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Update #1 : March 30th, 2014[edit]

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Update #2 : April 1st[edit]

Update: This was posted on R9k 2 Days later

>When we left off, glasses was pretty much shoving us out the door to take a shower.

>She probably saw what we looked like.

>I take Glasses' hint and i clasp raven's hand and lift her off the bed

>At first i'm supporting her, but she seems to have no problem walking after a short bit.

>We exit birthday girl's room holding hands

>A long hallway between us and the bathroom.

>This hallway is adjacent to the living room.

>Barefoot on cold hardwood floors

>But before that, like every hope and dream i'm shattering for you, lets talk about holding hands.

>Holding hands is a mathematical nightmare

>First of all we were both covered in various liquids from our sleeping bag ordeal, so our hands were both a disgusting mixture of sticky and slippery at the same time.

>Keeping our hands together was like holding onto glue that hadn't dried yet

>we were pretty much stuck together without taking a good amount of effort to extract ourselves.

>this wasn't a bad thing

>The hand holding itself is almost more difficult to explain than everything before this point

>Oh wait no its not, just take your left hand and hold hands with your right.

>Its like that

>But its a girl *fireworks*

>[Spoiler]I guess its a guy if you swing like that tho anon[/spoiler]

>[Spoiler]If You don't understand how crazy this psychological aspect of holding hands with someone is.[/Spoiler]

>[Spoiler]You're connected to them in the most innocent way possible, its like accidentally brushing skin with another woman you have a crush on, or accidentally touching someone else's hand as you go for something.[/Spoiler]

>[Spoiler]There's absolutely no sensation to it at all when you really think about it[/Spoiler]

>[Spoiler]Its all in your head, and in your head its amazing[/Spoiler]

>Then comes the Height difference part, luckily raven and I were about the same height so we can skip that.

>Just know that it's a tactical nightmare to try to figure out how to hold hands if you're both different heights, because your hands can't get to a "Resting" position without one person holding them up.

>Next comes the "Moving while holding hands part"

>walking step in step isn't going to happen unless both of you have your full attention on doing so. Most of what happens is one person ends up leading and the other ends up following, which makes it far less romantic than it would be otherwise.

>As a result, Glasses shoved us out the door with me in the lead and raven tagging along behind.

>I wasn't dragging her behind me or anything, she was just... out of it

>kinda in that mode where you just let someone lead you off to whatever because you don't want to think too much.

>because the house was extremely quiet and dark at whatever spooky hour of the morning it was, we're absolutely terrified of making any sounds.

>this and the floor is god damn freezing, stupid hardwood floors

>i'm sure my nipples were as hard as diamonds

>all you can hear are the light pitter patter of our footsteps as we inch down the hallway

>nothing else is making a sound in the house, just us, and it sounds like each footstep is a thousand times louder than it actually is.

>I can happily say you all know what that feels like.

>Not to mention our breathing, smooth but shallow each breath almost timed in order of one another, i take my turn, she takes hers. I take my turn, she takes hers.

>This hallway feels like it goes on forever

>After another couple more seconds of small steps down the hallway


>Like a fucking gunshot

>We both jump like four feet in the air as i step on a loose board

>Because we're both naked there's no rustling or other assorted sounds panicked teenagers make

>But we were both terrified, we can both sense that

>Just in the way that our earlier breathing has stopped entirely and we're both holding our breath

>Do not want to be discovered naked in the hallway together by blondie, homely or birthday girl

>MFW we're only about 60% of the way down this fucking hallway

>Breath still held i take a look back at the girl i've been leading down this landmine filled hallway of fear

>Tiny bit of light streaming in from a nearby window.

>Raven is a complete mess, her shoulder length hair is sticking off in every which way, locks of it are tangled and rolling down her cheeks.

>She's got various wet patches on her cheeks, something gooey dripping off her ear and her forehead is just her pretty hair plastered with wetness to her head.

>huge patch of gooey shiny and slimy something all over her lower jaw and chin

>i wonder what that could be.

>Her eyes catch mine

>Our eyes lock

>I can't really see the colors of them too well, but i know they're a deep green and my mind fills in the rest

>The kind of color of an unripened lime, or those green rings in fruit loops or something relatively romantic that i can't really think of at the moment.

>Emeralds, probably emeralds

>Did i mention i absolutely love eyes, Raven's has definitely caught me staring at her eyes before.

>Staring into someone's eyes is like the most intimate thing you can do without physical contact, you can see everything anyone ever wants to or doesn't want to tell you in how they hold their gaze to your own.

>Examining the way light reflects off of them, how big each ring of the iris or pupil is, and the facial expressions that come along with it.

>Begin to get lost in examining her eyes again

>It's probably been like 2 seconds

>She gets embarrassed and turns averts her eyes.

>Left looking at the side of her face and not the wonderful green globes i was enjoying.


>Quickly scan down the rest of her



>Upper chest

>She's got goosebumps

>I knew it was cold, i'm not a pansy i swear.

>Her breasts are covered in goosebumps

>The thought comes to my mind that goosebumps look hilarious when you actually look at them.

>her breasts and upper chest is just covered in thousands of tiny little bumps

>Raven wasn't really that well endowed, A / AA cup breasts

>Small kinda globes of flesh, not big enough to need a Bra (but she wore one anyway to make them look bigger).

>Probably would look amazing in a Tank top or tight T-shirt

>And she had these tiny pointy nipples that just jutted straight out

>On second thought she probably had nipples as hard as diamonds too

>Also would look amazing in a tank top or tight shirt

>Would probably look amazing in anything

>urge to cop a feel rising

>Obviously because i was male and they were breasts, i was staring

>Raven doesn't like this (She was really self concious about her chest) and gives me a shove with her other hand.

>We continue our tiptoeing down the cold hallway holding hands

>don't step on any more landmines

>make it to the bathroom with all limbs still attached

>Get to bathroom, i'm the first one there

>Stand outside the door looking in

>Tiny bathtub with a shower and sliding glass doors

>Bathroom is right across from the living room

>Obviously going to wake up everyone if we take a shower here

>Taking turns was not on our agenda

>Raven had scrunched up behind me at this point.

>Had her head resting on my shoulder looking into the bathroom.

>She whispers "Master Bathroom"

>Fuckin brilliant masterplanner she was

>She's obviously been to this house more than i have because i'm clueless as to where that would be

>I'm standing there looking around trying to figure out where this secret bathroom is

>"Parents Bedroom" she mumbles

>Oh shit

>Parent's bedroom is all the way across the house

>Only way into that part of the house is across the living room.

>Solid Snake Mode Engaged

>We peek into the living room

>Birthday girl is sprawled out on the couch, her shirt has ridden up half way up her chest on one side but its completely down to her pants on the other.

>One pants leg is all the way up to her knee, other is fine.

>Blanket has fallen on the floor, with the bottom part tangled around her legs

>Clothes do the silliest things when you're asleep

>Homely is all zipped up in a sleeping bag with just her head sticking out.

>Kinda cute face when she's asleep


>Blondie is out here too for some reason

>Fear crosses my face as i realize she either woke up listening to the lewd things occurring in birthday girl's room or she was moved here.

>Raven mentions glasses might have moved her

>I sure as fuck hope so.

>Blondie is sleeping peacefully but right across the entire available walking space of the room.

>Cute face peeking out along with the top parts of her bunny PJs

>10/10 adorable right there.

>she's still blocking the way though, this is gonna be tough

>Seeing that the coast is clear we begin the long trek across the living room

>floor is carpeted so we get +10 to sneak skill

>begin the trek across the living room

>We're both craftily dodging various articles of clothing and food packages littered all over the floor.

>God damn ninjas over here


>Raven hit a soda can with her foot

>Great dishonor upon raven's ninja famiry

>It echoes pretty loudly as it skitters off and ends with a thud at the bottom of a table

>Submarine Mode Engaged, Breath held, Motionless.

>Nothing happens

>Nobody even moves

>Resurface and return to stealth mode

>Halfway across the room now

>Crossing in front of the couch, homely is laid down parallel to the couch but with a decent pathway between the two.

>Trying to lead raven through the valley of sleeping girls

>still holding hands with her right behind me

>this hand holding is making it pretty hard to get through without stepping on homely's sleeping bag

>Dont want to let go because this is fucking fun

>Halfway between couch and sleeping bag

>Look over towards sleeping birthday girl

>stomach and curve of one breast is showing

>no tits, just that delicious underboob

>i've obviously paused or something

>Raven notices me staring


>I get my left butt cheek pinched pretty damn hard

>not hot at all

>that shit hurt

>i wasn't even staring that long you bitch

>Almost let out a yelp but i hold it in

>I'm not even mad but i might as well act the part

>Glare daggers back at her

>She's got a picture perfect mischievous smile on

>My gaze melts instantly and i can't help but stifle a giggle

>Mostly because she looks hilarious with her current getup

>Her finger instantly goes towards her mouth in a characteristic "Hush" motion

>Sneak mode Resumed

>Finally almost past the couch

>Time for the final obstacle

>Mount blondie

>"Mount Blondie" is not a valid action at this time

>I... i meant she was like a mountain we had to climb over b-baka!

>She's sprawled out across the entire floorspace with her head near the couch and her feet over by the TV

>Trying to figure out where to cross the sleeping girl without disturbing her

>decide that just taking a big step right over her head is probably the best idea

>tentatively put my foot out and over her body

>Firmly set it on the other side

>Legs pretty spread at this point over her

>I'm wagglin in the wind.

>Oh man i hope to god she doesn't wake up right now

>The sight she would see

>Feels dirty man

>Slightly embarrassed at the thought, so i hurry up and finish moving to the other side

>Raven's turn

>She takes the same step that i did, but this time with me helping her by holding her arm up and supporting her.

>She's a little wobbly but gets a firm foot down.

>She's just as spread out as i was

>Please don't let blondie be awake

>Please don't let blondie be awake

>Of course, whichever god, alien race, or branch of the FBI that was listening to those thoughts had to intervene

>We hear a loud snort


>We freeze

>Please don't let it be blondie please don't let it be blondie

>Blondie's sleeping bag starts rustling

>Fuck oh fuck oh fuck

>Raven is still standing there with her crotch spread eagle right above blondie's face

>I'm thinking this is some twilight zone level coincidental bullshit

>but its not

>we both realize its not blondie's sleeping bag moving

>Homely's moving her feet and its rustling blondie's sleeping bag

>Fuckin hell

>Ends up homely gave off a snort or something in her sleep and rolled over

>Honestly what do you expect at this point

>homely man, there's a reason nobody likes her

>After we nearly pissed ourselves in an extremely compromising position, raven gets her other foot over

>Home stretch

>Carpet, no obstacles

>I got no clue where to go so raven takes the lead

>We hit a couple of dark passageways, a secret tunnel and go through at least three revolving bookcases

>Really though it was a super dark.

>I think it was a hallway and a room or two, really i could barely see

>Didn't stub my toes at all on things i couldn't see, Raven; best nightvision goggles a man could ask for.

>its those green eyes, fuckin magic i swear

>We get to the parent's bedroom

>it's pretty dark

>flip on the light


>They had a california King

>thats like the biggest bed you can get

>Raven and i exchange knowing glances

>Mentally planning lewd in the future

>She leads me across the room and around the gigantic bed towards the door on the other side

>Since the lights are on, i get to stare at the subtle jiggle of her tush as she walks.

>Dat Ass

>Not just Dat Ass, i get to intently examine the curves of her back, the smooth lines where her shoulders meet and even the curvature of her spine.

>Women's bodies are amazing

>As i'm staring at her curves and luscious everything we turn the corner of the bed

>I stub my toe on the corner of the bedpost

>God damnit

>Half hopping on one foot and with raven giggling, we reach the master bathroom.

>Turn on the light

>Its massive

>Tile floors

>Giant bathtub

>Huge walk in shower

>Marble counters

>Far as hell from the living room

>Probably soundproof if we close the door

>Raven releases my hand and pulls it away pretty quickly

>It sticks to my hand and there's a definite sensation of it peeling away as she does it

>It feels awful, but the worst part is that she's no longer holding my hand

>She rushes out of the bathroom

>Its almost soul crushing, i'm left there standing and contemplating suicide or something

>pls come back raven ):

>I stand there kind of awkwardly for what's probably the worst 4 seconds of the night

>then raven's back

>She grabs both my hands and is holding them facing me now

>fingers intertwined again, hell yes

>"I closed the bedroom door"

>Fuckin brilliant i tell you this girl was

>Taking her hint, i back up into the bathroom door and use my foot to close it softly

>Hands still intertwined we try to move over to the master shower

>This doesn't work very well

>we end up crab walking like idiots, and realizing someone needs to turn on the nozzle and all that

>The shower has this fancy lever with hot and cold nicely labeled, so i take the hint and extract a hand and start the "Getting it hot but not too hot game"

>Raven's just smiling like a happy fool, im sure i was too

>Temperature is right and steam is slowly fogging up all the reflective surfaces in the bathroom

>Sexy shower scene time

>Oh wait, no showers don't work like that

>More soul crushing i guess

>[spoiler]Now anons, if you've ever taken a shower with someone else you realize a lot of things right off the bat[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]Firstly there's not nearly enough room for both of you to be under the water. No matter what you try[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]One of you is going to get shafted on the being warm part[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]Next up is the cleaning, in a shower you kinda have a routine, soap, shampoo, whatever you rub down and clean[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]When there's two people suddenly all routine is out the window and you're just rubbing down one another's privates endlessly [/spoiler]

>[spoiler]I mean technically we needed that but don't point that out i'm trying to remind you this is real life here : Sorry Lonely Anons[/spoiler]

>Seeing as you now understand the predicament, we both were now trying to get under the hot water

>Sadly the hand-holding was coming to an end about the second we stepped into the shower as well.

>The water was washing away the stickiness and they just changed to slippery and smooth real quick.

>That's alright too, slippery hands are great and can go all kinds of places

>My hands being slippery and wet now, got to wrapping themselves around her back and squeezing raven as close as i could possibly get to me.

>Because she's pretty much flat chest masterrace, the "When you hug a flat chested girl you hold her closer to your heart" was pretty damn true in this case

>All i could hear and feel was the hot shower water and her heart beating against my chest

>I was probably suffocating her a little bit too but i'm sure she didn't mind at the time.

>We hold that position for a while, heads over one another's shoulder, hug probably as tight as could be

>My thoughts drift to her breasts and how her nipples are digging into my chest

>Boner at half mast, arise from the dead initiated.

>Obviously nestles between her legs pointing downwards along the seam of her thighs

>This is the best place for it

>My mind isn't thinking a single thing besides how comfy this is right now

>Hot shower

>My best friend (who happens to be female)

>happy place for penis to recover from blowjob

>Pretty definitely one of my favorite moments for sure.

>Sadly the favorite moment had to come to an end eventually

>we got to the nitty gritty process of washing one another

>Which was less nitty gritty and more my hands everywhere i could put them

>First i had to clean her breasts

>I grabbed the nearest soap (some of that doctor brom's peppermint stuff)

>If you dont know what im talking about you're probably not a human

>[spoiler] its like soap and peppermint oil, fucking smells amazing and it does "Other things" i'll explain in a second, everyone else knows what im talking about but : YW Non-Human Anons [/spoiler]

>If you know what im talking about you know this was a terrible idea

>So of course, both hands move to her breasts, i put her under the water and the "cleaning commences"

>First the left breast, lathered up

>Then the right breast, lathered as well

>Then the entire area around them

>Shoulders, arms, stomach

>Back to the breasts

>Back to the stomach again

>Back to the breasts

>I mentally say fuck it and proceed to just play with her breasts for another couple minutes

>She doesn't stop me so you know whatever i figure they need to be clean right?

>She's not even commenting or pushing me away

>This is actually kinda weird for her

>Force my gaze away from her breasts

>Look at her face

>She's got it completely scrunched up, looks like she's got trouble concentrating or even standing

>Oh shit she's got really sensitive breasts

>Drop my hands from them (regret it instantly)

>She instantly returns to the land of the living and has a blush creeping into her cheeks

>It creeps just about everywhere else

>full body blush on a light skinned girl is amazing i tell you, you can watch it spread.

>She doesn't say anything though, so i return my hands to soaping her up




>To get her legs i had to kneel down

>Perfect face to crotch level

>Of course all i can see is a big mat of wet pubes, but it was the first chance i'd had a good well-lit look at her crotch.

>Actually any of the girl's crotches for that matter

>Whatever it was, my male brain told me that it was perfect and i should worship it

>The mind is always willing

>Only half a boner still, i guess the body is weak

>I rise back up and start with the breasts again

>can you really blame me?

>Raven is back in another land, eyes nearly rolling out of her head.

>Just some girls are like that, you touch the tits and they fall apart in your hands, others can't feel a thing.

>[spoiler]Its definitely a fact that smaller breasts are way more sensitive[/spoiler]

>Back to her breasts, i've got my hands tweaking her nipples now

>Its not like the tactile sensation of nipples is great or anything, they're just really fun to play with

>Raven is back against the tile of the shower now and i'm the one in the hot water

>She's making about a thousand different faces a second

>I'm thinking i must be amazing, some kind of crazy pleasure artist

>Absolute master at pleasing women

>Should sell my skills

>In my megalomania inspired tit-play

>I ignore the fact that raven now has goosebumps again

>She's shivering (probably with how good i was)

>She blurts out two words "i'm c-cold!"


>Peppermint oil

>The second you get out of hot water its like toothpaste or spearmint gum and drinking water afterwards

>that shit is freezing for no good reason

>that's why she was making faces

>put her back in the hot stream of shower water

>problem temporarily solved

>but breast induced orgasm chances ruined

>My young mind was pretty disappointed, i could swear i had read it was possible somewhere.

>Not to be dissuaded i start again

>Raven's not having any of that, pushes my hands away and tells me to finish up properly.

> ):

>I take the time to soap up the rest of her front

>work some soap into her pubes as well

>until it looks like she's bleached them into a frothy white mess

>Bleached pubes should be a fetish

>Ignoring the obvious thing she wants me to do

>Or i think she wants me to do

>I flip her around

>i start soaping up her shoulders

>Lather the hell out of her back

>God its so much fun to play with a girl's soapy back, so many creases and ravines to get lost in

>So many bumps to feel and patterns to trace

>What can i say, i take joy out of the most silly things when i'm with women.

>I soap up her lower back and butt next, then skip down to her thighs and lower legs

>Same deal as with the front, i get to pretty much put my face inches away from her ass

>Giant globes (when you're that close) of delicious soft flesh


>Obviously playing with the butt is just as fun as the breasts, but lots different

>You get to press the cheeks together until there's just a seam in the middle

>You get to pull it apart and see the inner prizes within

>Since raven had a small but cute round set of buttocks, my hands and mind were in a happy place.

>After playing with it for a minute, i get an idea after pulling her cheeks apart

>I stand up fully, bring my hand down and rest it on her lower spine, making sure it's nice and sudsy from the peppermint

>with my other hand i wrap it around her waist/stomach and pull her close to me

>Slide my hand down until its resting in the crease of her asscrack

>Slide it lower

>Begin fondling/soaping up the entire length of her most intimate places

>Im not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing,

>but she's squirming

>Probably good

>After a bit more of this smooth soaping, i take my middle finger and try to stick it in her soapy pussy

>I say try

>I miss

>I use too much pressure in the wrong place

>Middle finger right in the ass

>I'd love to tell you she moaned, or bent over and asked for more, or did anything even remotely hentai/porno/h-manga ish.

>She didn't

>She squealed "Eeeek"

>My hand was quickly extracted

>I mumble a couple apologies and make excuses about it being soapy

>She's not really mad or angry, just not alright with that kind of thing at the moment

>Makes sense, a finger in my butt would probably go over just as well with me.

>Oh well, a vagina is fine too

>facing her front now, hand snakes down to her pubic mound

>Starts rubbing

>Her hands are on mine in an instant

>Holding them still

>Oh nope

>One word from her mouth "Sore"

>Well that was probably to be expected

>this girl had gotten off atleast five times that i knew of tonight, and i was right there with her

>and i would bitch about how badly my balls hurt,

>but you know i kinda liked it.

>She decides its my turn to get washed

>oh man

>She doesn't start with the penis

>Hopes and dreams crushed, perfect girl no more

>She starts by lathering up my butt

>what the fuck

>Mind assessing possible avenues of escape

>this isn't ok

>I know what's coming

>this is my fault

>i did this

>i didn't ask for th...

>She grabs my butt and stops my thought with a kiss on my lips

>much better than expected

>10/10 no finger in butt

>The kiss turns into a french kiss

>11/10 no finger in butt

>She starts grinding her pelvis against mine

>12/10 no finger in butt

>That did it

>Better than perfect

>My penis is now hard as a rock

>Welcome back old friend

>The kiss is pretty awesome, but Glasses girl has her beat on the lung technique

>She tastes pretty sweet though, so its confirmed that 2/3 holes are delicious

>Glasses girl was more tart in almost a dirty lusty sort of way

>Raven is just all sweet

>Raven breaks the kiss and goes back to the soaping endeavor

>She's shivering again

>That god damn soap man

>Fucking freezing i swear

>Water also isn't super hot anymore

>Pretty warm though, we still have time.

>Her hands feel amazing

>Seriously she's got them everywhere

>They rub my chest, my shoulders, arms, thighs, back

>God damn best feeling ever

>girl hands are best hands

>She's alternating between goosebumps and shivering though

>That soap

>Perfect excuse to frequently stop her and pull her close under the shower

>Eventually we just give up on soaping

>and she just cuddles me close under the quickly cooling hot water

>Its pretty warm still

>it might just be the peppermint soap making us cold

>We're definitely cuddling though

>Showers are awesome

>Her hand slides down my slippery belly

>Her other hand gets the peppermint soap

>Oh no

>She proceeds to soap up both my crotch, and her own again

>My boner is totally in the way

>We have it pressed between one another pointing straight up

>Right between her belly and mine

>I've got no clue what this is called but it feels amazing

>You should probably know what it feels like

>[spoiler]Its like you take your penis and pull it straight up against your stomach, then press a pillow down on top of it and hold it firmly against your own stomach[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]But its a girl, and its a very very hot, slippery stomach[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]Plus you can kind of thrust it and get some amazing friction, specially if you can catch the head of your penis on her bellybutton[/spoiler]

>It feels amazing

>seriously even experienced anons should read those spoilers

>Did i mention i was doing a little bit of the thrusting thing?

>And she would take her soapy hand and slip it between our bodies and just fondle the top of it

>This almost deserves another spoiler

>[Spoiler]Ok yes it does[/Spoiler]

>[Spoiler]but i'm pretty sure most anons here know that if they soap up and play with only the head of their penis its a REALLY unbearable feeling[/Spoiler]

>[Spoiler]We're talking you're going to go weak kneed and have to stop because you can't take it.[/Spoiler]

>[Spoiler]Its almost funny, like its a ticklish kind of good feeling[/spoiler]

>[Spoiler]this is what playing directly with a girl's clit feels like to her[/Spoiler]

>[Spoiler]If you grit your teeth and go with it though, you'll get a crazy orgasm, it's just almost painful to do[/spoiler]

>[Spoiler]The more you know.Try it.[/Spoiler]


>I was probably going to just splatter her with cum right then and there

>She realizes this

>She stops moving and holds me still

>Her hand still resting on the tip of my penis



>Start giving her puppydog eyes

>[spoiler]Or sad kitty cat eyes (if you're not a dog person)[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]let it be said that storybro is an equal opportunity storyteller[/spoiler]

>She backs away slightly, and kinda roughly actually moves my penis down

>Until its pointing right at her thighs


>She slides it forward and its touching her tangle of black pubic hair now

>this actually tickles

>this REALLY tickles

>i start laughing

>She gives me a weird look

>Pretty sure she thinks i'm laughing at her

>actually full out laughing now because the laughter is jiggling the head of my dick up and down

>its rubbing against her bush

>She's giving me serious hurt eyes now

>i cant help it, she made the tip really sensitive by rubbing it with her hand

>Moment probably ruined

>Try to sober up and stop laughing

>its really hard

>i actually can't breathe

>[spoiler]Your dick is REALLY sensitive when you do this anons, just be warned[/spoiler]

>Raven is backing away and lets go of me

>She's hurt

>Hurt girl mode activated

>She slinks all the way into the corner of the shower

>looks like she's going to cry

>I'm bent doubled over laughing

>Finally catch my breath and see her

>Between giggles all i can blurt out is






>she's probably actually crying now

>i can't tell because she's wet anyway

>i try to say something, force my stupid body to breathe

>all i get is laughter

>mixture of breathlessness and laughter

>i try to hold the head of my dick and try to stop it

>god damnit it tickles so much

>this is what happens when a girl gets you close by just rubbing the head.

>raven at this point has shrunk up into the corner trying to make herself look small

>i know i'm probably killing her on the inside

>im supposed to be her friend

>[spoiler]low self esteem is an awful thing[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]if you know any women with this condition who are pretty, please go out of your way to fix it anons

>compliment them, flirt, [/spoiler]

>[spoiler]tell them the features they fear are bad are instead great.[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]because its a crippling ailment we can prevent, like forest fires, or rap music[/spoiler]

>Raven's pretty much done with the shower at this point though.

>She's in the corner farthest away from the door

>I'm between her and the exit

>She tries to rush past me, going around the outside of the master shower area (its pretty big).

>I'm still laughing, but i've atleast got control of my motor skills

>i manage to grab her wrist and hold on tightly

>Unwanted physical contact at this point

>She's squirming

>She's definitely crying

>Real amounts of hurt in her voice as she's probably concocted some evil world where i'm laughing at her because she's unshaven or something.

>Or something "Looks" funny

>Did i mention crippling self esteem issues does that to people.

>She's protesting with various sounds, and

>i just try to keep her from leaving.

>Her voice is up and down, even cracking a little bit as she's almost sobbing "Let Go!"

>This is killing me on the inside

>I don't know what i'm supposed to do

>I have a really disraught on-verge of screaming teenage girl i'm barely holding back from leaving a shower

>I can't stop laughing

>Holy shit me, get it together.

>I give up trying to control her as she's squirming around in the middle of the shower

>give her a firm tug and actually pin her up against the wall

>She's blurting out things really loud now

>its in my head this is really not good, cant get caught like this

>Just about screaming my name, bloody murder and all manners of things.

>I do the only thing i can do to make her shut up and stop screaming.

>Take a guess

>[spoiler]i hit her[/spoiler]

(Imagine a 10 minute delay between posts here)

>with a kiss

>im sorry anons, i know i just wrenched your hearts to a million little pieces and back again

>But thats my job

>I keep it going until my lungs hurt

>she's wide eyed staring directly into mine

>look of fear on her face.

>or maybe its confusion

>or just a girl who's had her heart broken and put back together and broken again.

>I'm still stifling giggles into her mouth

>my penis is back up against her leg now and its not helping

>seriously stop it boner

>I keep the kiss going for what feels like forever

>Every time i giggle air kind of puffs out her cheeks and air escapes between the gap of where our mouths meet

>its not helping because thats kinda funny in its own way

>really am kissing her for a long time

>It probably is forever because my lungs are burning

>I'm actually holding it long enough that i feel like passing out

>Giggles are slightly under control now

>Lack of air and pain definitely helping

>still giggling

>she's crying

>this is probably rape

>wait a second if i can't breathe then how is she breathing

>this is probably rape and murder

>She seems alert and not suffocated though, probably just rape

>Either way i'm dying for air so i drop the kiss

>I was actually seeing black dots in my vision

>practically gasping like i ran a mile

>just holding her up against the tile wall, my body against hers

>my head pressed over her shoulder.

>my forehead pressed onto the cool tile of the shower wall as i gasp for breath.

>the lines of the tiles are swimming infront of my eyes, just shimmering.

>I don't know what kinds of faces she's making

>But i had just forced a thousand emotions upon her with my lips.

>she is gasping for breath, i guess i was a little harsh

>I'm not laughing anymore

>still can't talk because i need that oxygen stuff that keeps me from dying.

>Tiles are still a mixture of black dots, spinning and shimmering.

>start gasping out words

>i'm right next to her ear so i know she can hear me loud and clear.


>About three seconds of heavy breathing


>Another three seconds

>"Itsensitive" (was all one word at the time)

>Probably four or five more seconds before i realize i need to clarify


>She's silent for pretty much no time at all before she makes a sound

>It sounds like something halfway between a sound a seal and a mouse would make.

>I dont know what i meant, but it sounded like a good sound

>Like a relieved sound

>i really don't know how to describe it, but it was a happy not-humany sound

>girls make those sometimes

>I take it as a "you're out of shit creek anon" sound

>atleast i hope that's what it was

>still suppressing giggles

>probably still up shit creek without a paddle

>or a boat

>We're just like that for a little bit before we realize we're both still covered in suds

>And its freezing

>Peppermint soooaaaapppp

>Back in the water we go

>water is definitely not hot anymore

>warm at best, transitioning to lukewarm

>End up both huddled shivering under the showerhead

>not warm enough to stop us from being peppermint cold if we take turns

>Its so damn cold!

>Soap was a bad choice

>End up in the position that started the laughing again

>Head of penis isn't as sensitive anymore

>can safely nestle it up against her.

>happy place

>she spreads her legs a tiny bit

>penis goes between the thighs

>what is this magical sensation

>her crotch is like a degree or two hotter than her thighs

>Her thighs are rubbing me from either side

>She's wet and slippery from all the soap

>This is fucking amazing

Raven is up against me again, head on my shoulder.

>i get a whisper in my ear

>"The soap is tingly"

>"Its driving me crazy"

>I stifle another giggle


>Atleast she doesn't look hurt anymore, but she might have her doubts

>Still though this is like a triple contact job or something

>Can you even get more body parts covering your penis at the same time, i don't think so.

>I start gently thrusting, just back and forth.

>She's putty in my hands now, every time i pull back the ridge on the head of my penis rubs along her ass

>And the bottom half of her sex

>and drags a generally great amount of friction across her outer lips.

>for me its like the earlier stomach job + the friction of her vagina

>Plus the hairs have this coarse texture to them as they rub across all my other body parts

>i can't imagine what it feels like to her but im sure its great


>She squeezes her thighs together tightly

>God damn pressure on my dick so good

>Holy hell i'm going to die right here and now

>I'm done with subtlety, its quicktime event button mashing time.

>Press X to Thrust

>Press X to Thrust

>Press Y to pull girl towards you

>We're both spamming quicktime button events like crazy

>Breathing like god damn lunatics, ragged breaths everywhere

>Her pubic hair is tickling my balls

>[spoiler] This is a fucking amazing sensation[/spoiler]

>I've got probably a third of a minute before i explode

>Raven has her hands on my butt again, pulling me closer each thrust

>Each time my pelvic bone is actually grinding against hers


>No words to describe

>Getting close

>Raven pulls me close one last time, one hand firmly grasping my butt

> nearly tearing into it with how hard she's holding it.

>Hurts so good

>Her other hand slides down my buttcrack



>I get a single soapy index finger in my butt

>Blow my god damn load right then and there

>All over her thighs and ass

>All over the tile wall behind her too

>Weak kneed is an understatement, that was probably up in my top ten of orgasms at that point in life.

>Atleast top four, or five.

>I don't know if raven came or not

>I'm definitely too worn out know or notice

>She's got a smile on though i guess it was good enough for her.

>Then her smile turns to a frown.

>The water is not warm anymore

>its actually pretty cold

>fucking freezing actually

>We get as far away from it as possible and she actually laughs

>Its a happy sound

>Its a good sound to hear since minutes earlier she was letting out some of the saddest sounds i'd ever heard her make.

>We turn off the shower and exit the room holding hands again

>But it's fucking freezing


>So we drop hands and grab towels and start drying ourselves off

>And yeah a bit of one another

>Mostly her hair, it was super wet and hair takes forever to fluff dry

>Dry and still freezing


>this soap really does chill you to the bone for like 15 minutes after the shower

>My balls were freezing because that was where the most soap was last

>I'm sure her privates were cold enough to make her a frost witch

>God damnit

>so cold

>She's complaining too

>god damn freezing

>this fucking soap man

>We're both completely dry now


>god damnit

>huddling together for warmth won't work

>we figure we might as well start on back to the birthdaygirl room because its freezing and we need clothes

>slip out of bathroom holding hands again but freezing cold this time

>lights are off in parent's room


>fumble around in parent's room for lightswitch

>turn it on

>Our clothes are neatly folded and sitting in the middle of parents bed


>we both figure we might as well get dressed

>i get my shirt on, and then reach for my underwear


> -.-

>whatever, i grab my pants and put em on raw, shirt too, jacket probably in other room

>raven has her old clothes back on, all clothing intact

>t-shirt, bra, panties, pants

>(i just thought you would want to know)

>clothing accomplished, we check the time



>We contemplate sneaking back to birthday girl's room

>But its too much of a hassle, and we have a hueege bed right here

>dont even have to say anything to one another

>Raven just crawls all the way up the bed (its huge) and lies her head down on a pillow

>Of course she pats the spot right next to her


>i fly through the air and land in the exact spot she wanted me,

>[spoiler]and by that i mean i crawl over because i'm tired[/spoiler]

>she drapes one of her arms over me, and then slides the other under the pillow i lie my head down on

>fuckin magic tricks

>god damn perfect arm positioning

>i do the same thing to her and find my arm isnt going numb

>she's brilliant i tell you

>i probably mumble something along those lines too

>but we're out like snug bugs in a rug

>last thing i remember is her head nuzzled against my chest

>and how much that was probably uncomfortable because my chest is not a soft thing.

Update #3 : April 3rd[edit]

Update: 2 Days Later on r9k

{{Greentext|>We left off when Raven and Myself conked out on the big-mchuge-mclarge parents bed
>This would be the part where i go into detail about dream sequences
>Unlucky for me, i don't tend to dream, or if i do i don't remember them.
>Shame, i'm sure anons would have a fantastic time trying to decipher them and predict what would happen next.
>As a result, nothing happens (in my eyes) between the time i pass out to the time i wake up.
>First thing i see when i wake up
>Raven's sleeping face, head angled downwards towards my chest
>Frankly i'm pretty impressed she's still sleeping like this
>I'm also impressed that i'm still facing this direction
>I do backflips in my sleep im pretty sure
>Seriously i cant keep sheets on my bed, its pretty bad
>Raven's probably the only thing holding me down from flying away in my sleep

>Either way, Raven's face is what i'm staring at
>Have you ever started at the face of a sleeping girl anon?
>Firstly, almost any woman of any age is beautiful when they're sleeping.
>Every feature on her face is almost completely relaxed
>Its kind of a peaceful blissfulness
>Plus there were gentle movements that just make it worth watching and staring at forever
>The gentle twitch of an eyelid, or the corner of her mouth
>The movement of her breathing, her body moving upwards and downwards slowly each breath
>This kinda thing is mesmerizing
>You can just lie there and watch her forever
>I was planning on doing just that

>Roughly six or seven minutes into my staring contest with my unblinking opponent
>I start hearing mumbling from her lips
>Oh man this is fucking adorable
>I feel like i'm watching a kitten sleeping and mewing in her sleep or something
>i can't handle how cute this is
>I'm trying to figure out what she's saying now
>its kind of bits and pieces of words, and then incoherent sounds
>Now as fantastical as this story is, i wish i could tell you she was saying something romantic
>Something movie perfect, something that sung praises of a future together.
>i wish i could sit here and lie through my teeth and tell you she was mumbling my name
> or repeating the words "Love" over and over again.
>i wish i could say it was anything else
>But those things didn't happen
>Raven was singing some anime theme song in her sleep
>If you're gonna chase down fanatic anime lovers, i guess thats what you get.
>Or get chased down
>thats way more likely.

>This was after all, only my second time i had been in bed with another woman for sleeping purposes
>and really its the first time i woke up first and had light to see them.
>Oh shit what time is it
>Look around for some form of clock
>One is sitting on the table on the other side of raven
>One of those old black digital ones with the red numbers
>I can see the corner of it over the crease between her neck and shoulder
>I can't move to look at it though
>Squinting i'm trying to look through her tangled hair and shoulder and shirt
>They're just all in the way
>Its like holding your fingers over your eyes to block the sun and trying to be extremely still while trying to look through a crack in a fence and through a chain link fence on the other side at your topless neighbor's sunbathing.
>You all know that feel
>Terrified every time i move my eyes she's going to wake up and i won't get to stare anymore
>Through very very slight neck and eye movements i manage to get a glimpse of the first number
>Good enough for me

>Definitely early enough that i can go back to sleep
>Thats pretty much everything before 12 though
>Dont go back to sleep though, i just go back to staring
>Gotta burn this memory in my mind forever
>Start mapping out the mountain ridges of her nose, the exact angles of curves of her eyelids
>As i'm practicing being a cartographer of feminine features i find the endeavour really soothing
>calming actually
>Feel a pressure in my bladder
>Oh no
>I've been lying here with a boner
>This has been preventing me from feeling my need to take a piss
>[spoiler] When men have erections, the sensation of needing to urinate is almost completely removed/replaced by a desire for friction or contact with your penis[/spoiler]
>[spoiler]Taking a piss when your bladder is near bursting is really really similar in physical sensation to ejaculating: YW Female Anons[/spoiler]
>I was so relaxed and content just staring at Raven's face that i lost my erection
>No no no no

>Dont want to move
>Try to re initiate boner
>Now that the pressure on my bladder is back, there's no way to stop it
>I'm going to have to get up
>Mentally cursing myself loudly
>Try to finish the mapping process for the archives
>Can't fail, too much importance on my shoulders
>can't concentrate
>Start squirming trying to press legs together
>Bed jiggles
>Raven's eyes flutter open
>Instantly her face changes from a blissful innocence, to one where all the muscles are doing one thing or another
>Its not even a bad expression or anything, its just as soon as you wake up you're back to controlling your face into whatever mask your emotions put it into.
>Her head tilts upwards and i'm looking into her eyes again
>Get lost in the green
>Can't get lost in the green
>Squirming with the need to piss
>God damnit

>"Don't move... please" i whisper as i get up and rush my way over to the bathroom
>i close the door
>old habits.jpeg
>Niagara Falls
>Sweet Release
>I'm actually embarrassed by the idea that she can hear the very loud sound of my urine hitting the water in the toilet from the next room
>I aim for the side of the bowl right above the water to reduce the noise and finish up
>Wash hands
>This strikes me as a funny action, but like i said old habits and i guess it's polite
>Open the door to the bathroom
>Raven is sitting upright in the bed
>Hair half resting on one shoulder, half tussled in the back and on the other side
>Her clothing is loose and tousled up like she just slept in it
>Sleepy eyes, with a definite blank expression on her face
>Not a morning person i guess
>Come to think of it we didn't sleep much at all so not a no sleep person really
>no issue
>i always wanted to do this
>prepare for takeoff

>take a flying leap and stretch out one of my arms to try to tackle her to the bed beside me
>Midair thoughts
>God damn this is gonna be awesome
>People do this on tv anime and movies all the time
>Fuckin gonna be great
>Almost there thoughts
>God damn she looks so soft
>i'm gonna cuddle the shit out of that
>god damn all mine
>Full way there thoughts
>Course correction needed
>Abort plan, abort pla...

>My knuckles clip her jaw
>she kinda leans over backwards with the force of my forearm hitting her in the chest
>Bends her legs underneath her in a really bad position
>I hit the bed facefirst
>wrist in bad place
>ouch this really hurts
>Bed is actually way more bouncy than i thought it was
>I bounce
>I end up sideways because one of my arms was anchored on raven
>Oh no oh no oh no
>This was a bad plan
>land sideways and roll off the bed
>Fall two or three feet onto the hardwood floor
>Wind knocked out of me
>everything hurts
>specially my knuckles
>Dawns on me that i just punched raven pretty hard in the face
>I manage to blurt out something along the lines of "I thought it would be romantic"
>Still lying facedown on the floor with my arms crumpled under me in a very silly position
>I get half a sob in response
>Bed moving sounds
>Footsteps on hardwood sounds
>Door closing sounds
>Water running sounds
>I'm motionless kind of regretting everything
>I did manage to move my head though
>Kinda wedged up against the bed baseboard and the floor, thinking about what i've done and staring at the ceiling.
>I'm there for a good minute or two deciding how to kill myself for being such a fuckup

>Water turns off
>Bathroom door opens
>Hurried footsteps
>Bouncy bed sounds
>Face of an angel peeks over the side to look at me
>She's smiling
>She sees me and her face instantly turns to a frown.
>Oh no
>"are you alright?"
>i'm sure i look hilarious upside down flailed out everywhere with my arms who knows where
>but it doesn't feel like i broke anything, so i give back a pretty lame "Yeah".
>"That really hurt you know"
>I mumble back something about thinking it would be like a scene from one of the animes i knew she had watched.
>"Yeah well it wasn't, here let me help you up"
>It takes approximately two days to clean my tangled mess off the floor
>Which means about twenty seconds later we were sitting together on the edge of the bed.
>"Alright its my turn"

>Oh man
>Raven gets up and moves back
>Takes a similar leap at me
>Midair thoughts
>Oh man she's gonna get this perfect watch this
>Halfway thoughts
>Uh oh she's coming in a little low
>All the way there thoughts
>This is gonna hurt
>She headbutts me in the chest
>This knocks me onto my back on the bed
>This makes her entire body slide up along mine and she then hits the top of her head on my chin
>Movement had stopped
>My ears are slightly ringing from the head/chin hit
>I'm acutely aware that her knee is nestled up against my crotch
>Centimeters from what would have been a trip to the pain dimension

>"How was that"
>I squeak out "Perfect"
>She breaks down into some rich laughter
>Oh man the feeling of a girl on top of you laughing is so worth the pain
>[spoiler]First of all her weight is all shifting ontop of you back and forth because laughter itself involves tons of movement[/spoiler]
>[spoiler]Muscles, lungs, everything[/spoiler]
>[spoiler]Then it kinda vibrates through you, no matter what she's close enough that any sounds she makes vibrates through your body[/spoiler]
>[spoiler]This means that every laugh shakes you a little bit and vibrates your entire body, its amazing[/spoiler]
>Crazy great feeling
>Plus i guess her tits were pressed against my chest.
>Thats always a plus

>Anime silliness aside, we both figured we might as well get up.
>Stomach grumbles from me
>Alright time to scavenge and see what we've got and maybe rouse the rest of the house too
>We both get up and arrange our clothing in a manner that's reasonable
>Not that it really matters or anything, but it looks like we just woke up
>I mention i'm going to go rouse the house while she goes to the bathroom
>"I already did, i'm coming with you"
>Comprehension dawns on me
>Thats what the running water was
>She had turned on the faucet to disguise the sound of urine hitting the water
>Brilliant i tell you
>I wrap my arm around hers in some kind of wizard of oz arm and arm kinda thing
>We stomp off towards the living room to wake everyone up

>We’re marching like toy soldiers arm in arm
>I bet we look hilarious
>We walk into the living room and birthday girl is rubbing her eyes already awake
>probably woke her up with stomping
>no fucks given
>Raven detaches her arm
>[spoiler](leaving it with me so i don't feel lonely) [/spoiler]
>and goes over to shake homely awake
>I get to pounce over and wake up blondie
>Kneel over beside her
>She’s definitely the cutest girl in the room
>Long blonde hair flowing down everywhere
>Not sure how i want to approach the waking-up-a-sleeping-girl-game
>Contemplate kissing her awake

>Realize blondie is probably the shyest, and this wouldn’t go over well
> Sadface on the inside
>I end up shaking her until she opens her eyes and moans some angry things about it being too early and that we did too much last night
>Panic, she knows
>and that she fell asleep because we were up so late
>Panic gone
>She really has no clue
>I guess she was moved here by glasses
>Wait a second where is glasses
>I get up and leave the girls behind to wake themselves up and do morning things

>walk down the long ass hallways back to birthday girl's room
>open the door and walk in
>Nearly break out laughing
>Glasses is sprawled out on the bed, feet on the pillows and head at the bottom, fast asleep
>She's wearing my boxers and her old t-shirt
>The sheets are everywhere, pillows are on the floor
>We probably did this last night and i didn't realize
>Suppressing my laughter, i walk over with a shit eating grin on my face
>Lean over and give her a kiss right on the lips
>Take my fingers and hold her nose
>Her eyes pop open wide as saucers
>Sees my eyes
>Instantly relaxes into the kiss
>Continue kissing
>[spoiler]I would go on an entire tirade about morning breath and all that, but i just can't be assed.[/spoiler]
>She tenses up again and makes a couple mmmgpph noises

>Oh right i'm still holding her nose
>Let go and continue kissing
>break apart after a minute or two
>She’s breathing heavily
>”T… thanks for the wakeup”
>I respond with my suavest “My pleasure”
>Somehow not a bumbling fuckup around this girl
>counting my blessings
>Now wait a second
>”Those are my boxers!”
>Her response, a simple “Yeah”

>I'm pretty sure this is suicide to let her keep wearing those
>Raven might know, but three out of five jealous girls don't.
>Me: "Listen you gotta take those off, the other girls..."
>Her: "Oh i'm sure you'd like them off wouldn't you"
>Well of course she got me with that snappy comeback real quick
>this isnt going to be easy at all
>Alright time to change my universal translator to girl
>i work the words "Other girls" Jealous and "feelings" into a decent argument
>She's having none of it
>Her "My panties are still wet, no way i'm wearing em"
>I give up on this futile effort
>i tell her she can wear the boxers, shes just got to put on pants so the other girls can't tell
>this seems to be a reasonable compromise
>she dons her pair of pants from the other day and grabs her panties and hides them in a bag of her stuff in the room so nobody else finds them.
>Im kinda standing there watching
>because who doesn't like watching women when clothes going on/off are involved
>Glasses tiptoes over to me and whispers in my ear a quick "I'll be sure to give them back just as sticky as you made mine "
>Boner through the roof
>She's not going to help though as she giggles and trots away down the hallway
>God damnit
>I readjust my raging boner and head off back to the living room to meet up with everyone

>When i hit the living room i find five women in various states of dress and awakeness
>Nobody seems to notice my boner
>Except glasses who licks her lips
>Why god why
>The sentiment of "I'm hungry" was said and quickly echoed by all
>Birthday girl breaks the news that her mom was going to make us all breakfast
>Sad noises all around
>I offer to cook
>Instantly the hero
>Get held up on the shoulders of the crowd as fanfare plays and confetti rains down
>Not really
>[spoiler] but yes really[/spoiler]

>First the birthday girl demands we all brush our teeth
>Well i don't have a toothbrush
>neither do the girls
>Brushing your teeth is for pansies /thuglyfe
>She’s got disposable toothbrushes for everyone
>holy shit i’m so down fuck this brushing your teeth is boss ignore my previous statement.
>She’s only got five toothbrushes
>Sharing toothbrushes is like the least god damn attractive idea
>I don't know why, considering i’d made out with all except one of the women there
>But this is just disgusting for some reason
>This is generally agreed upon
>): someone won't get to brush their teeth
>This serious conundrum has us all stumped for a while
>Women decide to draw straws to see who gets to share a toothbrush with me
>Hold the fuck on why don't i get a say in this
>God damnit
>Not even perverted arousal, i was not down for sharing a toothbrush
>Specially not with homely
>They insist that everyone has to brush their teeth or they will have bad breath all day
>They continue coming up with ridiculous rules and things
>We have to go brush our teeth together, alone
>everyone else will use the master bathroom
>This sounds like a really bad version of seven minutes in heaven

>Straws are Held in birthday girl’s hand
>I’m not doing this
>I want no part of this
>Glasses greedily draws at the straws with what seems to be hunger in her eyes
>She’s kinda scary
>Long straw
>Not a winner
>Raven blushes and grabs one
>Why the fuck is everyone ok with this but me
>is this a fetish i don't understand
>Its long, not a winner
>Homely grabs one

>Its long
>Two girls left
>Blondie’s turn to pick
>She pulls back her hand
>Its short
>Well maybe not fuck
>Well actually yes fuck
>Sharing toothbrushes is wrong anons
>Thats it, im done, story stopping right here

>Im kidding
>I figure ill just wash it off for like four minutes or something
>[spoiler]if it was homely this story woulda been over though[/spoiler]
>[spoiler]just know that[/spoiler]
>Blondie looks embarrassed as usual
>Thats like normal blondie mode though
>Raven looks jealous
>Birthday looks Jealous
>Homely looks like she doesn’t give a shit
>Glasses has a weird smile on her face
>Did i mention glasses is scary?

>Blondie and i get shoved off into the tiny little bathroom off on the side of the house
>Its actually pretty small, cabinet above the sink and very little room
>I hand her the toothbrush and just wait around
>I get to watch a girl brush her teeth
>its like watching myself brush my teeth but its a girl
>this still makes it better
>not really much better though
>just imagine yourself brushing your teeth but as a girl
>[spoiler]im sorry if that turned you on[/spoiler]
>either way, blondie finished up a very thorough brushing with some cinnamon toothpaste and hands me the toothbrush
>How the fuck am i gonna handle this
>I just take it and start running it under the water
>Blondie is staring at the toothbrush
>This is extremely awkward
>"M... maybe they have some alcohol or something to disinfect it>?" Is her assessment of the situation

>Really the best solution would be for me to stop being a faggot and just brush, but fuck you.
>Blondie reaches up and starts working on getting the cabinet open above the sink
>I just nod my head and kinda stare down at the toothbrush some more, not sure i actually want to do this no matter how much water i run across it
>This decision is not mine to make however, because with a bang blondie opens the cabinet way too hard
>It seems to have been stuck
>And my head is in the way of where the cabinet needs to open
>this cabinet is flimsy as hell, but i'm knocked back and stumble down into a sitting position
>This is the second time this girl has tried to kill me
>My suspicions are raised
>Guard is up
>She's probably an assassin sent here to kill me
>I can't let this happen
>I'm going to have to kill her first.
>instead of retaliating, i get up to her cries of "Oh my god are you ok i'm so sorry im so sorry oh my god im so sorry"
>Yup, She's definitely trying to kill me
>I wave it off and say "I'm OK" to not alert her to my newfound knowledge of her secret identity

>There's no alcohol in the cabinet
>God damnit
>Fuck you blondie
>Just put toothpaste on and just angrily begin brushing my teeth
>Dont even give a fuck, just rage brushing to distract me from my head hurting
>Blondie is just one big blush, as i can now see in the mirror on the inside of the cabinet
>Also has some pretty sad eyes on with an "I'm sorry" look on her face
>Give zero fucks
>Teeth fully brushed in record time
>Delicious cinnimony freshness
>keeping an eye out on the blondie assassin.
>obviously she thought something romantic would happen
>Before she smashed my head in with a cabinet for a second time in 24 hours

>Done with toothbrushing now
>Its time to leave
>Glaring daggers at blondie i walk over to the door and try to open it
>Its locked from the outside somehow
>hear giggling from outside the door
>Rattle the knob for like 10 more seconds
>loud cursing from myself
>more giggling from the other side of the door

>Ends up its not locked they're just holding the knob and that means you can't turn it
>Lever on one side and that slippery doorknob on the other so i have no friction to win in a strength contest.
>god damnit
>im not playing this game
>I actually announce this loudly
>I am so done
>I go and pout and sit over on the toilet
>blondie is over by the shower looking small
>mostly because she's not actually that big of a girl compared to me
>but you get what i mean
>[spoiler]you anons thought this was going to be the blondie arc[/spoiler]
>[spoiler]implying its not[/spoiler]

>Trapped in a bathroom with a girl hired by the mafia to assassinate me
>Just spend the entire time pouting on the toilet
>As she's planning the next way to kill me i'm sure
>Like three minutes pass
>Blondie is definitely over there squirming around
>She walks over to the door and says
>"Let us out, i have to pee"
>All remaining girls are outside the bathroom
>Probably the worst thing she could have said
>There's no way those girls are going to open that door now
>She protests and complains at them through the door for a couple minutes
>quite a few minutes actually, and she's really squirming around now and clenching her legs together
>Every time she bangs on the door she shifts legs and she's got them clenched together, a slight bend in her knees.
>really she probably has to pee really bad
>She's completely unwilling to do it with me here though

>"Whatever," i sigh and stand up,
>i tell her to use this toilet and i just wont look
>She's not ok with this
>But she's practically hopping from leg to leg now
>I tell her "It's probably more embarrassing if you piss yourself"
>Chorus of giggles outside the door
>I walk over and switch places with her
>I turn and just stare into the corner
>where the doorhinges meet the door
>gonna count the lines in these metal hinges i am
>Toilet seat goes up
>Rustling clothing
>No actual sound of her sitting on the toilet, i guess thats not really a thing that makes a sound
>Realize i didn't turn on the water to hide the sound
>Get to enjoy a full minute and a half of tinkling sounds
>All my male mind can imagine is what her vagina looks like
>[spoiler]I swear to god thats all you think about when you hear women pissing[/spoiler]
>[spoiler]thats just how it works[/spoiler]

>Hear a defeated "Oh no"
>Turn around halfway and look around at her
>Can't see anything more than her bare knees, sink hides the rest
>"No toilet paper"
>God damn fate
>Contemplate leaving her there to fend for herself
>Not really that mad though, might as well help out
>I lean over, rummage through the sink drawers and find a roll, turn my eyes away and hand it in her general direction
>Appreciative noises
>Back to the corner i go

>Rustling clothes again
>She's behind me and she wiggles her arms around me in a weird sort of back-hug
>"Thanks for not looking"
>She lets go in a flash and starts banging on the door again
>The girls are outside too busy laughing at her last words and i take the chance to force the door open
>God damn birthday girl was holding it
>Shit list
>Gonna burn her pancakes
>I also promptly announce thats what im going to make
>just gonna pretend they weren't little shits and make food
>too hungry to care

>We meander over to the kitchen
>the rest of the girls ask blondie various embarrassing questions about our "Time together"
>Typical 7 minutes in heaven kinda questions
>Really its just girls being girls
>I rummage through the fridge, find milk, eggs, Ham (they had like a container of salted ham in big slices), grab some random pancake mix from a cabinet birthday shows me and its cooking time.
>The girls have no intention of helping and decide to fuck off to play vidya
>Blondie still feels bad about hitting me a second time though, so she offers to help out.
>"Sure whatever" i point at the Ham and ask her to start preparing it so we can fry it up with eggs and make pancakes in the grease
>We generally ignore one another and get to cooking things

>Pancake mix, eggs, milk, tiny bit of butter (yummy)
>I'm getting around to stirring it when i realize i should probably show blondie how to prepare the eggs
>She's cutting up the ham into yummy slices and humming some cute tune while doing it.
>I pick up the pancake batter and walk over to her stirring it as i go
>This puts me behind her and to her left
>I mention putting milk and cheese into the eggs as she scrambles them
>For whatever reason me being a full foot behind her and to the left scares the shit out of her.
>She whips around
>Flash of steel
>Life flashes before my eyes

>I throw my stirring arm up (right) and drop the pancake batter bowl
>She's facing me now
>Oh god what the fuck happened
>the pancake batter bowl drops to the floor and almost rolls over but ends up upright
>I watch the spoon fall in slow motion and hit the ground
>The pancake batter on the spoon just splatters all around it
>some globs fly up and hit the lower kitchen cabinets below the sink
>the entire thing makes a pretty neat splatter pattern
>This is no shit what i was watching at the time
>I didn't even look
>Spoon stopped moving
>oh well back to reality i guess
>turn my head and eyes towards blondie
>Look of complete horror upon her face
>Ehh it can't be that bad

>Look down at my arm
>Long, thin line of red down my entire forearm
>[spoiler]imagine panicked screaming here[/spoiler]
>[spoiler]the girliest most high pitched screams you can imagine[/spoiler]
>[spoiler]These are the sounds i'm making IRL right now[/spoiler]
>But i didn't back then
>I just stared
>i don't actually think i was thinking anything.
>I just smiled
>i really did smile
>[spoiler] you should be scared anons[/spoiler]
>Took my other hand and just gently took the knife out of blondie's hand
>She was pretty much frozen with fear right at that moment
>Pried her fingers off
>and stabbed her eleven times

>Well that was it
>My assassin vanquished
>I put the knife down on the counter
>Walked over to the sink and ran the water across my forearm
>watched the blood roll away in little happy rivulets
>As i heard gargles and gasps as blondie's lungs filled with blood and she lost consciousness in the background.
>With a smile still on, i picked up the knife off the counter
>Carefully stepped over the growing pool of pancake batter and blood
>and walked to the living room.

>but i didn't
>even if she was most definitely hired at this point to kill me
>Probably yakuza considering how much they like knives and bashing people in the head.
>Mafia would get me with a gun i would think
>Even if killing her and the others was the only way i was going to get out of this alive
> i just calmly set the knife down on the counter and walked over to the sink
>the cut was pretty much covered in blood at this point
>still a smile on, i just turned the faucet on
>ran my arm under the water
>watched the blood roll away in little happy rivulets
>and started to inspect the damage
>Obviously its a gash seventeen inches deep, multiple arteries are severed and i'm going to die.
>[spoiler]in reality, i've had worse cat scratches, i was so fucking extremely lucky i dont even know how to describe that level of luck[/spoiler]
>[spoiler]probably vegas, i dropped everything in the story and just went to vegas at this point[/spoiler]

>Superficial wound
>Blondie is, well i'm pretty sure seconds away from actually exploding into hysterics
>The look she was giving me was probably the same look she would give her abusive boyfriend the day that she had enough of his shit and stabbed him to death
>Or the look she would give after realizing she had just signed her little brother into a lifetime of slavery by putting her name on the wrong part of a contract.
>[spoiler]Disclaimer: Blondie did not and would not do any of these things; YW worried anons[/spoiler]
>She's giving me eyes that you never want to see

>Where as usually eyes are beautiful, you can see the depth and warmth of a person
>You can enjoy the life of the person, staring into someone's eyes is the most intimate thing you can do.
>Blondie's blue eyes were staring right at me
>Right through me
>Tears streaming down her face
>The wetness making her eyes shimmer
>The look she was giving me chilled me to the core

>I was actually dying from that stare so of course i had to get her to stop
>Ice lasers out of her face i swear
>I just walk up and wrap my arms around her
>I kinda have to scoot down because she's shorter than me
>But i hug her with her head over my shoulder
>She's sobbing
>well, silently sobbing
>Its more like dry heaves with tears
>Im just looking at my arm around her back
>Admiring my battlescars
>Its not even bleeding that much anymore it was just a little tiny cut, it must have just slid along the entire surface of the skin
>or the knife wasnt that sharp or something
>thank you birthday girl's parents for never sharpening their knives.
>Note to self blondie is extremely dangerous though
>Still hugging the sobbing assassin who tried to kill me

>She's in pieces
>Whatever, time to hug her until she stops
>Burning smell
>oh maybe not
>The butter is really hot and smoking a little bit over in the pan
>I push her away a little bit
>I take the knife and put it back over by the ham
>and then with the most authoritative tone i can muster, i yell
>She's not actually herself, but this seems to shock her into some semblance of understanding.
>She kinda shakes and then understands what i want from her
>I watch as she bends over and picks up the pancake batter bowl and the spoon, and begins cleaning up the mess
>God damn your fault anyway
>Ain't gonna clean itself
>You can also insert maniacal laughter and "I HAVE ASSUMED DIRECT CONTROL" into my head at this point.
>Oh yeah the butter

>Breakfast cooking goes rather uneventful from that point on
>Blondie isn't allowed near anything sharp
>Or any cabinets
>I just have her stand in the middle of the kitchen and stir the pancake mix
>She really does just silently stand there stirring the pancake mix for a good 10 minutes
>As depressing as this sounds, by the time i'm done frying up the ham and eggs the pancake mix is well stirred
>Made some god damn perfect pancakes
>Give my cut a final wash off in the sink, its now just a long thin red line, no big deal at all
>And i call out to all the girls "BREAKFAST"
>Four innocent bystanders were trampled alive in the transition those four girls made between the living room and the kitchen

>girls all line up demanding food
>Plates are retrieved and about to be filled
>"Hold on"
>Birthday girl has broken the food related silence
>"Why is blondie looking at the floor like that"
>Blondie is over to the side just staring at the floor and looking awkward
>The girls are all crowding and swarming around blondie now
>"Whoah whoah hold on", i say before the anal rape train gets started and i'm at the receiving end
>I try to step in to stop this
>how the fuck is this even allowed to happen

>why dont i ever remember i'm going to lose every argument here without saying a word
>even if its not even an argument
>just fucking lose every one
>[spoiler]This taste of girl logic is brought to you today by Storybro ; YW lucky anons who haven't experienced this yet[/spoiler]
>they're clamoring around blondie now demanding answers and telling her to point out on the doll where i touched her
>I know for a fact that blondie is up shit creek if she mentions anything about it
>Stabbing the only boy is probably enough to get her kicked out on the street this early in the morning
>She's also really good friends with these girls, and doesn't have many other people
>Time for tactical plan #4

>I burst through the huddle of hopping bloodthirsty teenagers
>I lean down right in front of blondie and force her head up a slight bit
>Everyones eyes on me thinking i'm going to kiss her or something and make it all better
>I stare right into her eyes and say in my best gravely batman voice
>"Don't tell them anything"
>And i wink just a tiny bit with my right eye, hoping she gets the hint
>Before i'm flung back across the kitchen by an army of angry women
>All of them want blood
>Well not glasses, she's laughing again
>Probably evil laughter though
>They're stomping towards me angrily, so i grab the nearest plate of food and a run away off into the living room
>i make sure i make an "Eeep" sound to let them know i'm appropriately scared of them
>Maybe they'll leave me alone to eat the breakfast i MADE THEM in peace

>I realize they have a dining room over to the side of the kitchen actually
>Might be rude to eat on the couch
>I sneak into the dining room and sit happily at the table and start wolfing down the eggs ham and pancakes.
>god damn delicious
>pancakes have no lumps, blondie did alright
>The other girls file in promptly with plates full of food
>Seven seats at the table
>Glasses sits at the end
>All four of the remaining girls sit on the opposite side of me
>This means they have to drag these big heavy wooden chairs around to the other side of the table
>They all assume protective formation around blondie

>Glaring daggers
>Blondie is just staring at her food and pushing it around with a fork
>I start commenting about how delicious my cooking is
>No response
>I ask them what game they were playing in the living room
>No response
>Being shunned by friends sucks
>Glasses breaks the silence by commenting about some character from the anime we all watched last night.
>It was a new episode of something
>They all break into conversation and just ignore me

>Its ok my food is delicious
>Suddenly cold on my feet
>someone else's feet
>footsie, hell yes
>[spoiler]footsie is a game where you and another girl pretty much just touch feet a bunch[/spoiler]
>[spoiler] no seriously thats it [/spoiler]
>Time to solve the mystery
>Which girl is it.
>Its not glasses because she's all the way over at the end and doesn't have legs THAT long.
>Even though she's got great legs
>[spoiler]dont tell her i said that[/spoiler]
>Blondie is still sitting there playing with her food
>Homely is having a discussion with glasses at the end, so i really doubt that
>Its gotta be birthday or raven

>Raven is glaring daggers at me
>Birthday is glaring double daggers at me
>They're sitting on either side of blondie in protective hen formation
>I'm still playing footsie but i need to know who it is
>I... i dont know
>Brilliant plan
>Take fork
>Pretend it slips out of my hand
>It falls to the floor with a clatter
>skitters a foot under the table
>Homely and glasses don't notice, but birthday and raven are just DEAD SILENT staring at me now.
>Read that as a semi-terrified sound a small pigeon would make
>Oh well, i've committed better play it out
>Look them both as much in the eyes as i can
>Bend down to look under the table

>Its blondie's feet playing with my own
>Look at the other legs
>Birthday girl is wearing a skirt now
>Her legs are open
>Crotch visible
>Panties digging in
>Very obvious cleft, no bulge from hair like raven or glasses had.
>She's clean shaven
>Oh shit
>Surprise myself looking
>Bang my head on the table
>Cough at the same time
>Come up over the edge of the table and just resume eye contact
>Head really hurts
>tears welling up in my eyes
>Hardwood tables man.

>Both of them still glaring daggers
>Birthday has a tiny smile on
>But still daggers
>Mixed signals! help!
>Blondie is still staring down and playing with her food
>resume footsie and eat the rest of my plate
>I make a few passing remarks about how blondie should be proud she helped make this food
>don't mention the part that there's probably some of my blood in the pancake batter
>extra iron, whos it gonna hurt.
>Girls are definitely going to kill me as soon as they find where i hid the kitchen knife

>Food finished, we clean up
>I make raven / glasses / homely do it because they didn't help with making it at all
>And birthday girl just gets a pass because birthday
>This means that she watches blondie like a hawk and doesn't let me near her
>Which is a shame because i had a semi from playing footsie
>What can i say, blondie had cold feet and i helped "warm" them up.
>Footsie is amazing, nuff said
>Anyway i realize that i should probably clean up birthday girl's room before anyone gets over there
>I start going that direction
>Birthday follows me
>Oh no
>I break into a trot
>She matches my pace
>I break into a run, intending to get in and slam the door and lock it before she makes it there
>She's on my heels
>Blondie just staring in amusement as we vanish down the hallway
>I barrel through the door to her room and try to turn around
>She's too fast
>She's in and closes the door and locks it behind her

>Look around desperately like a trapped animal
>oh wait a second this room is spotless
>well... not spotless but the bed is made, all the sleeping bags are rolled up and nothing seems amiss
>Oh right birthday is wearing a skirt
>she wasn't before
>turn slowly to face her
>"My aren't we in a hurry to get in here aren't we" she says in some kind of evil sultry tone
>I start scanning the windows and walls for escape routes
>She starts taking steps toward me
>She clicks her tongue with each step
>Imagine more scared pigeon noises here

>"What did you do to blondie!"
>We're still on that
>You dont even care that we covered your bedsheets and bed in various girl and boy juices
>And probably blood, i didn't even look at the bed afterwards but i'm sure glasses was a virgin
>You dont even care that we've completely ruined one of your sleeping bags too
>She repeats the question
>She's threatening to beat it out of me now
>Throwing things at me
>This isn't the type of physical contact i like
>[spoiler]if you haven't noticed, Birthday is violent.[/spoiler]
>I dodge into her closet
>Its got these huge sliding doors so im like desperately sliding it closed
>She tries to get in with me

>Oh wait this closet has two sides
>I crawl across the closet
>She gets halfway into one side
>I shove open the other side trapping her where i was just
>I jam the lock in the bottom of the door so she can't open that side and has to crawl over to where i was
>I used to have a closet like this, there would be no way i was escaping that alive without prior experience
>I book it
>Out the door of her room
>straight to the living room
>blondie is there with a questioning look on her face
>"No time to explain, run"
>Grab her hand and drag her after me
>We run through the laundry room
>The washer is on
>Take faint note of this as we flee down the direction of the master bedroom

>we run into the master bedroom
>Oh shit what do we do
>We could lock the door but she would find us
>Blondie seems to have understood the fact that my life was in danger
>She runs over to the closet and opens it and looks inside
>Plenty of room, we rush over and close the door behind us and try to stay quiet
>Tons of coats and things and the closet is pretty deep, so we rustle our way through recently worn to the "I've only worn this once and forgot about it" section.
>Smells like musty dusty closet
>Its like being in the bathroom all over again
>But since the closet isn't actually that big, and a huge amount of space is taken up by coats, we're forced really close together.
>It's really intimate
>Its also pitch black
>Every single breath i take echoes across the entire space
>Or it does not echo it just fills it up with sound, everything reverberates in your head when you're that close.
>Blondie is breathing pretty fluttery too, i can hear every breath she's making

>its about 2 minutes of near silence with only breath punctuating the entire closet.
>Slamming doors
>Various calls of "Where did you go?" from birthday
>progressively angrier
>Eventually she ends up stomping around in her parent's master bedroom
>she checks the bathroom, and then we hear footsteps come over and stop right in-front of the closet
>The door opens
>A faint amount of light floods the closet, but we were all the way in the back
>Piles of boxes at our feet, coats and dresses hanging over our heads
>We're holding our breath and practically squishing into the corner together to make ourselves smaller.
>Birthday girl makes a click with her tongue
>and another
>and another
>heart beating miles a minute
>cant imagine the world of shit i would be in if she realizes i've kidnapped blondie too
>Birthday girl ruffles some coats and doesn't seem to find anything, then lets out a sigh and leaves closing the closet door behind her
>Pitch black again
>We both start breathing at exactly the same instant we hear birthday girl's footsteps die off.

>Just us two left alone
>I have blondie pressed up really firmly into the corner and i'm facing towards the door with my shoulder holding her back
>I can feel her heartbeat on my shoulder
>Its going just as fast, if not faster than mine
>I try to turn around
>This is way harder than it sounds in such a small confined space
>I end up facing her with my head inches ahead of hers
>The only way i can tell is by feeling her hot breath on my cheek
>Every time she breathes i feel it impact a point right on my lower cheekbone and spread out
>Its hot and just leaves the tiniest bit of moisture
>every gap between breaths my cheek feels freezing because of it.

>she whispers something really quietly
>I'm so focused on her breathing that i can't hear her at all
>i ask her to repeat it
>"That tickles"
>I realize that the angle she's at, if she's breathing on my cheekbone i'm breathing on her neck.
>only one way to find out
>I lower my head downwards and open my lips, searching for something in the darkness
>She lets out a squeak when i make contact, as almost a confirmation i've made it.

>Whatever part of her body it is, it's amazingly warm, and i quickly get to exploring and sucking on it.
>Could be her neck, maybe the place her neck meets her shoulders
>Vampire mode engaged
>Could also be the back of her knee for all i could see
>Back of the Knee vampire mode engaged
>Whatever it was, it had flavor.
>She tasted salty mostly, but it tasted like some kind of salty candy, with just a very very light flavor
>Like noodles you don't chew or something.
>Whatever it is, i continue licking and sucking it
>I consider using my hands but decide better of it
>Handsfreefapping.jpeg [spoiler]ohgodihopethatdoesn'tbanme[/spoiler]

>All i'm getting from blondie at this point is cute little gasps
>Her breath is ragged and coming in little bursts instead of smoothly
>I try nipping her skin with my teeth
>She takes a quick breath in and holds it
>I let go with my teeth and start roaming down whatever body part i'm kissing
>her breath speeds up and becomes little jagged gasps.
>This is awesome
>Roaming downwards i manage to find what seems to be the collar of her shirt
>Awe this isn't her knee
>Unless she's wearing a shirt on her feet
>I doubt it
>Part of me was disappointed
>Well time to go back the way i came
>I begin the slow trek of licking, sucking and softly biting every piece of exposed skin i can as i move my way up her throat.

>The gasps and breaths are almost farther away now
>Im trying to figure out how this works
>I realize as i get higher that she's tilted her head all the way back to let me roam her entire neck uninterrupted
>That just won't do
>I roll one long lick from the top of her throat
>up her chin
>and connect it with a kiss after forcing her head forwards
>I dont have to listen to her breath now
>I can just feel it against my mouth and escaping between our lips every time she exhales
>I dont just listen
>I take my tongue and explore the hell out of that mouth
>Every single ridge of her teeth, the bumps on her gums
>The best part
>She tasted like pancakes and maple syrup

>god damn delicious
>probably the most delicious kiss so far
>But i mean she's cheating because she ate pancakes and maple syrup
>But maybe not because i made those pancakes
>Gonna need some anons to clarify the rules here for me, i'm not sure which way it goes.
>doesn't matter, she's god damn delicious
>I don't kiss her for more than a minute though
>I back my head off slowly
>I dont even feel her move, i think she's just waiting for what i'm going to do next.
>truth be told i'm trying to figure out what i should do next
>lightbulb moment
>Her bunny pajamas
>they're button up!

>I move my head down to her chest and just rest it right between her breasts
>the rise and fall of her breasts every time she takes a breath is great
>man i could fall asleep on these
>contemplating it
>so warm
>so soft
>I nuzzle my head around a little bit and my chin hits a button on her shirt
>Oh right buttons
>I re-arrange my angle and go in to see if i can open her shirt with just my teeth
>Totally gonna do this like all those guys in anime and mangas that do it
>Can't be that hard

>Not gonna happen
>Not a chance

>A good two minutes later i've given up entirely with the buttons
>All i've managed to do is leave a big wet spot on the first three buttons of her shirt
>I really did try, i was pretty disappointed in myself
>I did manage to just press my face into her breasts quite a bit in the process though, that was great.
>But to open a button you need to do things that my mouth was not designed for.
>Atleast those buttons
>Blondie realizes i'm having trouble
>Probably with that girl sense that lets them know you can't open thier bra so they jut in and do it themselves.
>You know when you're just taking too damn long and they want you to move ahead with it already
>thats not a sense really

>Either way she pulls my head back up to her neck
>I definitely forgot how awesome the neck was already
>I'm passionately re-enacting scenes from twilight when i feel her hands under my chin
>She's got them lower though
>Oh she's undoing the buttons
>Based blondie
>I go back to licking my way down her neck
>Haha! Upper chest
>Previously unexplored territory has been opened up like paid DLC
>But it was free
>The best part about the upper chest DLC is that its got the upper curves of the breasts on it
>Its like you can see where the islands rise out of the ocean, but can't visit them yet
>She only had about two buttons undone at this point

>But mm, boobies
>I spend the next minute or two purposefully and intently wetting every inch of her upper chest
>When i said oceans i meant oceans
>Blondie didn't actually have huge breasts, so there was quite a bit of non-breast availible as well
>She had B-ish cups, but they fit her frame so it was probably perfect
>Just like before, using my tongue i could play her breathing like some kind of crazy musical instrument.
>The skin below her shoulder, brought about long deep breaths
>The valley of skin between the curves of her mounds brought about short gasps, with tone changes on each stroke of my tongue.
>The breasts themselves, squishy but firm mounds of flesh, they made her hold her breath at first, before she actually started punctuating her breaths with tiny squeaks.
>it was the kinds of sounds a mouse would give off, the tiniest cutest vocal emanations from having her chest licked and kissed.

>She goes for the next button and undoes it
>Oh man more breasts
>The perfect cliche amount of chest is exposed, i imagine each nipple still barely hidden under the sides of each half of shirt
>I bend down to take a kiss of her right breast
>I nudge her shirt a bit
>her right nipple pops out
>I knew it wouldn't work like it should in my head
>It never does
>doesn't matter
>might as well make the best of it.
>I start slurping that exposed nipple like no tomorrow
>The texture of course is amazing on my tongue
>this sensory deprivation is making this like 10x better
>I can feel every wrinkle in the skin that makes up her nipple
>my tongue has master senses
>like wise wet dragon

>Is time for master attack
>I drop all pretense of letting her unbutton more
>I just change sides and use my teeth to peel back the shirt
>Im kinda lost at this point, so of course it takes a generally decent amount of feeling around with my tongue to find the breast again
>Its ok, i get to explore the other half of her left breast
>I work my way up to the left nipple and her breath changes from everything she had before, to just fast shallow squeaks
>Im not even licking the nipple itself, just the area around it.
>Haha, i found the sensitive one
>I move to the center nub and she just holds her breath again
>I keep sucking it and kissing it and i swear she hasn't breathed once.
>I decide to try nipping it with my teeth
>I get the slightest amount of pressure on it
>She lets out the loudest god damn squeal
>shoves me off and across the closet
>How the fuck are you that strong
>I crash into a bunch of boxes

>Didn't hit my head on anything, but my shoulder hit something hard and painful
>Back to the blondie is trying to kill me theories
>she's still making various sounds
>none of them sound that bad though, so i figure i didn't do anything too wrong
>Whatever it was i can recover i swear
>I crawl back over and give up the mouth-only pretense and wrap my arms fully around blondie and kinda cradle her into a relaxing position
>My question soon follows "What did i do wrong?"
>I don't get an answer right away

>When she does answer she's hoarse and only speaks a few words at a time
>"Explosion, warm, fuzzy"
>"Really good"
>Comprehension dawns on me as i realize i got her off with just my mouth and her breasts
>hahahahaha i KNEW it was possible
>Thousand bragging rights later
>It was probably because i was just licking her in sensitive places for like 15 minutes straight in a dark room
>But don't take this away from me.
>Instead of continuing like i was planning, i just wrap her in my arms and cuddle her for a little while while she coos and "ahhs" and cools off.
>I'm enjoying the warm comfort of the closet with this cute girl and closing/opening my eyes slowly
>I'm almost dozing off, so comfy
>I realize i can see her face and breasts with a little bit of light
>Oh no someone opened the door
>Oh no i wasn't paying attention when did this happen.

>The door just closes again and there's no sounds but the light vanishes
>Did they walk away quietly?
>Clothes rustling
>A couple seconds later there's definitely someone right beside us in the closet
>I reach out a hand and try to feel for them
>Breast through a shirt, nope doesn't help me identify them
>i guess its not raven though
>Upper chest
>mouth, feels like its in a smile
>"How do you two like my hiding spot?"

>"Hiding spot"
>Wait a second
>I ask what the fuck she's talking about
>"Where do you think i was hiding after watching"
>Oh fuck
>the clothes on the bed
>The lights out
>Glasses watched raven and I in the bathroom
>we were probably just too occupied with one another to even notice her
>we didn't even lock the doors
>she then snuck out and hid in the closet
>probably watched us get dressed too
>actual definition of a closet pervert
>makes sense why she's been smiling all day
>actual definition of a closet pervert though
>I mean how often does that happen.

>Blondie is just confused.
>i don't blame her
>I don't bother explaining
>It would probably break her heart to know she was the third
>Glasses just treats what she's said as completely nonchalantly as possible
> "Yeah i was walking around the house because birthday girl said she lost you two"
> "Took a guess and lets just say she's loud"
> i couldn't actually see what was happening, but knowing glasses she just pointed a finger at blondie in some overdramatized way.
>I just respond with a "Yeah i thought i broke her"
>Blondie is silent
>Glasses lets out an actual innocent (yet a tad sultry) laugh
>"But she did throw me across the closet, hit my shoulder"
>Blondie still silent
>From her point of view i'm probably being a massive dick
>Glasses coos about me being a big baby and reaches out and starts rubbing my shoulder
>It doesn't actually feel nice, but whatever its contact i didn't initiate for once so i'm happy for it.
>Oh right i should probably not traumatize the blondie

>You know, she would deserve it
>But, lets not
>Me : "So Glasses what brings you to our neck of the woods?"
>Glasses: "Deer Hunting, stags are in season"
>I'm caught off guard
>Me: "Y... you interrupted a very *private* moment"
>Ii try to put emphasis on private as much as possible so she'll get the hint.
>Glasses: "My Doe was getting away"
>Glasses: "I picked up a great rifle though, i'm tracking her through the scopes"
>Blondie actually verbally states "Doe" in confusion
>I got nothing

>Still nothing
>Glasses Continues : "Well i've followed them to a clearing..."
>Me: "Alright i give up what do you wa-"
>I'm smothered by a kiss from glasses
>she actually hasn't taken off her glasses this time, so they kinda crunch up against my face
>The hard surfaces of the lenses are actually digging into my cheekbones
>Before i can even retaliate in fairness, its over
>Glasses: I was just instructed to find and make sure this cute little deer was alright
>the word "Deer" is punctuated by a squeal from blondie, so i assume something was pinched or squeezed.

>There's a tad bit of rustling along with this and i can feel blondie squirming around
>Glasses: "Our mutual friends just wanted to make sure this cute little *Deer* wasn't being taken advantage of"
>The word deer was once again punctuated by a short gasp and a squeal from blondie
>I've got no clue what's going on, but glasses continues
>"So what should i tell them i found the *Deer* doing"?
>Blondie is now squirming and letting out little gasps
>Every time glasses says deer it seems to make her squirm more
>In one of her gasps she manages "Make her stop"

>It seems to be directed at me
>Only one way to find out
>Blondie is in my lap, so i know where she is
>I figure the easiest way to make glasses stop is to reach out and find out where she is
>i kinda fondle around in the darkness looking around for something warm and clothed to grab onto
>I find a breast again
>Aha! found you!
>Glasses: "I wonder what they'll think when i tell them i found my little DEER playing with the STAG in the CLOSET"
>This was just mean, blondie was squealing every time she put emphasis on her words, so i figured it was time to fight back

>Me: "Well maybe SOMEONE should tell the rest of the DEER that we were TALKING over the previous PROBLEM"
>I punctuated "Someone" "Deer" and "Talking" with hard pinches to glasses' breast
>I know they hurt because she flinched every time and took a little short breath
>with "Problem" i tweaked her nipple (or as close as i could find to it) REALLY hard.
>This seemed to work, she stopped the deer roleplay and just started complaining about how that was mean and that really hurt
>I ignored her, and grabbed her left arm and followed it with my hand to where it was going
>Down, down, towards blondie, down
>missing blondie entirely
>waistband of pants
>Lovely, glasses was frigging herself and we didn't even realize it.
>Plus those were my god damn boxers she was wearing

>Right, might as well follow the other arm now
>Back up her first arm
>Another breast
>I gave the second one a firm squeeze to remind her i wasnt done with her yet
>Right arm
>towards blondie
>blondie's stomach
>blondie's waistband
>Oh great
>she was frigging blondie too
>wait a second

>Whats going on here
>More god damn mysteries to solve
>three hands going into the waistband of blondie's pants
>I'm feeling left out
>There's actually a party in her pants
>Why wasn't i invited
>This is some bullshit
>God damn crash this party if its the last thing i do.
>I manage to slide my hand in and the first thing i notice is that its pretty steamy
>I mean there's three hands already in here in various states of intertwinement
>Gotta untangle this mess

>really just a mess of fingers though
>Its kinda neat because neither of them are moving at all
>Blondie expects me to help or something and is just frozen, and glasses is afraid i'm going to squeeze her breast again.
>i can imagine the look of concentration on my face as i tried to work this puzzle up.
>I cant figure it out at all from down here, i retreat and follow the hands back to the owners.
>Gotcha, i see, puzzle solved, solution incoming
>I figure out which hands are blondies, ends up she's trying desperately to cover her self up from glasses prying fingers.
>Glasses has already won and has two fingers right at the top of her slit, rubbing small circles and making blondie squirm.
>hey wait she's moving
>I take my other hand and firmly squeeze something on glasses
>who knows what, but it made her stop

>In the most authoritative tone i can muster i say one word
>Blondie whimpers in agreement
>Glasses whimpers in acknowledgement
>My heart melts
>oh man that was adorable
>how do i get them to both do that again
>Ill get a plan together and come back to myself on that one
>Now i take my hand and slide it under blondie's fingers and lift up glasses fingers as well.
>Blondie makes a couple sounds while this is happening, but glasses is completely silent

>Eventually i have my fingers completely below both of them
>This does mean that i'm actually just cupping blondie's entire crotch with my hand
>No movement, just cupping
>Glasses is definitely dejected she lost her new toy
>Her fingers slowly start probing and trying to penetrate past my hand
>not having it
>iron curtain
>aint gettin past me
>no refugees
>eventually she just takes my entire hand and places hers over it.

>I take the lapse in attack to ask blondie if its better now
>I don't really get a response, just some kind of contented sigh
>blondie at this point just has her hands down her pants and on her legs, she's not really participating at all.
>Might not even be there, astral projecting somewhere maybe.
>Blondie squeezes her legs together
>Nope shes here
>It kind of feels weird because her thigh tendons are kinda sticking either side, i have no clue what those tendons are called
>But she was definitely holding my hand in place
>She's not that wet though, unlike raven or glasses
>those other two would be soaking, with blondie it was really just kinda damp.
>Glasses proves she's not easily defeated though
>She presses her entire hand down, forcing me to put pressure on blondie
>Thats a moan

>Nope, nope, not having this
>i reach over with my free hand and find glasses breast again
>I don't squeeze it this time
>i don't pinch it
>I roll my hand under the edge of her shirt and bring it up
>I find her bare nipple
>and i start pulling her over to me with it
>"OW, OW, OW"
>That worked
>I make it clear she realizes i'm completely serious
>Another authoritative tone
>Another content whimper in agreement from blondie
>Another apologetic whimper from glasses
>Oh man i'm dying this is the cutest thing ever
> maybe being alpha isn't so hard
>I did say maybe

>I get tackled by glasses
>I get tickled by glasses
>between that and the tickling, i'm laughing and i pretty much lose any semblance of situational control i had
>My hand slips out of blondie's pants and i'm rolling around on the floor in this tiny little space as glasses has me tickled
>she's got both hands on each side of my ribs, and one of her hands is very wet
>hmmm i wonder how that happened
>but i cant wonder about those things because i'm dying of laughter
>oh wait her hands are gone
>i sit up and realize i can see again
>Glasses is dragging blondie off by the foot out of the closet
>I start chasing after them
>hand outstretched
>glasses drags blondie all the way out of the closet and i'm almost out to meet them
>She closes the door in my face

(As a note, Update #3 was a 10 hour thread, from 8, to 6 in the morning, they won't usually be that long)
Alright thats stopping point for tonight.
You can contact me on skype as always, most likely going to do more tonight (friday) at 8-ish, or sunday at 8-ish. California time

Update #4 : April 4th[edit]

>Well maybe that was a tad bit of an over dramatic place to leave off

>Yeah the entire scene of Glasses dragging blondie kicking and screaming out of a closet

>The girl i had up until moments ago, been having a warm set of comfy intimacy with.

>After she had attempted to murder me multiple times of course

>That just made it hotter.

>[spoiler]no it didnt[/spoiler]

>Imagine if you will, as i fumble after them over boxes of shoes clambering and grasping out with my hands

>Lets go over the expressions that crossed our faces one by one

>Glasses dragging blondie away with her characteristic evil smile

>Blondie with a mixture of confusion and fear in her eyes

>[spoiler]you know, that kind of innocent fear you get when someone's dragging you off without your permission, but you know you're probably safe[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]but around glasses who knows[/spoiler]

>If i'm honest i probably didn't really have an expression on

>Maybe some surprise when i realized i was no longer being tickled and blondie


>was being dragged off

>but for the most part you can't really hold an expression as you're trying to escape a closet full of boxes and coats

>Well until the door was slammed in my face

>I'd love to imagine i donned the exact woody face that i posted up above.

>But i mean this is really just overdramatized

>I just stood up and opened the door



>i instantly regret not turning off HDR in the video settings.

>of course, having transitioned to my vampire state while within the closet, i flail around blindly screaming

>"My eyes!"

>"The Sunlight it burns!"

>After which i began sparkling and romanced all the girls effortlessly, because i guess vampires don't die from sun anymore in popular media. (yeah, twilight is really that old)

>[spoiler]Which in layman's terms means i stood there blinking for a couple seconds trying to get my bearings[/spoiler]

>this is really just a fancy way of saying i was actually blind for a good 15 seconds.

>that was too many puns in a row, (sorry).

>I couldn't see anything going on clearly because the glare of the sun was streaming in through the window

>but i could hear scuffling and blondie making various "Help i'm being dragged off against my will noises"

>You know those sounds girls make when you grab them off the street and shove them into your van

>You know the ones

>She was making those noises, and it sounded like glasses was actually having trouble with her

>Probably getting kicked in the chest/face as she was dragging the feet of a very resistant opponent.

>Definitely a couple "Ommpfhs" so blondie was getting some great hits in.

>Either way, i can't do anything but wait, so i just get to enjoy the sounds of the two scuffling

>They aren't getting farther away

>But they're still hitting one another, the bed is creaking and they're both breathing in pretty big gasps

>I'm throwing puzzle pieces together trying to figure out what's happening

>Oh wait sight's returning

>Blondie has a firm grip on the bottom of the bed's baseboard

>She's practically upside down being pulled by glasses who's trying to dislodge her

>Glasses is obviously having a hard time keeping a hold of her

>She's holding one of blondie's legs with a hefty amount of slack in the pajama pants, and the other by the ankle.

>Poor blondie looks like she's being swept away by a strong river current

>Her pajama bottoms are pulled down enough to show her buttcheeks to the world

>Perfect half-moon globes of flesh

>Her pajama top is completely open, but she's contorted her upper body in a twist to hold onto the baseboard of the bed, so her breasts are in "I'm using muscles mode" and its not as visually delightful as you would imagine.

>Which to me is always has its allures, something that smaller breasts always do and big ones can't.

>[spoiler]For those of you who haven't been with women in various states of undress in reality, breasts are not always big jiggling things that hang out in front of the girl's chest[/spoiler]

>[spoiler] when they stretch in various positions, may it be putting on a shirt, yoga, or lying down, women with smaller breasts have the breasts shrink in prominence completely and change shape to be much less prominent.[/spoiler]

>[spoiler] this is completely underrepresented in porn, or frankly most if not all forms of media with sex involved, but its just the way human muscles work[/spoiler]

>[spoiler] just thought you might be interested in what i meant when i said "Muscles Mode": Yw Lonely Anons[/spoiler]

>Either way, as an example of how hard blondie was gripping the bed baseboard at her contorted angle, her chest was nearly completely smooth

>I thought this was pretty neat

>I like those kinds of things

>But i figured i probably have to save blondie's ass instead of stand there and enjoy the show

>So instead of running over and holding blondie's arms like some kind of twisted girl tug-of-war

>I just walk over and scoop Glasses off her feet

>But she doesn't let go

>So now i'm holding Glasses, who is still trying to drag Blondie off with her

>so its still tug of war but different

>I've got to be careful because moving glasses at all will probably slam blondie into the baseboard of the bed and i really don't want to do that.

>I decide my plan of action is to start tickling wherever i have my hands on Glasses

>This was her ass, and her upper back

>Just where my hands ended up

>Actually perfect tickling locations

>She starts dying of laughter in my arms and lets go of blondie

>Blondie doesn't even hesitate, in half a second she's off the ground, across the room and into the bathroom

>The lock clicks as she closes the door

>Poor girl, i don't think she was terrified as much as just didn't want to be a part of this anymore

>I'm left holding a still giggling glasses

>I'd love to go along and pretend i'd said "Who has been a naughty girl and needs to be punished"

>Or something else ridiculously cliche like that.

>But unlike harem anime, you're not thinking this when you get your happy warm closet time interrupted

>Nope, i was going to piledrive glasses into that bed like some crazy sumo wrestler

>Not the hot kind of piledrive either

>I did have a problem though

>I didn't lift

>Girls are heavy

>With one knee i kinda use it to hoist her up in the air a bit more than i was already holding her

>Well that's about as much height as i'm going to get

>Give her a kind of wiggling shove in the direction of the bed

>This isnt a piledrive at all

>She just wraps her arms around my neck and takes me down with her

>We both end up on the bed

>This isn't romantic at all

>We're fighting

>Tickles, pinches,

>ow, ow

>Everything mean i did to her in the closet i get paid back like seven times

>My hair is pulled

>I get my butt pinched, HARD

>Across the tussling i get kneed in the stomach a couple times

>This hurts

>The only good part is, i'm slowly winning

>I manage to pin her legs down and seat my crotch right on her stomach so she can't kick me anymore

>My legs either side of her waist and pinning her thighs together so she can't kick off the bed or something.

>Now its just an arm battle

>With the dexterity of ninjas we trade glancing blows

>The battle rages on for seven days and seven nights

>Right as i manage to block one arm she hits me with the other

>I pin her left arm down

>I pin her right arm down

>She bites me on the shoulder

>Fucking cheater

>I've finally got her pinned down completely

>I keep myself just far away enough from her snapping teeth to not lose chunks of flesh

>I'm actually at a loss as to what to do now

>I realize i have a boner

>Its pressed into her stomach quite firmly

>It feels quite good actually

>she definitely notices

>I guess she's mine to ravage

>To the winner go the spoils

>I try to sneak in for a kiss

>She's still playing the snapping turtle game

>Its just not serious anymore i can see it in her eyes

>She's just being a tease

>You could almost tell her eyes were laughing

>I love laughing eyes

>I was glad, we were probably back to being friends again

>She stops snapping

>The look on her face changes to another smile, an almost expectant one.

>Her eyelids fluttered in the most attractive way

>Everything was just screaming "Your move anon"

>She closes her eyes

>I close mine

>I lean in for the kiss

>Blondie's voice punctuates the silence through the bathroom door with a very soft "Hey... you guys"

>Both of our eyes jolt open

>We're centimeters apart from a kiss

>Frozen, my lips hovering above hers.

>Blondie continues through the door: "I'm... going to take a shower"


>Still both of us staring into one another's eyes

>"Can one of you get my clothes"


>One of us has to respond

>Glasses does it "Sure thing, i'll go get em"

>Her chipper tone is extremely loud at how close we are.

>She's speaking directly into me, her voice almost projects through my head

>I could swear i heard a faint ringing.

>Back to staring again though

>Frozen where we were

>Just silence until we hear the water start up in the bathroom

>Glasses takes the chance to lean up slightly and clack her teeth together in a menacing snap right infront of my nose

>I mentally scream like a little girl

>I jump backwards a good half foot

>Lose grip on her arms

>She's got my arms now

>Oh no the war is lost

>Within the span of a second, i'm on my back, complete role reversal

>She's got her crotch firmly planted on mine through, and she's sitting far more upright

>She wiggles around to get a sense of how hard i am

>I can only assume i'm pressing right into her through however many layers we have on.

>She bounces


>The pressure, amazing

>She bounces again


>she stops

>Smiles at me

>Leans over and gives me a kiss on the cheek before getting up off the bed entirely and walking away.

>There's just a small man somewhere inside of me at this point.


>I just lie there

>Hands and legs outstretched

>Just starfish right in the middle of the bed

>No willpower to get up

>Back to staring at the ceiling in the master bedroom i guess

>Just having ceiling kinda thoughts

>Hey look the same spots i was looking at earlier are here

>Why is the paint different colors than the walls?

>Is that a spider?

>You know, ceiling thoughts

>I'm learning the secret language of the spiders when i hear footsteps return

>Lots of footsteps

>well maybe just two people

>I can't be assed enough to look

>these bitches be interrupting me and my spiderbros

>Atleast my spiderbros won't leave me with raging boners every 10 minutes

>A voice asks "How was your talk with blondie?"


>I mumble something about hating all of them

>"Oh it can't be that bad!" raven exclaims while the bed takes the obvious impact.

>Raven moves into my peripheral vision as she crawls over and plops down beside me.

>I find myself accompanied in my quest to befriend the spiderbros

>She's lying down ontop of one of my arms, but she's not heavy so its alright.

>Glasses mentions she's left the clothes by the bathroom door and walks off

>I listen to her footsteps approach the bedroom door, and then close it and walk off into the hallway

>is this some kind of fucking conspiracy

>glasses wont let me near blondie, but just happily locks me in a room with raven

>i'm being plotted against

>can't trust anyone

>factions have formed behind my back and i'm not part of them.

>Raven inquires the content of my talk with blondie

>I'm done with the games

>i make it sound as unimportant as possible

>"I'm just covering up for some shit she did, don't mention it to her its not that important"

>Thats met with a characteristic "Oh" from raven's mouth

>I still haven't moved

>Just not gonna move until my boner dies completely

>"You sure like staring at this ceiling" - Raven, observant as always

>"I'm naming the spiders" - Me, blunt as always

>She starts helping

>In 10 minutes we've named every spot and spider on the ceiling

>Did i mention raven is a total bro

>Raven and I, having formed a new human/spider guild of cooperation plan on using our new found spider army to rule the world

>Lying there on a bed doing absolutely nothing but talking about the ceiling

>This is a feeling all anons know and have experienced

>I have to remind you that first and foremost these were really my good friends in this house

>I had grown up with raven from way before even middle school, glasses, birthday and homely were just middle school school friends and blondie was a new transfer this year but she was /b/ro status all the same.

>Moments like these are just as good as everything else

>You just forget them when they're gone.

>Less sappy, and more world domination.

>We're not sure where to take over first though

>Various countries are ruled out as too cold for spiderbros

>We're contemplating south america

>But we're interrupted by a pretty loud shriek from the bathroom.

>Followed by bang and a crash.

>what sounds like the entire row of shampoo has levitated into the air and flung itself across the bathroom from where we're lying

>Various small objects ricocheting off the walls

>Sounds like a bomb went off

>the idea flashes across my mind that blondie could have somehow mixed shampoo in the right formula to form an actual explosive

>This is probably an actually possible thing

>[spoiler]mixing shampoos is playing with your life anons[/spoiler]

>It doesn't stay long, because in what can only be considered superhuman speed, raven and I were both up and yelling "Blondie ,are you OK?" in unison.

>No response

>We're at the door banging and trying to get her to respond

>No response

>Raven is trying the doorknob frantically

>Blondie locked it

>Not sure what the best plan of action is here

>The house isn't exactly shit, so im pretty sure i couldn't break down a door

>There was a tiny tiny window outside, not one we were going to get in

>Blondie was probably hurt, or had her limbs spread out across the bathroom due to the shampoo explosion.

>My mind was jumping to grim conclusions as always as you can see

>I grab the doorknob and just try to force it open past the lock

>Not gonna work

>I back up and decide i'm gonna try to be an anime hero and bash the door down


>I take a running start

>Shoulder straight into the wood

>It doesn't give in the slightest


>I give

>I crumple into a small pile at the bottom of the door

>The door has won

>My shoulder burns and throbs like i've just smashed it into a hardwood door

>Oh wait

>That's a double oh-wait

>Because i definitely did smash it into a hardwood door

>But i also got a chance to look up and take a good look at the doorknob

>My friend has these

>He showed me how to open them to fuck with his sister while she was showering

>They've got a small hole right near the knob that if you put something small into it unlocks

>Pervert memories to the rescue

>I get back up and rush over to the parent's makeup dresser

>Raven contributes by yelling through the door and trying to get a response

>find a hairpin


>I roughly shove raven out of the way and crouch down to find the hole in the doorknob

>Right where i knew it was

>The door unlocks with a click and we're both head over heels scampering into the bathroom

>What we find is burned into my memory

>Every tile, every wisp of steam is there, all in one picture

>The master shower stall had the biggest assortment of shampoo and conditioner bottles when i was in there last

>They were spread everywhere across the floor

>Razors, shaving cream, everything that was kept on the giant shower shelf was on the floor

>The shower was still on, the water was almost falling in slow motion

>I could even see the pattern of the water as it cascaded down from the custom showerhead

>And right in the middle of it all

>was not a beautiful naked teenager that you should all be popping boners for.

>It was my friend, motionless , and she looked very small and insignificant in the middle of that shower stall

>We were at her side in seconds, kicking up shampoo bottles to make room to sit beside her

>No Cuts




>Any funny twisted limbs


>We both went over the checklist of everything we could in those couple of split seconds

>But to us blondie was still lying motionless on the shower floor

>She didn't even have her eyes open

>I don't know if you've ever been in a situation like that

>At that age, we had no experience whatsoever in appropriate procedures

>We were more clueless than anything else up to this point

>and i don't know about raven, but i was scared shitless

>Raven guesses at what to do and starts shaking blondie softly

>Its almost sickening to watch her limp body shake

>I don't even know how to describe how fear makes everything terrible, but ii was almost sick to my stomach every time blondie's head rolled a little bit because her body was moved.

>I just grab one of blondie's hands and squeeze it tightly, hoping she'll wake up

>Its a tense couple of seconds before she shows a bit of movement

>the second she does, raven and i both start breathing again

>I didn't even realize i was holding my breath

>She's not dead

>I realize she might have hit her head pretty hard, so i lift her up gently and look to make sure there's no blood or anything

>I run my hand under her head and besides lots of wet hair, i don't find any large bumps

>Doctor anon prognosis, she'll live

>I'm left holding a very dazed and confused naked girl in my arms

>[spoiler]yeah, she's not dying or dead so she's back to being attractive[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]dont say a word[/spoiler]

>She's not crying or anything

>I look at raven and realize she's crying though

>Actually that's quite a bit of tears

>I look down at my lap and realize i'm crying too

>Oh, no its just raining

>Look up and see we're sitting happily right under the showerhead

>We're both soaking wet

>Wasn't even on our list of things that needed to be noticed until that point

>I find it funny, but its not time for laughter so i just hold it in

>Raven scoots closer and kind of envelops blondie and myself in a hug



>Nothing quite like holding one naked girl in your arms and getting hugged by another in the shower.

>I hope blondie is feeling the maximum comfy upon waking up from her temporary coma

>I'm still not really in a place to be popping boners though

>I'm confused as to how blondie managed to take the entire shower stall down with her

>I ask her this with a "What happened>?"

>No response from blondie, she seems to be unwilling to cooperate with answers

>Probably because of all the chinese water torture we're forcing upon her.



>Water is running down my head and off my nose and hitting her on the cheek

>Its just gotta do with the angle my head is at, but it's just a small detail i'm noticing as i pry into her face for answers.

>She still says nothing

>She points up at the corner, about waist height

>Raven gets up to investigate

>I take the chance to do a once over of blondie's body since raven was no longer blocking my line of sight.

>[spoiler] was actually like four times[/spoiler]

>Not a pound of fat on her ,just wet and smooth all the way down

>Well until "All" the way down, then she's a natural blonde

>Good to know

>I get an odd sound from raven, kinda an embarrassed hiccup

>I think she's caught me looking so i drop my eyes and do a tactical roll out of there

>but i'm pinned down by blondie so i don't really go anywhere

>i look up at raven and she's examining something in the corner

>She swipes her hand across the tile and comes over and holds her hand in front of me

>Its sticky and shiny with a white substance



alright anons, thats all i have for tonight. Sunday expect more yeah? 8: PSTish

Update #5 : April 6th[edit]

>Raven didn't hold her hand out for very long

>Really it was just enough time for me to see it, and realize what it was before she made the appropriate "Eww" sounds and held her hand out into the cascading water.

>Blondie and myself just latch our eyes onto that hand and watch in mesmerizing intensity

>Raven can only turn her head away and look at the corner abashedly

>No scrubbing, no hand rubbing, she just holds her palm outstretched until the water has peeled off and removed all traces of the guilt.

>Without even a word, raven gets up again and tilts the shower head towards the corner and just leaves it there

>The hot water hits the tile wall in the characteristic big sideways puddle, with the sides leaking down in little streams and rivers.

>Washing away the dirty deed indeed

>Well, guilt hidden, it's like nothing ever happened

>Raven is looking at me with quite a high-impact level of guilt on her face

>Eyes are contracted slightly, mouth turned down into a frown at the corners, chin and cheeks scrunched up.

>Her eyes have the quality of being exceptionally expressive, they're twinkling in a sad sort of melancholy way

>Her eyes tell me i'm making a similar face

>Her eyes tell me we're idiots for not cleaning that up

>Her eyes tell me that we probably scared the ghost out of blondie when she touched the wall and realized what it was.

>Her eyes tell me that it would have been a thousand times better even if birthday girl's parents had come back and found the mess.

>Without a word i was guilting just as badly as if we had just had a five hour screaming match.

>The eye communication continues

>Mind you, this wasn't just over a couple seconds

>I was kneeling on the ground with my legs open

>Blondie was still mostly on the ground and naked

>She had her body at an angle to mine, and had her head and upper back propped up on my thigh with my other knee at her side.

.[spoiler]Anons keep asking what she looks like in more detail[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]She was beautiful in a real sort of "Cute" way, the most easily relatable comparison i can make is to a real-life Winry Rockbell from (Fullmetal Alchemist)[/spoiler]

>I was soaked through to the bone in just a t-shirt and some very wet and tight jeans

>[spoiler]If you don't realize the thermodynamics involved in jeans and water, they shrink like 15% in hot water[/spoiler]

>[spoiler] and these weren't loose baggy jeans, i was a skinny kid so i had to grab pairs that had tight waists to fit and not slide off my delicious flat hips.[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]Aint no skinny jeans though, i wasn't one of THOSE kids, don't worry anons[/spoiler]

>Raven was soaked to the bone as well

>Her pants were holding up pretty well to the water and weren't transparent or anything

>But her white shirt was soaked all the way through

>You know what this means anons

>[spoiler]The cups of her bra were prominently displaying, because she was still wearing one remember[/spoiler]

>Back to the lack of conversation at hand

>Raven and i were silent for a good bit of time before blondie eventually came to some sort of mental conclusion

>Blondie looks up with an expectant mask on.

>The one where your eyes go a little wider, your cheeks relax and your mouth keeps a perfect straight line while you're waiting for a response.

>"That was you last night wasn't it?" Were the words that tumbled out of her mouth

>They weren't even together in the right order, but my brain had rearranged them into the correct places and the exact thing i didn't want to hear.

>I'm in real danger of causing some catastrophic feels here.

>Mind you this was a girl that had only received kindness from me.

>Blondie had personally gone out of her way to try to secure my affections multiple times

>She had singled me out for kisses and show her affections in various ways.

>In return she had only caused me severe, and oftentimes extremely dangerous bodily harm, and yet i had still returned her affections with smiles.

>I had saved her ass (literally) from Birthday girl

>Taken the heat off her for the kitchen incident, and hadn't told a soul about either of the cabinet assassination attempts.

>Not to mention i had shown up in the living room and grabbed her hand to take her with me

>Ran across the house with her hand in hand, hidden in a closet (an extremely intimate game of hide and seek)

>Then once again "Rescued" her from Glasses.

>To top it off, she had just come back from quite a nasty fall, in my arms with my face being the first thing she sees.

>If there was a word to describe what blondie was feeling right now, it was "Special"

>The words "Loved" come to mind as well

>This girl had someone seemingly single her out for attention and treat her as if she was the most important girl in the world.

>Even though she was a gigantic fuck up in her own.

>This wasn't true at all, but it was the way things had played out from her eyes.

>There is no real way to describe these feelings, but by-god i'll try [spoiler]when[/spoiler] if we get to it.

>But right now i was holding a very emotionally fragile girl in my arms

>One that felt at that very moment she was the center of my attention, and that my answer teetered on the brink of shattering that illusion for her

>Well, who was i to crush her hopes and dreams

>Well there were two answers i could pick from


>Oh fuck i didn't mean to say that answer

>Why didn't i deny it

>Whats wrong with me

>Alright, now i'm in dangerous waters

>Blondie's face changes from "questioning" to "confused"

>I can see cracks beginning to form in her heart of crystal glass, and watch as she's internally struggling to not have it shatter.

>There's a couple emotions going across her face, fear, anger, , she's probably working at light speed making connections and tearing apart everything she had convinced herself

>I've got to act quickly to stop this trainwreck

>I assume my most calm and collected tone

>"Relax, its perfectly normal"

>Her face disagrees with me

>She's tying strings together in her head, to the time i spent up with raven and glasses, to the kisses i had shared with all the other women in front of her.

>"After you fell asleep in my arms, you were on my mind"

>"And... you know"

>Blondie isn't making faces anymore

>Her face is kinda blank actually

>Straight lips, not even looking at me correctly just kind of staring through me

>I did just kind of imply i fapped to her in the shower

>This would have been the perfect romantic moment

>Thousand birds singing praises overhead for how well i had handled it

>Guaranteed a spot in Valhalla for my quick thinking and bravery

>I'd be telling stories of this moment as i chomped on giant turkey legs the size of my head.

>One problem


>I didn't even realize at the time. Only after looking back can i understand what a doomed world i had consigned myself to.

>I had been friends with raven for years, and she was far from emotionally stable

>Her self esteem was rock bottom most the time, i was probably the only thing keeping her from falling apart most days seeing as i had known her since i was very young.

>Tough life, crappy parents, few good friends, small breasts (which i didn't actually find out about until this sleepover)

>In retrospect, she was probably hiding them from me by wearing a Bra, that's just the kind of thing raven would do.

>Think about that for a second anons.

>Now here i was in a shower with another naked girl in my arms

>and i had just completely ruined the moment we had shared earlier, and pretended it was about someone else.

>Are you screaming at your monitor calling me an idiot yet?


>Just wait, you will be.

>I had taken a Loving romantic crescendo to a first time sexual experience for a girl, and completely smashed it against a wall.

>Not just any girl, one that had thrown herself at me sexually to try to remain relevant when glasses was involved.

>That wasn't her being slutty anons, that was her trying desperately to shift the attention of the boy she'd been (i can only assume) crushing on for years.

>You don't need to read minds to know what raven was feeling right now





>Very un-special

>Needless to say, i didn't even look at raven

>My eyes were focused on blondie, and my mind was working full speed to try to alleviate Blondie's misgivings.

>I wasn't really even thinking about raven, i thought she would understand at the time.

>Where as in reality raven and blondie had probably traded hearts from a moment ago

>Where blondie's was warm and bubbling again, Raven's was indeed a shattered crystal.

>The pieces were as scattered and broken as the shampoo bottles and toiletries scattered across the shower with us.

>[spoiler] There is no such thing as a harem where you can juggle the affections of all the girls anons[/spoiler]

>[spoiler] No matter what faces they show on the outside, one of them loves you far more than the rest [/spoiler]

>[spoiler] but she'll hide it and bury her pain in fake smiles and the illusion of happiness, just to make you happy[/spoiler]

>[spoiler] because she thinks it what you want[/spoiler]

>Blondie was bubbling, a smile on her face once again

>From my peripheral vision ,i watched as raven dropped the tenseness in her legs and her kneel fell into a seated position, legs gently splayed out to either side.

>This was the moment you could actually see her heart rip in half.

>Thinking i'd just averted the crisis of a lifetime, i look up towards raven.

>She's got her eyes turned downwards, looking at what seems to be blondie's face

>It's got a look of what i see as concentration on it, nothing i can read properly.

>I assume she's just worried about blondie's reaction like i was

>I figure its time we stop sitting around wet and cold on the shower floor, so it's time to get up.

>I stand up, and give blondie a firm hand and a yank and she's up as well

>I extend a hand to raven as well, but i'm too slow as she just rocks forward on her knees and is up in an instant on her own.

>We're all standing awkwardly in the shower now

>I'll be honest and say that although i was soaking wet and in a shower with two other women

>I really was not interested in a shower

>My mind was doing bellyflops trying to keep my stories straight in my head and make sure i hadn't screwed anything up.

>Seemed alright to me

>Raven seemed lost in thought as well, probably trying to make sure i didn't screw anything up too.

>That's my raven, Always a bro.

>Blondie turns the showerhead back towards us and blasts us away from contemplation and back to the moment.

>"I... i didn't finish showering" , Blondie turns flamingo pink when she says this, i didn't even know colors like that were possible with human bodies.

>If she had stood on one leg and spread out her wings i could have mistaken her for the real thing.

>She's not sure what she's supposed to be doing

>Raven and i are just kinda standing there in part of the shower with her

>It's probably extremely embarrassing, i understand the color change.

>"I... i'm going to continue"

>A very long pause of silence

>"You can stay if you want, just... close the door"

>Invitation to engage in hot-shower scene with blondie sent

>"Its alright..."

>Application harshly denied by Raven

>This is alright by my book

>I was in way too much emotional turmoil, with all the heroic saving of unconscious girls and all

>Raven and i get our shit together and are about to head out the shower door

>Blondie reaches for and grabs the peppermint soap

>Oh no, not again

>I notice, and grab her hand to stop her

>"Don't use this one, it's cold"

>Blondie looks at me appreciatively, real tender glimmering in her eyes and reaches for a different bottle.

>I look over to make sure raven isn't giving anything away

>If she had said anything at all about the soap it would have ruined everything

>Blondie would have instantly put two and two together and all my work would be for naught

>It would have been a word-for-word dramatic anime scene.

>On my mind there was a 100% chance raven would say something, or make a face, or stop blondie

>She didn't even make a peep or look in blondie's direction

>Phew, i am so lucky

>We're still soaking wet as we exit the shower stall

>Raven just sits down on the edge of the giant bathtub and stares forward

>She mumbles something about staying and concussions or something.

>I don't need to hear it all to agree, so i trot over to the bathroom door

>Leaving puddles the entire way there

>And i close and lock it, leave more puddles and join raven on the edge of the bathtub.

>She's staring off into space

>Dripping puddles onto the floor at her feet.

>I join her

>The bathroom is very warm and steamy so we're completely comfortable sitting here in soaking wet clothes

>I stare off at the opposite wall, the wisps of steam in the bathroom air trickling between opaqueness and transparency

>The wisps form clouds, billow around the room in various patterns and my mind even ties them to shapes and things, clouds, trees.

>I can't imagine what raven is seeing, but i know she must be having the same kind of "Lost in thought" experience i am.

>I'm just enjoying another moment of quiet company with my best childhood friend.

>I try to make smalltalk, she seems disinterested so i leave her to her thoughts

>Seven, eight minutes pass like this

>I'm sneaking glances at blondie through the still-open shower door, but not really in a perverted way

>I'm really just making sure she's not concocting any more shampoo bombs

>But nonetheless, i seem to have full permission to watch a girl shower.

>I wouldn't be male if i didn't happily take the chance

>Before we jump into it being the most erotic thing ever, it really wasn't.

>Its hard to describe, i was watching with half fascination and half arousal

>She really showered like any other one of us would, lathered up everything and washed it off

>She didn't lean up against the shower wall and masturbate furiously while staring intently in my direction.

>She didn't bend over teasingly and wiggle her cute buttocks at me invitingly.

>She even paid far less attention to her privates than i would have liked, just soaped em up and gave em a thorough wash

>But when she got to shampooing her hair

>That was the most interesting part

>See, blondie had long creamy blonde hair.

>[spoiler]In case that wasn't obvious[/spoiler]

>And how long you take to shower is exactly proportionate to how much hair you have.

>So i was treated to an elegant and very attractive girl, putting the amount of effort into cleaning her hair that a male would spend washing his entire body.

>Shampoo, scrub, straighten out with her hands


>Straighten out again, make sure its not tangled



>She then let it sit while she finished washing the rest of her body, her hair just fluffed up in a frothy white bun on the top of her head and draping around her shoulders.

>I didn't even know you were supposed to let conditioner sit on your hair until i saw her do this.

>The entire scene was just interesting to me

>I was actually taking notes

>I wasn't being very subtle about staring though

>The girl sitting right next to me knew full well what i was looking at

>I didn't hear a peep though, or feel an angry glare.

>As far as i could tell, raven was watching blondie shower too.

>Unluckily, our wet clothes are a tad chilly after watching blondie obviously enjoy quite a large amount of hot water

>I suggest we take them off and get towels or something

>This sentiment is mirrored by raven and we get to undressing

>She gets her shirt off, i get my shirt off

>I try my pants


>Oh no

>Zipper is stuck in the upper crack near the button

>Can't unbutton them because they're extremely tight and there's no give in the waistband when they're wet, hot, and then cold again.

>[spoiler]Yes, hot, then cold is VERY BAD for clothing sizes.[/spoiler]

>To make it worse, i can't seem to get a good enough footing or grip on anything in the bathroom to pull them or force them down

>Raven sees my predicament and lets out an overdramatic exasperated sigh

>She offers to help too though, i guess that's good.

>The resulting position for taking off wet jeans can only be described as Hilarious

>I'm lying on my back on the ground with one arm firmly wedged under the bottom ledge of the sink cupboard, and the other around the back end of the bathtub

>My thighs are completely together and Raven has her hands, one on either side of my waist with as many fingers dug into the waistband as possible.

>Her head is hovering right above my crotch and her arms are bent, because it gives her the best leverage

>She pulls

>I hold tight

>She holds tight

>I pull

>Inch by painful inch, we manage to slip the pants down over my hips to the squishy muscles of my thighs

>These don't give any resistance compared to the bones, so the rest is easy going.

>Raven gets my pants down about four inches

>My pubic hair is visible, as well as an obvious boner at this point

>She stops

>Gets up

>Tells me "You can do the rest"

>Turns away from me

>And continues undressing

>She's helped enough though, i wriggle out of the rest of the way until i can pop the button and escape the tight confines of jean-imprisonment.

>I then get up fully naked and walk over to the towel rack

>Many things didn't cross my mind at this moment

>For instance, it didn't cross my mind that Raven had just stopped helping me because she realized i had an erection because i was watching Blondie shower

>It didn't cross my mind that she felt insignificant because she was still nearly fully clothed at that point, and had no involvement in my arousal

>It didn't cross my mind that she had lost me to a Blonde, blue eyed beauty with decently sized breasts.

>It didn't cross my mind that she couldn't compare, or compete

>But it crossed her mind.

>I was thinking absolutely none of these things as i handed a fluffy white towel to the stark naked and stunningly beautiful friend of mine.

>But she was thinking about them

>Raven snatched the towel out of my hand

>Wrapped it around herself in an instant, hiding her charms

>And returned to sitting and staring into the distance.

>Uh oh

>As thick as i was, i realized something was bugging her

>I throw down a couple towels to soak up the puddles we were creating everywhere, set down another towel on the counter beside me and returned to sitting with raven.

>I try to strike up another conversation with her

>No matter what i ask or say, i get either nothing, or one word responses.

>I put my hand on her bare leg

>she's got goosebumps

>she scoots over a foot and breaks contact almost instantly.


>Now i know i fucked up

>My mind is racking itself trying to find the loose end i didn't tie up

>Did i say something, was she mad at me for looking at blondie

>There are no clues here

>I have no guide, anything i say can and will be used against me in the court of law[spoiler]ve[/spoiler]

>I know for a fact i'm going to have to take the bait and start asking questions

>I'm putting the pieces together, i'm analyzing when she started showing the negative motions, comments and even the way she had held herself in the last half hour.

>My male brain is performing complicated analysis calculations that only women should ever be doing.

>And my male brain is failing at it horribly.

>She's not a stupid girl, she knows she's being very obvious with her body language

>I try to get her attention again


>No response

>"Raven... what's wrong?"

>[spoiler] i almost never use her full name, shes now fully aware that i'm onto her[/spoiler]

>She turns to look at me

>She's got a smile on

>Her mouth is curved upwards, her cheeks are pulled back

>Her eyelids perk up, shes even got her head tilted back a tiny bit looking up at me so i can see the bottom of her nose.

>Every muscle in her face is smiling or working to reinforce the smile.

>But her eyes

>Her green eyes are crying

>Not just crying, they're not welling up with tears, they're not shimmering.

>But they're crying nothenless

>Worst of all

>Raven didn't smile like that

>She didn't use all of her face, or not like she was now.

>Her lips were wrong, her eyebrows were too high, her cheeks were too pulled back.

>When i looked into her smiling face, one thing happened

>My heart, my soul, every fiber in my body cracked

>When i looked into her eyes

>Everything shattered

>"NOT ME" i was screaming on the inside

>She didn't smile like that AT ME

>She didn't smile like that BECAUSE OF ME

>Every fiber of my being hurt

>I was in complete denial

>"not that smile" i kept telling myself

>"she doesn't use that smile with me"

>If there was one look that could have broken my heart at that moment

>that was it, that was all i needed

>I wasn't just heartbroken anons.

>I had a dagger piercing through my chest, burning hot in pain.

>Have you ever been heartbroken?

>[spoiler] it comes to my mind that some of you anons have never had your hearts really broken, had a real love actually end[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]you should be glad, it's not something i would wish upon anyone[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]Its not inaccurately named, when your heart is broken your heart actually feels like its breaking.[/spoiler]

>[spoiler] for whatever reason, when your body shuts off the feel-good love chemical, you have a slight imbalance in the chemical composition of your blood[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]Essentially an acid that was being countered before, or is only being created now, is flooding your bloodstream, accompanying your severe depression and emotional trauma[/spoiler]

>[spoiler] This happens instantly, i don't know how or why, or what the chemical really is, but it circulates through your blood, almost a real physical manifestation of your pain[/spoiler]

>[spoiler] and with every beat of your heart, it sizzles away at your heart muscles and strings[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]Some people can even die from this, you often hear of elderly couples passing close to one another, or men in lifelong relationships having heart attacks when the spouse passes away[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]I'm not making this up, its called "Broken Heart Syndrome" and its a real thing[/spoiler]

>[spoiler] Heartache is not a phrase, or a saying. The pain is real and it feels like someone's stabbed you right through the heart, and it doesn't end for days[/spoiler]

>[spoiler] Right now as i retell for you to read, i want you to know that i'm feeling the same pain, the same throbbing dullness that i did back then.[/spoiler]

>[spoiler] But you don't realize why yet[/spoiler]

>You see i was for all intents and purposes a snivelling crying mess on the floor right now

>I wasn't, i was still staring at her face, this wasn't even a second that had passed.

>If there was anything i ever wanted to do that moment, it was shrink into a puddle on the ground and die.

>I had seen that smile only a couple times before

>She had used it when we were younger, playing together in my houses yard one summer.

> when i had grabbed her waist to help her climb a tree and she had winced.

>I asked what was wrong then too

>I got the same smile. The same contorted mask of fake happiness.

>The same face carefully constructed to pretend there was nothing wrong.

>I had asked her time and time again that day because i had known even back then.

>That she just wanted me to think everything was alright, that everything was happy.

>It wasn't until later that day when we were sitting in my treehouse admiring the view of the neighborhood.

>We only had an hour or so of good sunlight left and she had to go home soon.

>So she scoots over to the window to admire our kingdom of backyards and rooftops from our suburban perch.

>I slide in beside her and end up squeezing her against the window frame a bit

>"Oww" Was the yelp that i got in return

>And i knew i hadn't even hurt her, we hung out in this treehouse all the time , she was made of tougher stuff than me most days.

>I knew something was wrong, and demanded she let me see.

>Thats when she showed me the bruises

>Raven didn't go home that night

>I told my parents and i was too young to really know what was involved

>All i know is that she stayed with us for a week, was the happiest i'd seen her in ages.

>It was like having the little sister i'd always wanted.

>But the bad comes with the good just as much

>We both knew things would change, we just didn't focus on it in that innocent childlike way.

>Her father was put away

>Every so often he would get drunk, increasingly more after he lost his job.

>The story was that he didn't love her, thought she wasn't his, illegitimate and ugly and hated her.

>I never understood "Ugly", but i guess when you think a child isn't yours it weighs on your standards.

>He would take out his pent up anger at the world on her, sometimes with his hands, sometimes with whatever was around.

>Her mother wasn't even aware the abuse was happening

>Raven had hid it from everyone, because no matter what was happening she still loved her father.

>You don't really ever stop loving someone, even if they hurt you.

>The mother received the house and all his money, and eventually raven went home in a sad sort of happy way.

>She was still the friend i had always had

>But i understood all the little things now

>Why she hated her self image, why she had low self esteem

>[spoiler]the kind of personality raven has is a direct result of this influence on her childhood, you can see what kind of havoc it wreaked[/spoiler]

>Eventually her mother remarried and her stepfather loved her and treated her as one of his own. (He had a bunch of kids already, so that was very honorable of him really)

>But that kind of thing doesn't ever go away.

>And now she was smiling at me like that

>I had caused it

>There are really no words

>There were only emotions

>I was angry

>REALLY angry

>In the instant i had recognized everything, all the emotions on her face

>and i said "Don't use that smile with me"

>In my head i felt like it should come out as some kind of strangled cry for help

>Like every fiber of my being was being torn to pieces

>But it didn't

>It came out like i was some kind of feral roaring lion


>There was so much hate and malice in my voice that i scared myself

>Blondie jumped a full foot in the air and turned around to stare at us

>Raven shattered her smile and donned a mask of fear

>Not a mask, it was real fear.

>I knew i had just royally fucked up even more

>What a great way to remind a girl you're like her abusive father than scream at her

>What a better way to remind a girl that you're just like the last person she loved that just took it all away and hurt her in an instant.

>Man i sure am good at everything today aren't i.

>Raven was terrified

>She had slid off the bathtub and fallen to the floor and was leaning back with one arm behind her, the other outstretched towards me. Legs trying to get a foothold on the slippery floor to push.

>Trying to keep me away.

>Trying to get away from me.

>I don't think i had ever really yelled at her

>I was always the friend that understood, was always around for chatting about shit that got her down.

>No matter how stupid she had ever fucked up, i took her side and helped her out of it.

>Not now, there was true fear in her eyes

>In front of me i saw the same helpless little girl

>the same fear in her eyes she had back then.

>I don't know where the anger came from.

>If there was anything in my eyes it was fear.

>If i was doing anything mentally, i was screaming that i had misclicked and didn't mean do do what i had just done.

>I had pressed the wrong button, it wasn't my fault.

>But it was my fault

>I had to fix this

>I had the illusion that somehow if i got closer to her, could just tell her something she would calm down.

>I tried to follow her

>She was almost crawling backwards, one hand holding her towel now and the feet giving her traction to back up as far away from me as she could.

>Every third or fourth push she would slip or slide on a puddle of water.

>Blondie was behind her in the shower, no expression on her face

>No expression on her at all, just emptily watching

>I try to chase after her

>My legs don't work properly

>I can't see straight

>I'm not sure if i'm crying or hoarse, but my vocal cords won't work.

>All that keeps coming out are some kind of garbled growl

>I fall to the ground and try to scurry after her in a crawl

>I've still got the angry scowl on my face

>I've still got fearful anger in my eyes.

>She's panicked, i'm scared she's going to hurt herself slipping and trying to force herself backwards.

>I'm trying to express this but its just not coming out

>I just keep following her

>She forces herself over the inch high ledge of the shower stall

>It's just those metal ridges that the sliding door fits into

>I can see they're sharp and probably scraped up her legs pretty bad the way she went over them

>I'm trying to tell her to stop

>I'm trying to fix this mess

>Nothing comes out

>Her face is contorted into the saddest and most empty expression

>Its the look you would have on your face as someone watched you sleeping.

>As you were tossing and turning in a nightmare.

>It means nothing, but it means so much

>Its what a face truly looks like when you're scared

>I'm within a couple of feet of her now

>She starts kicking at me

>I try to force my throat to say something

>the closest i can get out is a garbled "Stoaughp", its like mucus or phlegm or some other viscous liquid is preventing me from speaking properly.

>She still stops kicking though

>She's nearly on her back spread out towards the wall, but she's holding her back up with one hand and holding the other out in-front of herself, trying to keep me away again.

>Her butt is on the floor, but her upper body is making a 30 or 40 degree angle upwards trying to fend me off.

>I just push her hand to the side and wrap one arm around her lower back to pull myself in for a hug

>I get the other arm around too, and i pull her into myself as closely as i possibly can, i'm matching her body angle and lying almost completely above her.

>I've got myself pressed against her, chest to chest as close as we can get

>My head is over her shoulder

>And i start forcing my throat to work

>I say directly into her ear as clearly as i can

>"I'm. Not. Him"

>Over and over i say it

>I can feel both of our heartbeats individually, if i had to guess i would say we were both seconds away from an actual heart attack.

>I've got my chest pressed against hers so firmly i can't even feel anything, just a big expanse of warm skin.

>She's shaking all over, uncontrollably

>Her arm thats holding her up is wobbling and i take my left arm at a right angle and hold us up by pressing against the wall above her.

>She's crying

>She wraps her right arm around me weakly

>We're like that for seconds, or maybe it was hours

>Finally she breaks the silence

>She sniffles

>Its more of a loud snort, the sound you make when you've just been bawling your eyes out and need to clear repressed memories out of your nose.

>But its followed by two words

"I Know"

>The next sound isn't from either of us

>We're locked together in a deep understanding that can't be explained away in words

>But blondie starts sniffling

>And then bawling her eyes out

>In seconds she's crying louder than either of the sounds Raven or Myself have made this entire time.

>Besides the yelling of course.

>Blondie doesn't say anything even, she just turns off the water and leaves the shower

>I can't hold us both up anymore, so i give a tiny shove and end up doing a half roll and lying on my back with raven above me.

>We really haven't changed position, we're just flat now

>Blondie is crying her eyes and lungs out somewhere else in the bathroom, i can't see where

>She's probably getting dressed though

>I manage to get out something about her clothes being outside

>Raven adds a word or two about getting us some dry ones too.

>We don't move

>I just start talking

>I talk about our childhood, how she was always the friend i could count on

>I talk about how when i found out about her father i wasn't sure what i felt

>But i'd realized that i was angry, angry at him for not loving her, angry at him for hurting her.

>Angry at him for letting her still love him and getting nothing in return

>I had watched Raven go through awkward phases, i had watched her berate herself, belittle and even harm herself over the events that occurred when we were young.

>I had secretly blamed him for everything. Every time she had suffered any sort of hardship it just tied back in my mind to the past.

>So i had thrown on my best attitude and supported her whenever i could to make up for the shitty times she had when she was young.

>This was some real sappy shit anons

>Shit like that happens to people, sometimes its really important.

>This time it was atleast.

>There was lots more, on her end and on my end, but i can't list it because it would give away where we were.

>But just know we had a good cry in the bathroom hugging one another on the shower floor.

>With the door wide open, i'm amazed nobody else came by.

>I guess that part of the house really was soundproof.

>Good to know.

>That and blondie took positively forever to come back with clothes.

>Eventually she did get back and we got up

>My face was soaking wet because Raven was crying all over me.

>We had soaking wet towels barely covering us

>We could probably do with a shower

>But fuck that

>We throw the towels into a pile and blondie leads us out to the master bedroom.

>Blondie is now wearing some random brown shorts and a grey tank top with a blue bra pretty visible.

>I guess it was her change of clothes, it was pretty cute.

>The tanktop was definitely in her comfywear line of clothing because it was also exceptionally loose.

>[spoiler]Women have well-fitting clothing they go out in, and loose clothing just to chill in, that's how it works lonely anons[/spoiler]

>We check out the assortment of clothes blondie brought for us

>Oh lord, matching outfits

>No wonder she took so long

>For raven its a bright pink skirt that would go down to about her knees and a spaghetti-strap light blue top and matching underwear.

>For me, it was the same color hot-pink sweatpants, a pair of worn out light blue girl's boxers and a light blue T-shirt.

>There was verbal thanks involved to blondie for not trying to give me women's underwear, skirts, or other such embarrassing clothing.

>Her Response "There's a matching skirt and top in birthday girl's room if you want them"


>Do not want

>We proceed to get dressed in the master bedroom for the second time that day.

>About halfway through dressing, homely and birthday waltz in

>I've got boxers on and a shirt, Raven has her top on and is working her way into the skirt.

>Homley takes her chance to stare me down like a piece of meat while i'm dressing

>definitely know what it feels like to be a woman when that happens.

>We get questioned

>We get accused

>"Why was blondie crying" - Homely

>"Do we have to do this again" - Homely

>"What happened to your old clothes, why do you need mine" - Birthday girl

>"Ill beat your ass if you don't tell me what happened" - Birthday

>I have no interest in explaining things anymore

>I've used up all the allotted words i have in an hour to talk to raven

>I just point at Blondie

>Raven seems to come to the same conclusion and do the same.

>We continue getting dressed as Glasses meanders in.

>We don't respond to any of the questions.

>Let me take this chance to address something

>It has come to my attention that i've done a poor job describing the girls in this story. That is to say i've described what they look like, what expressions they make and, but some anons are having a difficult time imagining things without pictures.

>I'm not going to offer up pictures of any of the women here, not only is that extremely risky and going to get my doxxed, but it's going to ruin the imagination all of you are putting into what the characters look like in your eyes.

>Everything i've tried to tell so far has been structured to give you the feelings, emotions and even facial expressions to plaster onto your imagination's version of all the characters.

>But i'll fold, if you want images i'll give you the next-best thing, in spirit of the story ill list what everyone looks like, anime girl style.

>Skip these if you don't want to change your illusions of what the characters look like.

real spoilers here

>[spoiler]As for me, the main character. I'm a typical blonde haired white kid with blue eyes, i always related to Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist, i'm not nearly as handsome though[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]Glasses first, Easiest comparison since she's a more human version of Mari Makinami from Evangelion. Breasts and body type about the same (younger in this story) and her hair isn't done up at all in the story. About the same length though [/spoiler]

>[spoiler]Blondie, Easy, Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist, on the fucking spot. We always got poked fun of as being a couple when that anime aired.[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]Homely, also an easy one. Orihime from bleach brown hair instead of orange. Not too skinny, huge breasts, useless. She's not the uggo i keep making her out to be, i just dont like her.[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]Birthday was tough, Moemi Hayakawa from Video girl AI with waist-long hair. Same Body type and face, birthday is just angrier. I hope that's a real throwback to some anon's past.[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]Last but not least is Raven, She's most like Lain Iwakura from Serial experiments lain. Only difference is her hair color really. Lain's eyes are the most striking part of that character, and i really think that she reminds me most accurately of what Raven Looks like.[/spoiler]

Here's a couple fan-compilations

>Either way, Raven and i finished the "Put on girl clothes" game and went to go clean up the bathroom.

>Towels everywhere

>Clothes everywhere

>Water everywhere

>Shampoo bottles, razors, and various other things everywhere

>Frankly it was a war zone

>I yell at birthday to not come over here and we get to cleaning it up while blondie feeds them some huge convoluted story about us rescuing her.

>Birthday of course comes over and looks

>[spoiler] i mean that was the point of telling her not to wasn't it[/spoiler]

>We get a facepalm in response, but ten minutes later the bathroom is more or less back to pre-us state.

>Blondie has spun a very heroic tale, and somehow left out most of the nudity, all of the fondling in the closet, and glasses entirely from the story.

> Not to mention the entire ordeal between myself and raven.

>She was either being a Bro, or saving it for blackmail later.

>Probably blackmail, she was a girl

>Either way we had a huge load of clothes and towels destined for the bathroom, and Raven/Myself let ourselves out of the master bathroom and waltzed to the laundry room.

>We pop open the washer and toss everything in except for the towels

>I get to manhandle various feminine articles of clothing, including Raven's panties and and blondie's pajama pants.

>I've got a choice to make here

>I make a gut decision and go for the points with raven, take her wet underwear and bring it up to my nose and take a long whiff with her watching.

>She gives me a couple giggles and a long "Eww"

>The underwear really doesn't smell like anything, she wasn't wearing it very long and it just got soaked in the shower.

>Blondies would have been amazing though considering that party she had going on.

>Its alright, can't have everything i guess.

>Raven's given me secret points though, i just know it.

>Start everything up on just normal wash, water is fine they werent too dirty.

>Now the towels

>We pop open the dryer

>There's bedsheets in here

>Oh right

>We take em out and fold them

>I'm back to worrying if birthday knows or not.

>Raven notes she saw Glasses carrying them


>I mumble about glasses being a lifesaver

>That girl has seriously got her shit together

>Raven isn't really responsive to this

>She's still sore from what i said earlier to blondie

>Also the fact i had sex with glasses

>I grab her in another hug but this time i place one hand firmly on a buttcheek

>"I'll make it up to you later" Were the words she heard whispered in her ear.

>Her ears almost visibly perked up like a little puppy dog

>Her eyes too, it was delightful.

>Rest of the laundry was uneventful

>We tossed the rest of the towels in the washer, folded the sheet (A two person operation because why not), and started it up.

>Now what

>Its about 10:30ish in the morning.

>Sleepover is technically done

>Parents are probably going to want phone calls or something to pick us up

>We make our way back to the living room and flounce down on the couch together.

>We're greeted by the sight of Birthday over in the hallway negotiating with bank robbers for hostages.

>Or something equally distressing, she's got a worried look on her face

>Kinda the face you have on when you're waiting for the results to a test you know you did badly on.

>With the ending of the call though, she visibly perks up as well and puts on a smile

>Eh, she'll tell me if she wants to, i wont ask.

>Raven and i just spend the next couple minutes reclining on the couch like lazy bastards.

>Maybe the other girls will show up and play video games or something.

>We were pretty tired

>We hadn't slept very much *wink*

>Plus the bathroom events took a lot out of us.

>Eventually though birthday girl came back and started gathering everyone up

>Some kind of announcement i guess

>I aint movin, so i hope she's having the meeting in the living room.

>She probably realizes it would be easier there, so everyone piles in.

>Glasses jumps on the couch and just piles her way across both myself and raven, which was less cute and more heavy things getting in the way of my relaxing.

>Homely squeezes in right next to me and blondie squirms over to where raven is and sits on the edge of the couch.

>We all stare up at birthday demanding answers for being forced to "assemble" like common rabble.

>Her parents won't be coming back for a couple days

>Whoever is in the hospital needs some surgery, so they're just gonna rent a room and stay up there

>They're really sorry, there's money for food up in some jar in the kitchen, we can order pizza/ect.

>If we're interested, we can stay over for another day

>she hints at another two days but implies her parents wouldn't know about that. They were probably coming back wednesday

>Its sunday

>we have a four day weekend, because teacher evaluations or something.

>We had originally planned to just group back up on monday again for the release of some movie we were expecting in english.

>Everyone is all for staying another night

>Homely can't stay for three nights, her brother is taking her to some concert somewhere.

>I'm "willing" to stay an extra night or two, but i'm going to need to get a chastity belt or something.

>I don't have one though, so i'm royally fucked.

>But i'm a pervert so whatever, consign myself to fate i guess.

>Everyone else is willing but we have one problem.


>A plan is concocted

>We try to convince them ourselves, if we fail we give the phone to birthday and she begs for us.

>Flawless, it can't fail

>My turn first

>Euugh, i have to get up off the couch and slouch over to the phone.

>The girls are all just staring me down, birthday girl at the ready in-case i fail.

>I guess if i can't stay over it's just a completely different sleepover.

>I call up me mum

>give her a rundown on the party and how it's pretty much just being extended into some kind of group vacation.

>She's completely cool with it, asks if raven's there (I say yes) and she asks to talk to her.

>I wave raven over, i hear various one-sided girltalk from Raven.

>She punctuates her last sentence with "Don't worry ill keep an eye on him" and a giggle.

>Oh man what are they talking about.

>Fookin embarassin me infront of girls i'll git u mum i swaer

>It seems to be agreed ill just stick with raven the entire time and get a ride back with her

>She hands me the phone back

>My mom flat out just tells me not to get any of the girls pregnant.

>I stammer some awkward response like a true beta

>Probably along the lines of "t...thanks mom"

>She says "Have fun honey, keep raven company" and hangs up.

>My moms actually a total bro

>I announce i'm good for as long as they want me.


>Same thing happens for every girl really

>They chat up some parents, they seem more or less cool with it, everyone cheers when they're good for another night or two.

>Until blondie

>Her parents sound angry as fuck

>There's some god damn yelling going on on the other side of the line

>I'm not even sure they're angry at blondie

>It might be soemthing that happened at the house they're angry at and yelling at blondie for.

>Whatever it is, she has "THOSE" kinds of parents.

>They want her home right away.

>Doesn't seem to be an actual reason, blondie is pleading and begging trying to reason with them.

>They wont have it.

>Birthday girl steps over and takes the phone

>Introduces herself and starts kissing ass, talking about how she's heard such great things about blondie's parent's buisness and how it had such high quality food standards or something.

>I think the dad worked at, or ran a processing plant

>Sucking up to his job definitely worked though, you could tell he was bragging over the phone

>one of "THOSE" parents.

>Birthday was a class A manipulative girl though, she had the guy wrapped around her finger when she put on a begging little-girl tone and asked if blondie could stay for two more nights.

>Its agreed

>Ends up they were doing home renovations anyway and she would just get in the way

>No clue why they wanted her back so soon

>one of "THOSE" parents

>When the phone hangs up, blondie is sufficiently relieved and cheering resumes for her.

>Now that's over i'm making some god damn coffee

>I actually announce this word for word

>nobody likes coffee but Raven

>Fuck you guys im making a huge pot god damnit

>So tired

>I go to the kitchen and rummage around for a while, the girls seem to be discussing what we're going to do.

>They ask me what my opinion is

>I tell them we're drinking coffee and thats my vote

>They take that as a "He doesn't care" and continue planning without me.

>I've commandeered Birthday girl's coffee maker and made enough to sustain my need for caffeine.

>Milk and lots of sugar later, i walk back out to the living room with two steaming cups, hand one to raven and return to sitting next to her on the couch.

>We then proceed to act like pompous and sophisticated and sip our cups with a pinkie out while the rest of the girls bicker about what we're doing that day.

>Birthday seems to want to not do anything, Glasses wants us to go out shopping (pls no) and Blondie is just happy she's there.

>Raven, always the brilliant one, points out we don't have a car.

>Oh, no shopping

>I guess we're staying here then.

>Birthday girl says alright, starts rummaging around for things to do as a group.

>Board games, Video Games, More Anime are the three choices.

>But first she wants to put down some more rules

>Screams Internally

>Rule #1 The house has to be spotless when her parents come back, so if we mess things up we're going to have to really make sure its clean.

>Raven comments "Goodness gracious, well of course my dear!" In an english accent.

>She's still got her pinkie out and sipping coffee

>Rule #2 No more drinking unless everyone is present

>Raven punctuates this with a "My word!" and i've got to try my hardest to stifle a giggle.

>Blondie and Homely are smiling pretty wide at her antics too.

>Rule #3 "We all share Him", she punctuates this rule with a smooth hand movement to point at me.

>Raven sputters into her coffee

>I dont even react

>My head just extends four feet on my neck and the words "Nope" ring through the room.

>Birthday is smiling and she continues talking

>Rule #4

>I'm not listening

>I'm up and out the front door

>Seriously just walk out the front door in my socks

>Fuckin hate birthday girl's rules

>I really just loop around the side and sit in the small little back patio drinking my coffee though.

>Gotta make em worry about it a bit

>Think they lost me

>Glasses just randomly shows up out the side door though.

>She knows me better than she lets on.

>She pulls up a seat and laughs , a good hearty belly laugh.

>Then she pulls her seat right up next to mine and loudly states

>"Don't worry"

>"I don't plan to share"

>I sputter into my coffee

>Eventually she roams back inside and just says i'm out back

>Raven joins me again and we silently enjoy some coffee while who knows what happens inside.

>Finish up go back in

>Monopoly is set up

>Oh hell yeah

>We commence jewing one another out of money properties and houses.

>this lasts approximately 30 minutes before glasses has all the properties besides like 10

>in 15 more minutes she owns all the properties.

>Game is determined not fun

>Nobody wants to play again

>This is how real life actually works.

>We consign ourselves to video games again

>Tales of symphonia

>Hell yes

>Only 4 players

>Birthday Girl, Blondie,Myself and Raven get characters

>Its just Glasses and Homely not playing

>Homely tries to get on the couch

>There's no room on the couch because everyone is in vidya gaming posture

>Need dat elbow room

>She's stuck on the floor watching, along with birthday who's just chosen to sit down there anyway.

>Glasses randomly gets up

>Comes back with a blanket and spreads it over everyone

>We're really not paying attention to her except where birthday girl is running around

>We actually like the story ok

>Glasses somehow squishing people around and shoving on the couch until i'm sitting in the middle between blondie and her, and raven is on the other side of her.

>I'm playing Collette, Raven has some Sheena action, Lloyd is birthday girl and blondie is playing Raine

>Blondie being the healer, i know lol.

>This was a game save we had played at lunch all the time, so we had got pretty damn far.

>We were stuck on some boss, we had somehow got there way too low level because we didn't have time to grind when we were playing.

>Full concentration was required to get to the boss with a decent amount of health and whatever else those game mechanics were.

>Its like our fourth attempt on the boss

>Raven is missing every single block when he attacks

>Not getting any overlimits

>Not summoning anything

>We lose because of this

>Consider calling her a dirty casual

>Not in so many words though, back then it was just "Noob"

>Fifth attempt at boss

>She fucks up again

>What the hell

>Birthday girl is getting mad

>I don't really care that much

>Blondie is mad because she's actually really fucking good with raine.

>Like she plays raine as an offensive healer like you're supposed to

>Only person i've ever met that can play raine and not die constantly.

>That's really hard for those of you who don't have any clue what i'm talking about, especially on the harder difficulties like we were playing.

>Either way, blondie was mad, birthday was mad

>Sixth attempt at the boss

>I feel the blanket shift

>Glasses puts her hand on my crotch

>Oh god dammit

>The blanket is cleverly propped up so there's no way to tell what's going on.

>I suddenly realize this was her plan all along

>Every single time i'm supposed to block an attack from the boss, she squeezes my crotch

>I miss every single one

>It makes so much sense

>The weird part is raven is still missing every single one too

>We don't have to block the same attacks and we aren't even standing in the same place

>We die

>I take a chance to glance over at raven's face

>Her cheeks are flushed, but she's intently focusing on the game and staring forward.

>She's biting her bottom lip a tiny bit

>It looks like she's focusing really intently if you didn't know better

>I knew better.

>Seventh attempt

>Every single time i need to block, glasses squeezes and makes me miss it.

>She's doing it when i need to attack as well

>Or dodge

>Or do anything really

>We die again

>If you've never played TOS, Raven/Myself are of course playing the two best characters, but ONLY if you have full concentration.

>If you aren't focused, they're both ass.

>God damnit Glasses

>Birthday and Blondie are fuming

>First they yell at raven, then they yell at me

>Video games are serious fucking business guys

>We're told to shape the fuck up or we're getting replaced

>I ain't fuckin gettin replaced, thats not on my list of things to do today.

>Game face time

>8th Attempt at the boss

>Glasses Squeezes

>I successfully block

>I successfully attack

>I successfully dodge

>Compartmentalized my mind, i got this man.

>Raven seems on her game too, we've got the boss to 50%

>Farthest we've ever been



>The hand on my pants vanishes


>Its back again



>Its in my pants


>Its in my underwear


>She's fondling me directly

>She Squeezes, hard.

>I lose my concentration

>Raven is channeling some summon when this happens

>The second i fuck up, she also seems to cancel her attack and start fucking up too.

>I have the thought that if Glasses is fondling me directly, she's probably doing the same to raven too.

>This helps absolutely nothing

>I'm rock hard beneath this blanket

>We die at 15%

>Blondie makes some kind of excuse and it seems we're off the hook for that one

>Time for another attempt

>Raven stops us

>"I have to pee, Be right back"


>She stays under the blanket for a second and seems to adjust something, then pushes it aside and gets up.

>She vanishes off into another room.

>She escaped

>Glasses still has her hand under the blanket and wrapped around my hardon

>She's just absent mindedly stroking it now, the game is paused im not even playing.

>Oh man, this is gonna be tough

>I'm sitting there thinking about awful things to try to get my boner to go away

>That might work in classrooms anons, but not when you have a girl actively fondling you

>I was boned


>Raven comes back

>Looks like she's going to sit down where she was before

>She redecides

>She almost skips over, and decides that my lap is where she's going to sit.

>She knows just as well as i do what's going on under the blanket

>She sits right on top of it.

>This was not her best plan

>My legs are a bit spread, so she's sitting on top of the blanket, has hers between mine

>Glasses' hand is pinned between us

>Its still fondling me directly though

>Raven just made her add extra pressure

>Glasses isn't having any of this cheating

>She just rotates her hand so the knuckles are facing straight up

>Raven stiffens the second this happens

>Oh shit

>Now every time glasses strokes, her knuckles are grazing Raven right through the skirt.

>Raven tries to reposition so she's not sitting directly on my crotch

>Glasses isn't having any of that, with her free hand she reaches over and grabs the hem of raven's skirt and gives it a pull.

>Raven slowly but surely slides right back to where glasses wants her.

>As long as glasses holds her skirt, she can't move away or reposition

>As long as birthday or homely don't turn around, they won't even notice

>Even if they do, she can just let go and grab it again later

>9th Boss attempt time

>Every time we need to do anything, glasses gives me a long hard stroke.

>This rubs raven with not one, not three, but four knuckles.

>I can't see any of this happening, but i can feel the pressure change as she slides each bony knob right across the bottom crease of raven's slit

>Every time this happens, raven's entire body tenses just the tiniest bit and releases

>Every stroke, she tenses four times.

>Every time she does this, glasses eventually ends up rolling each of her fingers over the head of my penis.

>Because her hand is dry, i can feel every single finger slide past.

>This does the same thing to me that her knuckles do to raven.

>We die

>Blondie and Birthday are furious

>Birthday of course turns around at this point and realizes Raven is on my lap

>Raven gets extra shit for sitting on my lap and doing so badly.

>Birthday makes her stand up

>With another one of her exaggerated finger swings, points for her to sit on the ground.

>Raven hangs her head and complies

>I see a slight smile on her face though

>I start acting as if i'm going to sit on the ground too.

>Glasses pulls back her hand

>"Freeze right there" are the next three words i hear from Birthday

>She promptly stands up, walks over to me and rips the blanket off

>Sweat pants

>No shame

>Boner disguise unbreakable

>Literal 100% Camo Index

>She then turns around

>Readjusts her skirt so it falls around her.

>And places only her panty-clad buttocks, right upon my crotch

>Being hard as diamonds, of course she notices.


>I can only see the side of birthday's face, but she has a quick look of surprise, and then her mouth turns upwards in a smirk.

>Birthday is a bigger female though, which means seeing the screen is harder than with Qt Raven sitting on my lap.

>Because of this i have to take my hands, and pull Birthday back until she's much higher on my crotch leaning flush with my posture on the couch

>Then i place my hands around her waist, set my controller in the little table made by her skirt in her lap, and put my head over her shoulder to see the screen.

>Wrapping my hands around her to play, and hoping i don't forget where buttons are.

>Needless to say, this is a very close position to play vidya in

>I've got my cheek pressed up against hers, with only a bit of her hair in the way from full cheek-to-cheek contact.

>She smells lovely, like rose petals, freshly cut greens and blooming flowers.

>She smells like a flower garden

>She's got the full crack of her bum placed perfectly on my crotch

>She's got exactly what she wants though, and gives a little gyration of her hips.

>This is some of the most amazing pressure, i just wish she would keep it up the entire time.

>It's just a perfectly encompassing hot and lightly frictiony environment for my penis.

>Thats like the second best kind of environment for a penis

>Tenth attempt at the boss

>I don't know if she realizes it, or its completely unintentional, but i realize on the way to the boss that every time birthday starts hammering out a combo with lloyd, she tenses up a little bit.

>Every time she tenses up, her thighs squeeze the tiniest bit

>This just presses two deliciously soft pieces of flesh closer together for a split instant.

>This is enough to completely derail my chain of thought.

>This is also enough to make me gasp out a little bit of breath

>Because i'm right next to her cheek, i know she notices

>It doesn't matter what i'm doing, if she's comboing on lloyd, i'm not doing it.

>This isn't nearly as bad as glasses though

>With raven on the ground, glasses without her blanket disguise and me only having my penis tortured a fraction as much as before, we make quick work of the boss.

>Oh im sorry did i say only a fraction?

>When we win, birthday just bounces up and down three or four times.

>She knows full well what she's doing there.

>Every single time she comes down, my muscles tense, i press my arms a little tighter against her sides and i let out a tiny bit of air.

>She definitely knows what she's doing.

>We continue playing through the area we're in

>Every time she gets a chance, Birthday bounces up and down a little.

>Every time she does a combo with the main character, she squeezes her thighs together.

>All i can feel the entire time is her hot cheek against mine

>All i can smell is her scent, the rose petals the strongest of all.

>Along with something i can't identify, something subtle but sweet and tart even.

>Then every time she leans back into me i can press my chest against her back and lean my head slightly forward

>And i can get a glimpse right down her shirt

>She's wearing a dull-gold Bra

>I don't know why every girl has one of these, but i've confirmed birthday does too.

>Shame she changed from the two piece rule she made last night.

>But every time i peek i'm treated to the upper half of her breasts spilling out of the cups.

>The best part is that every time i look it just seems like i'm trying to hit the right button on my controller.

>Lets just say, remember how there was one little man inside me earlier that day screaming?

>Now there were two.

>Half a dungeon later, i'm dying

>IRL, not in the game

>I decide i've got to go on the offensive if i want to retain my sanity

>i have absolutely no clue how i'm going to do that.

>I pull her back a little bit and press my cheek into hers again and catch a glimpse of her breasts once more.


>I release one end of the controller and bring my hand around behind Birthday like i'm going to itch myself or something.

>In one move, i locate her bra-strap and hover my thumb and forefinger over it.

>I place pressure right where the clasp would be using the shirt to press against it as i twist my two fingers clockwise.

>It lift one side out of the other and unhooks her bra strap in one half a second move, not only did nobody else notice, i don't think she noticed.

>The announce in my head goes on to introduce me as some magician who can pull clothes off people without them noticing.

>[spoiler]This actually works, try it on a girl sometime that wont beat your face in for doing it.[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]Well only if they have the clasp that hooks like that, which is most Bra-Straps but not all.[/spoiler]

>[spoiler] and yes, women wont always notice right away[/spoiler]

>Now that i've unhooked her bra, i clench my arms together around her, place my forearms on her thighs and force her downward.

>This action alone is doubling the pressure on my dick, and that means its doubling the pressure she's feeling too.

>I slowly alternate between forcing her down roughly, softly, hard and soft.

>I'm doing nothing but changing the amount of pressure that her crotch is placing upon my crotch.

>If she's anything like a boy, this is going to drive her crazy.


>Next stop is sliding her up and against me the tiniest bit, and placing my head cheek to cheek with hers again.

>She's flustered

>I can feel the temperature difference because she's blushing slightly now and her cheeks are way hotter than mine are.

>I take a peek down her shirt

>Her bra isn't being held back anymore and the cups and leaning freely forward

>I can see the entire top half of her breasts, including the nipples

>They're beautiful, 10/10 would suckle on.

>They're still shapely without support and every time she jiggles they do.

>I'm actually getting quite a treat, but this hasn't helped my boner at all.

>It's actually hard as ultradiamonds now

>[spoiler]Thats a thing, look up lonsdaleite, 50% harder than normal diamonds[/spoiler]

>I continue this mixture of pressure, changes and close contact, and i begin blowing softly on her neck when i get a chance or she's doing run-around quest things and we aren't fighting.

>I'm beyond impressed nobody else has realized what im doing, but birthday is hiding it well

>She's controlling her breathing well

>She isn't too flushed and doesn't seem to be making any sounds.

>But every time i press down she tenses up,

>she can't sit still and is squirming around slightly whenever she gets the chance

>Frankly neither can i, its all i can do to stop from moving my hips imperceptibly upwards every time i press her down.

>Eventually i can't even stop that

><Insert My hips are moving on their own joke here>

>Four, five minutes of this later i'm really closing in on my limit

>Even through three layers of fabric, i wasn't going to last

>I'd well established at that point that i don't think i was contacting her just perfectly to really get her off.

>Wrong kind of contact, not enough pressure, or just the wrong angle and mood entirely.

>She was enjoying it nonetheless, but she wasn't getting anywhere

>I definitely was.

>It took all the way until we had had unlocked a door or something.

>Birthday had finally completely some box puzzle with cobwebs that was annoying us.

>She bounced



>Third time was it

>It wasn't a harsh ejaculation, it was rather soft actually, almost a peaceful muscle tensing and then a rhythmic couple of spurts and it was over.

>But it did the trick, i had definitely gone from "ULTRADIAMONDS" to just "Hard, but no longer painful"

>It was exactly what i needed

>I wasn't embarrassed, that was the entire god damn point.

>The only problem was that i realized exactly where Birthday was really sitting

>Her tailbone was putting pressure right on my bladder

>Boners and the magical ability to prevent you from noticing how badly you have to piss

>Well i had to get up, so i informed birthday very bluntly that she was sitting on my bladder.

>A little bit of embarrassed scuffling later, i'm up and in the bathroom

>I close the door

>I'm pretty sure i lock the door

>Neverless, i whip down the sweatpants and boxers for a piss & a cleaning, and as i'm waiting for the boner to subside the door opens, glasses walks in and the door closes and locks behind her.

>I'm just completely unfazed, i should have just expected it by now.

>I look her straight in the eyes while holding my penis outstretched

>I had one goal and that was losing enough of this boner to piss

>She was not going to ruin that

>I stare her down with the intensity of a thousand suns

>She matches it

>Eye to eye, she can see my every intention and i watch her eyes bare her soul to me

>I'm getting harder


>I advert my eyes and just force my bladder to start a trickle

>She's doing nothing, just watching in interest.

>I realize for once she's completely harmless and just curious, force enough to get a stream going and the boner drops on its own as i empty my bladder

>She matched my eyes with her own cold intensity every time i looked up at her

>Now for the embarrassing part, i pulled a small wad of toilet paper off the roll and cleaned up my expenditure off my leg and the inside of the pants i was wearing, her watching all the time.

>I finish up, grab a single sheet of toilet paper and run it across the entire rim of the toilet bowl, toss it in and flush

>if you live in a household with women, DON'T EVER FORGET THIS TRICK

>its just polite

>I then walked to the sink, washed my hands

> turned around and faced down glasses one last time, her eyes to mine.

>before i whispered "Next time, its your turn"

>Opened the door, and strolled out.