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Update #16 : April 19th[edit]

>Now rigged poker isn't actually very easy to set up

>For a hand or two sure, but not five hands.

>You have to know how many players you're going to have, and they all have to know how many cards are in-between hands and make sure everyone takes exactly that many cards.

>This was something they had all been planning while i was in the bathroom with raven.

>Comical really, that this is what they were doing while we were trying to kill one another.

>From what i could assume the main plan belonged to Birthday.

>She was most likely supposed to be dealing the cards, until i shamed her and handed the deck to Glasses.

>Little-miss-clever was feeding me the rigged hands instead of whoever was supposed to get them.


>But birthday had tried to exclude Raven from the game.

>Which meant they were probably planning to exclude her anyway because we weren't getting along.

>Not awesome.

>This is probably why everyone was barely taking any cards either, Glasses was dealing the hit-pile to raven to fill in the last player.

>Glasses was also emptying the hit-pile herself every turn raven didn't, to keep the hands going to me.

>The other girls were just letting it happen.

>I actually don't know why they didn't stop it, scared of getting caught i guess

>This was a joint-ops tactical plan that had gone very very wrong for them.

>I glare around the circle, they think i'm contemplating who to dare.


>I pronounce each name as a shout, each of them jump when i start yelling.

>I git em to stand up

>there be a reckoning a brewin , they could feel it in their bones.

>Thems ladies git off their feet like ol heller at dinner time.

>lil shaky, but they get there.

>Now listen up lassies

>I tell em there be cheatin' involved here

>dontcha know

>each of em looked sadder than a man lost his bottle if you know what i mean

>eyes to the floor lower than a beggin fool

>The blonde one denied it like a kid caught chasen the neighbor's chickens into the trees

>The just-turned 15 lass got angrier than that howlin storm took down that tree up on potter's hill last fall.

>The last two were silent, like a pair caught rompin in the hay bales top the stables.

>Till the one with glasses broke the silence and distanced herself from the deed.

>Twas a sight to behold for sure

>Four sorry ass lasses ready about do anythin' to get in my good graces again.

>I admit mad as i may seem, they sure were a kind view for these poor eyes.

>Now i've really got no clue what i was planning to do here

>I wasn't actually angry they tried to rig the deck.

>I imagined they wanted to take advantage of me somehow.

>As much as i should have known better, my teenage mind kept jumping to the most dirty conclusions to getting forced to complete dares, so i imagined it wouldn't have been too bad.

>I was curious, but that reality had not come to pass

>No; what i was angry about was the fact that they had seemingly planned to exclude raven out of the game.

>This was really starting to be the point where the girls were acting really scummy towards one another

>I don't know if it was competition or what, but it was noticeable.

>Raven was standing behind me as well, surprised and confused at my yelling

>So i unload the crushing news

>She drops her confusion on the floor

>She's furious

>She'd just taken a ton of flack from birthday and homely

>And they were just planning on backstabbing her anyway

>I'm telling you man, this was getting gritty

>Raven didn't even let me met-out punishment, she just took it right up


>Guilt, the most painful of punishments

>"You tried to EXCLUDE ME, your FRIEND, from the poker game because you're JEALOUS?"

>She punctuated jealous by grabbing onto my arm

>I don't think that helped anything

>As much as she sounded angry, i felt like it was more of her gloriously good acting.

>She had a plan

>Blondie tries to interrupt "We were going to get you after a couple of han-


>The other girls are staring at the floor shamefully

>Raven laying the WWE smackdown on them.

>She continues mashing them into the floor with some flying leap slams.

>Gets em nice and softened up for the finisher

>She obviously had some kind of plan she wanted to enact

>Something devious

>She goes on to tell them that if the cheat hadn't been discovered, they would have won at least 5-6 unfair dares against each of us unchallenged

>Oh, i see this train of logic

>"So... we both get 4 dares, one against each of you. That we can use whenever we want tonight"

>I love it


>I can envision in my head all the things i'd love to dare the girls to do

>I don't even have to do it when other girls are around so it can be ANYTHING, muahahaha.

>My inner pervert is gloating if you couldn't tell

>The girls don't like this at all

>There's some serious backtalk going on

>But the uprising is quickly quelled by Queen raven and her iron fist of guilt

>This is followed by mumbled apologies from Blondie, Homely and Glasses, and silent indignance from Birthday.

>I figured this was as good as it was going to get, i was completely ready to sit down and reshuffle the deck and continue poker.

>But raven wasn't finished yet

>Bless her vengeful heart.

>"If you all want to prove you're sorry, you should take the dares that were already given to you."


>She seems to be completely on my team tonight

>But i don't understand why she's doing it

>Raven is not a jealousy-free female

>I think she's got a bigger plan

>Cautiously optimistic towards the future...

>I look towards the girls

>They all seem to be contemplating if they want to make amends by removing articles of clothing

>It strikes me as a sleazy guilt-induced way to undress them

>But i mean i was a teenage male.

>Birthday never said sorry to raven, but it looks like she's feeling the guiltiest because she wraps her arms around her waist and discards her shirt first.

>Her gold Bra was actually kinda metallic, duly reflecting the candle light.

>Blondie goes next, her Blue bra visible to my prying eyes once more.

>Then Glasses and Homely just shake heads and sit down.


>I snatch the deck up from Glasses' lap and thoroughly shuffle the cards

>Then hand the deck to Raven, she splits it and starts to deal.

>"Wait, you still didn't use your dare yet"

>Its homely

>"Yeah i was saving them for later" - Respond real quick with this

>God homely you're so stupid

> why would i use 4 random dares right now. gotta plan for the future man.

>"No.. you won the last hand, you have one more dare"

>Oh that's right

>Even if it was a cheated hand i still had a dare left

>T...thanks homely

>I think for a second about what i want to use it on

>As is the case with Dares, I think about all the super perverted stuff first

>Then you tone it back into the really perverted

>Further back into just perverted

>And then all the way back to lewd-but-they-might-be-ok-with-it

>I settle on what i want and turn to face raven

>"Raven, i dare you to take off your shirt"

>There we go, the entire room should be even now

>"I hold it"


>Everyone breaks out into laughter at this

>Its seemingly funny now

>In retrospect i probably had a hilarious face on

>I was not expecting raven to refuse

>She's beaten me again

>I just sink back into my seated position and she resumes to deal with a smirk on her face.

>The first couple of rounds are actually quite boring

>Blondie dares Birthday into telling us the truth about the boy she had visited over the summer.

>It was a cute story, but nothing that interesting

>Homely wins a round and negates her carried dare but doesn't get to do anything herself.

>Raven wins a round and does the same.

>The next interesting winner is birthday

>She's got a scowl on her face so it's pretty obvious she's angry about something, but it changes to an evil, evil smile when she wins.

>That kind of smile the big-bad mastermind has on when he's explaining his evil plan to his henchmen

>Right before he kills one to prove how serious he is.

>She turns to Glasses

>Ohh, shit she's angry that glasses didn't deal her cards.

>"I dare you to make out with homely for 30 seconds."


>Birthday that's cold

>Homely gives a complete look of disgust at birthday and then glasses.

>It screams "Why the fuck me?"

>I guess homely was just cannon fodder in this case

>but she was in direct competition with birthday earlier in the sleepover

>Take down two rivals in one dare

>Glasses is amazing though

>isn't batting an eye

>She goes from a flat smile to a beaming grin

>Then she just drops her arms to her waist and lifts her shirt up and over her head and she joins the other two shirtless females.

>Oh yeah, she was still holding onto that.

>Clever girl.

>Homely has the teeny-tiniest bit of disappointment on her face

>Or i'm imagining she does

>Obviously my suppressed desires to see various women at the sleepover with one another.

>We all have those right?

>The next couple of hands are uneventful again

>Glasses burns off her held-dare with a win.

>Blondie Dares my shirt off

>And i'm not a dick so i don't hold it.

>Goodbye green t-shirt

>Raven is the next winner again, her first dare

>She turns to me

>"I dare you to pick and hug ONLY three girls in this room"

>Oh fuck she added an Only

>no escape

>I don't understand her evil plans one bit

>I announce my decision making process

>my brilliant deduction of female value

>"I'm gonna hug the girls who aren't wearing shirts"

>Instant sad face from Raven, the fire and smile in her eyes has vanished.

>She probably thought it was some clever way of ranking the top 3 girls in the room.

>But she wasn't in the top three because she wasn't shirtless, which i'm sure brought back insecurity issues.

>I can't contemplate it too long though before someone speaks up

>"Well actually it's pretty hot in here i'm going to just take th-

>Homely is stopped in her tracks by the glaring lasers of every other girl in the room

>She kinda sadly drops her arms to her side dejectedly

>Serves her right.

>Blondie gets a leaping cuddle-hug from me first

>Complete with a little bit of back grope/tickling and plenty of my chest against hers.

>She's cute and fun to hug, it's a shame i have to pull knives out of my back every time i try.

>Next up is Glasses

>She's soft and romantic as i throw my arms around her

>She's also much warmer skin-wise than blondie, like a searing forestfire of skin.

>She even giggles as i bring my hands around her lower spine

>She's the romantic cuddly one i'm thinking as i pull away.

>Lastly is Birthday, its more of a flying leap for her

>She ends up on the ground and i end up hugging and giggling above her

>She's not just letting me hug her though, she's got her hands all over me

>Even a cup or two of my crotch in the tickle fight that ensues from our roaming hands.

>I eventually pull back with twice as many boners as i started with

>Birthday... she's definitely the most "Hands on" in many ways.

>Dare completed

>We resume playing

>The next winner is Blondie

>She pretends to contemplate a dare for about 20 seconds

>Then she just blurts out towards me

>"I Dare you to kiss the girl in the room you like the most"

>Everyone's silent

>what the fuck blondie

>Homely already dared me to do this earlier today

>You didn't even say "ONLY" like raven did to make sure i couldn't worm out of it.

>You're not even trying... unless


>"You just want me to kiss you again huh?"

>She goes bright red when i say these words

>She's been caught

>She even tries to go tsundere and save face

>"Why would i ever want to kiss YOU?"

>I'm not buying it

>But the tsundere was cute

>She was also beyond awful at it, come on that wasn't even an excuse

>I think might have actually pulled it as a direct quote from some anime.

>"Just change your dare to ask me to kiss you"

>I don't mix words, if she wants a kiss she wants a kiss

>All the eyes in the room are on Blondie

>She mumbles something

>She's not sitting close to me so i can't hear

>But homely makes a scene out of it with


>Typical homely really

>Blondie gets the hint though and blurts out

>"I want you to kiss me like you love me."


>L word dropped

>Whole room is silent now

>You don't drop the L word anons

>Not in a situation like this

>It's suicide

>The girls are too surprised to even be jealous

>Homely wasn't as-surprised though

>She was making a scene because she heard full well what blondie had said the first time.

>She just wanted to start the teasing first

>"Woww, you lovveee him?"

>She's trying to incite a make-fun-of-blondie situation.

>If you've ever been in that kind of situation anons

>There is no escape

>If a single other girl had started teasing blondie she would have been trapped in an endless loop of shame

>It would all be over for the poor girl

>But they didn't, they were quiet

>Long enough for her to stammer back

>", i just wanted to know what it feels like..."

>She's practically melted into a red puddle in the floor with how profusely she's blushing

>"He's the only person i've ever kissed before..."

>Awww blondie

>you didn't tell me that

>I didn't know that the first time you tried to kill me was your first kiss as well.

>That's almost romantic in two ways

>I think we have a real connection here.

>There are sweet "Aweeess" across the room.

>Blondie melting even girl's hearts now.

>So cutee

>I don't have any choice, or any objections really

>I start to move forward before i find a hand on my own stopping me

>Its raven

>I look back at her face and she gives me a "You don't want to do that face"

>W... no raven

>Don't do this to me

>You're going to break blondie's heart

>Raven tells the group "One second" and drags me off

>I don't have a choice but to follow

>I get dragged to the small bathroom

>The door is closed and locked

>Raven turns towards me and my look of "What the fuck"

>Seriously raven you better have a damn good reason for bringing me here

>"You taste awful"

>W... what

>She hands me a toothbrush




>I grab the same toothpaste and toothbrush i had used with blondie earlier and begin brushing.

>Took a good minute, made sure everything was clean and fresh

>Did two or three rinses with water, to take the edge off the taste of the toothpaste too.

>"All good"

>I say with a grin

>"Thank for the save rave-

>"Not yet"

>Raven pulls me close and kisses me

>It's not a long kiss

>Just enough for her to get a tongue in my mouth and a good taste

>She pulls away, leaving me hanging there with my mouth open

>"Cinnamon, perfect it's her favorite flavor"

>"Go give her a kiss to remember"

>She says this as she's shoving me out the door.

>I'm re-entering the room with a giant problem though

>I don't know how to kiss someone like i love them

>frankly as far as i could tell, i'm not really sure i had loved anyone yet

>Or i didn't know how to tell i had loved someone

>Even though raven had told me she loved me, i didn't really know how to say the same words back

>[spoiler]You don't really know what love is until you've really experienced heartbreak[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]Then you know what you've lost.[/spoiler]

>That wasn't me yet though

>All i knew about love was from media, Television, anime, video games.

>Frankly it looked like pretty sappy romantic stuff, sweep the girl off her feet, tenderly hold her heart in your hands, ect.

>I could do sappy

>I guess i had just kissed her like a teenage boy before.

>I figure i could give her a mature kiss, that can't be that hard right.

>I keep saying that...

>I've got everyone's eyes on me

>I think raven is getting some glares too for stealing me away temporarily

>No questions though


>I figure if i'm going to be on display, i might as well put on a show

>This means i strut my stuff right to the middle of the poker circle.

>I'm sure i didn't look nearly as cool as i pretended i looked.

>Now for the part that didn't work before when i had blondie alone in the bathroom

>I extend my hand, palm outstretched towards the sitting Blonde girl at my feet.

>Please take it this time please take it this time please take it this time.

>She places her hand softly in mine

>Instead of me hauling her to her feet however, she simply unfolds her legs and stands along with me.

>That's good because hauling her to her feet wouldn't be very lovey-dovey

>I lead her back three steps to the middle of the circle again

>She follows, hand still in hand.

>She looks absolutely stunning in the candlelight

>A smile, small but a smile nonetheless accompanies her face as she gazes into my eyes.

>Her eyes are shining softly, as if they're lit from within with a sense of hope.

>I'm still holding her right hand in mine, so i grasp out with my left and grasp her left too.

>With a little bit of force i lift her hands up and twist my wrists around so that my palms face hers

>We're standing as if we're mirrored reflections of one another, palms flat and placed against the other's like a solid wall.

>Until i bend my fingers into the gaps between hers

>We're now holding both hands.

>I have the silly idea that i might be able to pull her closer to me by just pulling on her hands

>That doesn't work

>It would if she was stiffened up and holding the tension in her arms

>But she's not, i've got full wrist control.

>I pull and only her arms follow

>I guess that's good if she was mugging me for crack or something.

>So the result of me trying to get her close enough to kiss is really just going to be me pulling my arms back as far as i can until she runs out of arms

>Which wouldn't work at all.

>It would look awkward as fuck

>So i do the smart thing

>I step closer

>I lean forward

>And then i pull out my gun

>Our lips make contact

>Little bit of a shock actually

>Might be wearing socks on a rug kind of shock

>But if you remember we're both barefoot

>Our arms are still outstretched but holding hands, palms facing one another

>She's got her eyes closed

>I don't even try to force her lips open at first

>I concentrate on our hands, i lower and pull them in on either side until we've got them between us , still facing the same directions they started.

>Appropriate romantic hand-holding posture accomplished

>Stage 2 rockets deploy

>Activate tongue

>Uh oh

>She actually hasn't opened her lips

>I think she got kinda lost in the moment

>That or she didn't realize real lovers kiss with mouths open

>They really don't in... any media


>[spoiler] why not ): [/spoiler]

>That's all she knew though, so that's all she's going to give unless i somehow get her to realize otherwise

>Gotta fix that without alerting any of the other girls

>I think i have a plan

>I pull away from the kiss.

>She can see all of my face now, as i can see all of hers

>I squeeze her hands as i'm holding them.

>She copies me

>I beam a bright huge face-covering smile at her

>She copies me

>I stick my tongue out at her

>She copies me

>Good ol playful blondie, always predictable

>I'm kissing her again before she can pull it back

>I manage to touch her tongue with mine as its trapped between our lips.

>She gets the hint.

>We play tongue games here, outside the teeth.

>It's different than a teenager frenching

>It's reserved, secretive tongue play.

>The kind you could do in public and nobody would really notice

>The kind you do with your mouth almost closed.

>We continue like that for an endless minute before i decide it's finally enough and pull away

>I hadn't even realized until then how closely she was pressing up against me, or how she was arching her heels to kiss me harder.

>Cute is an understatement

>I come back to the world of reality when i realize there's a group of hooting applauding girls surrounding us.

>Oh right i was being watched

>And judged

>Probably scored

>Russian judge probably giving me 10s, everyone else 3s and 4s.

>It was an embarrassing break-away from a kiss i'll tell you that

>All the girls weren't making fun of us though, absolute support all the way.

>Something like that isn't a make-fun-of moment

>Every girl around that circle was imagining themselves in the same place

>Its the hearthrob romantic moment that every girl wants

>Even though it really wasn't that impressive.

>The kiss itself was lovely, and blondie had a mixture of the color beet red, and happiness plastered all over her face.

>I wish i had a camera

>Perfect blackmail material

>The poker game is still what we were playing though

>No matter how great that kiss was, i couldn't just pick up blondie and carry her away.

>I look at the clock


>Not bad, time might be elapsing

>We might make it through this blackout in one piece

>I keep saying that...

>Raven deals the next hand

>I get awesome cards

>Pretty sure my poker face is awful

>Can't stop smiling after kissing blondie

>Doesn't matter

>I win

>Fucking finally

>I look around the room trying to decide who i'm going to met my punishment on

>Someone who hasn't been having any fun yet


Sammich break, 15-20 minutes anons.

>Alright i turn to face her

>"Glasses, i dare you to..."

>I sneak up close to her and whisper in her ear

>It's more fun if the other girls don't know what i'm daring her to do

>She gets a really surprised look on her face

>Then she gives me the "I'm not doing that face"

>Then i give her the "Come on it would be great" face

>This goes back and forth a bit until i use my face to point out that it would be pretty hot.

>Her face agrees

>So it's settled then

>I return to my seat

>Glasses sets her eyes on raven

>Raven see's the way glasses is looking at her

>Like bedroom eyes, but from a hungry bear.

>I get the "Oh god what did you do" face from raven.

>I give her the "Just wait" face

>Glasses drops to her hands and knees and starts a very slow crawl towards us.

>Really really slow

>Like turtle speed

>Too slow because raven panics and tries to escape.

>I'm not having it though, i grab her leg and she kinda flops over on her back instead of escaping.

>I don't plan on letting go either

>Glasses takes her sweet time, but eventually she's over in the vicinity of the squirming girl i'm holding onto the leg of

>I really doubt raven is scared, but she knows....

>She knows...

>Glasses stops the slow-crawl schtick and actually kicks herself into a proper speed

>In a couple well placed hand movements she's now holding herself above raven's legs and has her head about around her stomach level.

>Then she growls

>It's cute, it's not a real growl its a fake tiger "Rawr" but it's adorable.

>Raven just stops struggling and lets out a sigh of relief.

>she thinks that was what was coming to her.

>I didn't even tell glasses to do that bit.

>Glasses knows what she's gotta do though though, in a flash she's got raven's arms pinned down and i've got both her legs.

>Got her trapped.

>Glasses gives another "Rawr"

>I swear those make it like 20x better than it was in my head.

>She opens her mouth again but this time it's not a rawr

>She kinda shifts backwards and leans towards raven's stomach

>Raven can't get away

>She's trying but she can't

>Glasses grabs the hem of raven's shirt in her teeth

>Starts pulling it upwards

>I have an absolutely perfect view from where i'm holding her legs

>I watch as she slowly but surely works the hem of the shirt higher and higher

>It gets to about halfway up the top of the stomach before she loses grip of it in her teeth.

>Instead of going back to it, she goes to where she started

>places her tongue right where the hem of the shirt initially was..

>and takes a long lick up past the bellybutton to where the hem was now

>I definitely didn't tell her to do that.

>Raven is giggling and laughing

>Ever licked someone's stomach anon?

>It doesn't need a spoiler: they laugh.

>[spoiler]or they say eww, that happens sometimes ): [/spoiler]

>But even with the laughter we have her pinned down

>She can't do anything as Glasses works the shirt higher and higher, to the bottom curve of her breasts

>Then she stops

>Changes position

>Places her teeth on the left side of the shirt and pulls only that part of the hem up

>Raven's left breast is the first one to be uncovered

>The hem is raised just enough to sit above the beginning curve before Glasses repositions again

>Right side now

>The process repeats

>Raven has completely stopped squirming and complaining now

>I barely noticed

>I was busy enjoying a bottom-up view of one girl undressing the other with her teeth

>Outstanding front row seats

>Glasses has both breasts exposed now

>I'm hoping she'll lick or suck one of them



>She doesn't


>Instead she continues raising the hem of the shirt until its scrunched up against raven's chin

>Now's the hard part

>I don't really know how this is going to go down, but it can't go down well

>Actually i was wrong

>Glasses just lets go of her arms and says "Raise your hands" in a whisper

>Quiet enough that i doubt anyone else in the room could hear it but me.

>Raven just silently complies, her hands above her head

>She seems to be enjoying it

>Or scheming

>Glasses doesn't realize the trap she's fallen into

>But she nips the hem and lifts it over raven's chin and across her face until its all the way over her head

>Thier lips were inches away from one another.

>The entire time i was thinking "Now Kiss"

>If i had psychic mind control powers, that would be the moment they manifested in my childhood.

>But it just wouldn't happen

>Plus the shirt was bunched up all on her arms and Glasses had to sort that out with more teething and pulling.

>Which took quite a bit of time

>There was the usual assortment of sexy-skin contact during this.

>Glasses' bra against raven's stomach and chest.

>A tummy touch or two...

>It wasn't until she had the entire shirt fully over the head that raven's plan became clear

>She was just biding her time


>Until Glasses had the shirt up past her elbows

>And raven leaned upwards and forwards at the exposed stomach before her.


>The girls fell into a giggling and laughing pile

>I had long released raven's legs so they kinda twirled and attacked one another with a couple fits of tickles.

>Nothing is as fun as watching two attractive girls tickle wrestle one another

>But like all good things, it had to come to an end.

>Eventually raven got up and glasses followed her.

>They're smiling

>I'm smiling

>They look down

>I realize they're both staring at the jeans i'm wearing

>The jeans that are doing nothing to hide the two individual boner's i'm sprouting

>Like suns on tatooine, both shining brightly against the denim sky.

I'm going to assume 4chan isnt going to be down for long and ill write a tad more, but i can't promise ill start posting again.

>The girls don't seem to be angry or embarrassed though

>They just smile wider and devolve into giggling again

>Boners are usually Ok if the girls know they were being really sexy.

>The dare has been completed, raven is once again topless along with me.

>Her green T-Shirt on the floor along with mine.

>Couple problems though

>One, i had just proven the dares could be secret

>Two, i just set the precedent to allow one girl to undress another, or me, or them

>Three, blondie had technically shown you could dare someone else to do something to you.

>These were game changers in waggle room

>You could pretty much ask anyone do anything and it would happen if you were clever enough

>That's dangerous

>Raven deals another hand

>I get awful cards

>Homely wins

>That dangerous thing i was talking about?

>That's Homely

>Every time she gets a dare, i lose

>She had me in her sights this time

>I could feel it

>She gets ready to speak

>"Birthday, i dare you to make out with Glasses for a full minute"

>w... what

>Oh its revenge for trying to fuck with her earlier

>Sweet sweet revenge

>I guess i'm not involved

>Birthday just says she'll hold it.

>I guess she's not involved either

>Cards are dealt again

>Homely wins

>Oh shit


>"I dare you to go back to your room and go to sleep for the rest of the evening"

>Homely's words are dripping with vengeance


>Thats harsh

>Make out with glasses (the current mortal enemy of birthday), or go to bed.

>I stop them both though

>I point out that we didn't have any kind of limits on dares in place, and that making a dare that lasts more than a minute or two is kinda cruel

>Blondie adds her own opinion into the mix, that we should have a dare committee or something.

>If you think a dare is really too over the top you can ask everyone and they'll overturn it if the majority thinks it goes too far.

>You always hope you don't have to police games of truth or dare, but someone will intentionally abuse it every time if you dont.

>Homely crossed the line and we revoke the dare and tell her to retry something else

>She's not phased at all though

>She's a natural at screwing people into doing things it seems.

>"Alright, I dare Birthday to Kiss Blondie for 2 minutes"


>fucking relentless

>First of all she was trying to punish blondie too now because she revoked the first dare

>I find that funny

>Blondie doesn't find this funny however

>There's another objection

>"That's the same dare, or too close to the last one"

>Blondie is kinda right, you can't really allow that or else the holding pile is pointless

>Otherwise you can just dare them to do the same thing twice with different phrasing

>Dare #2 denied from Homely

>She's still got backups it seems

>This one gives her a huge grin

>I already don't like it

>"I Dare birthday to give Storybro her panties"

>I lied, i love it

>Birthday's wearing a skirt

>Step that game up to the max.

>Birthday initially looks worried

>That's definitely a dare meant to try to scare her into kissing glasses.

>But then she warms up to the idea

>Seriously she turns that frown upside down.

>"Sure thing! Storybro come here"

>Oh man


>Is kissing Glasses really that bad

>I guess so

>I liked kissing glasses though

>I'm going to have to re-evaluate my kissing metrics

>Score em on a curve, remove points when other women don't want to kiss them.

>I get up, walk over to birthday's seat across the circle and kneel down again

>Instead of her getting up or moving, she's still sitting with her knees folded underneath her.

>Unless you want me to black magic those panties off you, you better move your ass.

>Instead she beckons for me to get closer

>Fine, what do you want.

>She whispers in my ear

>"They're still in the laundry room, white basket"

>Ohh man i know the pair, alright fine

>I get up and walk away from the circle to the confusion of everyone

>I get to the laundry room

>Tad bit of rummaging through wet clothes, towels and various other garments we've discarded over the 2 days.

>I find the panties i took off her earlier, still as unclean as i left them, albeit dried.

>I scrunch em into a ball in my fist and return to the group of girls

>I'm met with looks of confusion

>I just hold my fist high in the air, bring one hand to it and magically procure panties.

>Fuckin magic tricks man

>Nobody was that impressed with the magic trick

>But they were impressed with the panties

>Homely wasn't, she was irked

>"I meant the ones you were wearing!"

>Birthday just nods

>"Yeah i was wearing those earlier"


>These girls are boundless entertainment i keep thinking to myself before sitting down and preparing for another round.

>Folding up the underwear and pocketing it.

>Wait a second

>What did she mean "STILL"


Thanks anons, im going to bed. More monday at 8:00 PST Maybe random updates earlier if i feel like it.
Easter sunday, got important people to spend it with, sorry m8s

Update #17 : April 21st[edit]


>I realize with a start that Birthday might not actually be wearing panties right now

>With a skirt on

>Like, this entire time

>She probably even went outside like that.

>Got a pizza without panties on

>Thats lewd~

>I make notes in my head and plan to check as soon as i get a chance.

>It's not a mystery i can afford to leave unsolved

>But hands are dealt again and i quickly push it to the back of my mind

>Which isn't true

>For the next couple rounds my head just isn't in the game.

>Every time birthday's legs shift, or move even the tiniest bit, they have my full attention.

>Hoping for a peek

>Cards are dealt

>Birthday Wins and asks if she can just keep her holding pile and get a dare instead.

>The Blondie committee agrees

>Birthday in full revenge mode turns to Homely

>"I dare you to tell everyone your most perverted fantasy~"


>She's practically singing that dare, in that way mean girls so often do.

>It's obviously intended as humiliating payback for attempting to get at her so many times already.

>Homely has other plans though

>"I'll keep that one for later"

>Glint of victory in her eyes

>Glint of Disappointment in mine.

>Hearing women discuss perverted fantasies, that's not only hot-as-fuck

>But it's interesting too, almost a learning experience

>I kept that dare in mind, i might want to use it myself later

>Next round is Raven's win

>She hasn't been too lucky with the cards, so its only her second chance to get revenge

>Her Emerald eyes scanning the crowd to determine who looks the guiltiest

>Knowing Raven it's gotta be good, since her last one failed.

>Birthday has the most guilty look on her face it seems because her name is soon called out

>"I Dare you to kiss someone in the room... that you haven't kissed yet"

>She's trapped

>Her holding-pile is kissing glasses for a full minute (in case you forgot)

>And she can't kiss me because everyone KNOWS she's kissed me.

>Birthday shoots a couple pleading glances at Blondie hoping for her to overturn it.

>"Sorry... it's technically a completely different dare"

>The sincerity in Blondie's voice is completely missing

>She could have totally overturned that but she doesn't want to.

>Birthday's getting triple teamed


>She's gotta kiss some girl in the room.

>This would be the part of any harem anime where they reveal there's some kind of secret lesbian relationship going on

>Birthday and another girl secretly lovers during moonlight, their relationship a secret from everybody.

>Thus she could kiss that girl and she wouldn't bat an eye, right?


>This isn't an Anime

>This is real life, 2005

>That whole "Being Bisexual because it's cool" thing didn't actually happen till the 2007s

>This was a room full of straight sexually repressed females, just as the goddess Hera intended on her list of punishments for my sins.

>Which meant birthday was going to have to kiss a girl she didn't want to kiss and that in all likelihood wouldn't want to be kissed.

>[spoiler]In today's feminist-run society, this would be considered Double Rape with intent to commit misogynistic activities and I would be sentenced to 6 years in jail for being there[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]Where both participants are unwilling and are simply being forced by the patriarchy's disgusting and corrupted morals to perform lewd acts upon one another[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]And even if it was a girl daring them to do it, she was a prophet of the patriarchy and has had her opinions and judgements corrupted by having a male best friend.[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]As such, i was the only real rapist in the room and would be due for castration and estrogen booster shots[/spoiler]

>This just makes it hotter though.

>Birthday is sitting there biting her upper lip trying to decide what she should do about this situation.

>I would expect her to be worried but she just seems contemplative.

>Looks like she even gets a smile as she looks around the room

>Her eyes settle on Raven

>Uh oh

>Birthday is halfway across the room on her hands and knees

>I start laughing

>I already know what sorry fate Raven has condoned herself to

>Birthday connects a kiss right as the victim begins to squeal and try to escape

>The kisser on her hands and knees, mouth pressed firmly against Raven's lips

>Whose entire body was still sitting upright, but the moment lips made contact with her own she tensed up almost like a cat hissing at an enemy.

>Raven's hands were up and trying to stop the attack but she couldn't push it away

>All she could do was let out muffled sounds of dislike through the kiss until it broke away

>It didn't last very long, only a couple seconds really

>I was laughing the entire time

>Birthday had cleverly turned the dare against her

>Raven breaks away from the kiss in disgust

>Her arm whipped up to try to rub away any traces of the kiss of her lips

>Visibly shrinking back and making disgusted noises

>That was not the dare she wanted, or the dare she needed.

>But it was the one she deserved

>I'm not the only one laughing at the kiss i realize as i look around

>Homely is on the floor in cackling witch-like laughter

>Can almost imagine her saying "I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!"

>I swear, pitch perfect

>Glasses had her lovely resonating laugh going, always a lovely sound

>The only one that was confusing was Blondie, who i hadn't been able to see until birthday moved

>She was directly across from raven and she was just staring wide-eyed with her mouth open.

>I guess she just didn't expect birthday to turn that dare around so smoothly.

>[spoiler]Or birthday was her lesbian crush and she was heartbroken, a man can dream right[/spoiler]

>Birthday pulls back and returns to her seat

>Raven's busy making spitting sounds

>Blondie seems to have caught me staring at her and just blushes and looks away

>I realize i must have triggered her cute-safeguards as she's looking embarrassedly at the floor.

>Cuteness reactor overload in 5 minutes i hope not.

>Raven is finally done making a big scene about her dare backfiring

>Even though she was giving me a pouty face still, i just pointed at the cards

>She reshuffles the deck and deals again

>Glasses wins

>She's still got a pretty awful holding dare though (kiss homely) so she drops that.

>Raven wins again

>She turns to me

>"I dare you to let me sit in your lap!"

>Excited voice

>Kitty-cat-puppy-dog-don't-hold-this-please eyes

>... come on raven i woulda let you anyway if you had just asked

>But i know that her sitting on my lap is just going to make poker extremely difficult

>She'll see all my cards, win every time against me

>As cute as it sounds

>As much as i want to let her do it

>It's a trap

>So i hold it.

>Her eyes set deeper into her face as i say this

>They catch the light and flash that evil-emerald green

>I've ruined her plans, oh no

>She doesn't give me any faces though, just the eyes and a lack of smile

>Kinda scary actually

>She returns to dealing cards

>I scoot three inches away in fear when i think she's not looking.

>Hands go out

>I feel like i've got a great set of cards so i'm ready to win

>I don't win

>Homely wins again


>I just say it right off the bat

>"I swear if you try to screw with birthday again..."

>She's not batting an eyelid

>I don't understand how homely is so calm in these kinds of situations

>Instead she turns towards me

>"Alright, i dare you to take off my shirt for me."

>Yeah ok whatever

>I would complain but she's wearing a near transparent tight-ass shirt anyway

>Her having her tits free would just be the same thing

>But skin colored

>And like twice as bouncy

>and soft...

>With nipples

>Alright well it wouldn't be the same thing

>But i'm not putting up a fight

>I just move my way across the room and sit in front of her.

>No romance

>She just lifts her arms, i grab the hem and raise it up and over

>There's that one awesome moment

>You know the one where the bottom of the shirt is just barely holding the tits back

>And then they kinda just flop out and free to the world

>That's like the best part of women taking off shirts

>That one moment

>Then that moment ends

>Then you realize it's homely and i really didn't want to stare

>I mean i wanted to stare

>But homely

>You know that feel

>I return to my seat with my internal conflict raging


>Not Stare

>That is the question

>I end up staring

>Not for very long before Raven has taken notice

>I get an actual slap on the wrist

>It kinda stung, but just really enough to make me look at her

>and the words she spoke next

>"I use up one of my dares... Homely put your shirt back on"


>Homely's voice perks me out of my instantaneous depression

>"Alright, i'll hold onto that and tell everyone my fantasy"

>Based homely

>Coming through

>Except blondie seems to not-like the fact that i was staring either

>Nor do any of the other girls

>Her, Glasses and Birthday decide that our "Extra Dares" can not be refused

>I think they're doing it just to fuck with homely

>That's so going to backfire on them all later though

>Temporary gain at the cost of long-term loss i guess.

>i know better than to say a word, they won't know what's hit them.

>Homely glares angrily at all of them after she finishes putting her shirt back on.

>I'm pretty sure she's going to attack someone

>This is not going to end well

>Birthday is returning the angriest glare back

>I can see the beam of light bouncing between each of their eyes

>Actual sparks flying across the room

>I try to defuse the cold war before nukes are fired

>"Hey guys, let's take a snack break"

>All lasers focused on me now


>What have i done!

>But after half a second the eyes kind of soften up

>It seems to have worked, we get up and mosey off to the kitchen

>I don't seem to make it all the way to the kitchen however

>I'm grabbed by the hand and directed away towards the other side of the house

>I end up outside the small bathroom with Raven and a flashlight

>Her face betrays no emotions, but i know i've fucked up something

>I'm waiting patiently for her to speak what's on her mind, but she's not talking

>She seems to be searching my face for something

>Actually worried searching

>Fuck, what DID i do?

>She fills me in

>"You were supposed to pick me..."

>Nothing but a hum of sadness in those words

>"You keep picking everyone else..."

>I don't have a proper response, i realize i've gotten myself into possible breakdown territory

>She's obviously jealous over a mixture of the other girls getting to do things with me, and me denying her plea-for-lap-sitting.

>My lack of response seems to hit her harder than actual words

>But i've really got no clear cut way of making her feel better

>I really don't know what to say

>And i really think this isn't about me not letting her sit on my lap at all

>I know her better than that,

>I get dragged off to the guest room and she locks the door

>Its still windy in here, blowing through the shutters

>Freezing cold

>Pitch black

>I'm quite aware there's probably still glass on the floor in the corner

>We're just standing there silently against the door in the darkness.

>I can hear our breathing again, soft... relaxed from both of us

>I wish i could see her eyes and know what she's thinking

>Raven seems to have had a question she wanted to ask in here though

>Her voice inquisitively painful

>"We're together now right?"


>That's not a question i was really sure about myself

>We didn't even talk about it or anything

>Hadn't even had a chance

>But she had talked about it with me

>In her head

>and that head-me was telling her we were an item now.

>where as my in-head me was screaming "Oh no oh fuck oh no"

>It's not that i was scared of having raven be with me in a relationship or anything

>It's just that i didn't know

>We had gone from friends to enemies to "More" in a span of 24 hours.

>I'm not sure if i should say this or not

>What reaction i would get

>She doesn't give me a chance

>She's got her hand down the front of my pants

>She's not touching me anywhere else though, as if there's no real romance involved

>I wasn't hard, Semi-really from previous events but i mean who wouldn't be

>Her hands are all the way on my dick and she's even stroking it softly

>She asks again

>But its not a question

>"We're Together Now Right?"

>Every word is punctuated by a hard stroke and a squeeze

>That does the trick, i'm diamonds again

>But i still haven't said a word in return

>She's got one of my hands with her other as she strokes

>I feel it moved under her skirt, across her thighs.

>She's not wearing panties anymore

>She's pressing my fingers against her

>"Choose me..."

>It's a breathless whisper

>I don't need another hint

>I take two fingers and try to slip them inside her

>She's not wet enough for how tight it is, so i need to wiggle and waggle them a bit

>I'm reminded of trying to get two fingers into the neck of a balloon

>Raven was not enjoying it

>She started whimpering and pressed her chest against mine

>Her breasts pressing into me, two hard points of contact, colder than my own skin.

>I'm trying to be gentle but i'm worried i'm hurting her

>I'm worried my fingers aren't even in the right place

>It doesn't take long for my suspicions to give away as i get her wet enough for them to slip right in.

>It's still tight, but i can move my hand up and down and try to make her enjoy this somewhat compared to the discomfort i had obviously caused her

>She didn't even seem to like this, 30 seconds later she pulls my hand away

>I'm worried i'm doing something horribly wrong

>She just alleviates my fears by pulling me over to the bed and pulling down my pants.

>A couple shuffles more and my hands are on her hips

>Then she's leaning forward

>Hands on the bedspread

>I realize she wants me to take her from behind

>I can't see anything so it's really just a ton of fumbling

>Back to no maps or guides again

>I can't find where my dick's supposed to go

>Really just absolutely lost

>I'm considering pulling over and asking for directions, but it seems i've prodded her a little too hard too many times in the wrong places

>I find her hand between her legs and i'm guided into a safe landing

>All the way down to the base.

>It's extremely tight like before


>There's quite a bit more friction than when we were in the tub

>I assumed that was because there was less lubrication, or however those mechanics worked out

>All i knew was that it was amazing

>I took a couple tentative strokes and found no complaining

>Alrighty then

>I grabbed her hips and thrust like i had never thrust before

>It was dirty

>It was sweaty

>I couldn't hear a sound she made over the wind in the bedroom, the soft rain outside

>I could only see faintly, an outline of what she looked like

>Face pressed into the sheets

>Both of us panting like dogs

>I didn't last nearly as long as i had before

>Maybe a couple minutes at most

>I gave a couple last forced thrusts hoping she would orgasm like she did before

>No dice

>I just kind of lurched forward, forced my hips into hers

>I leave spurt after spurt inside her

>long, forceful spasms.

>It was amazing, i enjoyed every second of it

>But as i pulled out and lay down beside her, i heard her breath

>It was smooth, calm, even

>Where as mine was ragged, fast and harsh

>She's awake

>She's moving slightly

>Her hand finds its way to mine

>like It was trying to tell me all was fine

>But nothing about that was right

>I don't think she enjoyed it at all

>Any of it

>Frankly i don't even think she wanted to have sex with me

>But that makes no sense since she started it all on her own

>I enjoyed it, i had been in valhalla for however long i was inside of her.

>But it felt forced

>Like she was doing it only for me

>I don't know why anyone would do this

>Her of all people

>It almost makes me sick to my stomach with the thought

>But i don't ask

>I get pulled to my feet by the hand she's holding, i hear shuffling as what's probably her panties are re-applied

>I do the same.

>She turns on the flashlight

>She's smiling

>Its a real smile

>I smile back

>I don't know if it's fake or not

>We leave the bedroom holding hands

>We enter the kitchen holding hands

>All the girls turn and stare

>Raven doesn't care

>I do, but i hide it

>I don't have to hide it too well, because i find something in the kitchen that changes my mood right away

>The girls have a bottle of Rum out on the island right in the middle

>I drop raven's hand

>My hands go to my hips

>I yell

>"What the FUCK is that."

>I'm not just angry.

>The girls take up dignified stances against me

>"Rum, what does it look like? You said we were having a drinks break"

>Its homely

>I also said snacks break, fuck her

>Blondie speaks up

>"We talked... while you and raven were MAKING OUT"

>Her voice is half-crying half screaming

>I actually think she's going to leap across the kitchen at me and strangle me

>Knowing blondie i'm in for much worse

>The worst part is this makes me realize... i hadn't kissed raven at all.

>Not once

>This doesn't make it hard to tell blondie the truth

>"You were the last girl i kissed Blondie..."

>She hears the sincerity in my voice and softens her tone, muscles on her face no longer scowling.

>Her fears are alleviated slightly

>But mine arent

>Birthday tries to explain

>"We figured that we would just have a little, all together, and make sure nobody has too much"

>She's honest, she's scared of what raven did earlier

>"We were even going to mix it... then its just really light"

>I realize they have various fruit juices out behind them

>I can't blame birthday

>I can't blame homely

>The didn't let the earlier shit go down

>I can't stop them at all really

>If they want to drink again i can't do anything but make sure they really don't drink very much

>I give up and look over to raven

>She's not going to drink right?


>"I'm not going to have any guys"


>She was sincere, i bet she probably still felt a little sick

>I wouldn't have let her

>If there was one girl in the room i could control it was Raven, since even before we were "More".

>I announce the same, i don't really want anything either

>That brings a sigh from the huddle of women across the kitchen

>Blondie seems to feel guilty and agrees to not drink as well.

>I feel bad for her since she seemed to want to drink

>But i guess she's just trying to not feel bad about what happened earlier.

>Homely, Glasses and Birthday don't give a fuck and continue mixing drinks.

>I end up with a virgin orange juice something, Raven and Blondie seem to have accomplished similar cups of fruit brew.

>There's really not much that goes on in the kitchen

>We just all end up drinking cups of things while the three gals with rum try to get themselves tipsy

>Eventually glasses starts giggling and clinging onto my arm

>Then homely starts clinging onto my other arm

>Then birthday is behind me hugging me

>I think they accidentally passed tipsy

>I fucking failed my job of not letting them drink too much

>Of fucking course

>I can't really blame myself because i don't know how body weight and everything factor in that well...

>And i didn't really measure out how much they put in each cup

>Frankly i had like no control over them at all

>But i blamed myself anyway.

>Blondie and raven aren't tearing me apart yet

>But i know they will be if i let this go on too much longer

>I can feel the angry stares starting

>I trudge free of the limpets attaching slowly to all of my exposed limbs and suggest we go back to the poker room.

>This seems to be an accepted plan

>The three girls are giggling and adding a chorus of sound to the short walk

>Blondie looks like she's sad for missing out

>Raven doesn't look like anything really

>It's not long before we're all situated in another happy circle

>This time we're all much closer together

>the order ends up

>Me > Raven > Homely > Birthday > Blondie > Glasses > Me

>Glasses is actually holding onto one of my arms

>Which is mirrored about instantly by Raven

>And elicits jealous stares from around the circle.

>I try to get the game started again

>Everyone's kind of not really gamey though, atleast the three tipsy girls aren't.

>They're mostly whispering jokes and giggling

>It seems they've kind of over whatever angry tension they had between one another

>Which is good

>Hands go out

>Birthday wins

>She removes her holding dare (Make out with glasses)

>Hands go out again

>Blondie Wins

>She's glaring daggers at me for some reason

>I don't get why

>>"I Dare..."

>She turns around to look at me

>"I Dare Glasses to switch spots with me"

>Awe... but glasses is like pressing her boobs up against my arm though

>Alright fine

>Glasses gets up in a huff

>Changing of the guards occurs

>Glasses has her arms crossed glaring at blondie

>Blondie is now doing the exact same thing to my arm that Glasses was doing

>AKA molesting it

>But not really because blondie is kind of cutely hugging my arm agaInst her instead of hugging her against my arm

>I can't explain it, but its really cute ok

>Raven deals more cards

>I'm honestly amazed i'm even still able to play with two girls hugging my arms, but i manage

>Raven wins the hand anyway though

>Its not like i was winning before i had girls on my arms.

>Raven turns to me with an obvious dare on her mind

>It's probably got to do with the lack of talking i did in the guest bedroom.

>"Pick one girl in this room that you Hate, and tell them that"




>I'm not playing this game

>I just pat my lap a couple times

>You win raven

>She gets the idea and scooches over and sits in it

>Raven's a pretty good lap-sitter, she kinda curls up into my arm and manages to not block my view of the game at all.

>She's sat on my lap for years though, comes with practice really.

>I'm not even going to play anymore of these "Pick one" games

>too dangerous

>I have to keep my cards in a pile to the side now, just look at em once and try and remember which are which

>It's not helping my game honestly

>I'm pretty sure blondie can see my cards too when i peek at them

>It's not like i was winning anyway

>Glasses throws down a straight flush

>She's got some good luck

>She doesn't even hesitate with the dare though

>"I dare blondie to switch places with me!"


>Blondie responds real-quick

>"I hold"

>Instant pouty-face from Glasses


>Next hand is dealt out

>Birthday wins

>She starts out looking at the circle, but then she just stops and stares at me.

>She seems to be staring at my toes

>Well, my toes or raven's

>Our feet are kinda curled up in the same place

>We're kinda wigglin' and wagglin' our toes.

>I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not

>I realize i'm probably exposed

>I try to pull my feet in closer but it's too late

>"Storybro... i dare you to let us paint your toenails"


>She's found my mortal weakness

>I was regretting the eventual start of girly things

>I'd avoided most of it.

>Except for the girly clothes, those were unavoidable

>Also i have to let them do it because my holding dare is awful.

>I just have to accept it

>Roll with it

>Let it be part of me

>It's really not too bad, and it's honestly silly

>I don't mind a fun dare, as long as i can pick the color

>I guess toenail painting is a big thing because INSTANTLY birthday, homely and blondie(?) were off with intent to find the toenail... paint?

>Back in seconds though

>They've got an entire selection of various bottles and things.

>Oh man

>This would be the part where i detail what everyone's cute feets and toes looked like.

>Only one problem

>If you haven't noticed, i really like faces, facial expressions and eyes.

>Those are my favorite bits. The bits i remember most vividly

>I don't really have any interest in feet

>So even though the women all decided at this point in time to sprawl legs out and touch toes as they started the girly endeavour that is toenail painting.

>I can't remember arches, or toe sizes, sizes, heels, or any of that fun stuff.

>[spoiler]I'm sorry lonely feet-loving anons[/spoiler]

>What i can remember is two girls, the one i spent the most time with, and the one with the cutest feet.

>AKA, raven and Blondie

>Blondie painted her toenails, sky blue, always a shade of blue of some sort.

>Some days darker, some days lighter, some days a nearly transparent coat she had thinned with a clear varnish.

>That's what i remember the most because i always mentioned it to her

>Passing conversations like "Haha navy blue today i see?" or "A bit of sky fell on your toes, you might want to wipe that off!"

>I don't think it ever had much meaning behind it, i just had always learned to start conversations with women on trivial complementary aspects of their current appearance.

>[spoiler]That's essentially how you talk to women if you were wondering anons, just don't sperg it.[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]if you're not good at leading her "Oh yeah i just felt like a blue today..." into your "Oh hey now! I haven't done anything to make you sad now have i?" don't bother complimenting appearances because you'll fuck up and make it more awkward[/spoiler]

>[spoiler] She also liked her feet, so complimenting a girl on a thing she likes and puts great care into is always a plus[/spoiler]

>Blondie had small cute little feet, with long slender toes and i guess she paid a great amount of attention to them.

>Always wearing sandals or open top shoes but whenever i saw the bottoms of them they were never too dirty or rough.

>I liked her feet, they were good feet and good excuse to start conversations with her.

>Raven herself, she didn't paint her toenails.

>Maybe once in a blue moon, but really it wasn't her forte

>She was really more of a tomboy, took after me in the feet care area (i didn't think about my feet more than once a month)

>We liked to both wear socks all the time, our houses had these giant cold marble and stone floors that were freezing all year round. Saved us from getting em roughed up i guess.

>Honestly her feet took quite a bit of neglect, i hadn't ever seen her use lotion or clip the nails properly

>Sure her mother tried sometimes when she was younger but it was a lost cause.

>They weren't smooth either, they were bony and when she flexed you could see the tendons.

>Those lovely muscles that make feet work

>Those curving and crisscrossing blue veins and vessels across the top surface, her skin was pale enough to see right through

>Hell, she even used to bite her toenails sometimes, guilty pleasure i guess.

>She wasn't meant to be a foot-model later in life, but her feet spoke a different story. They were functional, they were used. Raven would climb trees with me barefoot, splash with me in the mud or sand at the beach.

>I liked raven's feet

>They were beautiful, functional, used and neglected feet. Stark contrast i know.

>I don't really remember any of the other girl's feet or toes

>But i remember they had them wiggling and kicking infront of me along with my own

>Everyone back to giggling and cheering at various color mixes they were inventing for my soon-to-be-girly toes

>Oh wait

>While i was telling you about Raven/Blondie's toes it ends up they painted mine

>Bright pink

>Really it wasn't that interesting i was lost in thought or staring at someone's chest the entire time.

>I had no real say in the matter anyway

>Doomed to a girly color from the start because it was a dare.

>The important thing to note is that it didn't seem like we were going back to poker

>I think the tipsy girls weren't interested anymore, Glasses was falling asleep with what looked to be neon-green unscrewed in her hand

>(Which was quickly rescued by blondie as so it didn't spill)

>Birthday and homely were giggling all over one another

>Whatever they were talking about it was probably hilarious

>Alcohol solving all previous conflicts

>I was left with Blondie sitting next to me wiggling her toes (sky blue if i didn't already say) and holding onto my wrist for whatever reason

>And raven who was curled up in my lap with my arm pulled across her bare chest

>[spoiler]Yes i do realize that i've probably got my hands right on or around her breasts, but no i don't act on it[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]I wasn't really sure if i wanted to, and there were other women around[/spoiler]

>I was pretty comfy, plenty of time to think about what had happened that day.

>Just lost in thought as blondie and raven discuss something to do with quantum thermal mechanics and the result of thorium-uranium fractionation.

>It was enlightening really

>Well that was until Birthday starts shouting about how "Hawking Radiation" was never proven to exist.

>She seems to be claiming quasiparticles are some kind of pseudo-unproven science meanwhile homely is trying to claim quantum superposition is a perfectly legitimate avenue of testing for them.

>As i'm sure you would understand, this didn't go well at all

>Eventually they get into a shouting match over the speed of light and i think homely brings up cherenkov radiation and shit just hits the fan.

I think that's where i stop for tonight
More on a day that Rhymes with Tuesday at 8:00 cawifonia tiem
Wednesday seems most likely

Update #18 : April 23rd[edit]

>As any wikipedia scientist would know

>That argument was never going to end very well

>But this one ended far far worse than well

>Within moments the girls were upon one another in a flurry of various dirty underhand attacks.


>Hair Pulling

>Biting (Homely, figures right?)



>Name Calling

>Full-blown catfight

>Considering how scantily clad the women were, i could have happily sat back with a drink and enjoyed the show.

>Homely's panties were fairly visible every time she went on the offensive

>Her long legs and butt peeking out from under the overshirt every time she lunged at her current mortal-enemy.

>They weren't flabby, they moved in that taut but firm kind of way muscly bits do when you're exerting yourself.

>Not to mention the copious amount of jiggling and bouncing her breasts were doing in that thin T-shrit without a bra.

>And that was just homely.

>Birthday wasn't really winning the fight

>Homely's Bitch-Fu seemed to be a bit too hard to counter, too many low-handed tactics.

>Birthday's hair was a mess, having been tugged and yanked in various directions, it was tangled, sticking out and repositioning itself every time they sparred.

>Her cheeks were alternating between that pale-white that sticks around a couple seconds after you've been slapped, to a slowly darkening hue of pink.

>Her bra was half-pulled off, one cup askew after homely had used it as a handhold for whatever punishment she had attempted to met out

>Yes that meant one tit was floppin around free.

>And lastly that skirt, leaving just the most tantalizing views of flesh and thighs as it wafted up and down with each movement

>Sometimes tantalizing shadows that i wish i could have made out if the lights were on.

>I'm not really sure what i was thinking as i watched this

>I'm not sure what any of us were thinking as we watched it

>Those same "Not Sure" thoughts that flow through most heads anytime something like this happens

>As we stared on, mouths collectively open in awe.

>It wasn't really until we started listening to what they were screaming about that we took any action at all.

>Bits and pieces of "I won" or "You lost" thrown about, except louder

>As Glasses, Raven, Blondie and Myself got up to interject

>we hear that it was a Bet

>That they had been betting against one another on something

>Screaming about it not being over yet as we rushed over to separate the two.

>Now seperating fighting girls is no easy task

>It took two of us per, i ended up trying to hold back birthday

>Elbowed in the stomach , backhanded accidentally in the shoulder.

>Angry women are not easy to pull off of one another, but we managed.

>But the screaming didn't stop



>"ADMIT I WIN" - Birthday

>It's not hard to piece together, this argument is about me.

>Not really about me though, these kicking screaming women seem to unveil more of the story each shout

>They had made a bet

>A friendly bit of competition of sorts

>From pieces of shouting we could tell it was about who i liked the most

>About who could get the "Farthest" with me

>To see who could prove once and for all that i liked them better

>Or that they were the more attractive one

>Or more likeable

>Frankly i didn't know the reason because it was lost in the screaming

>It wasn't a very friendly competition

>All i, and the other girls could hear was that birthday had seemingly won

>As we had gone "All the way" in her words.

>That i and her were "closest"

>and that homely was an "Ugly unwanted bitch"

>Her words not mine

>Even though i've pretty much been telling you guys the same thing the entire time

>Atleast i didn't say it to her face ya-know?

>But the cat was out of the proverbial bag

>You can see why homely was winning the fight, when her very value as a female was at stake.

>But we couldn't really defuse this situation

>I mean there was absolutely nothing i could do

>No amount of words was going to solve the problem that i had created unknowingly between these two

>Frankly it wasn't even my fault

>I was actually somewhat angry at them.

>All the attention they'd been giving me was fake


>But fake

>Plus my sandwich died over this stupid bet

>That's like maximum uncool

>I couldn't tell if all those hot kisses with birthday were fake or just her playing a game

>I couldn't tell if homely had actually wanted my attention or just wanted to win the contest.

>It was a pretty shitty feeling, because suddenly you stop evaluating yourself as some kind of alpha badass and you realize you've been a toy the entire time.

>I mean it was hot

>I enjoyed the hell out of it

>But i was a toy

>and my thoughts after-the-fact kinda ruined the experience.

>I was no longer in a happy hot-pink-toes mood

>I wanted red, fire engine red.

>There's quite a bit of yelling between everyone

>I'm calling them both idiots

>Blondie's telling everyone to calm down

>Raven's telling everyone to calm down

>Glasses is giggling and holding homely back like a drunken fool.

>The fight has stopped, the shouting has stopped

>Well except for a few choice swear words from each of them

>They both had faces squirmed into contorted positions

>Silently screaming at one another

>They weren't struggling anymore, well homely wasn't

>Birthday still was

>Until she started screaming "LET GO, LET GO OF ME" and writhing back and forth to lose the arms holding her back

>She gets one arm free and i panic and try to jump between the girls to make sure they don't fight again

>They don't

>Birthday just glowers at me, her face a mixture of too many emotions to count

>And she stomps away

>Door slamming in the distance.

>We're all frozen

>Glasses still giggling and holding homely

>Nobody else is laughing, but glasses seems to have found something amazingly funny about that entire exchange.

>She doesn't say anything though

>Thank god

>Instead it's homely who's the first one who speaks

>It's directed at me

>It's a cry, a plea for help, for validation

>"Why don't you LIKE me?"

>That's not a hard question to answer homely

>Your personality is utter shit, and i would pay for it a thousand times over if i even hinted at liking you

>But i don't tell her this

>This would get me thrown out of the house by all the women, no contest

>Instead i say nothing

>and she continues

>"I even offered up EVERYTHING to you, and you still didn't want it!"

>Nothing but sobbing, a cold fear in these next words.

>"What's WRONG WITH ME?"

>Not an easy situation to diffuse anons

>Frankly i'm not sure i would have been even able to diffuse it at all unless she had continued

>Her next words gave me the needed fodder even if it was way worse.

>"You had... s...SEX with her and not ME!"

>That tone of voice was back to anger

>But she wasn't angry at me for supposedly having sex with birthday

>She was mad that i had turned her down and seemingly went off and did it with her friend without batting an eye

>She was tearing herself apart on the inside

>There's an easy fix to that

>I had two choices that popped into my head

>"We didn't, she lied"


>"She wouldn't let me"

>Guess which one i picked?

>If you guessed the second one that's where your story ends

>I was found brutally murdered and decapitated in the living room

>None of the women were ever heard from again.

>Except for glasses, who is rumored to be wrestling bears to death with her bare hands off in alaska or something

>If you guessed the first one though

>You're correct

>For once in my life i didn't pick the answer that would have made everything a thousand times worse

>It took a bit of prodding for the truth to set in

>I had to go and re-write history, explaining with great detail that i had not had intercourse with any of the women while they got me alone in the bathroom to punish birthday.

>Blondie has questions

>Ends up she was listening outside the bedroom door at first

>"What about all of glasses' moaning?"

>This just gets giggles from glasses, who's sitting on the couch with a smile on her face.

>This is probably one of the reasons blondie was angry at me all day that i couldn't figure out.

>It takes zero effort to explain i was getting a back-massage to help my back, and she was just being loud to torment birthday

>This seems like a reasonable explanation and is accepted by everyone

>Just sounds like something glasses would do i guess

>Except raven

>Raven has no clue what we're talking about

>"What do you mean glasses was helping your back?"

>She's not angry about me possibly having sex with glasses again, she knew.

>But she was asleep when i got hurt

>Everyone just kind of stares at her silently, waiting for the first foolhardy soul to try to explain it

>I'm trying to piece together neutral words to ensure that nobody dies

>Too late

>Glasses has a better plan

>Blurt out the truth

>"Blondie almost killed Storybro"

>She says this with a giggle

>I think she's really plastered honestly

>Doesn't help

>Glasses is such a bro.

>I can barely get between Raven and Blondie in time

>Blondie ends up in a corner with me protecting her from Raven's angry assault of claws and daggers

>She gets me with an initial Kidney shot right after i put up Inner Fire.

>Breaks through my power word: shield.

>I'm trying to throw renew and a heal on myself but she interrupts me with a kick and a sinister strike

>I'm praying that my psychic scream will come off cooldown before she gets an eviscerate off.

>Her slice and dice seems to wear off just in time and the assault stops the second i fade and drop aggro.

>It's not really fighting between her and me, she's just trying to get at blondie before she gets her heartstone cast off

>My pleas of "Wait i'm fine it's ok" and "Stop, don't be angry at her" are mostly lost.

>I was lying through my teeth anyway, my back still hurt

>On some level she was probably imagining the most insane methods of blondie-assassination you could come up with

>And it wasn't making it any better that i was trying to stop her from assassinating blondie on the spot too.

>It's not long before glasses intervenes, homely wanting no part in another fight.

>Or just having no honor, your pick

>Glasses drags the kicking and angry Raven off of trying to get behind me

>And does the honors of making the situation ... different.

>I won't say better

>I won't say worse

>Glasses mumbles pretty loudly into raven's ear

>"I saved him, you should be thanking me"

>Raven just gives an exasperated sigh and asks what the full story was

>So i told everyone to shut up

>And i told as-calmly as i could about what had happened

>What i had felt

>This was the first time actually any of the girls there had learned what actually was happening to me

>They were too busy fretting over me afterwards to figure out what had happened, and they had just concentrated on my back because it was visible.

>Blondie shrinks into the corner trying to make herself very, very, very small during the course of the story.

>Glasses is heightening the story with sounds of her own, gasps and "ahhs".

>Even homely seems to be giving out various sounds of dismay at either me not dying, or how much it hurt

>Possibly the me-not dying part

>But raven is silent

>Tears streaming down her face

>I'm terrified of what i've just unleashed

>It would have been safer to just pretend nothing had happened

>I try to explain that blondie will find a way to make it up to me

>Point out she's gonna make me some damn cupcakes in the future and i'm going to get to eat all of them

>Blondie was our resident baker, cookies mostly, but sometimes cakes.

>Eat all of them probably at the same time

>With lots of frosting and everything

>[spoiler]Yeah i want cupcakes now too[/spoiler]

>This doesn't seem to be about blondie anymore

>Raven has her arms around me and is sobbing into my shoulder

>Which should be sexual, i mean we were both topless still

>But i don't know, i was used to her chest almost

>Like any of the other girls would have breasts that bounced or swayed as they moved, my attention would shift instantly if any of them weren't wearing a top

>But hers were small enough that they were firm, almost no movement.

>Like accessories almost

>Perfect size in my mind, the kind of topless where you can stare for a moment and go "Those are attractive" and look away.

>Which i'm explaining because the first thought i did have was that she was now pressing her bare chest against mine.

>A sensation that i enjoyed deeply

>It was warm.

>comforting even.

>But she wasn't comforting me

>She was comforting herself and blubbering words out like a small child that had lost her favorite toy.

>In the accident that had killed that small child's parents

>She was sobbing words into my chest, but everyone heard them

>Words about how it was all her fault for drinking

>Words about How if she was there she could have realized and stopped it or saved me

>Words about what she would have felt if she had woken up and i had been gone

>She poured her emotions out and made us feel like heartless bastards for how much she felt than we were.

>She seemed to be dealing with just the thought of losing me on an emotional scale unforeseen by all in the room.

>All i can do is hug her back and remind her i'm still here.

>I try and joke that we can have a funeral still if she wants.

>you know, lighten the mood

>it goes about as well as you would expect

>She just grabs me and sobs harder into my chest

>Of course i made it worse

>I don't think i can fuck up the situation any more i guess

>But she's back to talking

>"Don't leave me!"

>That's what i hear at least, it could be all kinds of things she said muffled at that angle.

>I just end up just patting her back

>I don't really know what else i should be doing

>the other girls aren't helping

>except for homely who is sitting on the couch now with a blanket

>She takes the lovely choice of interrupting

>"I call the couch, don't cry for too much longer; i'm tired."

>She says that as she wraps herself up and lies down

>Your a dick homely

>But it does the trick

>Raven sniffles and stops crying all over me

>I'm covered in spots of tears and snot

>t.. thanks raven

>Blondie decides to take the chance to dart out of the corner and past us

>Raven makes a hissing noise and bats at her with a claw as she runs past

>just barely missing a scratch connecting

>Blondie even lets out the appropriate "eep" noise and hides off in the kitchen

>Raven's emerald green cat-eyes, glimmering at her from the near darkness

>We're interrupted by a shirt flying at us from the couch

>It hits me in the face

>glasses is back to giggling again

>Homely announces "It was too tight..." and rolls over in her blanket.

>that's fine, i just use it to wipe the snot and tears off me and throw it on the ground.

>Thanks homely.

>Raven ends up stomping after blondie into the kitchen

>I'm about to go intercept and stop her when i find glasses in my way

>"Don't, they need to talk"

>She seems to have had a moment of clarity

>I know how important "girl talks" can be, but i'm worried about how much murder will be involved

>Glasses doesn't let me leave, her hand is on mine holding me back


>I don't hear screaming, or shouting or hitting from the kitchen though, so i assume all is right in the world to the point at which i need not interrupt

>Glasses however is all over me

>She had ulterior motives i guess

>She's really drunk

>Her hands are all over in places they definitely should not be

>On my body and hers

>Comments like "My top is really tight too" are being whispered in my ear

>I have the clear notion that this is wrong

>That i should not take advantage of her at all, even though her hand is in my boxers trying to convince me otherwise.

>That i'm not in the mood after the shit that just went down

>I say some of those words

>She mentions that Blondie and Raven need time to talk

>And that i've still got a dare left


>Fuck it

>I give in to my weak-will

>I know i shouldn't, that i should be concerned about the kitchen or something, but i'm not thinking.

>We're off in the bathroom

>I dare her to give me a blowjob

>I don't ask for anything more because i am still trying to work my feelings out about who i really should be chasing.


>She did just get me rock hard, her own damn fault

>She can fix it

>My pants are down faster than a clown

>She's on her knees and starts sucking

>It's perfect, she's got suction, she's got tongue

>I'm in asgard for about three minutes

>Until she stops

>I look down

>She's fast asleep on her knees

>Head of my cock still in her mouth

>I'm pretty sure my laughter can be heard throughout the whole house.

>She looked absolutely absurd

>She really was drunk and tired,

>Just fell asleep mid-blow

>I contemplate using her to finish up even if she is asleep

>Maybe finish in her mouth, maybe just strip her a bit and jack off all over her.

>As tempting as they were, the ideas felt a bit too wrong when i actually had a chance to do them.

>She was still my friend

>It felt like i was degrading her as a person

>It's more fun if she's the one doing it.

>She would probably happily give me a blowjob later if i asked anyway.

>There were plenty of good reasons

>There's a real moral checkpoint you have to hurdle yourself over to want to defile a sleeping lady

>Even if she had fallen asleep willingly with my dick in her mouth.

>The moral of the story is that i pussied out and ended up jacking off into the toilet

>Still got to oggle her bra-clad tits while i did it though

>I justified that in my head

>figured she would want me to.

>I finish up my fap-session

>Clean up, wash hands, you know just gotta be polite

>It's not my house

>I still kinda feel bad, even though we didn't do anything

>My thoughts linger on the other two girls in the kitchen and i wonder how long i've been.

>I kinda haul Glasses to her feet, she's half asleep

>Decide i gotta drag her to the nearest sleeping facility

>Which would be the sleeping bags in Birthday's room

>We make the journey down the hallway

>Fighting off snakes and alligators on the river trip.

>Eventually we make it and i try the door



>"Birthday let me in, glasses needs a sleeping bag"

>No response


>Out of all the times for her to be a snotty-attention-grabbing-crybaby

>I lug and haul glasses out to the living room

>There's only one sleeping bag here

>It takes me a full two minutes to get her into the sleeping bag, giggling in her sleep and all.

>Then another minute to zip it up properly and make sure she's got a pillow from the couch.

>I turn around and realize we don't have any more sleeping bags

>I mean we've got the one that's in the laundry room but we aren't using that one

>For reasons

>I just waltz over to the candles and decide i might as well put one out and take the other with me.

>After i put one out i hear homely behind me

>"Hey perv!"

>Me being an idiot, i turn around

>She's got her chest exposed and the blanket wrapped around her stomach

>Lovely breasts facing me of course

>"You should tuck me in like you did her?"

>It's a hopeful question

>Luckily in my post-fap clarity i'm capable of thinking rationally

>I just blow out the second candle and walk away.

>I end up in the kitchen with a single flashlight illuminating the girls hugging and crying in a corner, all problems solved

>No not really

>They're kinda staring one another off

>Decent amount of distance between one another

>I ask em the simple question

>"Everything cool now?"

>I get a "Yup" from raven and silence from blondie.

>It comes to mind that she's been beaten into submission

>But i see no open wounds or bleeding, so i assume there wasn't too much damage done.

>I start rummaging around in the drawers for matches to light the second candle again

>Don't say anything.

>While i'm doing this, i also mention the previously discovered problem

>"Birthday locked all the sleeping bags in her room"

>This is met by mixed response

>Raven just kind of shrugs

>"You and I can sleep over in the parent's bedroom together, no big deal"

>She's right, we technically had already slept together over there.

>But what about blondie

>I ask this

>Raven already has a response planned out

>"She can sleep on the floor, or the guest room or something"

>Oh there it is

>There's definitely still bitch-hate between these two

>They are most certainly not "cool" with one another

>Raven knows firsthand that the guest room is freezing cold and windy

>That she's pretty much trying to punish blondie in some kind of mean way when she shouldn't be involved.

>The saddest part is that blondie seems to just be taking it lying down

>No fight from her whatsoever

>I can't bear to see that happen

>I'm not going to consign a friend to a night of uncomfortable or cold-sleep when there's rain and wind in that room right now.

>I say all of those words

>And a couple more

>"She can sleep in the parent's bed with us"

>Raven's eyes flash with emerald fire in the flashlight's glow.

>Blondie objects first

>Lots of "I can't" and "I don't want to, the guest room is fine"

>Raven seems to agree, she's making up excuses as to why only us two can sleep together and with blondie it would be wrong or something

>I'm not playing this game

>Raven's obviously mad at blondie and beat her down with words into submission, i'd have to solve this for their own good.

>"I dare blondie to sleep in the same bed as us"

>There we go, problem solved

>Or not

>Raven's mouth starts moving like she's going to overturn my dare with her own.

>I don't let her

>"I swear to god raven you say a word and i'll hate you"

>She closes her mouth

>It's settled then

>Blondie doesn't argue, she knows it's nicer than anything else, even if embarassing.

>The bed's fucking huge anyway, she could be miles away from us.

>We're going to all eventually end up in the parent's bed together.

>When i say eventually it's because none of us are tired yet

>All that adrenaline and fighting and kicking and screaming kinda had us buzzed a bit

>Plus we hadn't drunk alcohol, and raven was asleep all day and i had plenty of periodic naps.

>Blondie suggests we eat some cereal

>This is a brilliant plan

>We spend the next 20 minutes by candlelight

>Each crunching on cereal in a slow methodical contemplative kind of way

>In not-too-cold milk because the fridge was out.

>We didn't really hurry because none of us had anything to say

>It had been a long eventful day, i don't think we needed to say much of anything.

>Just delicious cereal

>As the rain continued to fall outside.

>Cereal finished

>We're still not tired

>But there really is nothing we want, or care to do.

>Raven makes the move and blows out the candle, turning on the flashlight

>It's off to bed we go i guess

>The trip is uneventful


>The creaking and moving of the house as we walked along the only noise i remembered

>We reach the bedroom

>The well-sat on and rumpled bed showing off all the action it had gotten over the day, various people sitting on, lying on or crawling across it.

>All that history

>Gone the moment raven flipped the covers over

>It's decided i'm going to be in the middle

>Blondie is gonna sleep on the far far end

>Raven the other end

>I point out that we haven't changed into anything

>But we don't actually have pajamas

>I make it a point to strip off my sweatpants and leave my boxers on

>I'm kind of hoping the other two women will take off more clothes

>At Least blondie maybe


>I even suggest she take off her bra so she'll be able to sleep more comfortably


>She's too embarrassed even though we've seen her naked.

>Oh well...

>We do that thing where we all get in place to sleep, legs under the covers and all.

>Our flashlight is rather dim at this point, batteries running low, so we aren't sure if we want to stay up and talk or not

>Raven makes the first move

>She scooches all the way from her side to right next to me

>Turns around and presses her skirt-clad butt right up to my side

>Ahh, she wants us to go to sleep spooning

>Blondie silently watching from across the bed

>Speak now or forever hold your peace blondie?


>Alright then

>I turn over and spoon raven, wrapping an arm around her chest.

>It's rather warm as we pull the blankets over ourselves

>She wiggles her butt against my crotch a couple times

>I'm rather lucky i fapped in the bathroom or i would have to sleep with a boner

>Which wouldn't be possible

>But i seem to remain soft enough as Blondie flips out the light

>I hear her wrap herself off in the distance and curl up with the blanket

>I fall asleep to the smell of raven's hair

>Whatever flavor that goddess rán's forsaken bubblebath was

>But i squirm awake sometime later

>I'm warm

>I'm very very comfy

>But i'm not sure why i woke up

>I might be a bit too warm actually

>My back is just as warm as my front

>But that doesn't make sense

>What also doesn't make sense is the hands wrapped around my stomach

>I realize blondie has slid over and is curled up to me from behind

>I'm being double spooned


>Her hands are also on my stomach, one of them half in my boxers, i get to wondering if she's awake.

>I'm not sure how to check though

>I take my free hand and kinda tap hers, see if she's going to respond


>She must have been asleep for a while now

>Tried to fondle me and fell asleep with her hands there maybe.

>But she could be faking it

>Brilliant idea

>I push down my boxers to about my mid thighs, wasn't too hard they didn't fit very well anyway.

>I then grab one of her hands and slowly move it to cup my crotch


>I know

>But she didn't react so i knew she was actually asleep and not faking it.

>Plus i mean she put her hands halfway there

>I contemplate moving her hand away, but then i smile when i think of what she'll do when she wakes up

>Probably scream

>I doze off with an evil grin on my face

>I don't wake up to screaming

>I wake up with two soft and smooth hands below the covers playing with me

>and i was as hard as contra without cheats.

>Blondie seems to have been fondling me in various ways while i was sleeping

>Maybe curiosity, maybe a tad bit of perversion, but she probably didn't know i was awake.

>Her hands are smooth, soft... gentle and warm

>She's not being abrasive, or chafing me in horrible ways.

>It's actually quite nice, even tickles a little bit, but pleasurable the entire way.

>Her soft fingers stroking upwards and downwards, cradling, smoothly running across all my features.

>She's quite good at this, or her accidental exploration is simply hitting all the right tactile levels

>Either way, i'm not too far off from an orgasm myself

>I almost can't stop myself from giving a couple thrusts forward, even though i know nothing would happen.

>It's right after i almost give one of these thrusts that she pulls one of her hands away, and stops the movement with the other.

>I can hear her mouth open, her hot breath on my neck as i'm facing away from her

>Then a long, wet crackly sound

>Her hand comes back around and touches me down below

>It's wet and slippery

>She licked it

>With the new-found lubrication her strokes are slower, more methodical

>Every time her hand ridges the head of my penis i feel the nerves all the way up shudder a bit of a shock through me

>It's a completely different experience to doing it myself

>I have no control, no knowledge of what's going to happen next

>It's an amazing experience

>But like all amazing experiences, this one has to end sooner rather than later

>After a couple more of her wonderful strokes, i do slight my hips forward a tiny bit

>This is accompanied by a spasm or two across my entire dick, no controlling that.

>And i squirt a numberless amount of times, plastering raven's lower back, skirt, and blondie's hands with copious amounts of thick liquid

>Now THAT is comfy.

>I give an internal sigh as one of blondie's hands snakes away again

>An apprehensive pause...

>That same hot hurried breath on the back of my neck

>That same crackling wet sound

>I throw on a satisfied smile and fall asleep again.

Alright anons, that's all for tonight. , i want to say we'll do more tomorrow but dark souls comes out AND i have dinner plans.

I'll update the doc when we can order a new batch of lewd adventures.
Reasonably, probably friday.

Update #19 : April 25th[edit]

>Next thing i know, it's light outside

>Well inside too, there was a patch of sunlight streaming in across my eyelids

>That doesn't let you go back to bed no matter how sleepy you are

>and i was really sleepy

>So the first thing my sleepy eyesi see is the back of raven's head, her hair to be precise.

>It's got sunlight all over it, makes it look almost-blonde in the bright spots.

>Which reminds me

>My pants are still off

>I'm still sticky

>Both of my arms seem to be wrapped around raven in various difficult-to-untangle ways

>My sleepy mind struggles to remember how this happened

>It doesn't really flood back

>Not like people always say it does

>It was kind of a trickle, and then i almost jumped when i realized the last bit

>Blondie totally gave me a handjob while i was "Sleeping"

>Mental me kind of does a jump in the air, arm outstretched with a click of the heels.

>Raven's still asleep

>Blondie's still asleep behind me

>Time to return the favor

>I start planning it all out in my head as i untangle myself from raven

>I'll turn over, and rub her softly awake.

>But wait

>This is blondie we're talking about

>She'd probably freak the fuck out and that wouldn't go anywhere good

>Images of blondie screaming and burly firemen running in with gas-masks to take me away flow freely through my mind.

>Not that those made any sense, but that's what i was thinking

>Ok, ok, we'll wake her up with a kiss first, then see where i can take that.

>I'm sure if i mention that i was awake she'll let me.


>I finish untangling myself from raven and begin the slow endeavour of flipping over

>Sun's in my eyes so it takes me a moment to get adjusted

>I look over to where the sleeping blonde-haired princess would be.


>The bed's empty


>Plan ruined

>I guess i could technically do it to raven too


>... i'll be honest, at this point and time i wasn't actually sure she wanted to be romantic with me

>It felt like everything she'd done up to this point had been a friend frantically trying to hold onto me when i showed interest in other women.

>As if i would suddenly stop talking to her because i found other girls or something

>Like she wanted to remain friends, but pulled me into Lewd~ and Sex~ because i seemed interested and it was a way to keep me.

>This would have been all great and fine if i was any other kind of guy

>But to me it felt like i was forcing her, or she was forcing herself just to not lose me.

>Not a good feel

>Specially with her past

>There goes my stomach doing bellyflops again

>I can't even bear to look at her when i think of this.

>I quietly roll over towards blondie's side of the bed and get up.

>As i finally slide from out of the covers i realize i've only got my boxers on, and those are around my knees

>My pants lost somewhere in the sheets

>Can't afford to go back

>Have to leave them behind

>I salute the brave soldiers, served me well they did.

>I check the clock

>7:00 AM

>Fuck it's early

>Might as well just go eat something i guess.

>I pull up the boxers and tiptoe out of that side of the house as to not-wake anyone

>The Hallway is quiet

>It seems like the rain has stopped, i'm not sure if the power is back on or not

>I check the living room on my way past

>Glasses is half-in-half-out of her sleeping bag

>Which is impressive considering i quite clearly remember zipping it up

>Her glasses are like halfway across the room though

>I had placed them all folded up next to her, but whatever she did had flung them across the room

>I move around the couch to pick them up and put them on a table, probably in the kitchen where they won't get stepped on.

>That's when i realize homely has completely kicked off the blanket and is lying half-naked on her side.

>That would easily be enough to give me an instant boner, her breasts fully exposed, as well as her long smooth stomach all the way down to her navel.

>Don't forget her panties, light-pink and firmly wedged into her crotch, before we return to long shapely thighs and long legs.

>This would usually be plenty enough

>But there was more

>Her hand was wrapped around her back and around her behind, one finger nestled peacefully between her legs.

>And the panties were a dark-shade of pink where that finger was resting.

>Wet dream maybe?

>Whatever the female version of a wet dream is maybe?

>I'm sure she would have loved the treatment blondie missed out on

>But i wasn't going to be the one to give it to her.

>The thought of covering her up so the other girls didn't see and laugh came to mind

>Then i took that thought

>And into the trash it went

>No sympathy

>Fuck homely

>I sure wanted to be there when she woke up to a group of giggling girls

>It would be priceless

>But my thoughts are interrupted like-they-so-often-are by other thoughts

>Mostly of the smell that was wafting through the house

>Only one place something that smelled that delicious could be coming from

>The bathroom

>[spoiler] no silly, the kitchen[/spoiler]

>Smelled god-damn delicious it did

>Baking Cinnamon

>Sugary smells

>Like i woke up in a confectioners bakery

>Time to sneak in and find out what the rock is cooking

>Tiptoes activated

>Menacing hands-out-infront-and-pointed-downward-weirdly-activated

>Mind you i'm in boxers, not wearing a shirt and i have bandages wrapped around my wrists that are half-falling off

>I manage to sneak into the kitchen without the gang and the pesky dog finding where i am.

>Blondie's baking up a storm in here

>The counter is a mess of different cookery cutlery, there's a couple pans out and some white powder covering lots of surfaces

>She's got these two mismatched oven-mitts

>Not to mention she's got her bunny-pajama shirt back on

>and she managed to find an apron SOMEWHERE that's tied with a little bow in the back

>Fuck i don't even understand why women wear aprons when they cook things

>It's like they just can see themselves being cute from a third person view and do cute things while they do it.

>She doesn't seem to see me right away, so i watch her as she's humming some tune, swishing her hips and doing various delicious-related things.

>Yes, in multiple ways anons

>I end up watching her for a minute or two, just admiring the cuteness

>In retrospect it probably wasn't nearly as cute as i'm saying it was, but i thought she was adorable.

>I decide to reveal myself as she's bent over fumbling with the oven

>I hear the clang of the tray as she picks it up and turns around to look at me with a pan of something undoubtedly delicious in hand.

>Her face converts from a look of concentration to a beaming sparkling smile instantly

>"Storybro!" -My first name of course

>She rushes forward to hug me

>Pan in hand

>My life flashes before my eyes.

>I can see my childhood, places i'd never remembered being until now

>Smiling mothers

>Smiling friends

>Sunlight in the garden at my old house

>The butterflies that always seemed to love my light-blonde hair.

>[spoiler]Butterflies like the ultraviolet color that reflects off it, i only found that out later[/spoiler]

>Running through every memory

>Meeting everyone i'd known

>My best friend

>That was it

>I open my eyes just in time to see blondie with both her arms up in the air

>One mismatched kitten-shaped-oven mitt with another square green one

>This is the last thing i'll ever see.

>I close my eyes in pain as her arms wrap around me

>wait a second

>I saw both her hands

>I open my eyes again and just see blondie's hair in my face

>Kinda shake it loose as i'm standing there with my hands awkwardly to my sides

>She had set the pan down on the counter behind her

>All i can feel is the warm spots where the oven mitts had obviously been holding it, on my back

>I'm not dead

>Not dying

>It doesn't even hurt

>It hits me like a sack of bricks

>That fell off a three story building under construction

>due to gross mismanagement of resources and hiring of unskilled employees.

>Aliens had abducted and replaced Blondie.

>The hug isn't long, but it's long enough for me to formulate an anti-alien plan

>Wherever they're holding her, there's probably a mothership

>Some kind of teleportation device down here in the house that lets this alien come and go as it pleases.

>I'll just have to get the fake-blondie to give me context clues as to where it is.

>Therefore i'm just standing there dumbly as she backs away with a smile on

>She doesn't even seem to find anything wrong, just turns around and grabs the pan

>"French Toast with baked-candied apples!"

>She seems to be talking to me

>I can barely make out her alien-language over the alien sounds she's making

>The pitch at the end of the sentence almost turns into a squeal, some kind of xenomorph form of communication most likely.

>I've got to call backup, they tell me they're hours away.

>I'm in the pipe five by five.

>landed on an alien planet alone, i've got to fend for myself.

>"It's the best i could come up with what i could find... you don't think birthday will mind?"

>None of those squeals this time, it's a serious question

>I have to answer as to not seem suspicious

>"No, i'm sure she won't mind." You dirty alien bastard

>"Smells delicious!" Is what i'm going to say when i roast you with a flamethrower

>I try to make it sound convincing

>I've got to find clues as to where the teleporter is

>The alien asks me for some "Powdered Sugar"

>I have no clue what that's a code word for, but i assume the cabinets could be where the teleporter is.

>I start rummaging around until i find a box

>"Powdered confectioner's sugar"

>I hand her this alien substance and she spreads it all over the french toast

>Some ritualistic tribal preparation i guess

>Maybe she was fattening us up to eat us

>As i lean over to hand her the sugar i take a peek in the pan

>Sliced apples sizzling away a caramelized brown in one side, lightly browned toast soaked in eggs, cream and cinnamon on the other...

>and she was stirring up what seemed to be some kind of homemade sugar syrup, while lightly sprinkling it all with powdered sugar.

>There's no way aliens could have this mastery over human food

>I comment on it looking absolutely delicious

>This goes down amazingly well, she's beaming even wider

>She points out that it's ready and it's my job to go wake everyone up

>I give her a ship-sailor salute

>"Aye Aye Captain Blondie"

>She giggles at this

>+1 me points

>But i've got to go wake everyone up

>I trot off to the living room to start on the girls here first.

>trying to decide who to wake up first and how.

>Then i pause

>If i wake up all the girls right now, i can't return the favor to blondie

>I turn on my heels and return to the kitchen

>She doesn't even see me coming

>I'm across the kitchen and have my arms wrapped around her

>She manages to get out half of a "Hey!"

>Before i turn her around

>Before my lips are on hers

>She's not struggling against me, just surprised

>I get to watch her eyes change

>Every shade between confusion to complacency

>Every shade between sapphire to sky blue.

>She tastes like candied apples, no doubt sampling the wares as she went along.

>But that's what i was doing.

>I slide my hands under her apron

>Under her pajamas and around the back


>My hands are slapped away.

>"It's hot"

>Damn right it is

>"It's going to get cold"




>I don't have any sappy comebacks that would make her delay food any longer

>I could have said a thousand and one things here like

>"Can i eat you first"

>Or the tried and true

>"It's better cold"

>But i didn't

>Nope, i just let go of the adorable girl in my arms and trudged off to wake everyone up

>i was hungry anyway

>Atleast that's what i kept telling myself

>First i'll wake up raven

>I shuffle down the hallway again

>Kinda sad, kinda with a boner.

>i end up standing beside her sleeping

>She's cute, back to her peaceful reverie of dreams

>I could wake this girl up in any way i wanted at all

>she wouldn't complain even if i had her panties around her ankles.

>But i'm just kinda standing there not knowing what i want to do.

>Remember what i said earlier

>I didn't want her to feel like sex was all i wanted from her, the only way to make me feel happy

>Even if it did make me happy

>But you know, we had a prior relationship that was built on actually getting along with one another and enjoying one another's company

>All that sappy stuff

>I'm really confused as to what i should do

>Confused half almost not boner

>I play the safe card

>I decided i would wake her up with a hug

>I unwrap her slightly from the blankets and pull her up and press her against me


>that does the trick

>She wakes up squirming until she realizes it's me

>Then i get shoved off


>"Bathroom" that one word and she's across the bed and has the master bath closed

>oh.. ok then

>Guess its a good thing i didn't wake her up *differently*

>I leave and start heading back to the living room

>Alright, next on the list is glasses

>She's easy

>I really can wake her up any way i want

>And she would enjoy it, and not pretend to unlike SOMEONE else.

>But i'm not sure what exactly i could pull off in the living room with homely sleeping beside us

>I go for as lewd as i can without taking everyone's pants off

>It involves one hand down the front of her pants and the waistband of her underwear

>and a kiss

>She wakes up to me lewdly fingering her as well as i can

> and the same nose-holding kiss i gave her the morning before.

>Frankly i have no clue what i'm doing

>But her eyes are wide open

>She's tense

>Instead of relaxing she lets out a loud, long muffled moan into my mouth

>Hot air and carbon dioxide flooding my lungs in surprise

>I snap my hand out of her pants because she was really loud

>And waking up homely like that would be really really bad

>We break the kiss

>She whispers

>"You can't just start and leave me unfinished..."

>Oh man that's a tempting thought


>"Blondie made french toast and baked apples, it's piping hot out of the oven"

>I say this with a smirk

>She knows she's been beaten

>Her face turns to a scowl, but her eyes are still fiery

>I've awoken something inside her i hope, or guess, or am pretending to have guessed.

>She mumbles something like "I'll show you piping hot" as she picks herself up and starts to stand.

>That is before she gets a look at homely

>She lets out a complete giggle, and then clasps her hand over her head

>Hahaha, you went to bed drunk girl, that shit's gonna hurt

>specially when you laugh

>But she still points towards homely and asks me what i'm going to do to wake her up.

>That's a good question

>I get up and walk over to homely on the couch

>she's half on her side, lips kind of open and drooling

>The thought of sticking my dick in her mouth comes to mind, but that's just not what the situation calls for.

>Instead i wipe the sticky and wet finger i had inside glasses across her lips

>That's more like it.

>Appropriate meanness to homely accomplished, with more giggles and "oww my head"s from glasses in the background.

>I then ask glasses how i should wake her up

>I get various responses, most of them including cold water, or mean things

>But she's saying them in a joking tone

>She points out its homely's last day so i might as well treat her with a *special* wakeup

>I don't like what this is implying

>That's dirty whatever you have planned glasses

>Then i find out it's not that dirty

>She just wants me to kiss her

>I can do that

>That's almost no problem at all

>I walk over and just decide i can get it done with and then go and wake up birthday

>I lean down

>My lips touch hers

>Suddenly her eyes jolt wide open

>What the fu-

>I'm slapped in the face and i go reeling backwards

>Glasses had grabbed both of homely's tits and squeezed

>Her hands were still there

>Doesn't matter though

>Homely's yelling about me being a pervert

>Until she sees glasses laughing with her hands still on her tits

>And she squeezes them again

>Honk honk motherfucker

>Homely gasps an "oww" and reaches up and slaps her too

>It's my turn to laugh

>Blondie seems to have heard some of the yelling in here and announces through the doorway that the food will get cold if we don't hurry.

>I can't stop laughing

>But i manage to get up and walk over to the hallway again

>Birthday's turn for a wakeup

>This'll be good

>Well, until i get to the door

>Its still locked

>I bang on it

>She's still asleep

>I bang on it some more



>She doesn't seem to be waking up

>I yell her name

>She responds

>"I'm not coming out till homely leaves"

>Oh, right she totally got her ass handed to her

>I try to reason with her, even offering piping hot breakfast for her.


>Won't budge

>Stubborn as shit, that's birthday for ya

>I tell her i'm eating her portion of delicious blondie based cooking

>She mumbles through the door something but i'm already half gone

>To the kitchen we go

>Off to see the wizard of baked goods

>I arrive at mostly the same time glasses and homely get there, raven is already helping herself to a plate of deliciousness

>"Birthday has a hangover, we should save her a plate"

>It's the only excuse i can think of to keep the notion of her still being mad at homely from interrupting this delicious feast.

>Nothing like a rivalry to ruin food

>It seems to work though, homely announces "Yeah tell me about it" and clasps the back of her hand up to her forehead in a dramatic fashion

>Her chest sways in a dramatic fashion too

>Crisis averted for the time being i guess

>Well maybe not

>"Are we having a topless party now?"

>It's glasses mentioning the fact that more than half of the people in here aren't wearing clothes at all up top.

>Homely makes some complaint about them hurting and being sore now because they were squeezed

>Eyebrows raised from around the kitchen

>Blondie and Raven glaring daggers at me now


>All eyes set on her

>Fair is fair after all

>She realizes what we're all looking at her for

>"Absolutely NOT!"

>That's really more of an embarrassed no, rather than a strict no

>Homely seems to get the same impression and shouts "I'LL HOLD HER DOWN"

>Oh whoah hold on

>This is a little too fast gu-

>The other girls are encroaching on blondie in the corner of the kitchen now

>She's flashing her blue eyes back and forth between faces like a trapped animal

>No we are not doing this to blondie



>i'm loud, surprise myself actually

>The gates hold, the barbarians halting their assault.

>I squeeze into the circle and turn around to face everyone

>I'm calm, authoritative

>"Relax, she'll let me."

>I don't even turn around to confirm this, i just figure it's happening so i might as well make it less traumatic.

>She was working all morning in the kitchen

>When a man she had recently killed

>Called her up from near where she was working

>So she looked out the window at him

>He had the same obsequious manner

>That was the reason she had him killed.

>But he couldn't calm her nerves

>So he sang her this song

>To her, across the home.

>Turn around, Turn around

>There's a thing there that can be found.

>Turn around, Turn around

>It's a human Skull on the ground.

>Human Skull, On the ground

>"Turn around"

>So she did

>I wrapped my arms around her as if to give her a backwards hug

>I asked her one question

>"Do you trust me?"

>I get one response



>I start laughing into her shoulder

>I find this amazingly funny

>She doesn't seem to though

>She's stiff as a board

>I try to be the gentleman

>I whisper softly in her ear a way out

>"If you don't want to do this, just squeeze my wrist and i'll stop and make up an excuse"

>I don't think any of the other girls heard me

>I'm not even looking at them though

>I slip my hands under the apron

>I decide i'll start at the bottom button of her pajamas

>With my hands it's like a bajillion million trillion times easier to unbutton each one

>Bottom button undone

>I slide my hands up further

>Second button undone

>The bottom of her shirt is loose now, flapping open.

>I take my left hand and place it on her bare stomach flat palmed, as i use the other to continue up the buttons.

>Third button

>I move my left hand upwards slightly

>She jumps

>Her hand is on my wrist

>But it's soft, no squeeze

>I wait a moment for her to make a decision


>I whisper to her again "Squeeze and i'll stop"

>Her hand hasn't moved

>Fourth button

>Fifth button

>Sixth button

>No squeezes

>Her shirt is completely open now, just loosely hanging on her shoulders.

>I can look over her shoulder down her apron and see her bra

>Oh right she has one of those

>I slide my right hand around and up her back

>I meet my Arch Nemesis on the field of battle.


>fuck i need two hands for this

>Nope not gonna do it

>Not gonna take my hand off her stomach, it would mean she couldn't squeeze and stop me.

>Plus her stomach is warm and feels nice

>The band is too stretchy for me to just pull one end and have it come undone, the strap is on the bottom and folded over anyway.

>[spoiler]It's like that so it doesn't rub against your skin and irritate you ; YW non-bra wearing anons[/spoiler]

>Wait a second

>Clever plan initiated

>I pull my head away from blondie's shoulder

>I crouch down, both hands still in the same place

>I softly grasp the other half of the strap in my teeth through her shirt, and keep a firm grip while i pull the other side

>The satisfying sound of velcro can be heard throughout the room

>I let go with my teeth

>Still no squeeze on my wrist, but she did give a gasp when she felt my teeth against her back.

>I turn my head to look at the other girls

>They're all frozen staring

>I try to explain


>As if that explained anything

>I return to blondie,

>she's fully undressed now

>Well not really, apron, shirt and bra are still on

>They just aren't all tied on anymore

>Sides the apron

>But i have my hand in a great place on her stomach

>It comes to mind i can move it lower

>She'll stop me if she wants me to stop

>So i bring it lower

>My pinkie is touching the waistband of her brown shorts

>Her hand is on mine

>No squeezes

>I bet i'm home free

>I slide it into the waistband

>She squeezes


>Oh well

>That's the limit i guess

>I don't take it personal, i've made great strides for humanity today

>I just bring my hand off her stomach and around to the sides of her shirt

>It takes a bit of wiggling but eventually i get it off without taking off the apron

>Really isn't that bad, just bring her arms back and slide it off.

>Next up is the bra

>I know how i want to take this off

>I put both my hands on her stomach

>Then i slide them up and under each cup

>Delicious breast in each hand

>I don't really squeeze them, i give her a full backwards pull with them

>Pressing her back against me

>Her breathing isn't shallow, it's smooth, but fast

>She's rather sensitive i remember

>i don't keep contact for too long

>I move my hands away until the bra is forward, then i move it upwards and force her arms outstretched in front of her to slide it off that way.

>[spoiler]It comes to mind i didn't really have to explain that, i could have just told you i took it off[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]But i guess your imaginations might miss out on the glorious amount of side and topboob shots i was sneaking the entire time[/spoiler]

Update #20 : April 26th[edit]

>Well now now, here's the sight we were waiting for

>All hands off blondie as i step away

>She's still got her back facing the group

>I'm about to start singing again about human skulls again

>She wants none of that

>Does a tiny pirouette to face us.

>Still got the apron on

>This is like imagination wonderland, but i'll do my best

>Apron is creamy-tan colored, had some logo on it nobody cares about.

>Absolutely nothing on below it, simply bare chest and shorts. But you can't see that.

>It's rather big for her (probably birthday's mum's)

>Because of this, it's hanging low on her, roughly upper curve of breasts height, and it's wrapping more around her chest than it would otherwise.

>Blondie's chest size was generally rather small (B to Small C), so the apron actually did wonders at properly covering her up.

>Even though her face was a shade of crimson reserved for royalty with how hard she was blushing

>Probably didn't help that everyone was staring.

>So the kitchen was now properly and fully topless

>Me, with my Delicious loli-flat chest

>Raven with her A-AA and pert hills

>Blondie with the previously mentioned Taut and Buzzing Bs

>Glasses, with her well proportioned and firm C cups.

>Then lastly Homely with her mountainous D's , who's still wearing only underwear

>(Not here is Birthday with her C's still pouting and being angry at Homely)

>I was in teenage-male heaven

>Maybe just all male heaven actually

>My eyes were darting back and forth between everyone so fast i was pretty sure my head was going to explode

>Even the girls were staring at one another's chests

>I swear everyone likes boobs, it's just a human thing.

>But blondie's are the best

>Because your imagination works overtime when they're partially covered like that.

>Because you can't see them, all you can get is peeks of tasteful sideboob and a tad bit of the tops

>But you know they're right there

>That makes it so much better

>We're brought out of probably two, three hours of boob vs eye staring contests by Blondie

>[spoiler]They never blink, you can't win[/spoiler]

>One word


>Oh yeah

>it wasn't really hot anymore

>Warm at best

>That doesn't mean it didn't still smell amazing though

>We all piled on plates of the stuff and wandered back to the adjacent dining room.

>Glasses takes up her rightful throne at the head of the table, homely and raven sit across from me, and blondie takes up the seat right next to me.

>The food was absolutely delicious, blondie 10-star chef

>But i mean it was bread, eggs, sugar and baked apples. Of course it tasted good.

>Everyone was giving compliments to the chef with their mouth, but i seem to have been taking the hipster route

>She was getting full compliments with my eyes.

>Blondie was sitting right next to me

>Which she did not think out completely

>Because every single time she leaned forward...

>The apron fell forward just enough to give me quite a bit more than tasteful sideboob

>In-Meal entertainment, who needs TVs

>She didn't seem to notice

>But someone else did

>I got kicked under the table

>Didn't really hurt, nobody had shoes on

>I also couldn't tell who it was, Either Raven or Homely who were both easily jealous of my staring.

>I didn't bother looking to find out

>Still staring

>Now blondie notices

>Back to red again, our favorite shade of blonde.

>She retracts in her chair until she's sitting straight up and down

>One of her arms placed firmly across her stomach to hold the apron back.

>She's giving me funny sideways glances

>Checking to see if i'm looking

>I've at this point just turned in my seat towards her, and i just stare her down while i'm chewing this actual ambrosia of a meal she's made us

>I realize i'm probably being really creepy

>I put on a goofy smile to compensate

>Really not sure what i'm thinking, i don't think there's any socially appropriate face for "Hold still i'm trying to look at your boobs"

>I'm probably creepier now

>Or i managed to somehow come across as being interested in her.

>Whatever it was, she gets embarassed to the point of being angry in about 10 seconds

>Or maybe she hates goofy smiles

>These ten seconds last forever, i'm enduring various kicks and attacks under the table

>Actual samurai feet wars down here

>Great losses on my side, it's 2v1 anyway.

>Scoffing hits off even though some of them really hurt.

>But she's mad

>"Stop looking!"

>Good ol-blondie embarrassment in her voice


>Good ol jerk me in mine

>I'm not sure why i'm not being a gentleman right now

>Maybe aprons are my fetish or something

>Maybe cute blonde girls who can cook in aprons are like multiple fetishes in one and i'm just unable to think

>Maybe i just had a serious boner.

>Whatever it was, i was being a total perv.

>She's trying to fend me off in a harsher shriller voice now

>"Because it's embarrassing!"

>Well duh

>"That's the point!"

>Uh oh i didn't just say that

>I did... i did just say that.

>I'm brought back to groundshattering earth with a foot on my crotch

>It's not hard

>It's not a kick

>It's a warning

>But it's hard enough to know it means business

>The foot just resting there, toes wiggling.

>I start to squeak

>"b... because you look cuter when you blush"

>All confidence in my voice gone

>Pervert mode deactivated

>Gotta save my skin

>Retreated away from flirting with blondie with the escape route i had planned if things went wrong.

>I don't even look at her to see how she reacted to my last comment.

>I'm looking over trying to figure out which girl is doing it.

>Looks like homely with a smirk on her face

>Whoever it is, the other girl stopped kicking me.

>Maybe because i'm not looking at blondie anymore and i'm staring at my food again.

>I know the best way to figure this out for sure

>I raise up my leg, and use my other foot to trace along hers.

>Following it

>Tracing the smooth skin with my toes, the curve of her lower leg to her upper thigh

>It's warm, and just gets hotter the further up i go

>No skirt so far, it's got to be homely

>I should turn back now, i know who it probably is



>I keep going

>I hit the crotch, panties, hot and soft it feels like.

>I peek a glimpse upwards and i see homely jump a good third of an inch in surprise

>I knew it was hom-

>her hand snaps down

>She's got my foot

>how the fuck was i supposed to see that coming.


>i've been caught by the bosses grapple attack.

>Now this would be hot, except

>#1, it was homely

>#2, Raven could see her lap

>#3, Blondie could see my lap, and my leg.

>#4, it was homely

>I had to pray neither of the two girls looked down at what was happening before i managed to get my leg free

>To make it worse, homely still had her foot on my crotch

>Then she wiggled her toes

>Which... felt like

>[spoiler]Well it felt really good ok but don't tell anyone[/spoiler]

>Screw you homely

>I'll wiggle my toes, see how you like it

>When i do, her eyes actually go wide for about half a second

>Uh oh

>Why do i get the distinct impression this was a terrible idea.

>Oh, right, because a second later she's grasping my boner with her foot

>Actual claw and talons somehow

>To make it worse she's holding my toes against her firmly now

>I can feel the wet spot from earlier

>It's very wet now

>She starts rubbing my foot against herself in a small circle



>I panic


>It all comes out as one word

>It works

>Homely drops my foot

>Her foot stops threatening me family jewels

>I push up and away from the table

>I'm about to stand before i see blondie is staring at me after i moved away from the table.

>Well not at me

>My crotch

>Huge boner

>I can't hide it because i'm in boxers

>I stand up and try to escape without anyone noticing

>"You gonna go jack off now?"

>It's homely

>My turn to be embarrassed

>I'm ready for laughinggirls.jpeg again

>Come on

>Do it


>no laughter

>I peek over through the gaps in my fingers

>Everyone's staring at the tent in my pants

>I'm just frozen there

>Maybe 2 seconds of being frozen

>Not very long

>It comes to mind that i spent all two seconds staring at glasses' chest

>I really can't keep my eyes to myself can i

>She either didn't notice, or didn't care

>Because she gets up with an empty plate and says she's finished and walks into the kitchen

>Doesn't even look at me

>Raven, Homely, Blondie are still staring me down

>I'm still a petrified statue over here

>I realize i should probably move

>One foot

>Nothing explodes

>I then use all the rest of my feet and bolt into the kitchen

>Through the hallway

>To the bathroom

>Slam the door closed

>Lock it

>Turn around

>There's a human skull on the ground


>That's the approximate noise i made when i turned around and found glasses there

>Nigga must have just dropped her plate off and went full sprint to beat me here

>No wonder she wasn't in the kitchen

>She's just standing there cutely with both her hands behind her back smiling

>Holy fuck seriously scared some ghost out of me or something

>She's not even out of breath but i am

>Years off my life

>She does a bit of a wiggle of her upper chest

>"You can stare all you want in here!"

>It's a mixture of her usual hint-of-sultry playfullness

>I'll say one thing, the Devs did a miracle job on the jiggle physics

>As attractive as they are, i had the boner temporarily scared out of me

>Which meant i realized i actually did have to pee

>I swear to god glasses; Always here for my morning sprinkler eh?

>She gets the message when i ignore her tits (which were lovely btw) and walk over to the toilet.

>I start pulling down my boxers, knowing she's watching when she gives me another scare

>"You want help?"


>What the fuck does that mean

>I don't have a chance to ask

>She's behind me and has her head over my shoulder watching, one of her arms wrapped around and cupping my crotch

>Insta bon-

>No, i need to keep it down

>I need to piss

>I pull my boxers down the rest of the way

>Semi boner, so no sproing

>Her hands find it sproingy enough

>Actually it looks like she's trying to aim it for me

>Hahaha way too high, i move my hand down and adjust the angle so it'll properly hit the bowl

>It's actually funny enough that we're doing this that i can somehow keep from bonering

>I let loose with a stream and she has her fun

>Aims it around a little bit , then seems to concentrate it on one spot in the water.

>I can tell she's amused

>Then my super soaker runs out, game over

>She had great aim, no splashes or anything

>She breaks the post-tinkling sound silence with a rather timid statement for her.

>"I have to pee too..."


>I've got my notepad out, ready to take notes

>I'd never seen a girl *Tinkle* before

>Except that wasn't going to change anytime soon

>"You can't watch"


>What is this bullshit

>I point out that she just manhandled me when i was setting the rivers a-flowin

>Fair is fair man

>You can't just leave me hangin, i wana see.



>Embarrassed almost

>Very un-glasses like

>But it wasn't an argument, she was seriously uncomfortable with me watching her urinate.

>I swear, women will watch you play fire engine all day, and then quit when its their turn.

>Some bullshit i swear

>I end up arms crossed facing the other way as i listened to the stream and splashes

>Jokes on her, i already know what her vagina looks like.

>She's up and finished rather quickly actually

>Then she's back behind me

>And her hands wrap around again, my boxers still around my thighs.

>My manhood gets a squeeze, i stop crossing my arms.

>"You riled me up this morning mister, you gotta finish what you started"

>That's just sexy all the way

>Alright, lets get these pants off

>I start pulling hers down again

>She stops me

>"Just me, not you."

>She pulls my boxers back up as she says this



>"You're gonna walk out of here just as hard as you came in"

>Pls no glasses

>Come on we can make some kind of other arrangement

>"Give the other girls something to stare at"

>She's all business

>She had this planned


>That does sound pretty hot though

>Maybe a kind of fair-weapon against them all being topless

>Maybe glasses is brilliant

>But still ):

>She fixes it all with her next words though

>Silky smooth, no hint of embarrassment.

>"If you can last an hour, i'll let you put it where it belongs"