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Katawa Crash
Katawa Crash.png
Platform Unknown
Franchise Katawa Shoujo
Release Date 2011/03/24
Takedown Date Unknown
Homepage https://ks.renai.us/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3071
Community Unknown
Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/ucoi460h01680xv/KC-8.36.7z

Katawa Crash is a fan game parody of both the visual novel Katawa Shoujo and the fangame NANACA†CRASH!! (which in turn, is based on the eroge CROSS†CHANNEL)


The gameplay is similar to popular flash games such as toss the turtle, wherein the players goal is to keep the character (in this case KS's protagonist Hisao Nakai) from decelerating to 0, losing the game. the game starts by setting the angle and power of launch and ends when the players speed is 0 or upon collision with a certain obstacle.


15 Silver, 15 Gold, 30 Platinum, and 60 overall.

Silver Achievements[edit]

Name Description Notes
Rax Grissman Fuck it, go 10,000m deep Reach a total distance of 10,000 m. Name references 4chan /sp/ mascot.
Speed Limited Get a forward speed of 65 m/sec
The Air Up There Get 250m high during regular play Get to a height of 250 m during regular play. Name may refer to comedy movie.
Give Yourself A Hand Hit 5 normal Rins in one run, or 50 total
Rin in A Bin Get an extra life Activates when you hit Rin again before the Rin timer expires. Grants an extra life.
Rin in a bin.jpg
Are You Poplar Yet? Get 5 normal Emis in one run, or 50 total Name refers to Working!! meme "Am I Poplar Yet", borrowed to use with Emi.
I See What You Did There Get 5 normal Lillys in one run, or 50 total Name refers to a popular meme.
Kanto Fried Chicken Go into PANIC MODE 5 times in one run, or 50 total Name is japanified version of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).
Sendai Street Irregulars Get 5 guest characters in one run, or 50 total Name refers to Baker Street Irregulars (a group of street boys who are employed by Sherlock Holmes as intelligence agents).
Boomshakalaka Hit Rin, Emi, or Lilly 3 times consecutively Name is a catch-phrase from NBA Jam game, meaning 3 hits in a row.
Excuse Me, WTFRU Doing Here Meet Hideaki For example, launch at an angle around 90 degrees. Name is a popular meme.
With A Whimper End your run by rolling to a stop Name is a quote from The Hollow Men a poem by T. S. Eliot.
Optimal Trajectory Launch at a 45 degree angle
Full Power Launch at 100% power
Skill Shot Hit the skill shot

Gold Achievements[edit]

Name Description Notes
Everything Went Better than Expected Get 50,000m forward Reach a distance of 50,000 m. Name is a popular meme.
This Game is Going Places Get a forward speed of 120m/sec Meaning speed is insane.
New Heights Get 750m high during regular play
Rainbow Wizardry Get 3 Rin supers in one run, or 30 total
BBQ FTW Have Hanako save you from the student council Use Hanako's PANIC MODE to save you from Shizune. Name is a meme.
Shoryureppa Get 3 Emi supers in one run, or 30 total Name refers to an iconic special move of the Street Fighter characters Ryu and Ken "Shoryuken", on which Emi's moves are based.
We Apologize for the Inconvenience Get 3 Lilly supers in one run, or 30 total Name most likely refers to the fact that Lilly's special lacks any sound or effects.
Flambe Runaway Get 3 Misha blocks in one run, or 30 total Name likely refers to the fact that Misha's head bursts into flames.
Big Guns Get 3 Shizune supers in one run, or 30 total
ADVENTURE! Use 5 wahahas in one run Use 5 Mid-air Launches in one run.
Background Character Return the game background to its original condition Use Nomiya to revert the effects of Kubo Tite's effect
Now You've Done It Start multiball
Most Valuable Player Score a touchdown Hit Thurman Thomas.

Name is a sports award.

Pardon the Interruption WHY.jpg Lose game by stopping at extremely small distance, for example launch at minimum power vertically.

Name is a meme from Pardon the Interruption sport show.

Superfluid Pig bounce 5 times in one run Superfluidity is a state of matter when liquid moves without friction.

Platinum Achievements[edit]

Name Description Notes
Fantastic Voyage 100 kilometers Travel 100 kilometers
Ludicrous Speed Get a forward speed of 175 m/sec Is a reference to a quote from the parodic movie Space Balls.
Because I Got High Get 1500 meters high
On the Spot One-shot an extra life Instantly waste an extra life after getting one.
People Don't Die When They Are Killed Get 2 saves in one run Is a reference to the famous quote "People Die if They are Killed" from the Fate/stay Night series.
I'm Here to Save Flash Gaming Meet Yamakan Name likely refers to Yutaka Yamamoto.
See You Space Cowboy Experience the Ultimate Drill Works Enter PANIC MODE and hit Misha when her face appears on the PANIC MODE sign.

Is a famous quote from the anime Cowboy Bebop

Second Wind Continue for 20,000 m after a save
Antipodean Avenger Ride a Shizune super directly into another Shizune super Hit a Shizune special after being launched by a Shizune special.
Dive Bomber AED directly into a character 5 times in a run Use the AED and hit 5 characters in one run.
Bizarre Adventurer Draw ZA WARUDO from the Tarot deck Hit Chie and click on the correct timing.

Name inspired by the anime Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Clone Warrior Multiball twice in one run
All-Pro Rush for 250 meters in one run Hit Thurman Thomas and get lucky.
What Were You Waiting For Exactly? Stop with 4+ wahahas End the game while having 4 Mid-air Launch counters.
Hit For the Cycle Get all 4 main specials in one run Get all four specials (Shizune, Emi, Rin and Lilly) in one run.
Look Ma, No Hands Make it 25,000m without clicking
Cute Hairclip Meet Chiharu Hit Chie and click at 0 or do not click at all.
Sausage Fest Lose 3+ pigs to Muuto Lose 3 or more Pig Counters to Muuto.
Om Nom Nom Nom Meet Gabe Newell Hit a normal Shizune on Multiball Mode.
Free Bird Hit 5 characters without hitting the ground
Short Lived Hit Shizune directly after a save
Thanks for Nothing Rin Bin while you already had the extra life Attain the conditions for Rin in a Bin while having an extra life.
Multiballer Get 25,000 meters in multiball in one run
Super Mario Go 2500m between hitting anything Go for 2500 meters without hitting anything.
Durandal Kill 30 BoBs
April Fools! Get 3 Rikas in one run or 30 total
The Heart KUBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Activate the effects of Kubo Tite, Nikaido and Kubo Tite in quick succession.
Delayed Gratification Go 5000 meters while READY! for multiball
Yes We Can Can Can Meet Barack Obama Hit Shizune on her Rumba special
asdf asdf Hit Shizune on the skill shot