipped the rest of the shits. Mostly because my wrists were bleeding again and i had dripped blood all over the hallway. I explained it away quite well perhaps, i told the truth that we had been fighting the entire sleepover in one way or another. Our parents always treated us like a pair of boys, so i guess bloody battered injuries just go over better with those kinds of teens. I smoothed it over slightly by telling them i loved their daughter.
>They still sent us to a doctor the next day for a full physical and to make sure nothing was infected or anything. No permanent back damage on my end, her throat was alright as well, so that's pretty lucky. We were pretty much fine, but we both would have permanent scars on our wrists.

>Blondie had miraculously stopped trying to kill me for the last day of the sleepover. Which i didn't ever figure out the real reason behind. I think the theories of her being an intergalactic time-travelling assassin sent to kill me and going against her orders are well founded. Whatever she was, after we broke it off in that rather harsh manner, she went back to trying to kill me and raven.

>Birthday's house wasn't as trashed as we made it sound like, but i was forced (i offered) to replace the moulding on the door i broke and i spent a day of hard work paying for my moment of heroics.

>Because of the events at the sleepover. Blondie was no longer on very good terms with us, and eventually neither was birthday for a decent amount of time. It somewhat fixed itself (via glasses mostly) and there were more adventures in the future. lewd and otherwise.

>I never got my boxers back from glasses.

>Nobody cares what happened to homely.

Thus, i'm going to leave it as is. Everything else is a lewd story for another time.