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"There are normal people too, but they just aren’t as interesting as the freaks." - anonymous
An alternate cover to the book.

Published December 23, 2015, Hypersphere is the collaborative result of /lit/ anons attempting to write a story in google docs over the course of 3 months. It features a 720 page shitposting saga, a beginning, an end, and most miraculously of all, A coherent narrative.


In 2015, a number of /lit/ anons got together to once again write a book, and opened a google doc to the world. For 3 months anon's wrote, edited, and shat upon this document. At the end of the year, an edited version was published, releasing /lit/'s vision upon the world. (Further information needed)


An excellent literary analysis of Hypersphere was done by one Ben Duncan. His thoughts can be found on his blog.

"Finally, something I can proudly put of the bookshelf, right next to my copy of The vagina ass of Lucifer NiggerBastard"

- amcfadzien

"I tried to contribute to the best novel of the 21st century, but retards deleted my contribution so the book is shit."

- LuminiferousEther_

"Either my sense of humor is fucked beyond repair, or this is among the funniest creative writings of our generation. Despite a saturation of self-references, memes, and utter nonsense - it still manages to shine as a parody of literature and literary techniques (at least from what I've read so far). And as I said, it is very funny, especially in the parts where the writing doesn't go too far and allows some restraint.

Hypersphere epitomizes the 4chan/internet intellectual-but-also-madness-insane cultural perspective." - Phirak

And perhaps the most convincing;

"This is even better than that Banjo Kazooie erotic fanfiction for sale on amazon."

- ionwesker

Indeed it is Mr.ionwesker, indeed it is.

But mere words can not do Hypersphere justice. Introducing: Hypersphere. Click the cover to proceed.

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