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Warning: Some SCSI cards don't work well with LTO drives, giving you a measly 10MB/s push rate, which causes shoe shining. Some have said that RAID cards don't mix with LTO drives (use non-RAID HBAs instead), which can be an issue as most SCSI HBAs are only available in PCI-X. Others have said that Adaptec cards cause trouble, so find LSI instead.

Next component to look for is a PCIe to SCSI card. This is necessary for legacy LTO-3 or LTO-4 drives, though SAS is preferable. I've found it, a PCI-E card, equipped on a Dell PowerEdge.

It looks like this person has put together a setup involving that same SCSI to PCIe card, a cable, an SCSI Terminator, and an external HP Ultrium 960.

Another option is Cardbus to SCSI. This can be put into a ThinkPad. $20. Though I doubt it can push 80GB/s.

Now that I have the SCSI adapter card, I can use an LTO3 SCSI drive.