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Sup /t/. I'm an archivist from the Bibliotheca Anonoma, and I was referred here by this post: >>>/qa/89508

I heard that this massive collection >>652226 contains an updated version of the 4chan Information Library from 2012 (as well as the gentoomen library and other stuff), which I uploaded to the Internet Archive here: >>>/qa/71705

I can permanently archive some parts of this torrent to the Internet Archive (in case it ever dies).

Though for eBooks, if they can be found on Amazon or at a library, we'd prefer to just make a "Recommendations" list to save space... and sidestep the baggage of hosting them.

Can anyone provide a full file/folder structure listing? This includes all subfolders and files under each folder.

Just dump it in pastebin and tell me if you have it. Though I'll also try to extract the list from a torrent client myself.

How to extract a Folder Structure from a Torrent File[edit]

One little known secret of torrent files is that they contain a full list of all files and folders within it.

What if you only have a magnet link? Since a magnet hash only points your client toward peers, we need to obtain the torrent file first. Thankfully, magnet files were designed to allow your client to download the torrent file from a peer, rather than a central server.

Use Libtorrent[edit]

This Magnet2Torrent Python libtorrent script will take any magnet link and retrieve a torrent file from a nearby peer.

After you have your torrent file, we can now extract the file/folder structure from it. You can use a variety of tools to accomplish this:


As stated in this stackexchange post, The Transmission torrent client for Linux contains a command line tool that displays all metadata: and also a nice list of all files held inside the torrent.

$ transmission-show amd64cd-5.1.2.iso.torrent
Name: amd64cd-5.1.2.iso
File: amd64cd-5.1.2.iso.torrent


  Name: amd64cd-5.1.2.iso
  Hash: e30c05f2330ba4869eefb90bf5978a505303b235
  Created by: 
  Created on: Sun Feb  5 01:31:29 2012
  Piece Count: 967
  Piece Size: 256.0 KiB
  Total Size: 253.3 MB
  Privacy: Public torrent


  Tier #1


  amd64cd-5.1.2.iso (253.3 MB)