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Update #11 : April 14th[edit]


>Now where we've left off it would seem the perfect place to give you a dream sequence

>You know, one of those things where i wake up

>walk into the kitchen

>Blood everywhere

>find Blondie finally has gone full Yandere and stabby-stabby with all the others.

>Have an exceptionally long and drawn out swordfight and then eventually succumb to my wounds and die.

>This would be the perfect place to draw you into an alternate reality where the women all love me unconditionally, or where i've become as smooth and suave as a super-spy.

>I really wish it could be the place where i have prophetic visions of my future, of the events that lie before me.

>But i can't tell you these stories

>I don't dream

>None of those wonderful adventures happened

>My head hit the pillow, and the next thing i know i'm opening my eyes.

>The first thing i noticed was that the pillow i was resting my head on smelled like rose petals

>I don't know why, maybe a cleverer anon than i can figure it out, but that was simply the first thing i noticed when i woke.

>The scent of rose petals is not a bad thing to wake up to, but a pitch black room is.

>There was no light, none at all

>to make it worse, i had no recollection of what was in the room.

>In that funny way those things just manage to vanish when you go to sleep at a friend's house.

>I realized the girls must have left me alone to sleep, possibly closed the blinds and the door.

>I was left with the task of navigating my way through pitch-black darkness, in a room that was not my own nor well documented in my memory.

>I ended up getting out of bed like a zombie

>Arms outstretched and flailing

>They should hit things before i do, navigational aids to-say

>I know there's a lightswitch by the door, but i just have to find it

>because of the rules involved with wandering around arms outstretched in a dark room trying not to hit things.

>I hit my shins twice, stubbed my right toe and almost fell flat on my face tripping on unknown obstacles.

>Finally i make it to the light switch, flip it and blink a couple times as light floods the room.

>I turn around and try to determine what i tripped on getting here, and there's absolutely nothing but soft objects, sleeping bags and stuffed animals strewn around the room.

>What the hell did i hit my shins on


>Well next on my agenda is getting some water

>My throat is dry, i probably slept with my mouth open

>I manage to use the light of the bedroom to navigate to the hallway light switch and i flip it on

>It shallowly illuminates the area,

>It actually strikes me as weird that it's off

>It's also weird that the house is completely silent

>where the hell are the girls

>I meander from room to room turning on lights as i go and looking for people


>Nobody in the living room

>Nobody in the bathroom

>Nobody in the kitchen

>Where the hell are they.

>I'm finally at my goal of the kitchen though, so i start grabbing a glass and filling it from the tap.


>I flip a shit and drop the glass

>It clinks and clatters into the sink as i'm off my feet and turned around before they hit the floor

>There's fucking nothing in the kitchen, it sounds like it came from the living room

>fucking hell i swear to god these girls better not be playing a trick on me

>I'm tacticool as fuck on my tiptoes as i sneak over to the entrance of the living room and look in

>the light is off again

>I'm being fucked with, its got to be the girls fucking with me.

>I've got this carefully concocted plan in my head on how to discover them

>I call out "Listen i know you're there"

>No response

>Best plan.

>I hear howling in the distance

>I know that sound


>They've caught up to me in my city life after all these years


>The bathroom light goes out too, and the kitchen light flickers at the same time

>No holy shit fuck this shit

>My plan is out the window, i've got absolutely no clue what was going on

>There's no way there was a girl in the kitchen behind me dimming the lights, or in the bathroom, i could clearly see across the hallway to where they would have had to come in.

>This is some paranormal activity bullshit going on right now

>I'm ready for the girls to jump out of the growing shadows and scare me

>anytime now

>any... time

>I retreat from the living room and back to the kitchen, thank Sol i've got light here

>I need to stop saying these things


>This time it's accompanied by the sickening sound of wood on wood

>The same sound you might get when two ships crash together out at sea, or an old wooden dock collapses under the weight of a truck.

>The worst part isn't even the sounds

>Its that the kitchen had taken the effort to heed my thanks to the norse sun god and the light was off.

>The house was pitch black now

>I don't know why but there wasn't even light streaming in from outside like there should be.

>It occurs to me that i might actually be dreaming, that this could be the first time i've ever had a nightmare.


>I crouch down to the floor of the kitchen, i know i can just find my way to the lightswitch and turn the light back on again

>I start the crawl over in the direction its in

>I hit the fridge head on

>completely wrong direction, and now my head hurts.

>I've got my bearings now, i try to crawl back towards where the light switch is

>I'm very slow this time

>I hit my head a couple times against various things, but i manage to not make it hurt by just not hurrying into them.

>About halfway through the kitchen i crawl through something i could swear was cold and wet

>I'm losing my edge now, if this is a joke they're getting me good

>i stand up and fumble around for the lightswitches

>Eventually i find one and flip it


>They're getting me really good

>I'm not sure what i'm supposed to do

>this isn't my house, i don't know where flashlights or candles would be

>[spoiler]This was back before cell phones were popular with teens, we didn't have the portable magic light devices in our pockets 24/7 back then[/spoiler]

>To make it worse, the howling started up in the distance again

>I think its on the other side of the house

>I feel like i'm obligated to investigate, but i'm not sure what i'll find

>You know demons, bears, timberwolves, vampires

>I would rather not find those things alone in a dark house where i can't fairly fight back

>Im pretty sure all of those things can see in the dark.

>I'm like a helpless bunny being hunted by demonic nightvision creatures.

>My eyes are working as hard as they can, but i can only see the dark shapes of things

>counters, cabinets, a silhouette standing by the exit to the living room.

>I do a double take and its gone


>I'm not staying here

>I'm trying to see down the hallway and discover the traps and creatures waiting for me down it, but i can't see more than a couple feet, and badly for those at best.

>I don't like the human figure i saw in the shadows by the living room so i'm just going to stay as far away as possible

>I start crawling down the hallway

>The walls are closing in, suffocating darkness even

>I can't tell if there's shadows flitting across my peripheral vision or what, but i know i'm hearing creaking sounds.

>I'm not moving

>there's still creaking in the distance

>It sounds like the creaking raven and i made earlier tiptoeing down this hallway


>She's probably still asleep

>I'm close to the guest room, it's like another door down

>the only problem is that creaking is down the hallway too

>I've got to beat whatever's making the creaking sounds to the guest room, it's my only hope

>I start hurrying down the hallway, i'm keeping my shoulder to the wall and watching the other side with anticipation

>I know its safer, they can only get at me from one side, i just have to watch ahead of me and be-


>This one came from the kitchen right fucking behind me

>I jump half a foot in the air and turn on my speed

>who cares what's in front of me i'm scurrying along trying to get to the door

>The creaking is coming from the living room now

>and above me

>and behind me

>The entire house is making noise like it's shifting on its hinges

>There's still howling coming intermittently from multiple directions

>I'm in panic mode, fuck everything

>I just get up and barrel for where i think the door is

>that's a wall

>that's another wall


>I turn it and get inside and lock it

>my knees just give out and i drop to sitting against the door.

>No fucking regrets

>Banging and wailing now coming from the other rooms in the house outside

>i'm pretty sure i've just escaped with my life by a sliver

>the creaking in the hallway has completely stopped

>whatever it was, it's outside the door waiting for me.

>in the darkness


>i crawl across the room, hands blindly out in front of me

>I'm trying to find the bed

>I can't seem to find anything

>It's like the center of the room is empty

>After what feels like miles i find something round tall and hard

>It's the post at the foot of the bed

>I don't even know how i got over here

>this isn't making any sense

>I just inch my way back up the bed until i'm in the middle

>I get on my knees and start feeling around on the bed, i know raven should be right here.

>The bed is empty

>As far as i can reach is nothing, its flat, no pillows, no sleeping girl

>It's also cold, no warmth

>Where the fuck is raven

>Where the fuck is everyone

>I swear to god if she got herself eaten after i saved her ass i'll never forg-


>The fucking window of the guest room just up and shatters


>Faster than you can say scooby doo, i'm in the corner of the room farthest away from the window

>I've never been so surprised in my life

>I'm close to have never been more terrified in my life

>I'm pretty sure my hair is now white

>I'm pretty sure my pubic hair is now white is how freaked the fuck out i was.

>There's a flash of light from the shattered window

>I see a silhouette illuminated, sitting up on the empty bed i just checked.



>i'm not going to die like this

>i'm going to attack whatever the fuck this thing is that just broke in and is going to eat me

>i've got no weapons but my bare fists

>maybe i can grab a shard of glass or something

>I start crawling towards the bed with intent


>a fucking explosion just went off outside

>no light at all, but it sounded like a neighbor just detonated their backyard with TNT

>The entire house is shaking

>The ground is vibrating

>I can hear shards of glass rattling across the room

>I'm all the way back in the corner again

>This isn't going to help, there's a loud dull thump in-front of me, along with what sounds like all of the blankets and pillows on the bed falling down.

>It's fucking coming for me holy shit

>I'm holding out my hands and making a cross with my fingers

>I know this wont probably work, but i'm just hoping someone will take pity on me and make it quick.

>I'm going to make a break for the door maybe

>Its my only chance

>I haven't even got my hands down to flee in terror when the figure on the ground now makes a sound


>It's a girl's voice

>Not a demon

>Not a timberwolf

>It's raven's voice


>I think those are the words i said

>i don't think she understood a single word though

>It's alright because she's not a demon trying to kill me

>Atleast i hope so

>"What... Storybro is that you?" (She uses the childhood nickname she's had for me for ages)

>I'm sorry anons i can't tell you what it is, but its really cute

>I'm ecstatic, i respond with my nickname for her (Also really cute)

>You have absolutely no clue how happy i was to not be devoured by a timberwolf demon at that moment

>I'm fumbling around trying to find her

>Another flash

>The room is lit up

>I can see her for a split second

>She's kneeling at the base of the bed, has a blanket wrapped around her shoulders, hair illuminated and sticking off in every which direction for just a second

>It's enough time to start heading in her direction


>Holy fucking shit another one

>The fucking room is quaking like atleast a 3.0 earthquake

>My heart can't even take this

>The windows of the house are all rattling

>There's howling and wailing all around us

>I don't even need to find Raven, she finds me.

>I don't remember moving but it happened, we're curled up in the corner i was hiding in before

>She's got a blanket wrapped around herself and kinda my shoulder

>I've got one arm around her and the other holding myself together with how many scenarios of brutal horrible death i'm imagining from all the warzone going on.

>But it's pitch black and she can't see that

>She just waits for the sounds to end and whispers

>little-scared-girl fear in her voice

>"This thunder is terrifying, it hasn't been this loud since i was little"

>Oh right it's thunder

>[spoiler] It's possible many anons have never experienced a real strong thunderstorm before[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]It sounds like actual bombs are going off outside, your entire house shakes, it's terrifying[/spoiler]

>I realize i can hear rain outside

>It probably started somewhere between me being in agonizing fear, and nearly shitting myself over this fucking house

>It's the wind howling in the eaves too, and the creaking is just the house shifting along with it.

>b... but the lights

>this doesn't explain even half the spooky shit

>I'm pretty sure there's still fucking demons in the hallway

>"I'm glad you're not scared, i would be way more scared if you were"

>She squeezes me tighter

>I hope she can't hear how close i am to a heart attack.

>This has been a thing she's done since she was 7 or 8

>I think i was sleeping over at her house for whatever reason, and it started raining and storming outside

>It wasn't that loud, but she did the puppy-dog eyes and told me she was scared, so i held her hand until she went to sleep.

>After that, whenever there was a thunderstorm it would be an excuse for me to come over and comfort her

>It was a good excuse, i don't even think she was that afraid of thunder, she just enjoyed the company.

>I liked doing it, it made me feel older and stronger than i really was.

>Made me feel like a real man of the house, could protect someone

>In reality i think i was doing it just as much for myself as i was for her

>Maybe she was doing it for me too, i don't know.

>Still, we had grown older, it wasn't really a thing we had done anymore.

>The ironic thing was that i was about a thousand times more scared this time than she was.

>Man of the house i was.

>With the window wide open and wind blowing in, things were actually falling off tables and cabinets

>and it was really really cold

>Peppermint soap cold

>The arms i've wrapped around raven are freezing, but i'm concentrating on not showing any weakness

>I've got to pretend i wasn't fleeing in terror down a dark hallway from demon drop dogs before i found her

>not that i'm doing a very good job of that, i'm shaking

>I'm not even that scared anymore

>All the thoughts about being dismembered and eaten by demons kind of went away when raven showed up.

>The human mind plays tricks on you when you're alone

>Shows you things that aren't there, tells you scenarios that aren't happening.


>These aren't lightning, there's something else outside making this noise

>It's the fucking demons trying to get in again, its whatever broke the window

>This scenario isn't in my head this is real

>Another flash

>Raven preemptively squeezes me, she's got her face pressed into my shoulder

>The window and the area around it is a mess, there's shattered glass everywhere

>Papers and other light objects near the window have been flung to the floor by the wind, some papers are even still airborne.

>I can just make out two tall skinny shadows outside the window

>They quickly move out of sight before the light fades

>There's two loud *BANGS* when they do

>Then the thunder hits

>The house rattles again

>The glass skitters lightly on the floor, tinkling sounds echoing through the room.

>"It hurts, make it stop"

>This wasn't really a plea, or a request it was just a statement

>I guess she wasn't feeling too good still.

>I tell her we should try to move towards a quieter and warmer part of the house

>There's no argument

>A light flickers on and off in the distance out of the window, we can't really see where it was but there's light enough to see the window again

>There's a shadow there, a giant shadow floating in the middle of the room


>I'm to my feet and i drag raven with me to the door

>She's still wrapped up in the blanket, i can hear it rustling

>I can hear the rain falling outside and on the roof, the pitter-patter it's making on the hardwood floor beneath the window

>I can hear the wailing and screaming the wind is making in the eves of the house

>We're leaving right now, i'm so done with this silent hill bullshit going on

>I'm just ready for fog to appear at any moment and have us be trapped somewhere.

>I unlock the bedroom door and open it and try to see whats in the hallway

>Its really dark, i think i make out a shape sitting across the hall by the living room

>Lightning flashes behind me again

>Our bodies prevent it from illuminating whatever the shape is

>But the reflected light bounces off its eyes

>Its glowing red eyes

>I hear a growl

>I slam the door again

>"Please tell me you saw and heard that raven"

>There's genuine panic in my voice

>That was a fucking demon dog i know it.

>She's seen nothing

>She has no clue what i'm talking about

>It's some kind of directed demon ghost i know it now

>I'm the only one who can see it

>I think last time the room lit up i saw a book on the floor, i lean down and kind of fumble around for it until i find it.

>It's some hardcover novel, perfect

>I tell raven to get ready

>She's not really sure what i mean, but i guess she grips my hand tighter so we're ready to go

>I throw open the door

>I chuck the book into the living room at the creature

>I don't hear a sound, but i see its a clean hit, the eyes are gone

>I don't even wait, we're into the dark hallway and running as fast as we can

>I'm stumbling over everything in my way, i hit my leg on everything, i'm practically dragging raven as we run

>We hit some door, hard

>I hit it first though, it hurts my shoulder but i can stop raven from hitting it as hard as i did.

>we open it and hide inside

>It smells like old cigars and musty books

>It's a room i haven't gone in before, but i have no clue what it is.

>Still can't see anything at all

>We just jam the door closed and huddle up at the base of it

>I'm shivering, somewhat out of pure terror, and the rest out of cold

>She's not dumb, she notices

>She's sharing the blanket this time

>With a deft movement its wrapped around both of us and we're sitting side by side

>Our shoulders are touching, which is perfect because my shoulder was very cold and hers was very warm

>We're just sitting there silently in whatever room we've entered

>Its much quieter than the guest room

>Even still, every time we hear a bang, or a bout of thunder echo through the neighborhood, >Raven flinches and squeezes me harder.

>We're there for what feels like hours, even though it was maybe only 10-15 minutes at most.

>It's not a talking moment, we never really talked when there was thunder

>It's a "I'm scared shitless of these demon dogs" moment.

>I'm straining for any sound i can hear in the house that isn't the bangs creaks and slams i keep hearing

>Finally i hear one

>Its loud, its a heavy door slamming shut.

>Its from the front of the house

>There's banging, stomping, and it's all getting closer

>There's talking too, it's muffled and low pitch, like someone possessed by lucifer himself

>Whatever it is, it's stumbling towards us

>And its big, its loud

>Its making huge giant stomping squelching steps down the hallway

>Whatever it is it's real close now

>The door bangs loudly as whatever it is reaches it feet first


>"Grab the handle" I shout at raven, and we both jump up and hold the door shut as hard as we can.

>"W... are you two in there? Let me in the flashlights are right there on a shelf"

>Its birthday's voice, but its low and muffled.

>What the fuck are those footsteps though

>"What are you doing in there?", her voice is all confusion

>Giant god damn footsteps that squelch and squeak

>It can't be birthday, its a demon timberwolf in disguise that's using Birthday's voice to trick us

>I'm trying to convey this to raven when we're both yanked forward

>Birthday just kinda effortlessly opened the door when we weren't resisting

>We both tumble sprawling forward and end up on the floor

>I can't see anything

>I can hear Squeaks and Squelches as the giant-footstepped timberwolf steps over us and into the room we were in though

>There's rummaging, a bit of crunching and a couple more squeaks before the demon lets out a muffled "AHA!" and i hear a click

>I'm scrunching my eyes closed, its the end i know it.

>Suddenly i can see my eyelids


>I open my eyes to see the demon casting some kind of fire-beam spell at me

>It's too late for me to dodge, i just close my eyes again, lie still and wait for the eventual burning inferno

>No damage

>I must have rolled a natural 20

>I open my eyes again

>Its just a flashlight

>She doesn't have a light on herself, but the reflection is enough to give me an idea of what she looks like.

>Her eyes are lit up in a glare, she's got a hand on her hip, and i look down



>She doesn't look very happy

>"What were you doing in the office!"

>I take a look over at raven and realize she's still topless, i'm still topless

>This looks bad

>I'm about to start cashing in my previously earned guilt points to try to get us out of this

>Raven interrupts

>"I was scared of the thunder, i hid, he found me"

>She's got a terrified tone of voice, i know she's faking but it's really good

>She's amazing with her voice when she wants to be, or needs to be.

>Still ouch though, those are some hard hits to take just to get me out of trouble.

>She admitted she was scared of thunder, hiding again, and that i was at no fault for any of it

>That's a lot of hits, she still owes me way more though

>Birthday seems to accept this answer, as there would be no way she would self-depreciate herself more intentionally than just admitting she was in the room half-naked with me.

>Atleast as far as she knew

>Girl logic

>Birthday grants us her blessing and we're given the ability to cast the level 1 "Minor Light Spell"

>We can now see what she's wearing

>Giant green sweater jacket with the collar pulled up around her mouth

>Explains the muffled voice

>Was probably really cold outside with whatever she was doing

>We hear other talking in the kitchen, i guess they had all gone out walking for some stupid reason

>"Come to the kitchen, we brought pizza"

>I lied, amazing reason, i'm sorry i ever doubted you birthday

>We're on our feet in a flash and ready to head to the kitchen

>Pizza man

>Oh, wait...

>I stop, halfway down the hallway and look into the still dark living room

>I hold my arm out and stop birthday and Raven

>They're all looking along with me

>"Careful, there's a Grue in there"

>They have absolutely no clue what i'm talking about

>I sure hope i don't have a clue either

>I turn around and back away from the living room slowly, keeping an eye on it the entire time.

>I'm ready at any moment to shine my flashlight in any direction it's needed, we would only get one chance.

>I don't think the girls knew what was happening, they just let me do it.

>After an agonizingly slow trip backwards in fear, we make it to the kitchen.

>We find Homely, Glasses and Blondie wearing similar getups to birthday

>Frankly they're all wearing way too much clothes, i'm very sad as all my previous progress is seemingly gone.

>But then again i didn't exactly expect them to go get pizza in Bras

>The other girls don't take long to comment on Raven's state of dress though

>"What, clothes not good enough for you?" - Blondie

>"You weren't doing something DISGUSTING while we were gone were you?" - Homely

>I tell them to promptly shut the fuck up, since she had just woken up to the window in the guest bedroom shattering all over her

>Yeah, i make it far more dramatic than it actually was

>That's my job

>I left out the part of me hiding in the corner almost screaming like a little girl though

>to my regret, thoughts of eating pizza are dropped and flashlights are handed out

>I guess i'm too good at my job.

>We group up and head to the haunted guest bedroom

>With a mass of flashlights, the room is rather bright, we can inspect the damage i guess

>The window is shattered pretty bad, glass is all over the floor, under the bed and cupboards too.

>The curtains are out and billowing up in the air

>They're pretty long so they're in the middle of the room.

>The wooden shutters outside are making "Bangs" back and forth as they hit the house and then the window frame

>Looks like the top hinge of one of them snapped off, so it hit the window at an angle.

>There's still occasional thunder and lightning, but its farther off in the distance now

>The biggest problem is the rain flooding in to the room and pooling on the floor in front of the window

>Birthday vanishes out into the hallway and we hear the front door slam before she appears over at the side of the house

>A little bit of string and elbow work later, she's got the shutters tied closed, they aren't totally waterproof but it's better than nothing.

>We throw down some temporary towels and return to the pizza, birthday joining us back in the kitchen

>She's soaking wet

>So are the other girls, but pizza is deemed more important

>I inspect the treasure trove of delicious they've returned with


>Pineapple, Ham, Mushrooms

>Green Peppers, Onions, Sausage

>All Xtra Large, God tier pizza selection

>Plus they brought more drinks and snacks

>We're all over it like hungry hungry teenagers

>Seriously, hippos can't even begin to compete

>In less than 15 minutes, Two and a half of those pizzas are gone.

>We didn't even sit down, we must have looked a comical sight in that kitchen

>It's completely dark, just a couple flashlights on the kitchen island illuminating various corners of the room.

>Two of us shirtless, the rest wearing entire soaking wet overcoats and rain boots.

>All chowing down on pizza like monsters

>It was delicious, frankly it was just what we all needed after that day

>specially me, after... well after you know who was sacrificed.

>Sufficiently Pizza'd, we get to the next order of business

>I don't actually know what the next order of business is

>Blondie fixes that problem i was having

>"She's got to put on a shirt or something"

>Her tone was polite, light and nearly singsong as always

>But she was definitely antagonizing raven

>"Oh leave her alone, she's almost as Flat as Storybro"

>This was rude, condescending and arrogant... as always

>When homely says this, Raven shrinks back slightly.

>Maybe everyone else didn't notice but i did.

>What am i saying they're girls of course they noticed.

>The funny part is that i didn't really have any urge to protect her from it.

>She might have just curled up in my arms, but i wasn't feeling any softer for what she'd done earlier.

>our grouping up was convenient for my state of fear, that was all.

>I let homely/blondie poke their fun at raven and i just dove myself into some soda

>When i came back up for air, raven had her arms crossed defensively and wasn't looking up.

>Sucks for her i guess

>I bring up the fact that the other four girls are wearing a liberal amount of soaking wet and probably cold clothes

>About to offer to help when Glasses interjects

>She says they should all take a shower and get warm again and put on some fresh clothes

>I look at the clock, it's only 7:30, it seemed way later

>It's the middle of school session though, so of course the days get pitch dark at 6:00.

>I offer to put the pizza away so they can all go get ready for individual hot showers, and they skitter off taking a flashlight each

>Blondie doesn't take a flashlight though, she just vanishes into the still-dark living room


>Oh no

>She's being eaten by a grue

>God damnit blondie

>I rush into the living room with a flashlight

>I know i'm not going to be able to save her but i have to try

>At first i can't even find her

>Then i realize she's over behind the couch at the other entrance to the room

>She's sitting on her butt on the floor

>She tripped over some book and a teddy bear that were sitting there

>I was relieved, looks like she was safe

>I help her up and turn around to find raven has followed me, like a little lost puppy

>She's even wagging her invisible tail, its adorable.

>Blondie vanishes into the darkness again and i wish her luck in her adventure, realizing I'm going to be alone with Raven for like 20-30 minutes as they all warm up.

>She realizes the same thing.

>She grabs my hand and pulls herself close

>She places it across her right breast and asks "What do you want to do while we wait?"

>Its a tease, a carefully planned suggestion she's probably been scheming for minutes now.

>She wants me to pay attention to her.

>I want none of it.

>I yank my hand away

>I move over to the couch, sit down and throw down the flashlight so it illuminates the bottom half of my body

>its just the way it ends up sitting

>I'm casting a shadow like the reverse of someone trying to tell spooky campfire stories

>Raven doesn't seem to get the hint,

>She sits down next to me, trying to get as much body contact as possible

>She doesn't realize why i don't want to sit next to her, why i don't want to touch her

>I get up and leave her there on the couch, moving to the armchair.

>Only enough room for one

>I can't see her face, no expressions, just darkness

>She gets up and walks over to me again

>She better not

>She does

>She tries to sit down on my lap

>I shove her off

>Not just a light shove either, she drops two feet to the floor

>She's not getting the picture

>I stand up

>Three words

>"We're. Not. Friends"

>I walk over and pick up the only flashlight in the room on the couch

>I'm stone cold serious, my heart is dead on making this clear.

>I follow my previous statement with another

>"You don't deserve me as a friend. Not anymore."

>I switch off the flashlight and walk away, leaving her in complete darkness.

>I just hear silence, silence and my footsteps.

>Then she was eaten by a Grue.

Update #12 : April 15th[edit]


>it was a needed sacrifice.

>I just kept telling myself that as i walked away.

>I repeat this over and over in my head, i have to drown out the sounds.

>First comes the screaming, it's always with the screaming.

>Every time i've witnessed a Grue attack there's always screaming.

>But not this time, it was silent, only the sound of my footsteps as i entered the kitchen.

>Next was the sickening squelching...

>I tried to force these sounds and thoughts out of my head as i put the flashlight down on the counter to illuminate the room as i begun to clean up the pizza.

>The jarring bone crunching...

>The creature was hungry, it would have taken me next

>The shattering of hearts

>It had to be done, it had to be said

>There was no other way to overcome the situation i was in, the way i was feeling.

>Hardened, i begin cleaning up the leftover drinking glasses, the clink as i grasp multiples together in one had echoing through the kitchen.

>Now the only sound.

>In the three or four steps from the island to the kitchen sink i manage to step in something cold and wet.

>Setting the cups down, i kneel to inspect the liquid

>I can't see it, but i swipe two fingers and take a whiff

>It's just water

>I probably spilled it earlier when i was in the kitchen

>I clean it up, contemplating the entire time.

>Then return to picking up the plates

>The rain outside is pressing a solid white noise across all my actions, it lets me be alone with my thoughts

>I wasn't feeling very chipper, maybe it was seeing the other girls, maybe it was seeing her be shunned.

>I wasn't really sure what i was feeling.

>But the second she put my hand to her chest, i realized i couldn't stand her.

>The idea that she would hit me.

>That she could try to hurt herself and make it my fault

>I was sick to my stomach.

>The clattering of the ceramic plates accompanying the creaking, groaning and howling of the house.

>I wasn't really as angry as i thought i was though, i wasn't really anything

>I was back to feeling nothing

>In that way that feeling nothing is sometimes the only way you can feel after something happens where you should feel everything.

>The plates clatter as i place them into the sink

>I swallow, trying to force my emotions back down again.

>I grab a sponge and begin to scrub the guilt away

>A Flash of light illuminates the window, and the kitchen

>For a brief second i can see what i'm doing, everything in the room is crystal clear

>Then it's gone

>I continue scrubbing, the sink's running water adding a steady addition to the orchestra of sound in my head.

>The thunder rolls in, any thoughts i have cascade into deafening silence after the house shakes.

>I can't remember what i was trying to convince myself of

>I just end up staring off into the rainy window

>The streams of water running down the window in disorganized chaos, each raindrop changing the playing field.

>I realize i've run out of plates

>I take my time putting them away

>I know i'll run out of excuses to confront myself soon

>I find myself wandering the kitchen aimlessly after i've cleaned up

>I don't want to think, so i try to keep my feet busy and concentrate on the sounds outside.

>My eyes wander to the liquor cabinet

>I could just take a cup or two

>I would go back to giggling like i was the first night

>Everything would be happy again right?

>Before everything was fucked up

>Before nothing made sense in my head

>I walk over and open it

>Tantalizing bottles line the shelves, the depths of each bottle barely reflecting the meager light that shadows the entire room.

>My inner voices are quiet

>There's no inner struggle against it

>I just reach out with my hand


>I snap around like a child with his hand caught in a cookie jar

>It's homely

>She's got a seriously worried look on her face

>I'm probably fucked

>No seriously its homely she's going to tell everyone

>Well, if i'm fucked i might as well

>I turn around and grab a random bottle off the shelf

>I'm unscrewing the cap when her hand is on mine

>she was fast, across the kitchen in only a moment to stop me.

>I try to get her off but she's not having it

>I turn to face her, all i can see is her eyes

>She's not screaming "LOOK WHAT HE'S DOING"

>She's not making antagonistic remarks

>She just asks a question, her face is sincere


>I don't think really

>It just kind of comes out automatically

>"We're not friends anymore..."

>It's a quiet voice, one that i never use, one that doesn't suit me

>I might not spend that much time with homely, but she knows.

>The rain continues to pitter against the window


>It's not really a sigh, its like she was contemplating an answer but it never came

>It's the kind of sound you make when you know the other person wants a response, but you're not sure what to give.

>I don't have any more, i'm just standing there with my hand on the bottle, the other on the cap

>I'm wishing desperately homely would just go away so i can wallow in the silence i've created.

>She's not going to grant my wish

>Her next question is stronger, more forward, her voice has the slightest tone of modesty in it.

>"How can i help you fix it?"

>I knew what it was going to be before she even finished

>I don't even consider my options, or what she could do; i just answer.

>"It can't be fixed."

>I didn't want to be consoled, or helped, i wanted to be alone.

>I'm not in a mood for fixing things

>I'm in a mood for hurting people

>Hurting myself

>As if subjecting myself to more pain was the only way to make myself feel any better about this situation.

>I placed the bottle back on the counter and backed away from homely.

>She was left standing there, half illuminated by the light of the flashlight.

>I couldn't see her legs, but i could see everything higher.

>Her hair was shining and wet, draped around her shoulders.

>She's obviously finished the shower first.

>I realized she had changed, was wearing a different shirt... a tighter shirt.

>Probably one of birthday's a size too small.

>I wasn't interested, not right now, especially not with homely.

>She wasn't taking the hint about not helping though

>"Where is she"

>It wasn't a question, it was a demand

>I don't do anything but stare at her

>I try to mask my feelings, my thoughts, make my face a living mask of nothing.

>But she somehow understands and looks off towards the living room

>The wall of darkness just beyond the doorway

>I don't feel like anything anymore

>I make sure that's the case

>"Don't bother, she's not worth it"

>I can't feel my own words

>But homely can

>Those words tell her more about the situation than she had figured out already

>Those words tell her that raven probably had no say in the matter

>Even if she's a horrible person, she's still friends with raven and the other girls

>I'm the enemy here, no matter what raven has done.

>"Forgive her"

>She doesn't understand that i can't

>She doesn't understand that i wont

>She doesn't understand that my stomach is doing bellyflops at the thought of what i'd just said, and why i'd said it.

>I don't want to be harassed by someone who's not even involved.

>I pick up my flashlight and start to leave, i'll keep the other girl's company across the house

>She stands in-front of me, her hands on hips and her voice indignant this time

>"Forgive her."

>I don't listen, i just walk around her

>She grabs my hand and holds me back with all of her weight

>"If you do, i'll get one of the other girls to make it up to you."

>Look at homely, showing loyalty to her friends for the first time i've seen in ages.

>By selling out her other friends

>What a fucking surprise

>I yank my hand away and stomp down the hallway

>The floorboards screaming under my heels.

>I arrive at the master bedroom, the door is wide open

>Glasses and Birthday are on the bed, in various states of undress

>There's only a single flashlight on and half-aimed at them from across the bedside table though

>Birthday is completely naked, Towel wrapped snugly around her body and sitting on the edge farthest away from me.

>Her hair is dry, she's probably waiting for the next shower.

>Glasses is wearing her Bra and pants again, hair dry, she's probably last. She's lying down at the foot.

>The shadows make them look much more alluring than usual, shame i'm not in the mood.

>The girls hear my stomping and are eying the door when i enter

>They both look a tad surprised, but not as embarrassed as i would expect them to be.

>The shower is running

>Likely blondie in there right now

>I don't waste time, i nonchalantly walk in as if its nothing and lie down on the bed, reverse of glasses.

>"I couldn't stand the company, i hope you two don't mind."

>It was dripping with anger, i guess i was angry now.

>Glasses has a smirk on her face


>She says it with a tell-tale "tell me about it" tone in her voice.

>Someone get the window wipers


>Its one word out of my mouth, but its enough to ruin the smirk

>Both of the girls don't seem to look worried though, i guess they were expecting it.

>I think birthday even smiles

>I don't like that at all

>I snap at her

>"What the fuck are you smiling at?"

>It's rough, harsh, like i haven't thought out my words before they came out

>I didn't, birthday didn't deserve for me to snap at her like that

>The damage is done though, Birthday's smile vanishes and is replaced with a scowl

>"It's not my fault you're pissed at your GIRLFRIEND"

>She's glaring at me, i want to correct her

>But i don't

>Even still, glasses seems to do it for me

>I get to listen to a mile-long speech about how raven and i were best friends for absolute ages, and that this is a big deal

>This seems to have put birthday in her place, at least temporarily

>Glasses seems to want to continue her speech about how what raven did was wrong

>But i stop her, i tell them i don't want to talk about it, homely already tried.

>They both shut up

>We're just quiet for a while

>I go back to staring at the ceiling, trying not to think.

>The water shuts off in the bathroom

>Blondie steps out

>Well she doesn't really step out, she opens the door, shrieks and slams the door again

>I guess she wasn't expecting me there

>I only hear this because i'm not looking

>But i'm lying across the bed, facing the bathroom when she opens the door again

>There's a soft light from the inside, like a flashlight is left on, i can't see anything but her silhouette and some light skin coloring

>But i can tell she's not wearing a towel

>Blondie seems to reconsider opening the door when she sees me and slams it again

>seconds later we hear a "Make sure he's not looking"

>Glasses is ontop of me

>Any excuse i guess i'm that irresistable

>Her hands are over my eyes, i can't see a thing

>"I've got him, you're safe!"

>Birthday is laughing at the scenario, and i hear the door open and what i can only assume a double-check that i'm covered is being performed.

>It seems to be safe, and i listen to the rustling and feel the weight change as birthday gets off the bed.

>The girls seem to be exchanging the towel, because a moment later the bathroom door closes.

>I try to squirm free, thinking that it's over

>Glasses makes the situation clear with increased pressure on my head and a yank.

>"Hold still, she's dressing"

>There was a bit of a tease in this voice

>I know this voice

>I stop struggling

>Come on glasses be a bro

>Come on, i know you're a bro

>I reach back and squeeze her leg as i think this.

>She gets the hint.

>She opens her fingers a tiny bit.

>I'm grinning like a fool on the inside

>Can always trust glasses

>I get to see peeks and glimpses of blondie drying herself off and dressing.

>A breast, part of her buttcheeks, what seems to be a thigh

>My only regret is that there's absolutely no light, so i can't make out anything that doesn't stick out

>It's alright, my memory and imagination fill in the gaps.

>Just the idea of a girl dressing in-front of me, without knowing i'm watching.

>Specially the shyest girl.

>Lets just say i'm in the mood now

>Eventually it seems she's donned fabrics of various sorts, and glasses closes her fingers again as to not let blondie realize.

>I play along and complain asking if i can see yet.

>The hand is removed

>Blondie is back to her old tanktop/shorts combo.

>But i'm hard and pressing against the bedsheets

>All previous problems forgotten

>Boners have a tendency to do that

>Its hard to ignore them

>I'm now far more interested in the two girls in this room.

>Blondie is just standing there looking at me awkwardly

>I don't think she knows what to do

>I know what i want to do

>"Blondie, come lie with me, i need something to hug"

>She's taken aback when i say this

>Confused even, the look between wanting to run, and wanting to stay and find out what happens.

>She doesn't run, she must be leaning towards see what happens.

>Glasses clarifies the confusion for me.

>"He just fought with raven"

>Its a matter-of-factly statement

>Brings back a pang when she says it though

>I guess i'm back to feeling again

>I force it to go away by pressing my pelvis harder into the bedsheet

>Blondie seems to understand the request and decides she'll oblige

>implying i wouldn't chase her down and tackle her if she tried to leave

>Glasses is still sitting ontop of me though, she rolls off and sits on the edge of the bed

>After a minute or two of repositioning, blondie has her arms wrapped around me, and i've got my arms around her

>We're still lying down though, i'm facing the headboard, she's facing the base.

>She's warm, she smells like the peach shampoo she's used in her hair, her chest is soft

>She's just wearing her shirt, no bra.

>This is everything i wanted out of a hug and more.

>I snuggle up as close to her as i can

>It's really helping my mood, holding a cute girl in my arms

>The rain outside hammering away, it sets the mood perfectly.

>She's breathing softly over my shoulder

>Things don't even seem that bad anymore

>But i want to see her eyes

>I pull her back a little bit

>I'm touching my nose to hers now

>The light's still playing across both of us

>I watch the shadows twist and turn as we shift ever so slightly

>My eyes are drawn downward, her shirt is open at the top

>She notices

>I get a gentle hand on my chin pointing me upwards and a "Hey~ Don't Look~"

>Its in a singsong whisper.

>I tell her she's beautiful

>She smiles

>I tell her she's exactly what i need right now

>She's beaming

>I hear a snort from across the bed


>I ignore her, she's the one who let me peek

>She knew the risks

>I come up with a proposition in my head

>i word it together carefully, i can't make any mistakes

>"When glasses finishes, i need a shower too..."

>Blondie is hanging onto my every word

>"I might need some help turning it on and making it warm~"

>I try to make it clear what i'm implying

>I think she understands, her eyes are sparkling

>The only thing brighter than her eyes is her smile

>I even joke that we can leave the flashlights off

>this is punctuated with a wink, she's squeezing me harder.

>Glasses gives another snort from across the room

>I think she's angry at us, or jealous

>I'm mistaken

>"Alright you two songbirds, i'll take a quick shower and leave you some hot water~"

>Her words aren't jealous at all, she's being amazing right now

>God damn glasses you are the best

>I hear rustling in the corner, i guess glasses is taking off her bra

>The water in the bathroom shuts off at the same time.

>"Don't look at her, only me~"

>Blondie's speaking in whispers now

>I can't help but oblige

>We're touching noses again, i'm staring deeply into her eyes

>They're beautiful, sky blue if i haven't said already.

>The kind of blue you can look up and get dizzy from seeing on a cloudless day.

>I'm trying to look through them, focus on the flashlight reflected in them.

>When her eyes go wide

>Next thing i know we're not hugging

>She shoves me away

>I'm back to staring at the ceiling alone

>Welcome back old friend.

>I see a hand come into focus and with a "THWACK" i get slapped

>It stings, but blondie isn't very strong so it's more of an insult than anything.

>Frankly im more surprised i'm not dead

>She's off the bed now, i'm now sitting up watching her.

>I'm lost, i don't understand what's happened.

>What did i do wrong

>I can only see Blondie's back before she turns around at the door and glares at me

>"I guess you really don't deserve me after all huh?"

>There's nothing but hurt in her voice,

>She stomps off

>What the fuck did i do this time

>I turn around

>Glasses is frozen solid, watching the entire thing

>She's topless, and her pants are halfway down

>I'm distracted by her tits for atleast four seconds before i look farther down.

>She's wearing my boxers

>I completely forgot

>She either completely forgot, or did it just to completely block my attempt to get with blondie.

>Fuck you glasses

>I can't see her face, but we hear footsteps inside the bathroom and her pants are back on in a flash.

>I lie back down on the bed and inform her bluntly that i'm now having a shower with her.

>"Not if i'm your second choice"

>Oh i swear to fucking god glasses

>Now you're jealous i'll fucking kill you

>You fookin set me up n everythin' i'll fookin punch u in da jaw m8

>I'm sitting up and going to leap off the bed at her throat

>Except the bathroom door slams again

>Instead of glasses i find birthday standing there with her hands on her hips

>She's completely naked, no shame.

>"What, you didn't want to shower with me?"

>God damnit woman

>Out of all the naked girls to be infront of me, it has to be the one that's not going to help at all with my boner.

>I just return to lying on my back

>"You're now the only girl in the house who isn't angry at me"

>I state this matter-of-factly

>"I heard"

>She starts rustling around, i assume putting on clothes

>I also take the time to matter-of-factly announce the fact that i have a boner, and was just cockblocked by glasses

>There's laughter from the bathroom

>She heard

>The water turns on a couple seconds later.

>Birthday doesn't offer to help

>I don't know if i was expecting her to, or if i even wanted her to, but she doesn't.

>Instead she offers advice

>"Guess only thing you can do is go forgive raven so you have someone to talk to huh?"

>No, that's definitely not the only thing i can do, god damnit.

>She's trying to do the same thing homely was doing.

>I inform birthday that i'm leaving the room so that i don't say something mean to her and piss her off

>I'm really about to say something mean though, so i'm just leaving before i blurt it out.

>I barely make it to the hallway before i'm mumbling angry things under my breath

>about how much i would like to throw her down and give her some advice.

>I start stomping back down the hallway

>Lightning flashes

>I'm right by the living room, i see the entire area lit up

>There's still a girl sitting, holding her knees and staring at the floor.

>It doesn't last long before the room is dark, it was only a flash

>I could be seeing things after all

>I shove the thoughts out of my head as the thunder rolls through.

>I head down and across the kitchen to birthday's room

>I hear soft talking inside, so i try to open the door.

>Its locked

>I wait for a response

>"If that's not Raven, Birthday or Glasses, go away."

>There's no compassion in her voice, its cold, hard and unwanting.

>It was blondie

> ):

>Whatever, guess i've actually fucked everything up for real this time.

>I leave quickly

>I trudge back to the kitchen

>i know i'm dragging my feet the entire way

>To make it worse, the flashlight i'm holding seems to have dimmed to the point its useless, i just turn it off.

>I jab my toe on the corner of something hard


>Everything is going wrong

>I end up in the doorway of the kitchen looking into the dark living room

>I can't see anything,

>That doesn't matter, i just stare

>I'm staring there for ages

>I'm just staring off into the darkness

>I must be waiting for lightning, so i can look in without going closer

>Just... make sure

>Just to know

>I wish i could just yell lumos and have the lights flicker on.

>but nothing happens

>I just stand there staring for minutes

>I'm desperately hoping for anything, i just want to know.

>zero luck

>no flashes of light

>No lightning

>No thunder

>I give up and return to the master bedroom

>I smash my shins twice, and trip and fall and hit my elbow against something hard

>Serves me fucking right.

>I shamble back to the bedroom in pieces

>I think i've left two of my toes, a finger and half my shin in the hallway

>That's what it feels like anyway

>I return to find Glasses re-emerging from the bathroom with wet hair, topless and the same pants she had worn in.

>Birthday is fully dressed and just sitting on the bed humming to herself

>How she's in a good mood is beyond me

>When she sees me she asks "Alright what do we do now?"

>I'm not paying attention, i'm watching glasses get dressed in the background

>Birthday realizes this and sneaks up to me via a blind spot

>I get my crotch grabbed and squeezed

>Jump an inch in the air and look down at her

>"Careful now, if i'm the last one not mad at you, you don't want me jealous do you?"

>She's teasing me

>I swear to god woman, i'll hold you down and show you how to make glasses jealous right now.

>I don't say this.

>But she says she's going to get candles and we can all play board games or something.

>She's off and down the hallway

>Leaving me alone with a fully-dressed glasses across the room

>I'm across the room in a blur

>I've got my hand outstretched and before she can realize it i've got a hold of her throat and pinned her to the wall.

>before i can even realize it.

>This sounds violent, but i didn't want to hurt her

>It was about as soft a throat-hold as you can make

>I just wanted her to know that i was serious for once, that i wasn't in a mood for fucking around.

>I tell her this

>She's barely illuminated by the flashlight from here, but i can see she doesn't even flinch.

>She frowns

>"You don't deserve to not be fucked with"

>She doesn't even give me a chance to respond

>She goes to a proverbial town on me, my hand still on her throat.

>No punches, only words, she tells me i'm absolute shit

>that i've just probably said something horribly mean to raven.

>that raven most likely is sitting in the corner of some dark room crying

>that i've been trying to get with other women just to distract myself from the fact that i did this

>Glasses is saying these the entire time with a smug look on her face, even though i have her by the throat, she's not wavering.

>This is pissing me off

>I mean it should be

>I should be angry right?

>but i just don't have the anger, its not there, her words hit where it hurt

>She called every single event and she wasn't even there

>How can she be so right

>But so wrong at the same time.

>I still can't bring myself to forgive raven.

>I ask her the question i know she can't answer

>"How do i forgive the things raven did"

>But i don't ask it like that

>I ask how i forgive a her hitting me after her past.

>About how her hitting me once would have more emotions behind it than any of the other women beating me black and blue.

>About how her nearly drinking herself to death was selfishly aimed at hurting me more than anyone else.

>I ask how i can forgive a girl that tried to kill herself, when she knew i would never, ever, ever let myself down for it.

>I ask all of these things and more, i spill my inner emotions out, the ones i've been hiding from even myself.

>I'm not even holding her anymore, i have both my hands on the wall behind her

>i'm practically screaming before she stops me

>Glasses just smiles

>Her good ol "It's alright, everything will be ok" Smile.

>Then she says the wisest thing anyone's ever said to me

>"You don't"

>"...They'll always be there"

>"But she'll make the good outweigh the bad, she has to"

>I wasn't listening

>I heard, but i wasn't listening

>I've dropped my hands, i'm staring blindly at the floor.

>it's like i can't ever win with glasses

>no matter what i do, no matter how sure i am that she can't beat me

>she wins

>I'm still not going to forgive raven, but i don't have good reasons anymore

>It's just like the fight was sucked out of me

>like i had a fire raging within, and those two words extinguished it.

>It was just a sad little smouldering pile of guilt

>Glasses just ducks around me and starts to leave

>I grab her hand... lightly

>She pauses

>I speak, it sounds like all the energy has been drained out of me.

>"She's in the living room.... "

>I duck down and pick up one of the dry sweaters on the floor

>I hand it to glasses

>No words are needed

>She leaves, and i don't follow her

>I return to the master bed

>I return to staring at the ceiling

>The flashlight is shining across the room

>Where it hits the ceiling it makes a large and oblong circle

>The farthest part just fades away into darkness

>I'm just staring

>It's a while before i hear footsteps


>Its homely

>She's here for me.... and the flashlights

>She says the group is setting up a game of poker

>That i don't have to come, but she needs the flashlight in the bathroom and on the table

>I briefly consider sitting here in the darkness

>But i can't stare at the ceiling in darkness, i can't escape my thoughts

>I don't want to be left alone with those

>I follow the person stealing my flashlights to the living room

>Everyone's all grouped up, there's a couple candles spread around and we have enough light to see by.

>I sit down with the group, as far away from you-know-who as i can be.

>I'm sitting next to homely and glasses with our backs to the couch.

>"See, i told you guys i could get him to come"

>She punctuates this by turning off the flashlights and tossing them across the room onto the armchair

>Fucking manipulative bitch

>Nobody responds to her

>I don't think anyone really wanted me here anyway

>The mood in the room is actually shit

>Raven's staring down at the floor and wearing the sweater glasses gave her, she's just being quiet, she knows i hate her.

>Glasses is trying to avoid eye contact with Blondie, who is staring daggers across at both her, and myself.

>Glasses isn't looking at me either.

>Frankly i think there's at least two other wars going on i'm not privy to.

>Even still, birthday just ignores it and deals us all hands.

>I look down at my cards

>Probably the worst poker hand i've been dealt in my life

>I can feel the glares of everyone on me while im looking down at them.

>I just ignore them

>I try to block it all out and concentrate on nothingness

>On the sound of the rain

>Its soothing, empty, white sound i can relax to

>I've forgotten there were angry people in the room, well until i get tapped on the shoulder.

>Birthday has been calling my name this entire time trying to get me to take my turn.

>I throw down some cards, get newer shittier ones and blank off into the sound of rain

>I'm counting the lines on the jack of diamonds before i get tapped on the shoulder again

>It's my turn already

>They've been calling my name again

>"Listen you two, if neither of you are going to even pay attention then why are you playing this"

>Its Birthday

>She's talking about raven too it seems

>I mumble something about being tired and just put down my cards and fold

>so does blondie and raven

>Glasses and Homely lose their respective hands

>I'm not even paying attention

>I'm in a different place thinking about different things

>Birthday announces she wins and can dare someone now.

>I didn't even know we were playing with dares as rules.

>"I Dare Raven and Storybro to become friends again"

>well that's actually the most childish dare i've ever heard in my life

>It doesn't work like that

>I just give her a sad look and tell her that road is closed

>This doesn't go over well

>The entire group of girls is making the saddest faces i can see

>I don't even look at raven.

>Birthday just gives a defeated sigh and calls the other girls for a huddle

>I don't know what they're planning but i don't like it

>Probably involves something i'll hate

>They turn around and declare they have an appropriate dare

>Raven and I have to spend 5 minutes in the bathroom alone because we're ruining the mood.

>Of course i hate it.

>I don't seem to have a choice though

>I'm actually grabbed by Homely and Birthday and dragged off towards the master bedroom again

>This is a shitty dare

>I'm just going to sit in a corner and not talk for 5 minutes

>I don't understand how juvenile these girls really are

>This is like getting angry because your parents divorced and crying until they get back together

>It's a childish delusion that won't work, i don't know why they think it will.

>They're oddly silent the entire time

>They aren't even stepping loudly, as if they're afraid of scaring me.

>Its putting a worse damper on my mood than i was already

>It's like they're marching me to be executed or something

>Knowing them, probably.

>We're at the master bedroom, homely has flashlights and she's shining them into the bathroom

>She's standing solemnly, like she knows something i don't.

>I don't understand why we came all the way over to this side of the house

>I don't understand why we're doing this dare

>I give up, and just walk in

>I don't even look at raven, but i can hear people dragging her and getting kicked.

>Good girl, make em regret being so fucking childish i guess

>After some more scuffling, it seems the door is closed because the bathroom goes pitch black

>Hey wait a second we need a flashlight you faggots

>I scream this

>I think i include the word faggots

>They aren't going to give us one

>"Time starts as soon as you go turn on the shower storybro, so we know you're alive in there"

>what the fuck is up with these rules and things

>I'm getting more and more fed up with these girl's shit

>I can't see anything at all

>I have to navigate across like seven things between the shower and me

>I manage to hit the counter, the bathtub and the shower before stubbing my toe on the shower stall

>I'm cursing up a storm

>I get in the shower, which is slippery, and make my way finally over to the handle and turn it on

>which i'm standing right under the nozzle of


>So now i'm fucking soaking wet, and this stupid god damn dare can start as i turn off the shower

>But i hear scraping

>What the fuck.

>Oh no oh fuck no

>They better not be

>I'm trying to get out of the shower

>I hit my knee on something, i bang my foot on something else outside the stall

>I slide atleast three feet past the toilet on something wet

>I hit my wrist on the counter

>I trip over someone's legs and i finally make it to the door

>It won't open

>You're not serious

>I try with all my weight, i can't open it

>No no what the fuck

>this is cheating

>I'm banging and yelling at them

>There's no laughter

>They're dead serious

>They've moved the fucking cabinet in front of the door

>That's why they had me turn on the shower, so i couldn't stop them.

>I don't understand

>This door fucking opens inward what did they do with a cabinet

>I can turn the handle , but the door doesn't even budge an inch.

>They've tied it or something

>I'm banging furiously and trying with all my weight

>I'm cold

>The bathroom is still steamy, so moisture is all over everything

>I'm half soaking wet

>There's puddles all over the floor

>I'm pretty sure there's a wet towel somewhere too

>And i'm locked in here with the one girl in the house i don't want to be locked in a room with

>I'm not keeping this in

>I'm yelling this

>I'm banging on the door, over and over

>They hear me

>I know they hear me

>I call them all kinds of nasty names

>My fists are hurting

>I tell them i'd rather be locked in with anyone else

>Someone who won't try to kill themselves and expect me to save them

>Someone who won't get drunk and hit me as some twisted cry for help

>I tell them that i hate all of them

>I tell them that they've ruined any chances of us ever being friends again

>I tell them that i'm leaving this sleepover as soon as they let me out

>My fists are burning

>My lungs are burning

>I'm out of breath, i can't feel my arms

>I stop

>All i can hear is my own breathing in the bathroom

>I don't think they were out there

>they would have said something right

>this part of the house is rather far away from the others, if they had left to the living room they wouldn't have heard any of it.

>well, maybe muffled yells, but none of the content

>I sink to my knees

>I'm still breathing heavily

>I can't see anything, there's no windows in this bathroom

>It's just pitch black, absolute pitch black.

>I just stare, for all i know there could be miles in front of me, or a door just inches ahead

>It's all a joke right

>Its a big joke

>They'll come back in 5 minutes


>I'm cold


>Shivering even

>My teeth are at that point where they're almost clattering together, but aren't yet making a sound.

>I can't hear anyone else in the bathroom with me

>I can't hear breathing besides my own

>I know raven is here somewhere in the darkness

>I'm too annoyed being cold and wet to care though

>I start searching the bathroom for towels to wrap myself in

>The lower cabinets have nothing, i cross the entire bathroom checking every shelf and drawer i can find

>I find a single wet towel on the floor beneath the shower stall.

>I still haven't found raven yet.

>I remember the girls were trading off towels

>And i remember the last one being outside

>I've given up my search

>I settle myself against the door, wrapped my arms around trying to stay warmer than i was feeling

>It doesn't help, the bathroom is too moist to be warm in the clothes, or lack thereof i'm in.

>I'm just going to close my eyes and wait for this to be over

>Almost the second i do though, i hear a voice

>"I wish you hadn't found me"

>It's raven, she's in here somewhere with me

>She's just said the worst possible thing

>She's just said the worst possible thing she could ever say

>She remembers it all

>I might have been able to forgive her if she hadn't, if she had pretended it all didn't happen.

>But she remembers it all

>And even better

>She wishes i never found her

>Let's just make sure i'm hearing this correctly.

>Maybe she doesn't even realize why i'm so angry at her.

>"If i hadn't found you, you would have died."

>No emotion, or a mixture of no emotion and sadness. I don't know what i managed to make it sound like.

>It's silent for a short while

>She must be just realizing what happened, why i'm mad at her, why she fucked up, it must all be making sense right now and it didn't before.

>Instead, what i get is a Cold, Calculated, Answer.

>"I know"


>I'm angry

>Not just angry; I'm feeling outraged,

> infuriated,

> resentful...

> betrayed.

> all of them at the same time.

>She must realize what that would mean

>She's brilliant, i kept telling you she's brilliant

>She knows exactly why i was so hurt, why every time i thought of her now my stomach twists and i want to hurl.

>"If i hadn't found you, i would have blamed myself."

>It's not much of a sentence

>I break into a cracking pitch change at the end, but i've got to continue it.

>"It would have eaten me, i would have.... i would have killed myself"

>I break into a sob before i even say it, but it's still there

>The reason i can't talk to her

>The reason i can't stand her

>Is because i knew that if she had really died, if we had really found her under that bed later, covered in vomit with lifeless eyes.

>It would have been my fault

>All and entirely my fault, even if she did it all on her own it didn't matter.

>I would have blamed myself, ripped my consciousness to shreds. Maybe not that day, or even that week.

>But i would take my own life, that would be it.

>That's not an exaggeration.

>If she had died, there would be no story to tell.

>Have you ever contemplated suicide anons?

>[spoiler]Not just thought about it, i mean taken yourself to the very point at which you make the decision on whether to live or die[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]Held the knife, the bottle of pills, the ring of rope.[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]It's a confusing concept to many, the idea of being so sad that you want to end your own life to make it better, it's something people can't fathom,[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]It's so alien that there's a thousand and one people who will tell you all kinds of ways to make it better, there's reaction images and jokes about it, suicide is considered an "Easy" way out.[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]That's not true, it's not easy at all, it's probably the hardest thing you'll ever contemplate doing in your life, the careful measurement of what you'll gain and what you may lose in the future.[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]They don't really understand, they've never been to the edge and held their own life in the palm of their hands[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]Just know that its not a choice, its a feeling, you can't pick it, it's just there. You can't stop a feeling anons, no matter how hard you try.[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]I wish i could tell you why, i really do. But the events would let you pinpoint my location down to a mile, and i just can't risk that.[/spoiler]

>But just know i'd been that close before. Seconds away even.

>And there's one reason i'm still around to tell you this story

>And she's here in the bathroom with me.

>So now you understand why i can't look at her

>Why my stomach turns every time.

>Now you'll understand what her next words made me feel.

>Even if she didn't say them as much as release them in a strangled cry.

>"I know."

>It was confirmed

>The bitch was trying to kill me

>It's like Blondie all over again

>I knew she couldn't be trusted

>Ill fucking find her and kill her first, that's what i'm going to do

>gonna reenact the last scene of evangelion up in here

>I stand up, check the counter

>She's not sitting on it

>I guess i'll search the entire floor

>I'm crawling on my hands and knees again and going through the bathroom trying to guess where she's hiding.

>Not under the toilet

>Not beside the cabinet

>I check the entire shower, she's not in here

>I even call out "Marco" a couple times and she doesn't respond.

>I'm seriously going to choke this bitch out though

>And not the sexy kind

>Or that half sexy kind half really kinky kind

>All i want to do is choke her and then slit my wrists and bleed out or something

>Serve the fucking bitches right when they open the door

>My only emotion left is "Fuck this gay earth"

>I don't think i can explain how emotionally broken i was.

>I'm just sitting there silently remembering how freezing cold this room is

>I hear something

>It's teeth chattering

>She's shivering, giving away her safe location

>I follow it

>I bump into something large and ceramic in the corner

>Oh right the bathtub

>I climb over the edge and start trying to grab into it

>The damn thing is bigger than i think and i end up just tumbling headfirst into it

>This is like a mansion-sized bathtub, it's actually huge like the shower.

>I fumble around and manage to right myself by grabbing onto a handle

>Its smooth and silver, and when i try to use it to pull myself up it gives way a little bit.

>It's the tap, there's water flowing somewhere in the bathtub but i don't know where, i can't feel it yet.

>Cold or hot, i don't care because i can't find the handle again, but i've found a leg

>It's definitely hers, i grab her knee forcibly and claw my way up the bathtub

>I claw up her skirt, the base of her sweatshirt, i'm half crawling half using her as some kind of ladder.

>As i get higher she's giving off sounds like i'm hurting her

>I sure hope i am.

>The water has found our legs, it's freezing cold, i don't care.

>I have one thought on my mind, and its that i'm actually going to kill her

>I'm going to end this nightmare of a reality that i've woken up into, and i'm going to go back to the happy times before this fucking sleepover.

>As soon as i kill her, that's it, that's the end of this entire ordeal.

>These words are echoing around in my head and they make so much sense

>My thoughts have never made so much sense in my life.

>I'm above her entire body now

>I can hear her breathing

>It's not soft, its heavy, fearful breathing

>I know she can hear mine, it's frantic

>I can smell her hair, peppermint.

>Our last happy memories together i guess.

>I don't know if she knows what i'm going to do yet

>But my hands scrabble across her chest and to her neck

>I wrap them both around it, it's slender, smooth and hot

>I can feel her juglar pulsing against my hand

>I can feel every breath she's taking through my fingers.

>She knows now.

>But i tell her again anyway

>"I'm going to kill you."

>She lets out a couple sentences before i get sick of her talking

>"No, please!"

>Its frantic , i press against her throat harder

>"Stop, i'll do anything!"


>"I have som-


>That's when i get sick of her words and squeeze

>Have you ever killed someone anon?


>I don't expect any of you have. Maybe a select few.

>[spoiler]It's not what you would think its like, it's not scary, it's not terrifying, it's not sickening to watch yourself do it[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]It's exciting.[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]You have enough adrenaline, endorphins and other chemicals flowing through your body that you've never felt before[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]You see humans were originally a species that chased down creatures in the wild and killed them with their bare hands. Its an instinct, a reward mechanic that exists solely from our ancestors[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]It feeds you chemicals, it feeds you an emotion you've never felt before, it's an untapped source of enjoyment, of pleasure, that exists in all people[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]Imagine a sensation like love, or fear, or sadness, or the pleasure of having sex with someone else. Killing is similar, it fits right in with all the rest.[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]And it's wrong, in every sense of the word, to almost every culture on the planet. To take a human life with your bare hands, to try even[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]But here's the kicker. You like it. You enjoy it. It feels good. Like a river is raging through your veins, like your body temperature has risen a full three degrees in seconds. It feels.... powerful.[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]I hope you never feel it someday. I really hope. Lonely anons.[/spoiler]

>Thats what i feel


>I have her life in my hands

>Her hands go straight to mine, she's grabbing my wrists, clawing me with her nails as i feel her throat convulse under my hands.

>The scratches feel good.

>She's trying to kick me, splashes of water flooding back and forth in the growing pool below us

>She can't reach

>I hold her there for hours, minutes maybe even seconds.

>Eventually i let off on the pressure

>However long it was, she chokes and gasps

>I feel the air flow past me, i feel the spittle hit me in the face as she tries to alleviate the pain from having her neck pressed in.

>Her hands are still trying to force mine away, she's not strong enough, just not enough leverage and the wrong angle to stop me.

>I feel the most curious sensation where i'm straddling her

>My legs are cold, the water rising and slowly sending chills throughout my flesh

>My sweatpants are soaked through

>But my crotch...

>Well there's no non-sick way to say this

>I was rock hard

>All her squirming

>All her trying to break free

>The kicking

>The Adrenaline

>My hands holding her life up and at any time i can extinguish it

>Whatever the mixture of feelings was, it was arousing to me on some primal level.

>The sickening implications of that in my mind just twisted me even more out of shape than i already was

>I just froze there, holding her down against the cool ceramic of the bathtub by her throat

>not enough pressure to choke, but too much to escape.

>That's when i realize the ceramic was colder than it should have been

>My knuckles were in the freezing water and it was slowly rising.

>I had no intentions of moving

>It was lapping at the sides of her neck, i could feel it caressing me

>If i just held her here eventually the water would do the job for me, i'd just have to be patient and wait

>It couldn't be more than a couple minutes at most.

>I leaned in close

>took a long inhalation of her scent again.

>It was soft, and fragrant like an old childhood memory. Still peppermint, but the old smell, the smell she always had on her in just the faintest way. The smell i always remembered every time i hugged her.

>It was there too.

>She's not speaking anymore

>Nor is she scrabbling with her fingers, i think she's drawn blood around my wrists

>I can feel a liquid seeping down, and i can almost hear the drip... drip... drip of something hitting her sweater.

>But the water is too loud, and it's much higher now, lapping at her ears i would guess

>She wouldn't be able to hear me soon.

>So i asked her a question

>"Give me one reason to let you live."

>I doubt you've asked anyone that question

>But you would expect begging




>I expected a whole slew of answers

>But not the one i got


>She said nothing

>Not a single word

>Not a single sound

>I couldn't take it

>Why wasn't she talking

>The water was up to her ears now

>I know she heard me

>She's not struggling

>She's not limp, her hands are still firmly grasping my wrists

>I'm still holding her against the bottom of the tub, she can't move her head, she knows the water is rising.


>I'm screaming

>I'm straining all my muscles

>I can't see her face

>how badly i want to see her face

>See the fear in her eyes

>but she won't even plead, she won't even beg

>She won't even let me know how much she wants to live

>its just silence




>I'm frantic

>the water is up to her chin and seeping in the edges of her mouth

>she's not silent anymore, she's giving spits and gasps

>coughs as the water enters her throat

>each time she coughs i feel her throat spasm

>That's it, the waters there, its flooding into and filling her mouth

>Then, she coughs out three garbled words




>It's loud enough for me to hear

>She's not scrabbling at my wrists, or drawing blood anymore

>She's not kicking and screaming

>She just tenses up

>Her hands are around my arms and for each word she gives a squeeze.

>On the last, she holds it.









>I take my hands and squeeze, as hard as i've ever squeezed before

>I know i'm going to crack something, her larynx, her jugular, i'm going to kill her before the water can.

>I'm stressing my muscles to the limit as i feel her face fully submerge.

>Then that's it

>My muscles tense up and give out

>I lose grip, i'm no longer even holding myself up, my arms cramp up and stop working

>it's like a muscle spasm, i just lose control of the situation and find myself on my side halfway submerged in the water

>I'm glad

>i would have killed her

>I don't bother moving

>One eye and ear is below, one above.

>I hear coughing

>The sound of water falling off of wet clothes into a pool




>I'm dimly aware she's vomiting.

>I hear a hand grasping around in the water

>it finds my face

>it finds my hair

>i'm yanked upwards

>i feel her breath

>It's sour

>i feel her forehead against mine

>and then she's kissing me

>she tastes like bile





>It tastes like partially digested pizza

>i'm gagging

>There's chunks of food left over in her mouth and her teeth

>Her tongue won't let me not taste them

>I pull away from her and empty my stomach into the tub as well.

>it burns all the way up and all the way out until the retching stops.

>it wasn't romantic

>she was sharing the suffering

>She's still coughing

>Trying to clear her throat

>I know what being strangled feels like

>Your throat feels like somethings in it, even though there's nothing there anymore.

>It feels itchy, painful

>I hear her cough again, and the sound of water dripping off her clothes

>I assume she's pulled herself out of the tub because i hear a clunk on the tile

>I'm shivering still

>The water is absolutely as cold as it could be from the tap

>I grab the edge of the tub and try to pull myself out

>My arms are heavy


>I manage to force my chest over the edge

>I roll my lower body over and fall the 2 feet to the ground

>I don't land on raven, but i nearly do, i'm lying right beside her.

>She must have rolled over

>I've got one question on my mind

>"Say it again"

>I still have the taste of bile in my mouth, both mine and hers

>The bathroom smells like vomit

>We're shivering on the floor, i can hear my teeth and her teeth chattering away like skeletons

>But i want to hear her say it again

>She's silent

>"Say it again"

>I repeat myself louder

>She's silent

>But then she manages "I love you"

>its soft, it's delicate, it feels like it has meaning

>But its not what i want

>Its not what i want her to say.

>"Put your hands on my throat"

>I'm trying to be as confident as i possibly can, i'm still having stomach convulsions

>"W... what"

>She's not understanding


>I bellow it, i need her hands around my neck

>I grab at her arms, and force one to my throat, the other follows

>I make sure they've got a firm grip

>"Now choke me, feel the power you have over me"

>She gives a couple light squeezes, weak really, no effect.

>I bellow through her squeezes "HARDE-

>Her fingers tense and squeeze tightly around my throat, i can't breathe

>There's an intense pressure, it hurts desperately bad.

>I'm lying on my arms so i can't fight back either, it's perfect.

>She holds on until i start seeing stars

>Its beautiful, seeing stars in a pitch black room.

>They spin, they twist, they're the only thing you see.

>She holds on and lets go, stops for whatever reason

>It's alright, i wouldn't have minded dying, but i had that question still

>I tell her that she's got me right where i need to be

>She has all the power in the situation

>"I'm going to ask you a question"

>"If your answer is no, strangle me until i'm unconscious and tie me up"

>I'm dead serious with these words

>"if you lie, ill kill you when i find out"

>She's not saying anything, but i feel her hands squeeze on my neck

>She's scared i know she is, but she has all the cards, i've given them all to her.

>"I need to know if it was the truth, or you were just scared and willing to tell me anything"

>"Do you love me."

>Her voice is soft

>But its not words

>She coughs

>Clearing her throat, or it still feels pressured, i don't know

>Her breath is soft too, like a sleeping child

>She coughs again

>but she speaks this time

>"you're so stupid"

>She squeezes her hands together



>I can't breathe,

>I'm seeing stars again

>Beautiful stars

>But i hear her slide closer

>She whispers in my ear

>"You've never noticed..."

>My lungs are burning

>"But i've always loved you."

>Then the stars went out.

Update #13 : April 16th[edit]


>When the stars went out i went out

>I'm all out of faith

>But as to if i was really unconscious, or simply lost in my head is another question.

>Because of the darkness, i really in truth had no clue how long i was out or if i was out at all

>But the next sound i heard was the near mechanical slurping, wooing and moaning that all bathtubs seem to make as the water worms its way out and into the pipes.

>This is how i feel

>It strikes me as odd that those sounds are nearly indescribable in my head, that the water leaving the bathtub has no realistic comparison.

>But it was the sound i heard

>As i woke up.

>I'm cold and i'm ashamed

>lying naked on the floor.

>I lie there listening

>That's all i want to do

>That's all i deserve

>There's a dripping, water from the faucet, wet clothes on the ground.

>There's a rustling of wet cloth

>All encompassed by the wooing and slurping of the water out of the bathtub.

>There's a creak, a lever being pulled, the water starts pouring in again.

>Raven's working the bathtub, to what end your guess is good as mine

>I hear running water on ceramic, the sound a bathtub makes when the drain is open and it's not filling.

>Splashing, as if she's kicking her dangling legs in the water below the dock she's sitting on.

>The sound of sloshing water at a river, the sound of a drain being closed.

>A loud, but inorganic click, as if she's flipped the switch

>The smells in the bathroom slowly change along with the pitch and melody of the water.

>The bile goes away, the air becomes heavier and warmer


>The smells become smoother, artificial

>The room fills with the aroma of some synthetic fruit, or artificial taste that never matched the flavor it's named after.

>It smells lovely, but absolutely unrelatable to anything natural.

>The water is cascading down in a roaring waterfall, the tub must be partially full

>Eventually i hear the water peter off and stop

>The only thing left is the sloshing, as if it were waves cascading on a swimming pool, or a rocky beach.

>There's a voice

>Its not my voice

>"You're cold aren't you?"

>I'm freezing

>I don't say anything

>I don't move

>A hand finds mine

>It squeezes

>"Its hot water this time..."

>I realized that long before it was said

>I could smell it, smell the steam and heat permeating through the room

>The scent of water that you'll never notice unless you can't see it.

>it smelled nice, it smelled warm

>i like warm

>I manage to get one of my arms under me and lift myself up slightly

>It doesn't work very well because there's wet clothes in my way,

>Its a pile of clothes, a rough and coarse fabric, a soft and silky one

>I ignore using the ground, grip an edge of the tub and pull myself into a sitting position

>The smell is far stronger here

>I can hear a soft crackling, popping.

>I find a hand resting on the side of the tub

>I can only assume she's sitting, waiting for me.

>I'm having trouble getting up, my arms and legs aren't cooperating with one another.

>It's a mixture of slippery and wet

>A mixture of the foreboding stiffness that accompanies your limbs when you sleep in a cold place

>A mixture of the lack of strength in my tired arms

>A mixture of the pain in my lower back that had been silently throbbing all day

>A mixture of the sharpening pain in my lungs and throat

>When people say everything hurts, they mean it's a whole host of things.

>But not everything

>But in the course of this story you've watched. You know exactly what i mean.

>Everything on me, every little thing, did indeed hurt.

>This went double for every aspect of my psyche, every emotional crevice i had was filled with regret, doubt, self-loathing.

>And here i was, draped over the side of a bathtub's rim, fragrant water encompassing its depths, with the friend i've tried to kill splashing her legs like nothing's happened.

>It's not a feeling i can pretend i can recreate for you, it's not a feeling i can begin to convey.

>I was simply content to stare into the darkness, knowing water, warmth, an end, was before me. But not in sight.

>Content in the way that i felt i deserved it, deserved the purgatory of staying here forever, like this, regretting my life up until this point, regretting everything i'd ever done these last few days.

>I was content to stare at nothing

>But she was not

>She placed one hand on my back, and drew lines down my spine, reaching the waistband of these forsaken women's sweatpants.

>and with an iron grip

>She lifted me just enough to lose my grip, slide headfirst into the water.

>It was a surprise, a shock

>I didn't see it coming

>The water was hot on my face, it burned

>It felt like i was boiling alive.

>I'm quite sure i screamed underwater, let out air and squirmed

>The result was that i slipped deeper and deeper until i was fully in the bathtub

> my troso and legs long having left the rim.

>With a twist i'm upright and my head is above the surface

>It's hot, my face is hot

>Burning like exposed skin on a summer's day.

>But the water is not uncomfortable, simply unbearable in that way hot water on your face so often is.

>there's bubbles in the water and i have to spit out a bit of soapy something as i come up.

>But ultimately i seem unharmed, and warm for the first time in ages.

>I let out a groan and recline against the slanted back of the tub

>My muscles are groaning with me, but in a good way

>It's soothing, calming

>I hear a plop, and the water level rises a couple inches.

>It's probably a kraken, i'm expecting tentacles any moment, and we all know what happens after that.

>Eventually, even though i was trying to stay as still as possible, a tentacle finds my ankle.

>It worms its way up my leg and to my stomach

>Its not a tentacle even though it's slippery long and smooth

>It's a hand and an arm, the soap and hot water making it slide effortlessly over my skin.

>It wraps itself around the back of me, the splashing accompanying it remind me there's a human attached, a very close one at that.

>Who only gets closer as she pulls herself into a hug

>But it's a misshapen hug, she's at an angle, she's kinda off to the side, she ends up sideways hugging my chest, her head against my ribcage, her chest against my stomach

>But its a hug, a dark, warm, wet, slippery hug

>And she's naked.

>Atleast the parts of her touching me are, even though i'm sloshing around with my pants on still.

>it's still a hug, and it means more than some empty sexual context, but what it meant i didn't know at the time.

>Until she spoke

>"I'm glad you didn't"

>I knew what she meant

>I knew she wanted some kind of answer, some kind of approval like "Oh i wouldn't have" or "I was always going to stop"

>Something clarifying, something warm, soft, fuzzy

>Something to promise her it wasn't me in that cold water, that since she couldn't see me it was someone else with those hands

>I wasn't going to give her that

>She deserved the truth

>"I wasn't going to stop"

>It was cold, calculated, empty of emotion ,but true.

>As i said it, i felt one of my own heartstrings snap in two, the pang of guilt accompanying it.

>She didn't stop the hug

>I didn't understand

>She should be angry at me, not talking to me

>Instead she squeezes and clambers further up my chest, resting her smooth body against mine and her head on my shoulder

>The warm water rocking softly with her movement.

>Its a whisper in my ear

>"Until i told you i loved you."

>Its not much of a thought process before i respond

>Near instant really

>"I squeezed harder"

>Another heartstring snapped, the pain double of the first.

>"And it hurt, i saw fireworks go off behind my eyes... but you stopped... you stopped"

>Her whisper is quiet, trusting, caring

>Like i've done her a favor, like i've saved her life

>She doesn't understand

>She doesn't get it

>i tell her the secret

>the grand truth as to why i wasn't a murderer

>"my arms gave out"

>That was it

>That was why she was alive

>I wanted to kill her, but i couldn't

>it was because i was a weakling, a pathetic human

>These words are said as well, along with many others.

>Her response is a long time coming

>It's just silence, with the lightly lapping water at the walls of the basin.

>The crinkling and crackling of the foam.

>"Then we're even?"

>No, fuck no

>If there was a point system in place previously it's so far gone i can't even begin to imagine where we're at

>Like we've actually taken the points, converted them into those stupid prizes you get at the arcades, and then lost them in a gutter somewhere after playing with them once.

>Then the gutter is actually engulfed in a volcano along with the rest of the city.

>Frankly in my own personal scoring system i had fucked up so badly, that i had gone back through the good portions of town, ruined those, and gone back to shitsvile three times over.

>But i can't convey that well enough in my mind

>and her voice was hopeful

>Whatever thought process i had that was killing me on the inside, she probably had the same about what happened earlier.

>Whatever we were feeling on the inside, my best guess is that we were equal, on some scale of measuring emotions that hasn't been invented yet.

>So i just give the next best answer


>It's back to silent hugging now

>I've got my arms around her, they're slippery, i don't really have any hold on her skin

>But i can pull her tighter and that's all that matters

>She does the same

>It's just silence and rocking waves now

>As we float in the comforting darkness

>I assume this is what being in your mother's womb must be like

>Floating in a sea of liquid, complete darkness, warmth, safety

>The only difference is i'm not alone.

>It's like that for a long while, long enough that the water cooled down to lukewarm, long enough that i'm sure our fingers were starting to wrinkle.

>But i feel her grip loosen and the water droplets collapse into an entrancing symphony as she sits up and they roll off.

>She's off across the tub, the water's splashing again so i know she's moving or doing something

>The water turns on

>The drain opens

>I realize she's performing the age-old girl secret of making the bath water warm again.

>And she gives a yank at the leg of the sweatpants i'm wearing and they slide halfway down

>Hot again, my mistake

>Now taking off wet clothing is really not that easy in a bathtub

>It's actually really hard depending on the clothing

>Well these sweatpants were all tangled around my legs, and they were a girl's so the ankles didn't exactly fit me loosely.

>There was kicking, screaming, hair pulling, some blood drawing, and more kicking and screaming involved

>It took quite a bit of effort, but eventually i was naked, she was naked, and the water was hot again

>This is fully realized at the moment my clothing was hoisted out of the tub and plopped with a sickening splat onto the floor below

>The bathroom was probably flooded with all the water we kept putting on the floor, but we didn't care.

>We returned to hugging, but it was different now

>The foam had dissipated and was no longer crackling and cackling away as the bubble's popped

>There was more contact, she had a single leg between mine, and the result was my leg between hers.

>Even without movement, even without even the slightest rub, slide or nudge, we were both breathing heavily into one another's shoulders.

>It's not as sexual a situation as you would imagine

>It was, i mean i was erect, she was sighing softly and rubbing against my upper thigh

>The water was splashing and reverberating in waves every time we moved

>The only thing we had to locate one another was breathing

>It was an exceptionally intimate, some would say romantic moment.

>But more than that, it was comforting, safe, warm.


>I was content to lie like that forever, there was no urgency, no sense of need to change the pace.

>But as usually was the case, Raven took initiative.

>With a soft movement she straddled me, i could feel her legs on either side of mine, one of her hands on my chest.

>Her hips lifted out of the water, the symphony of droplets once again.

>My hands on her hips, following them into the cool air.

>Her other hand below, holding my stiffness as she lowered herself against it

>No guesswork here, she knew exactly where it needed to go as i felt the tip nestle past her outer lips.

>A pause in that moment, her straddling above me, complete darkness, nothing but the splashing of water around us.

>Then she took it all, one plunge


>It was different to Glasses

>It didn't take 10 minutes to just enter her, the water, the soap, everything made it slide in far easier.

>She was tighter, much, much tighter, the pressure was like squeezing your manhood a little too firmly when fapping.

>Tight enough to make you think about how tight it is.

>The tightness itself was incredible.

>This made sense, she was a smaller girl, she had a smaller body, a smaller frame.

>But what didn't make sense is that she was deeper.

>She took every inch, right to the base

>I still felt the pressure of pressing against what i assumed must have been her cervix, but it wasn't in the way, it wasn't like a roadblock, it was a change at the end of the tunnel.

>When she dropped her hips, she didn't cry, she didn't give a shout

>I couldn't see if she was crying, had her eyes open or closed

>All i can hear are her hard, long breaths in the darkness.

>The first words she says break my heart

>"I'm sorry we couldn't both be the first"

>I can hear it in her voice, she's crying

>She's just given me hers and i was already used goods.

>Maybe because of the pain, because she's just forced herself down on me.

>Maybe because of the pain of the words she was saying.

>Maybe because sharing firsts should be something romantic

>I'm not stressed at all

>I'm not worried

>I just curl my head up against hers and whisper

>"It's alright. You mean far more"

>She just squeezed herself tightly into me, wrapped her arms around me and stayed there.

>I didn't need to move

>Which is odd because you usually can't stop your hips from moving on their own when you're having sex, just fyi

>I was happy where i was, as close to Raven as i was.

>Even the water had stopped sloshing with our lack of movement, it was silent beside our breathing.

>Eventually her arms loosen, her breathing drops from being hard and harsh, to soft and quiet

>I realize she's fallen asleep

>It's sweet, its not even sex, its just closeness.

>I wrap my arms so that she won't fall off and i lean back and close my eyes.

>I'm completely at bliss as i doze off.

>And then they were eaten by a grue

Update #14 : April 17th[edit]


>Her soft breath

>That's what i woke up to, that's the first thing i heard.

>It was like a translucent siren was softly whispering to me

>caressing my chest with it's teasing whispers

>soft and steady warmth playing across my skin.

>Next was the soft caress of her arms, the weight of her shoulder against mine

>The warmth of so much upper chest skin contact

>The feel of her chest pricking me with twin half-size thimbles..

>Unhappily, next was the tepid water i was lying in

>The temperature of a bath long-since cold, but with two warm bodies keeping it just barely from cold

>however comfortable the position was

>The full upper body skin contact

>The encompassing mental warmth of knowing that i was at this moment, holding someone who truly loved me.

>However much i wished i could stay in that moment forever...

>My legs were stiff, my lower back cold and sore.

>I had to move.

>I had no intention of disturbing the slumbering bird in my arms however.

>I took careful movements, slow and relaxed movements. Only enough to create the smallest of waves, the lightest of splashes.

>It was only when i slid across the bathtub

>Raven still holding onto me in her slumber

>My butcheeks never leaving the base yet sliding along just fine.

>The low mournful squeal of them moving across the wet ceramic..

>It was only when i began to move again through the pitch darkness, that raven slid into a different position against me.

>And i realized that i was still inside her

>The pressure and warmth was so natural it felt as if everything was simply in its right place. Meant to be.

>But the slightest position change sent a jolt through my lower body

>The same kind of jolt you feel when you've fapped a little too quickly and you pull your hand away right at the edge.

>The simple removal of your hand almost enough to set you off, your will struggling fruitlessly against it.

>But the difference was that i wasn't even close to climax myself, i wasn't even fully hard.

>That's just the way the pressure felt, the way her insides rubbed against me as i slid.

>I took care to hold her still against my chest with one arm for the rest of the trip, i didn't want to get distracted.

>Eventually on my long journey across the vast ocean i reached my goal

>The faucet, the drain.

>Fumbling around, i found the levers, pulleys, switches and weight-triggered contraptions that controlled the complicated system that was a bathtub

>one i'd never used before, now in pitch blackness.

>By replacing a golden statue with a bag of sand and wedging a large stick against a moving wall

>Not to mention using my whip to pull a hidden lever

>I managed to get some hot water flowing and the drain open.

>The loud whine of the drain once again filling the room, the roaring rush of the water filling in the gaps.

>The steam returning to my nostrils

>This was a loud process, bathtubs are not silent creatures and they yell, scream and stomp their feet when they're poked and prodded into producing artificial lakes.

>But the girl in my arms did not stir, she did not squirm awake with a jolt like i expected, or scream and jump away from me before realizing where she was.

>She could either be deep asleep, or pretending to some unknown end.

>Without being able to see her face, i had only her breath and her movement to tell, and neither of the last two changed.

>She didn't move the entire time the bath filled again, the entire time the water temperature changed from cold, to warm, to nearly too hot to stand.

>With that completed i turned off the taps, closed the drain and slid to place my back against one of the vertical walls of the tub.

>In doing so she shifted again

>I let my arm slip free, her body pulled forward and i felt every nerve tingle as i slipped my manhood just half an inch out of where it had been before.

>The tingling was accompanied by a temperature change

>I had been encased in warm at the base, and now it was hot.

>I'll be honest

>I missed the sensation of encompassing pressure.

>The second it was gone i felt it, the temperature change, the lack of squeezing, even the tickle of her wet loins against the sensitive base.

>I thought very much that i wanted my penis fully back in the happy place it had been before

>But i worried about waking raven

>Fuck it, what could it hurt.

>So i thrust, just half an inch, but i put myself back where i wanted to be.

>It felt wonderful, the head pressing against her cervix, the shaft massaged with friction lightly the entire way up.

>It was too enjoyable of a sensation ,but i felt as if i was going to forget it

>I needed to engrave it again in my memory

>So i pulled out, just a little more than half an inch this time

>And i thrust again, concentrating only on the sensations

>This was a trap

>I continued my ministrations

>I couldn't help myself

>I don't think any male would be able to

>an inch out

>an inch back in

>an inch and a third out

>an inch and a third back in

>Each fourth or fifth thrust pulling the tiniest bit more out, only to return.

>She seemed to be asleep the entire time

>Until two, at two inches she wrapped her arms fully around me and squeezed

>That's the first point i realized she was awake

>No other movements, no other sounds

>Just her soft breathing slightly faster and a hug.

>I took it as a sign i was being approved, consent,

>But i continued the slow pace i had set out on

>It wasn't too hard to keep going, but i had reached the physical limit of only moving my body.

>That is to say, every time i pulled out, i was abruptly stopped by the bathtub before i could go any farther.

>I realized that if i was going to continue my strokes she would need to lift her hips

>Or i could do it for her

>I decided the second option was the most likely, she seemed unwilling to move on her own

>Embarrassed, enjoying the sensations, or simply still feigning sleep.

>It didn't strike me that i could be hurting her before i had lifted her hips up halfway and slid them down again

>Before she gave a sharp inhale on the upstroke, and a long exhale on the down.

>Uh oh

>I asked, softly and barely a whisper

>"Does it hurt..?"

>I don't get any words in return

>Just an "mmm mmm"

>That humming sound so close to "Nuh uh" but without any tongue movement at all.

>I even felt the wet tips of her hair slide across my chest as she shook her head.

>The image in my head was adorable, i hope it is in yours too.

>Fears of bodily harm alleviated, i continued

>This time lifting her hips instead of mine

>Each upstroke enticing a gasp, each down eliciting a voiceless sigh

>She never stopped squeezing me tightly the entire time.

>Her wet skin sliding against mine, her lower legs always pressing against mine, her upper only when she was sitting fully into my lap.

>She never said a word, let out a moan, or a sound of enjoyment

>I was worried, i felt like these were important, these were what should mean i was doing the right thing.

>Glasses had let out plenty, but i wasn't hearing a single peep now.

>I had no clues or hints to her mood, only the quiet splashing and her soft breathing cycles.

>Frankly, as erotic and amazing the experience was

>Having sex in a pitch black bathroom, in the bathtub no less with my best friend

>It was still only my second real "Time" and i was desperately scared the lack of noises meant i was doing it wrong.

>I mean that's how it works right? The noises are good?

>Women in anime were always noisy, the sprawling lines of text in manga said so as well, and sex on TV was always loud.

>I was a teenage male, all i had to go off of was media

>So as much as i was enjoying it, i felt internally that i was doing it wrong.

>Until she squeezed.

>It wasn't like all the other squeezes, you see for those she used her hands or her thighs

>But this squeeze was with her hands, and with her thighs... partially

>But it was also with her breath, she pressed herself against me and stopped her breath too.

>Her entire body seemed to tense up.

>The rest was inside of her, a convulsing tightness that fluttered and alternated

>The sensation was unbelievable, it was as if multiple little hands were grabbing and squeezing me in different places, all at once

>It lasted only a couple seconds before she relaxed

>The tension across her entire body that had just been created moments before just melted away

>But still not a single sound

>I was confused, back to thinking i had broken her or something when i remembered she did the same thing the first night

>All of it except for the fluttering, i hadn't felt that







>Glasses did nothing of the sort, or she flat out lied about getting off

>I was halfway torn between feeling hurt about a girl i wasn't even with, and reveling in the sensations of the girl i had in my arms.

>I couldn't decide if Glasses had put on an act, or if Raven was simply different.

>Sometimes i think if women knew that we were comparing them to other women during sex, i know we would never get any action again.

>I don't think that actually, i know that.

>[spoiler]don't tell them please[/spoiler]

>I wasn't sure what to make of this experience, but that wasn't any sort of reason to stop.

>I continued at the pace i had set, but my progress was inconsistent.

>Lifting a girl's hips up and down time and time again, it's not much different from lifting weights

>Sometimes you pull them a tad higher, sometimes a tad lower

>My arms burned

>My back hurt

>I was breathing rhythmically, unintentionally timing my breaths with each lift.

>I was getting closer and closer to orgasm myself, but i couldn't do it.

>I had to stop

>I dropped her lightly, her pelvis grinding fully into mine

>my arms flopped to my sides, i couldn't even hold her hips anymore

>They burned like hell, my shoulders were even sore.

>[spoiler]It's such an interesting thought, that before i lost my virginity i didn't even realize sex was a physical exercise[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]i didn't realize how taxing it was to lift a girl 40+ times, just to thrust your hips against hers.[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]even if you get chemicals that make you feel less of a burn, give you more strength and make you enjoy it wholeheartedly. It's still a workout[/spoiler]

>[spoiler] and we've been over this, i didn't even lift[/spoiler]

>I started contemplating solutions, she still wasn't doing anything but holding me.

>really, it kinda sucks when the girl doesn't move at all.

>I could always go back to doing the 1-inch punches i had started with

>I'm not bruce lee, but my hips didn't know that

>I still can't bring myself to move though, i'm still catching my breath

>She must have been curious because

>"Did you...finish?"

>Inquisitive, almost sad.

>Breaks her vow of silence

>I let out the same "mmm mmm" she had used before

>I didn't want to let on that i was tired, and i felt like talking might give it away.

>"You can... it's alright you know"

>Oh drat, these are the kinds of things i need to think of before my penis is inside of women

>The thought hadn't even crossed my mind

>There were quite a few "No its not alright"s and "No i can't"s that passed through my head

>I tried to be the chivalrous knight in this situation

>which is always a bad idea, but you know.

>"It's alright, we can stop"

>It was a dumb idea, but i had made her climax once

>I figured she was good, would be satisfied

>that made sense in my teenage brain

>But you see that's not how it works anons

>[spoiler]For a female, sex is a different beast than it is for a male, the different genders tend to focus on completely separate things[/spoiler]

>[spoiler] where for a male the high points of sex are the climax, or the enjoyment of providing pleasure to the woman, everything else comes second.[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]For women, climaxes are great, they'll ride each one out like a heroin high[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]But those cheating bastards get to have more than one, and even worse still, as a result the sex isn't about a single climax, it's spread out across the entire experience[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]The feeling of a man holding you in his arms, the feeling of that same man thrusting inside you[/spoiler]

>[spoiler] and yes, each orgasm, and the final knowledge that you've satisfied him, as well as the psychological aspects of feeling important, loved and needed by that male[/spoiler]

>[spoiler] even if it's just for those moments[/spoiler]

>She wasn't.

>"No it's alright"

>My response is blunt, she's got to understand

>"No, its not"

>That seems to get the point across

>Now she knows what i'm thinking, why i'm ready to stop here

>Getting her pregnant is not on my list of things to do today.

>"It is...I just didn't tell you"

>W... what

>If your best friend every says these words to you while you're having sex with her

>[spoiler] or him, i don't judge[/spoiler]


>"Remember how about a month or two ago, i said my stomach was hurting"

>Remember, fuck she bitched at me for like a week about that

>Not even like normal bitching, turbo bitching, had to be nice to her the entire week.

>[spoiler]She wasn't on her period that week though, i had those planned out as "Avoid" or "Bribe with food" days in my mind.[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]You'll do that one day too anons, when you have a close female friend[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]You'll forget to do it once, and never again will those dates leave your mind[/spoiler]

>[spoiler] and don't imagine you won't get a female friend, you will eventually, its like a curse you can't escape[/spoiler]

>[spoiler] and if you're wondering, right now was right around those days of the month, i wasn't sure how the cycle worked exactly but you can tell now why i was so willing to just stop[/spoiler]

>She continues her story

>"Well it ends up they were just cramps, but the doctor did a full check-up to figure that out"

>"He prescribed me some meds..."

>"They weren't too bad... but..."

>She's crying

>I can hear it in her voice

>I'm not liking this story anymore

>I actually want to stop the story and continue with my life without hearing it

>you know when you can tell it's just not going to end well and you should bail now?

>Well i didn't bail, stupid me.

>"He said something about scar tissue, about it being twisted"

>She broke down into silence at this point, i didn't need to hear more.

>I didn't understand why she didn't tell me, i was her best friend for fuck's sake

>She had told me everything about her life

>I didn't understand if it was too personal, or if she was just too hurt

>I didn't understand how she had hidden it from me, or why.

>there's only one question to ask in a situation like that.

>"Why didn't you tell me?"

>I'm not trying to be harsh, its soft, meaningful.

>Its an absurd contrast to my harsh uncaring personality earlier.

>I briefly consider the idea that i may be bipolar, or suffering from some insane mental disease

>Considering i'm flitting off into imagination land so often, i wouldn't put it past myself.

>The answer i get from her though is anything but insane

>Its really quite typical

>Cliche even

>"I thought you wouldn't like me if you found out"

>Those aren't happy words, and they aren't composed of happy sounds, and they aren't coming out of a happy throat.

>Of course, out of all the things it could be though

>It's THAT one.

>She's thinking that i somehow would think of her as a lesser person if she told me

>I should have realized

>she was hiding her chest size stuffing or wearing padded bras around me

>She had been my best friend for years and what she had said was completely true, she had been in love with me, trying to attract me and appeal to me for years now.

>and she felt that somehow, somewhere, it wasn't worth telling her best friend about what had obviously been hurting her for months

>Because it would make him less likely to "like" her.

>Less likely mate-material.

>That thought... more than anything else hurt.

>Whatever it was, it was not "Alright"

>It was not all fine, or ok

>There were connections in my mind, and that should be in your mind about why this had happened

>[spoiler]There are places you hit people when you want to make the scars and bruises visible, and places you hit when you don't want them to show[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]Cowards will hit those weaker than them in the stomach, kidneys, liver[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]It's where you hit someone to hurt them without others knowing, where you hit someone who has to go to school the next day[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]It's also the most painful[/spoiler]

>[spoiler] remember i compared being hit in the kidneys and liver to full spinal pain? To being kicked in the balls?[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]The entire area is a mess of nerves, bundles of sensitive organs, even more so for women[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]Anons that have been in a fight know, each hit is the worst thing you've ever felt, until the next one comes.[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]It didn't go over so well with a developing uterus.[/spoiler]

>I knew that if i ever met the man, he wouldn't walk away.

>She's not liking my silence

>My murderous contemplation of ways to kill her father

>She takes it as any insecure teenager would, as confirmation of her worst fears

>She had a backup plan it seemed

>Words that she had repeated over and over in her head to make herself feel better

>Words she cried out, a mixture of forced happiness and sobbing

>"He said it can get better when i'm older, that there's surgery and medicine i can take"

>It sounds like she's desperate, like its some shot in the dark

>But i guess everyone sounds like that when a doctor gives you hope like that.

>"He said it's not too bad, that i can have children even if -

>I stop her with a kiss

>I don't need to hear more

>She may think that pleading and trying to tell me that it's all good-and-dandy is what she should be doing to make me like her more.

>But its not

>I don't even like kids

>I'm not planning on having kids anytime soon

>It's not a talk, not a conversation i need in my life right then.

>Frankly as much as i was angry and hurt about this revelation, it was to my benefit

>As much as i hated to admit it

>it was convenient

>Yes, i was a gigantic dick

>But you're in my head, no complaining.

>The kiss, as expected, tasted awful

>Not vomit again in the tub awful, but pretty bad

>We broke apart pretty quick

>There weren't any words involved, but i could hear her lean down and swish some water in her mouth then spit it out.

>I did the same

>We probably both tasted awful

>She was weird though, long after i had cleansed the flavor out of my mouth, she was still leaning over and gargling and spitting.

>I hear her slurping at the water every time, it's pretty funny to listen to.

>It really is like the sound you would make saying "Pew" while inhaling

>she seems to slurp, and then i feel her weight shift as she comes up, seemingly without spitting.

>Next thing i know her lips are on mine

>Next next thing i know, there's water in my mouth

>Then my lungs

>Yeah i'm sure her idea of romantically sharing water with me in some kind of dirty-mouthwash-kiss was great

>Im sure it worked out amazingly in her head

>But in reality i had no clue it was coming and just inhaled like an idiot

>There was a lot of burning

>little bit of choking

>Lot of coughing and sputtering

>I'm pretty sure it was some payback for me trying to drown her

>She started laughing pretty quick

>Lovely laughter, ringing across the entire bathroom

>My favorite sound when i was younger.

>I would have been angry, i mean in any other situation i would have been annoyed at least

>But i was still inside this woman

>And she was laughing

>She had her hands on my shoulders

>Nothing to stop her lower torso from moving and wiggling as she giggled

>and the muscle contractions of her giggling and flexing her stomach

>It was fucking amazing

>I'm pretty sure i had a second wind there

>Placed my hands around her waist and plunged as deep as i could go from wherever it was at the time she was laughing.

>She shut up quick, the laughter turned off like a faucet in a jewish household

>I wasn't worried anymore, i had realized before that she was enjoying it

>Even if she wasn't very vocal, complete opposite really

>Every time i pressed up against her cervix her hands squeezed my shoulders tighter.

>Complete with the gasp and sigh cycle from before.

>It was wonderful, i knew i was having an effect on her now

>But my second wind didn't last very long

>20 hard, full, thrusts and i was out of strength

>I couldn't do anything but leave my hands where they were and ask for help in the most manly way possible

>"Your turn!"

>I kinda sat there completely still

>I was hoping she would get the idea and help out

>You know, realize i was dead tired because i was doing all the work

>As good as this felt, it was some damn one-sided sex.

>We sat there for a good minute before i got fed up with the lack of movement on her end

>"I want you to finish us off..."

>I tried to make it sound like a request, not a demand

>it was a demand

>she seemed to give a start at that

>lifted up about an inch and dropped down again

>I think she surprised herself because she let out the first actual vocal sound she'd done since i had entered her.

>It was a high pitched something, surprised-sound

>But it was a sound, progress!

>She continued, much slower than i would have liked

>Smooth and painfully slow she rose on her knees until i had only an inch or two inside her

>Then just as slowly she seemed to lower herself down again

>It was different, the friction was slow and building, she was using the hands on my shoulder as not only support, but leverage to rise up.

>And she was making sounds

>Little quiet "Hmmms" and "Ahhs" every once in a while

>It was different, it was lovely

>But it was still too slow

>I tried to make this clear with a "Faster" but she didn't change the pace.

>It wasn't until i added a "Please" that she settled down all the way and ground her hips into mine.

>She had me begging

>I was a lost cause

>But even still, the plea worked and she was moving much faster now

>I was building to my own climax nicely, i even could roam my hands across her body.

>An action i realized i had been neglecting entirely to do

>As i explored her curves, her breasts and her behind, i quickly found she was far more verbal with touches than she was with just sex.

>Her buttocks would make her sigh contently if i traced my fingers along them, her sides would make her giggle the slightest bit.

>For a while i even contemplated tickling her until i could achieve my own climax, a mean... but tempting solution in my mind.

>But her breasts, they made her give the strongest response of all

>Every time i rubbed them, every time i caressed them, she gave the smallest moan.

>She had very sensitive breasts i remembered

>I remembered there was an even more sensitive bit while i brought my hands up to her nipples

>well not really brought my hands to, it was more of a feeling-around thing because it was dark.

>Still i'm not even sure i found her nipples, because she climaxed while i was roaming around

>Maybe i brushed them accidentally, but she went off like a bomb.

>Most times when you read a story, they'll tell you the two lovers came at the same time.

>Reached that beautiful climax together

>Well that's a load of shit, that never happens with first-time sex with someone.

>One person is always left out, or one goes first and the other follows

>They just say its at the same time to make it romantic

>Raven was a bit different

>She was magical

>In the way that when she came that second time, i didn't have a choice

>That squeezing, that pressure, that muscle convulsions she had performed so beautifully on me the first time?

>Three times stronger this time.


>When i say we came together, it's because i didn't have a choice.

>The climax itself was wonderful

>The words to explain it would be impossible, but i'll get as close as i can.

>It was like a kerr vacuum, no sensations, no time.

>She was back to hugging me, i'm sure i had even experienced a bit of torque-free precession as unlikely as that sounds.

>At the very least, we had moved a quaternion, how far was beyond me.

>But all i knew was that my tipler cylinder was meeting hers.

>Frankly if it wasn't for the chronology protection conjecture

>And the fact that it would break the novikov self-consistency principle.

>I would have gladly gone back multiple times and done it again.

>Whatever it was, we had passed a cauchy horizon, no going back now.

>When we stopped moving

>When the water stopped splashing

>There was a sense of completion that hadn't been there before

>Maybe it was the darkness heightening the atmosphere

>The laboured breathing of both of us in the pitch black.

>Maybe it was the fingers digging so tightly into my back that it hurt

>Maybe it was my hands doing nearly the same to her.

>Maybe it was the fact that i had just deposited a huge load of sperm into my best friend.

>Probably that last one.

>But it was still all of the things above it too, don't get me wrong.

>But on my male-mind, the only real thought was that it was the second girl in two days i'd marked completely as my own.

>No matter how temporary that may prove to be.

>I was still hard, i know she was still willing

>But i'm tired, and she's tired

>I think sex needs to stop for the sake of being exhausted

>I bring my hands back to her sides and manage a bit of a weak tickle

>She giggles

>I remember what that feels like.

>I think i might actually act-out my plan of getting her to laugh-me-off.

>It's really not a bad plan

>I start tickling

>I don't get very far before the magic words come in

>"Stop, i have to pee"

>God damnit, i don't want to move

>I don't want to have her move

>I'd like to stay inside of her for a little while more

>My penis is happy in there

>I weigh the options


>Don't move

>I go through an awfully contorted round of thought

>It goes from me having swum in pools with her before, to her most likely having relieved herself in some of those pools (everyone does it)

>Not to mention her girl-parts currently being underwater

>Yeah, fuck it

>I tell her to go ahead and pee

>this goes over about as well as you would expect

>First there's embarrassment

>Little bit of anger

>Get called a pervert

>Some of that pleading stuff to let her get up

>I've got my hands on her waist and i make it very clear she's not leaving.

>Then denial as to be expected, the good ol "I don't have to pee anymore" trick.

>I start ticking again

>"I lied please stop"

>I stop, this is fun.

>She's pleading again

>I don't have to really argue about it, i tell her it's pitch black i won't see, there's water between us so i won't even feel it.

>I also offer to tickle/press it out of her if she tries to leave me there.

>She's resistant to the idea

>I make up some excuse about wanting to feel what its like when her bladder is contracting.

>She seems oddly compliant with this idea

>It's like i bring up sex-things and she's all in it for me..

>I put this out of my mind as she says "Fine" and starts to tense up

>I didn't feel it at all

>There was a temperature change in the water between and directly around us

>It gets warmer, hot directly above my crotch

>That was it

>The most interesting part was that i could feel the muscles inside her expelling the liquid, i could almost feel her stomach/navel cavity change shape as the urine left her bladder.

>I think while we were having sex i was pressing against it.

>Interesting, not particularly arousing, but still cool nonetheless.

>It's been a very educational experience

>Well until she points out the water is now full of piss

>Right i guess we should probably drain it and start fresh or something

>I don't want to move though

>Master plan time.

>I don't even move my upper body, just shift over a bit and throw my foot over in the air towards the faucet

>I manage to find the drain-bit and pull it up with my toes

>Works like a charm, the water starts draining

>But now i'm lying down on my back in the water with her above me.

>The water is slowly draining, i think i'm actually pretty comfy where i am

>The air in the bathroom is pretty warm since all of the steam, so it's not too cold as the water lowers.

>I'm not really too sleepy, just tried, i don't know about her

>But i wrap her up in as many of my legs as i can and pull her close as we lie there in the slowly draining water.

>Eventually the water is gone, we're lying naked together

>I contemplate going to sleep, it would be nice

>I almost think she's gone to sleep again

>But i'm interrupted by a scraping sound

>i only try thinking about what it could be for half a second

>The door.

Update #15 : April 18th[edit]


>The cabinet that had been blocking the door was being moved


>If you had forgotten, i was lying naked in a pitch black bathroom, in the bathtub, with my penis very much still inside of my childhood friend

>and 3/4 of the girls that could be outside that door would probably kill me if they found out.

>Our clothes were somewhere on the dark floor, in soaking puddles of water and probably chunks of vomit

>We had just emptied the tub, so there was no way to wash them without alerting the girls.

>There were no towels in the bathroom, nothing to cover ourselves with.

>There was no light, so finding an escape route would be impossible.

>I really doubt you forgot though

>I was fucked in every literal, figurative and some neo-nonclassical instances of speech.

>Well i would have been completely fucked, if i hadn't been holding in my arms one of the most brilliant girls i'd ever met.

>We hear the grunts and stomps of the girls outside.

>In my panicked mind it sounded like an army of angry rhinoceroses

>But if they had known that they would have killed me harder.

>rearranging and undoing whatever voodoo magic they had used to seal the door closed.

>Tribal chants, rain dances, ritual sacrifice; you know.

>Raven and I have absolutely no clue what we're supposed to do, so of course we do the smartest thing.


>We just lie there hugging one another frozen in fear.

>Best plan

>But the grinding and scraping abruptly stops

>"Hey, are you two friends again?"

>Straight to the point as always Birthday.

>I'm not sure what i'm supposed to say

>Do i say yeah we're friends again

>Are we friends again?

>I did try to kill her, we probably aren't friends again

>But i mean we did have sex

>we probably aren't friends again.

>It was really good though

>Yeah we're probably not friends.

>I don't get a chance to announce my conclusive findings however

>Raven has come to the same conclusion

>"No, we can't be friends anymore"


>Ouch, that really hurt

>You're kind of a dick raven

>My remaining heartstrings just all kind of snap at the same time

>Was probably twice as painful as if i had just said it myself.

>Actually really hurt

>Bout to show this bitch what i think about not being fri-

>Wait a minute that card

>Let me go over the tapes

>Slow mo

>"Noooooo, weeeeeeee ccaaaannnnttttt beeeeeeee FRIENDS annnyyyymmmmooreeee"


>Liberty Bell

>Can't be Friends

>Oh that makes perfect sense actually

>She's implying we're something more now.

>That's kinda cute raven

>"Sorry" for calling you a bitch in my head.

>Yeah i actually said sorry out of the blue.

>It was quiet, only she heard it, but the rest of the thought just didn't come across

>I do that sometimes, rarely, but sometimes.

>i always imagine people that say sorry constantly are doing the same thing

>Entire conversations, entire wins and losses that they feel bad for and all you get is the "sorry".

>I'm sure she looked at me funny

>Actually i think she rolled a natural 20, because her glare of "Cause awkward discomfort" hit, even though i couldn't see her.

>It's ok she deserved the sorry

>She takes it kind of funny though, because she wraps her arms around and hugs me tighter.

>The girls outside the door are letting out various noises

>There's a bunch of sighs, a couple "I told you so-s" and birthday who seems to just be really angry for some reason

>"Fine! We'll lock you in there longer"

>It's birthday, she sounds exasperated and furious

>like her master plan had failed

>Phew, we're safe

>More dark bathroom sexytimes confirmed

>"That's Mean Birthday!"

>"We should let them out!"

>It's blondie

>Dooming us all.

>The other girls seem to agree with blondie

>"Yeah they've been in there long enough"

>Homely please stop, don't say anymore

>"This was a stupid idea anyway"

>Glasses no you don't understand


>Birthday no don't agree, fight them please

>"We'll let them out..."

>No, please Loki, Thor, Zeus, Apollo, Aquaman! Save me!

>The scraping resumes outside, it had to be them moving the cabinet all the way away from the door.

>I didn't have the option of not-moving anymore, i had to get up and act

>So i start to pull away from Raven, climb out of the bathtub

>Except she won't let me

>She won't let go

>She's hugging me as tightly as she can

>Even managed to get her legs behind my hips.

>She whispers in my ear, quiet, soft, confident

>"Let them see"

>Brilliant i tell you

>At getting me killed.

>Yep thats it anons, this is the part where the girls opened the door and i was murdered

>Just a brutal thing, blood all over the bathtub, the walls

>Most of my gentleman bits ended up in the toilet and were flushed away

>Not a pretty sight

>But that's a lie

>That's what would have happened if i hadn't been holding one of the most brilliant girls i'd ever met in my arms.

>Because she was holding one of the unluckiest males at surviving female encounters unscathed she'd ever met in her arms.

>And he had a plan.

>A terrible, unlikely-to-go-well-plan

>"Wait" He yelled

>"We Need Clothes" He screamed

>The girls flitted around like angry shrimp outside the door

>"What do you mean clothes..." The birthday girl growled

>"Ooh, What were you two doing!" The homely one squealed in excitement

>"Be quiet" He yelled

>"This is your fault" He cried

>"You threw us into a bathroom; cold and wet!"

>His words echoed through that very place.

>"Raven still sick; Pizza didn't go down well!"

>He tried to sound confident, he tried to make them understand his lie

>The girl he was with didn't like it one bit, she started to complain

>Before he clasped his hand over her mouth

>held her close

>She would have to let go to squirm away

>to talk

>Trapped in a vice of her own creation, the girl stayed silent

>He continued his elaborate ruse

>"She threw up, it didn't go well"

>His voice was somber, his feelings clear

>His plan had worked

>The girls felt bad

>Guilt for trapping a sick friend,

>Guilt for the darkness

>Guilt for the most imaginative awful situations that had transpired

>The guilt card, remember it's the most effective at winning any situation involving women anons.

>My impossible task completed, i now had an explanation for why we were naked, wet and our clothes were on the floor

>I didn't have to explain what had happened, they would do that for me in their heads with guilt.

>But that penis part

>That's gonna get me

>I'm pretty sure no matter how convincing i am i can't get the girls to believe it "Slipped in"

>The girls outside are discussing what to do about this whole clothes situation

>Buying us time

>"Raven pls let go"


>I'm doomed

>Blondie outside has established that we've both seen her naked, so she'll go get the clothes and bring them to us

>Double Doomed

>I have time, i can bargain with Raven

>Plead and beg for my life

>"What do you want!"

>Im frantic but quiet, i don't want the girls outside to hear


>One word, a whisper

>Triple Doomed.

>I try to tell her i don't negotiate with terrorists

>That i can't give her what she wants right now

>That she's got to release the hostage and we'll talk.

>She's not having any of it

>She's unmoving, firm.

>Her terms are clear

>The snipers don't have a clear shot

>She might kill the hostage if i try to help it escape.

>I've got no plans

>No ways out of this

>Might as well go out in a burst of glory i guess

>I inform the hostage he's on his own, we're pulling out.

>Then i start pumping into her again

>A much as she'll allow with how tightly she's holding me.

>As little as it is, after a couple thrusts she completely relaxes her grip and stance

>I see i might have an opening

>I pull out farther and farther each time

>Its a trick silly girl, you can't comprehend my master planning

>Even if it was just being horny (sometimes that's a plan i guess)

>I get to pull out more and more each time

>I know my time is running out, blondie could be back any minute

>The progress is slow, but each time i pull out i press into her harder, faster.

>I know she's got to drop her guard sometime

>The moment arrives, i reach the threshold, the tip is all that's left to pull out.

>All i have to do is move my hips backward just a bit...

>Ahh fuck it

>I plunge all the way back to the hilt

>This is a loud gasp from the girl sitting on my lap

>I'm almost worried the girls outside heard it

>I'm not quite sure how they don't hear the wet squelching sounds

>[spoiler]No slapping, i was smarter than that, had to be slow at the very base[/spoiler]

>So i go back to shamelessly fucking Raven's brains out.

>It's desperate

>We both know we have no time left

>We can hear footsteps in the distance

>Getting closer each thrust

>The girls making smalltalk outside

>They weren't saying anything important, but the fact that they were so close was electrifying.


>Hot as fuck

>Raven's still completely silent aside from breathing, a boon in this situation if there ever was one.

>But it was all too soon before we heard the footsteps settle outside.

>Our frantic pace still too slow to reach the climax i desperately wanted

>The doorhandle began to turn

>The jiggling clicking ringing in our ears

>I pulled out completely

>Pushed her softly down beside me, both lying on our backs in darkness

>Blondie didn't take long to close the door behind her and find us with the flashlight

>We had been seconds away from discovery

>And from getting off.

>I have a blank sheet of paper right here

>It's got a list of all the things i wouldn't give to have just had 20 more seconds before blondie showed up.

>But we were lying on our backs, safe now.

>As frustrating as that was.

>There was still a problem though

>I had a raging boner and blondie had just shined her flashlight directly on it.

>Quadruple Doomed

>Except for that brilliant girl part

>You see maybe raven was teasing me before about letting them find us together

>Maybe all she wanted was to roll away at the last second like we had done

>Riding the edge of excitement

>Or maybe i had changed her mind

>Whatever it was, she played the part perfectly

>Raven squealed seconds after the flashlight hit my crotch

>"Eew you're hard!"


>She punctuated this by jumping up and moving away from me in the bathtub

>Her acting was priceless, perfect

>The laughter outside assured me the women had heard

>It also helped the boner start to die a shameful sad death

>Blondie hadn't moved, but i could imagine she had wide-eyes behind the beam of that flashlight.

>She seemed properly defused by raven's acting

>No anger at seeing me hard for another female

>[spoiler]You see anons, by Raven pretending she didn't know i had a hard-on, the situation changed from erotic, to just me being a typical male pervert[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]No jealousy against raven at all[/spoiler]

>Miraculous success, all limbs intact

>She hands us a pile of clothing each and we begin dressing.

>She's staring at me the entire time.

>I don't feel like a piece of meat.

>We seem to have clothes on again

>Jeans, Red Girls boxers and a Green T-Shirt

>The T-shirt was actually pretty small, might have been a really old one of birthdays before she had a chest.

>really accentuated my lack of manly muscle pretty well.

>Blondie and her elaborate fashion skills has given Raven a matching outfit... again

>Jean skirt, Green tank-top

>But it seems birthday is running out of clothes because she gets some worn looking white panties to go with it.

>I guess 5 people constantly needing to change for stupid reasons does that to a girl's assortment of clothing.

>That or she just didn't have any pairs of red panties

>I silently hoped it was the first one.

>We're able to inspect the damage done to the bathroom with the flashlight blondie brought in

>There's actually a lake on the floor

>Our clothes are indeed soaking wet and have what look to be disgusting chunks of partially digested pizza on them

>There's blood all over one of the rims of the bathtub

>I turn the flashlight away quickly and focus it on the mess on the floor

>I indicate that we should clean it up to blondie, trying to distract her from what i've seen.




>I look at raven thinking i hurt her somewhere and didn't realize

>Trying to piece together if it was her cherry i broke and somehow got blood up there

>Didn't make sense, we were in the water.

>The flashlight's light glances across her arms for a moment

>Her fingernails are blood red, she's got brown and dark dark red splatterings across the backs of her hands.

>she had held them on my back or shoulders the entire time

>they weren't in the water

>I'm worried i had deep scratches on my back and didn't realize it, maybe i leaned against the rim of the tub.

>That must be it.

>I take her aside and force her to wash her hands, wash away the blood.

>I'm trying to get her to check my back for me without blondie realizing.

>If i was bleeding that much it might bleed through the shirt and that would be really bad.

>Besides showing the girls some crazy shit went down

>it would ruin birthday's shirt.

>[spoiler]Blood is awful to get out of clothes anons[/spoiler]

>We're picking up the clothes and throwing them in the tub

>Blondie calls for towels from outside and the girls scurry off.

>I manage to get the hints across to raven

>I hand her the flashlight and she checks my back


>What the hell?

>I return to cleaning up the clothes on the ground and trying to fix this dark-bathroom-disaster

>Then the light from the flashlight shines on my left hand wrist.



>It looked like my wrists had gone through a barbed wire fence

>Fuck fuck fuck what happened

>What did i do

>I rush over to the sink and start cleaning away the dried blood

>I could just see the skin through the faint light of the flashlight

>deep, long scratches up and down my forearms

>Tears, cuts, some of them still bleeding

>I might have been dripping all over the floor for all i knew

>Fuck these look terrible

>They didn't hurt actually, i mean stung a little when i put water on them, and they were obviously bleeding

>But they didn't hurt too bad

>I was alright, i would live

>But there was no way in hell i was hiding this from everyone.

>I feel a head lean over my shoulder as i'm trying to clean my arms off

>A gasp

>Thats not one of the gasps i'd been listening to for the last hour.

>Its blondie

>I'm fucked

>I'm trying to turn around and get a hand over her mouth

>I'm way too slow for that

>There's screaming

>Everyone barges into the bathroom

>Flashlights everywhere

>Can't hide anything

>There's blood on the floor, on the rim of the bathtub

>There's the ever present question of "What happened?"

>A question i can't answer

>I can't tell them what went on in here, not even slightly

>I'm attacked with questions, i don't have a choice but to make something up

>I have no answers i can give

>"It was r...raven

>The girl in question interrupts me, all flashlights instantly focused on her face

>"We fought.... eventually he understood my point of view."

>She swallows hard as she says this

>This goes down surprisingly well

>There's quite a bit of screaming from birthday, i couldn't really hear what was being said over the volume.

>Lot of anger though

>Lots of threats of violence

>Homely is screaming too, right in raven's ear

>She's shriveled up into a corner taking it all without saying a word.

>Glasses is telling Birthday how stupid she was for locking us up together

>Blondie is trying to pull me away, off to the kitchen to bandage me up or something.

>She does play the healer after all.

>I'm whisked away by Glasses and Blondie

>They get me halfway across the room via medevac

>I stop them

>I frantically whisper to glasses "They don't understand, don't let them hurt her"

>I didn't know what birthday was capable of, but i wasn't liking the sound of whatever was crashing and being thrown in the bathroom

>Blondie still whisks me away, leaving a pair of slightly-confused glasses hovering and shining

>The vanishing beam of the flashlight diminishing as we leave the room.

>Whatever sounds were going on in the bathroom, as soon as we reached the hallway they quieted down.

>I hoped this meant glasses was doing what i asked her to, and not that the section of the house was really that soundproof.

>All i could hear was our footsteps on the cold hardwood floors

>And the barrages of questions that i refused to answer.

>Blondie was trying, each one more inquisitive

>"What happened!?"

>"Did she hurt you anywhere else?"

>"Are you feeling alright, dizzy or anything?"

>"Did you atleast get her back?"

>The last one made me laugh a bit

>Oh man if only she knew

>I handed Blondie the "Yes" she wanted.

>She seems to be satisfied with this answer as we reach the kitchen.

>There's a candle lit by the sink, and a big flashlight Blondie grabs and turns on

>Much better light to inspect the damage

>[spoiler]Now anons, you might think "Oh they can't be that bad"[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]I think you misunderstand, humans that fear for their lives do not go down without a fight. Our bodies pump adrenaline until we're going to burst when our lives or the lives of a loved one are in danger, and this gives us strength far beyond what we are normally capable[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]Dying men can bend steel, Mothers can lift entire cars to save a trapped child[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]The dying in this case was Raven, a teenage girl with short, but rather sharp fingernails[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]Her scratching, scrabbling at the wrists and arms of me, the person holding her down, was powerful enough to rip through my flesh and leave deep cuts to the muscle[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]If she had any longer fingernails, i have no doubt i would have a severed artery.[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]In this case they weren't life threatening, but i deserved it, and i would probably have a scar or two to remember that "moment" by.[/spoiler]

>[spoiler]Oh and it didn't hurt at all because i hadn't been able to see it. As soon as we got a good look i was doing mental "OWWWWs" realizing how deep some were[/spoiler]

>Blondie seemed pretty worried about them

>Making a big deal out of nothing i tried to assure her, but she wouldn't take that as an answer

>She left, rummaged around in a drawer and came back with a first aid kit

>It always amazes me how some women seem to always know where everything is in houses that don't belong to them.

>Woulda taken me days to find that kit.

>I'm not really with her in thought though, i'm staring out the kitchen window

>It's still kinda raining, very softly outside

>I can just see the drops splattering against the window pane

>Like blood

>Fuck, i was feeling pretty shit after seeing my wrists

>I definitely deserved what happened to them, what the fuck was wrong with me for acting the way i did.

>Plans to grovel at raven's feet later are soon formed

>I'll have to buy her cho-

>My thoughts are interrupted as i see a flash of silver in blondie's hand

>She's unscrewed the cap on a bottle from the kit

>She's holding my arms in the sink

>Its alcohol


>its too late

>I rip my arms away too late

>She's already covered them in a liberal amount of the burning stinging liquid

>A liquid that you're absolutely should never ever ever pour into deep wounds.

>I'm on the ground screaming

>Actual screaming

>Fucking screaming.

>Fucking alcohol is for fucking small cuts, even then you fucking rarely need it

>But not fucking mauled by a tiger entire fucking wrists are fucking bloody cuts

>This was just fucking cruel

>This was agonizing fucking burning pain

>I'm screaming obscenities at her, at the kitchen, insulting various appliances

>She knows she's fucked the fuck up

>She's quickly on the ground fucking trying to dry my wrists off with a fucking towel as i'm letting out "Fucking oohs and Fucking Ahhs"s of fucking suffering.

>It's really not fucking helping

>It really fucking hurts


>Around blondie, never relax.

>Every time i let my guard down she hurts me in some horrible new way.

>It's impressive actually

>I've got to stop trusting her

>But as soon as the pain had faded to the same tolerable levels of every other wound i had sustained this sleepover

>I opened my eyes

>Big mistake

>She was kneeling over me, trying to make sure i was ok

>Her face had a real look of concern, a practiced guise for an assassin of her caliber

>Her eyes were wide, her face frowning and worried.

>But it worked

>My heart melted

>"I'm so sorry, i keep hurting you!"

>Her voice is a songbirds saddened cry

>She clasps my hands in her own, the warmth against my fingers matching roughly the burning heat of my wrists.

>"Every time i try to help, or you try to help me you get hurt"

>She's got a distinct frowny face on

> ):

>That one, right there

>It's making me sad just looking at it

>I can't help but forgive her

>I mean not really forgive her, i say a couple choice words

>"You owe me... so much"

>I was really not painless during these words, probably grimace them out.

>Those words

>She better fucking believe it

>She seems to already know though

>"I know, i'm so sorry, i even slapped you earlier and you didn't deserve it!"


>Why didn't i deserve it now

>She sounded sincere as fuck

>"Glasses told me she stole your boxers while you were showering as a prank"

>Glasses is such a bro.

>"I feel bad, you were saying such nice things"

>I'll be honest anons

>You might remember

>But i don't remember any of the nice things i was saying

>When they call it whispering sweet nothings, that's because they are nothings.

>I was too preoccupied with everything hurting

>I think the alcohol had shocked the rest of the rest of my body into hurting again

>Had some endorphins left keeping me happy, yeah those were gone.

>God fucking damnit fucking blondie fuck.

>I get back up and rush over to the sink to wash my cuts again

>This time keeping blondie at arm length

>She's not allowed, worst healer ever.

>She's still trying to get close and help again though

>"Please don't push me away"

>.... that sounded cliche blondie, what are you trying to sa-

>"You're so nice to me and then i just keep hurting you"

>Songbirds crying

>She needed to stop that

>It was making me sad

> ):

>I'm not falling for her charms though

>I know better now

>well i thought i knew better

>"Come on, i can make it up to you!"

>Her voice was chipper, she seemed to be trying to cheer herself and me up.

>I'm thinking about it.

>I grab her wrists and hold them together above her head

>It's cute, like i have a little marionette

>If i wanted i could twist her and turn her any direction i wanted

>But i didn't twist and turn her, i just pulled her arms up until she was on tiptoes

>I knew what i wanted

>I glared her in the eyes

>Hard, cold stare, as serious as i could be

>"Stop hurting me first"

>There, i said it

>I think she was expecting something completely different

>Her frown vanished

>Her eyes drooped slightly

>I couldn't see her eyes as well as i wanted

>But the sky blue turned a cloudy grey.

>I dropped her arms and decided it was time to walk away

>Return back to the mess in the bathroom, help clean it maybe

>I trusted glasses to have solved the situation amicably, but i wanted to make sure.

>Not to mention every moment i spent near blondie was endangering my life

>I kinda left her there

>I doubt she was crying or anything

>i doubt she was taking it badly at all.

>Blondie had a habit of taking things like that and making them better, in her head, in reality, whatever she did.

>She was most likely working out ways in her head to inform her employers that she couldn't complete the job

>Tell them she was alright with not getting paid, i just wasn't worth it.

>She was a strong girl, i wasn't worried

>But i kinda wanted nothing to do with her

>Stay as far away from her and maybe, just maybe i might survive

>But little did i know.

>I returned to the bedroom

>I had grabbed a roll of those Gauze bandage wraps and was rolling them absent mindedly over the cuts as i walked

>I kinda had em wrapped enough to hold my arms together, so i figured i was good, cut the roll with my teeth, made a crappy knot on each wrist and pocketed the rest.

>I imagined that i probably looked like some edgy shirtless anime protagonist

>I didn't

>But i sure felt beat-the-fuck up like one after a serious battle.

>I walked in to find Raven having what seemed to be a time-out on the bed

>Arms crossed, pout on her face

>Looked like a very unhappy girl

>I make the mistake of trying to sit next to her on the bed

>"GET AWAY FROM ME STORYBRO" - My full name here, rare

>This is angry unhappy girl yelling

>Eep, s... sorry raven

>She's either in an awful mood, or still trying to convince everyone we're on bad terms

>I pray for my life that it's the second one.

>Her outburst is matched by homely telling me to "Stay far away from raven" and that she's in trouble.

>Its like they're implying she's getting punished or something

>Birthday confirms this is the case.

>Alright, ill get the hot wax and oil i guess.

>They're just sure how they want to punish her yet

>Cleaning the bathroom while they decide

>I join them, might as well

>I end up with a washcloth rubbing away the blood i'd left all over the place

>I feel a little better scrubbing it away, made it feel like i was erasing what happened here.

>They're coming up with all kinds of silly and inane punishments.

>Making her make us food and be everyone's butler for the rest of the night

>Make her be a footrest for everyone next time we play vidya.

>Making her "Service" us all once

>This last one was birthday's idea

>I was kind of worried as to what that meant.

>I offered to come up with and deal the punishment for raven myself.

>Why not right, i could pretend i was evil and harsh and i wouldn't do anything mean at all.

>I turn around and give her glaring-face a wink as i try to make this move.

>"You can't... you were her friend"

>This is Homely

>I try to establish how inanely girl-logicy this is

>You know that entire part about how i'm somehow going to be nicer to her because the crime was against me.

>Why i tried, i honestly don't know.

>I mean she was right, that was my plan

>But her reason

>The typical "You just don't understand the situation" response.

>I swear

>Fuck women, seriously

>The bathroom cleaning goes rather quickly with 4 people, the clothes are wheeled out by homely after a quick rinse and the blood is mostly gone.

>All the wet towels to follow the clothing to the laundry room

>After we're done, it's back to being more or less the same level of clean it had started.

>Job well done, i try to plop back on the bed near raven

>She just scooches away

>Still acting i hope

>The other girls see her actions and take it as some kind of sign that i was "Open"

>Glasses is the victor of the race and ends up in my lap, straddling me as i lay down on the bed

>Homely and Birthday don't take this too well, with pouts and everything

>Glasses gives no shits, all i know is that i'm being snuggled from above for a full five or six minutes before it's decided what we're going to do next. Birthday makes the announcement

>Back to poker


>Dare-only poker

>I can handle that

>Raven's not allowed to play

>Fuck that shit

>"No seriously just fuck that shit"

>Those are the words that came out of my mouth

>I also called birthday a bitch, shit friend and accused her of trying to start shit between everyone

>This made her shut up quick with her "rules"

>Either everyone plays or we don't play, thems the rules i threw down.

>Nobody has any argument

>Aight bitches we playin poker

>So fucking done with birthday's rules

>That's all i'm thinking as we trudge along as a group out of the bedroom

>Raven manages to sneak up beside me and give my arm a little squeeze

>I take this as a "I'm not mad at you and thanks for getting me into poker" kinda message.

>But knowing raven it could have been anything.

>"Listen there's polar bears chasing us we should hurry up"

>"I think glasses is wearing white underwear, so pure"

>"I hate you"

>I pretend her squeeze meant the thing i wanted it to mean though.

>The rest of the gaggle of girls is relatively quiet

>I guess me yelling at birthday kinda dampened moods

>It didn't matter in my head, i really wasn't going to deal with more of this cutting people out of the fun female drama that kept going down.

>competition is all right and good, but when you start cutting at your friends to win? That sucks man.

>We arrive at the living room and blondie is already there lounging on the couch

>Probably assumed we would show up eventually

>She was right

>There's the old setup of two-candles, a couple flashlights and the room is bright enough to play cards by

>Can even see a clock on the wall, 9:15, they had locked us in that bathroom for like 2 hours.


>We set up in a rather large circle, sitting knee-to-knee cross legged.

>Least i do, blondie does and glasses does. Homely isn't wearing pants still and birthday/raven are wearing skirts.

>Can't have them appearing non-ladylike can we

>Even though i had seen most the feminine charms of every girl in the circle, they were all modest as mice.


>Lets fix that.

>I throw down the rules

>Poker, No fancy card-value bullshit, normal rules, winning hand gets a single dare against a single person.

>You can choose to not perform a dare, but the next dare you win is forfeit to cancel it.

>If you're already in debt, you can either choose to do the old dare, or the new one. But whichever one you don't choose is now in your debt pile.

>Can't give the same dare to someone holding onto it already.

>Simple, gives people an out from doing things they really don't want to do (always a buzz kill when someone gets dared something too far and quits the game) but makes sure they can't cop out of everything.

>Plus i'm really fucking good at poker when i'm paying attention.

>I hand the deck to glasses, she cuts, shuffles it kinda funny and deals.

>I get a royal flush

>that's not even being good at poker

>It's like some heaven sent sign that my luck is going to change,

>Oh man this is gonna be great.

>"Blondie, shirt, off"

>I don't even hesitate, they've all got clothes back on and i had them so nicely-half undressed too from before.

>Frankly if i can get topless i would be happy.

>"I'll hold onto it"


>Come on blondie i know you have a bra on

>That's not even a bad dare.

>We were all so happy without shirts on earlier

>I... i was happy

>She doesn't seem to want to change her mind

>Man blondie you suck.

>Alright... whatever

>Next hand is dealt

>I win this one too, amazing cards

>I can't challenge blondie again so i just move down the line

>"Alright, birthday, Shirt, off"

>"I'll hold"

>w... seriously?

>This is some bullshit

>Two hands later and i'm just confused

>Firstly i'm winning by miles every time, amazing cards

>I don't even have to hit, that's absurd by poker standards.

>Secondly nobody seems to be hitting besides raven, they're just giving up the hands they have.

>Next up, Glasses and Homely also refused to take off their respective shirts.

>Homely i understand, i mean i'm pretty sure that's straight to tits free, but Glasses?

>I've got an odd feeling something is horribly wrong here.

>Next hand is dealt

>I win again

>I was even watching glasses' hands this time, she didn't feed me anything special.

>Atleast it looked like she didn't

>It comes to mind that the girls had just rigged the deck and were biding time until it got properly shuffled.

>I wasn't ok with this

>I was pretty sure glasses was responsible, or they hadn't planned on having Raven here in the first place and the entire order was fucked.

>I ask to see the cards for a second

>"No, you might cheat!" - Homely

>Glasses has her "This wasn't my idea for once" face on.

>Yeah the deck is rigged