一個好的鍵盤就像一個好的監視器:這些東西應該花最多的錢。 電腦現在充滿了無聊的橡膠圓頂,但遊戲愛好者已經恢復了先進的機械鍵盤的概念。


  • IBM Buckling Spring Keyboard
    • IBM Wheelwriter - The IBM Wheelwriter surprisingly is equipped with a buckling spring keyboard, the same switches as the Model M. In fact, it can be set up to work on a modern computer with a keyboard controller.
  • Apple Extended Keyboard II - The best Apple keyboard ever made, with Alps mechanical switches (similar, but not the same as modern Cherry).

Keyboard Controllers/Converters

If you're making or repurposing an old keyboard, you will need a keyboard controller to convert those electrical signals to USB input. Also, if you need a keycode converter (PS/2 to USB or AT to USB), a converter is what you need.

The Teensy microcontrollers with Atmel chips work great for this purpose. Also Arduino Micro for small keyboards/converters on the cheap.