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Originally a fantasy/romance/harem game by KEY, Kanon has been adapted into two anime series: the original adaption in 2002 by Toei Animation and the 2006 version with an extended storyline to encompass what was left out in the original by Kyoto Animation. Kanon is in what is known as the genre "crying animu", where the story is meant to make you cry pussy tears, arc after arc. This proved to be somewhat successful to the majority of watchers, but there are always those who are too GAR to cry or couldn't due to the melodrama; with the rise of GAR, Kanon and all KEY produced media eventually received a long-due backlash and trolling.

Kanon 2006, being a majorly hyped anime itself, also popularized KEY-faggotry on /a/ even though AIR, a previous KEY adaption by KyoAni, aired in 2005; this leads to the trolling of every KEY animu thread you see today, CLANNAIDS inclusive.

Trolling aside, the 2006 adaptation of Kanon is actually one of the more well-received animes on /a/. There are those who find fault with it, claiming its plot to hinge on a Deus Ex Machina outcome to resolve the conflict, or pointing to instances of predictability or melodrama, but Kanon is generally held in a positive light on /a/ is commonly recommended. Points of praise include its quality and atmospheric art-direction and animation, the use of symbolism and running themes (one of them being Classical Music, which is where Kanon gets its name), well-written intertwining of a supernatural element into its plot-line, and the generally effective way the anime affects the viewer on an emotional level.


Watch Kanon 2002 and be amazed at the Jay Leno lookalikes. Fortunately, 2006 fixes this and does not contain any QUALITY whatsoever due to it being produced by KyoAni.
Despite the fix, many screencaps or pictures of Kanon and its characters have their faces altered (by moving the mouth closer to the top of their heads) to create a chin effect. Trolling effectiveness: hilarious and highly-rated.

Dub Trailer[edit]

The trailer for the English dub of the 2006 anime adaptation of Kanon, is unfortunately responsible for the creation of several minor memes. ADV Film’s attempt to bring this well-received anime to the United States appears to follow the trend of butchering the characters supposed voices; and thusly a part of their personality; with corny, lack-luster or otherwise poor voice-acting. This fact is made abundantly clear in said trailer for the American release of Kanon, which can be viewed here.
After the trailer was posted on /a/, many of the show's fans were utterly seething. Many Anonymous claimed that Ayu had been given a horrific valley-girl voice, obnoxious in tone and totally unbefitting of one of /a/’s most beloved female protagonists.
A Supernatural Journey
The trailer introduces Kanon to the viewer as “a supernatural journey”. Though the term “supernatural journey” is actually a rather appropriate description of Kanon, the wizards at ADV nevertheless managed to make it sound retarded and weird.
It’s rare for Kanon threads on /a/ these days to go for long without receiving a “Is dat sum supernatural journey anime?” comment.
Other points of ridicule come from the trailer’s excessive use of the word “dreams”, taking Kanon’s well-done and effective dream-like imagery and thematics and making it sound corny and stupid. The trailer has been said to do for the word “dreams” what Kingdom Hearts did to the word “darkness”.
The trailer is often mockingly quoted as DREAMS or extended to “DREEEEEAMS” or “DREEEEEEEEEAMING!”.
Embrace the Magic
The tag-line tacked on to the end of the trailer.
Residents on /a/ are commonly told to “EMBRACE THE MAGIC, MOTHERFUCKER” in Kanon-threads.
The Melancholy of Hu-Rah-Hee Suzumiya
However, the biggest insult came with the end of the trailer, in which the announcer states the series was produced by the same people who brought us Air TV and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, but pronouncing it as “’Hu-Rah-Hee’ Suzumiya”. This sad and utterly laughable screw-up points to the utter incompetence seen with ADV Films; they can’t even pronounce the name of a series right.


After the debut of the 2006 version, Aizawa Yuuichi, the main protagonist of Kanon, could not help but have extreme similarities to Kyon from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya due to his sarcastic and playful nature that was present in the original game, too. Because of KyoAni's faithfulness, the perception of Yuuichi was transformed from one that of typical harem leads to one that is similar to KyoAni's previous male leads (including Kyon and Sagara Sousuke of FMP) and GAR.


What the main heroine, Tsukimiya Ayu, utters after every other sentence. This "catchphrase" is one of the few reasons Ayu got extremely popular in both Japan and the moe anime world. Spawned one annoying tripfag who keeps making "Am I cute now uguu~?" threads. Also usually posted in every other Kanon thread like hivemind, especially one that involves Ayu herself.

External Links and Additional Information[edit]

  • Kanon gets its name from Pachelbel’s Canon in D-major, a piece of classical music that plays during several important scenes during Kanon, such as Ayu and Yuuichi's first meeting in the diner. Several versions of this song can be listened to here.
  • The song Canon became an internet phenomenon, with a Taiwanese guitarist named Jerry Chang performing a Neoclassical rendition of the song and becoming one of YouTube’s most popular videos. Who’d a thunk it?