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If you need to store and host tons of data cheaply on hard drives, there's providers that specialize in it. Notice that most of these are in Western Europe, with the exception of Time4VPS, in Eastern Europe (but it's Lithuania, a stable and prosperous Baltic EU nation).



check under "High Volume Storage Servers" in the website

  • 4TB disk for 15.99EUR/mo (250.2GB/EUR)
    • 11.99EUR/mo if paid yearly (333.6GB/EUR)
  • Fairly unique location: Vilnius, Lithuania
  • "400 Mbps dedicated port speed for each Storage server" from their own website
  • Storage host nodes are currently running RAID 6

Hetzner storage boxes[edit]

  • 10TB storage for 39.90EUR/mo (250.6GB/EUR)
  • You get access via SMB/CIFS or various other listed methods on the page
  • This might be a good combo with a Hetzner auction server for low latency
  • Supposedly has some kind of RAID protection, no mention of what level however per their wiki.

OVH High Storage Dedicated Servers[edit]

OVH has some high storage dedi offers that I think are reasonable for the price.

  • The FS-30T model in particular is a good value with 30TB for 139.99EUR/mo (214.3GB/EUR)
  • The Xeon D platform are basically just more power efficient, and slightly lower performance, E3 level CPUs
  • 500mbps "guaranteed" bandwidth, take that for whatever you will, but OVH's bandwidth is generally decent
  • Two locations choices: France or Canada
  • Has DDR4 ECC too, if you care about that
  • Overall I think this is a good value

TransIP Big Storage[edit]

TransIP has Big Storage for their BladeVPS PureSSD line

  • 10EUR/mo per 2TB (200GB/EUR) of network attached ZFS RAIDZ storage, scalable up to 400TB according to their site
  • 10EUR/mo for the VPS, with 5EUR discount for the first month only
  • Reliably large and established Netherlands based host
  • Good value if all you need is ZFS storage on the cheap and don't care about the machine it is attached to