Horrible Monster 2

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The OP of the thread posted a screen cap of the orignal story, asking if their was ever a follow up to the story.

The storyteller obliged.

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It's weird to see your own thread posted on 4chan two years later.
I haven't even been on /r9k/ in ages, but ain't that just the way.
I noticed my thread posted in a story thread once a million years ago, and wound up doing a little q&a then, but quite a lot has changed since then even.
I can update you right now.
Everyone who told me to get the fuck out was right.
And I was right too.
Baby is a monster.
When we first moved in together, things were really, really good. And they got better for almost a year.
But around June of last year, Baby started creeping again.
There was a huge, steady change between her behavior in high school and how she had become in 2014.
She had stopped that shark-eyed automaton shit almost completely. She didn't go around smiling at nothing with big dead doll eyes anymore, not quietly making gently disturbing quips all the time.
She wasn't disappearing at random or coming home huffing and sweating through her little blouses anymore.
She was almost warm and fleshy.
I honestly thought she was becoming a real person.
I don't know.
But I do know that in June, something happened.
Baby was often gone most of the day because she was a medical intern, there was nothing odd about that, and really she seemed to be handling the stress of all of that quite well.
I wasn't surprised by that, Baby is nothing if not a master of composure.
But there came a point when she started not coming home for days at a time.
It started out as a full day, and slowly worked up to four solid days.
I'm not stupid.
It's Baby.
Something's afoot.
Every time I tried to talk to Baby about it, she would revert further back.
"You know how it is, medical professionals are frequently required to work upwards of 30 hour shifts; I have to get used to that, you know."
"My training requires me to be away for long periods of time."
"I have to be away sometimes, Jake."
"I am dealing with my own affairs."
"Stop questioning me."


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When it came to the night she finally came home after being MIA for four straight days, I was waiting.
I was waiting, and scared.
Scared like I had been in high school.
Scared for my life.
Scared for the life I'd made with this fucking frilly pink monster.
By day two of this stint, I had driven to the teaching hospital where she worked.
Her car wasn't there.
It wasn't there at noon, it wasn't there at four, it wasn't there at nine, and it wasn't there the next day either.
She didn't work there.
I went home and waited.
I called off work.
I sat on the stupid fucking frilly, flowery grandma sofa in this stupid fucking frilly lavender room in this stupid fucking artificial-vanilla-scented frilly fucking house and waited.
According to the stupid fucking cat-shaped digital clock on the tv, she came home at 3:01am.

>a second passes by as all of this occurs
>Baby isn't expecting anyone
>I've left all the lights off so as not to give myself away
>she is, therefore, unobservant, so she isn't masking herself
>her breathing is heavy
>I can see lights from outside reflecting off of her in such away that I can tell she's went in places
>something thuds against the door
>suddenly it dawns on me that this is Baby
>this is the girl who held me hostage through fear of death in high school
>this is the girl who you know for sure has at least two confirmed kills on her record
>I have made a grievous error
>I can faintly hear bear cackling upstairs
>the second tics past and Baby identifies me
>her head snaps up as if she smelled me or heard some minute sound
>her eyes bore into mine
>it's Baby
>it's the monster
>it scuttles into the house and closes the door
>I hear something dragging on the floor
>with the door shut, there's no more light
>my eyes had briefly tried to adjust to the light from outside
>in the dark again, I was effectively blind
>I get up
>I try to find a wall to put my back against so it can't surprise me from behind

cont Anonymous Sat 01 Oct 2016 01:41:08 No.31782695 Report
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>it all happens so fast
>back up against the entertainment system that Baby had insisted was cuter than a wall-mounted flat screen
>stop moving
>I haven't been attacked yet
>try to compose myself
>hold my breath to try to hear
>my heart is pounding in my ears, I can barely hear anything
>I taste pennies
>white splodges bloom and die in my vision
>realize I can hear it heading for the back room
>the back room belongs to Baby
>I don't go back there
>be brave for once in your life, you Nancy
>I grit my teeth
>I'm panicking
>I can't think fast enough to know what to do
>for some reason, I push over the entire entertainment system
>I realize I'm having an adrenaline rush
>I can take her
>I head to the back of the house
>I make the classic horror movie mistake of not turning a god damn light on
>I stop in the kitchen
>I take a knife from the kitchen
>I leave the kitchen
>I realize I don't hear movement anymore
>she could be hiding
>she could have slipped out of window
>Why do I have a knife?
>What am I doing?
>This is Baby.
>This is my best friend.
>This is my fiance.
>I stop
>I drop the knife
>I stand out side the back room door for a while
>I don't know what to do or say
>What had been the point of all of this?
>What had been the point of catching her?
>What had been the point being with her to begin with?
>the door opens
>it's just as dark inside
>I remember that night in the farm house
>I remember how bad I wanted to go home
>I remember how I wanted my mom
>I remember how my mom told me to stay away from Baby
>this didn't have to happen
>I could have stopped this
>I dug myself a hole while everyone around screamed for me to stop
>I'm in deep
>this is it
>there's no saving me now
>I step inside
>I know what's coming
>the door closes behind me
>I taste copper again
>I guess I'm not content to die here after all
>a small light is born


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>the monster is standing adjacent to a rather lovely antique writing desk
>one milky, finely manicured hand let's go of a pull chain on a lamp
>it stands there huffing
>the dark wet spots are now undeniably gore
>it's little hiking boots are caked in dirt
>I notice that two of those finely manicured nails are actually broken off
>it's staring into me with big, dark, unfeeling doll's eyes
>it's Baby
>I wanted to cry
>I never grew up
>I'm still just that fat little shlubby boy who just wanted to touch the boob
>it suddenly postures aggressively
>it pushes its shoulders back, tips its chin upward, and in true Baby fashion, goes into the "pretty feet" stance
>"You always trusted me, Jake. That's what I liked about you."
>past tense
>oh god
>I can't speak
>unrelenting eyes violate me
>"It's time we go on a trip."
>I want to say 'Stop, what is this shit? What were you carrying, why is the blood on you, please god just tell me something I want to hear, tell me it's strawberry preserves and you broke your nails trying to open the jar, please just say something normal, please say anything normal, I just want /my/ Baby back, what happened to you? What happened to you, who did this to you?'
>I can't
>it slowly begins to creep up to me
>it balks
>I feel a surge of confidence seeing that, and start to-
>I hear the door swing open
>I see Baby relax
>I feel a blinding, hot pain in my head
>I'm on the floor
>everything is screaming pain
>my vision blurs
>I manage to roll over
>I see shapes and colors
>it's Baby
>I see another shape in a color
>it's bear
>something hurts my neck and I pass out

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>wake up
>briefly think I'm in bed and need to get up for work
>quickly remember that no, no such luck
>there is a very dim light
>I'm lying on my back on a hard surface
>I'm restrained
>I'm gagged with something soft and clean
>I try looking around
>I try to scream
>my pants are wet
>oh Jesus Christ almighty, she's castrated me
>no, I've just pissed myself
>thrash as hard as I can trying to break the restraints
>no luck
>I have never in my life known fear until this moment
>I hear faint laughing
>no, I really do hear it
>Baby comes into focus
>she isn't the one laughing
>this is a nightmare
>I'm going to wake up any moment now
>I'm going to wake up, or I'm going to have a heart attack and die under a farm house in the woods and no one will ever find my body, but everyone will know why I'm dead
>everyone who tried to stop me
>everyone who tried to stop this
>Baby pets my hair
>her eyes aren't empty
>she's smiling faintly
>her nails weren't broken when her hand went over my face
>she looks at me for a long time
>she doesn't look angry
>it's so quiet
>it's so quiet for such a long time
>she starts moving her hand around my face
>I flinch
>she jams my head into facing the ceiling
>when she's sure I won't move again, she returns to what she was about to do
>she ungags me
>it was an over the knee sock
>of course it was
>I don't scream
>I don't speak
>she puts her hand in mine
>she keeps looking at me
>her face is flushed
>she looks healthy
>I never realized how ghostly she looked
>"Are you afraid?"
>I stare
>I don't know what answer she wants
>I don't think it matters anymore
>her grasp tightens slightly
>"Are you afraid of me?"
>her smile disappears
>she cranes her head down to mine
>for lack of more graceful words, she mounts me
>she never moves her face more than an inch away from mine

cont Anonymous Sat 01 Oct 2016 03:30:26 No.31783964 Report
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>she holds herself on top of me like that for a long time
>she feels heavy
>I realize it had to have been nearly seven months since we'd had sex
>I missed her
>I missed the pink, fleshy person she had become
>she had become a real person, and now she was gone
>I missed her
>"I was wrong."
>"Do you know why they call it 'making love?'"
>what the fuck are you talking about
>"she presses herself against me
>she feels wrong
>"We did it. We made love. I'm so scared. I'm so happy"
>I don't know what the fuck is happening
>I hear something skulking around out of my line of vision
>she sits up
>she slips out of her petticoats
>I'm briefly hit with memories of other terrifying sexual romps from happier times
>she takes her dress off
>she drops it on the floor
>that's not right
>what is this
>none of this is right, but that is easily the least right thing that's happened here tonight
>she looks...
>she unbuttons her blouse
>she won't drop eye contact
>she opens the blouse
>no, now I knew fear
>I have to bite the insides of my cheeks to keep from screaming
>I pissed myself again
>the thing I can't see is behind me
>I can't think
>I feel like I'm going to throw up
>I suddenly understand why she's been gone
>I suddenly understand why she's been distant like she's been hiding something
>I suddenly understand why, for once, she's scared
>she's pregnant
>the most evil thing in the whole god forsaken world is not money
>it is the trend of ever larger petticoats in lolita fashion
>I haven't said anything in what has most likely been at least half a minute
>she gestures to her belly
>it's small but distinctly pregnant, if she just wore normie clothes, I would have caught on months ago
>"We did it. We made love."
>I can't do it
>this is it
>this is the absolute end of the line
>I would rather die
>she stares
>her smile grows back
>"You're so scared."
>her smile cracks open
>"You're so, so scared..."
>Jesus Christ no
>I hear a displeased sound behind me


Anonymous Sat 01 Oct 2016 04:08:23 No.31784351 Report
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>I agree, sound
>I want to die
>I want to go back in time and kill myself in ninth grade
>as I've been staring up at the ceiling praying to god for it to crash down and kill us both,
>us three
>us four
>Baby has buttoned her blouse back up and and began to undo my pants
>she's staring at whatever I can't see
>you are never, ever going to get a boner out of me right now
>you know what, that's fine
>maybe she'll get offended and kill me
>that would be fine
>she's futilely trying to rub an erection out of me
>she's got target lock on whatever is behind me
>she lets my poor dick go
>my poor dick
>you didn't ask for any of this
>oh this god damn crazy bitch
>it's been months
>her tongue swirls around head
>I hate her so much in this moment
>it's been months
>I can't stop it, I start getting hard immediately
>she knows me too well
>her little pink mouth forms a vacuum
>in a better time, I could have thought of nothing
>I could have laid in bed with soft, warm Baby slurping my dick up like an otter pop in summer and thought of nothing at all
>but that's just not life, is it?
>Who is behind me?
>Why is Baby doing whatever she does out here again?
>Why would being pregnant make her start doing this again?
>Is she reverting because she's scared?
>Is she eating manflesh to nourish her demon child?
>She's eating this manflesh like a starving woman, bah dum tish
>Is it a ritual?
>Who is behind me?
>Has she been sacrificing people to it?
>Whatever it is?
>What is any of this?
>the tight, hot mouth lets go of me
>instant regret
>a thin strand of saliva and precum floats partly attached to her lower lip
>she gets back in my face
>I can smell that weird, musky-sweet wet pussy smell
>just kill me, please
>she kisses the corner of my mouth
>she says gently, "You want me to stop?"
>she's grinding that little slit against me
>let me die
>"You want me stop?"


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>she kisses me sloppily now
>I hate tasting my own dick
>I love her mouth
>I'm scared
>I want to fuck her
>I want to go home
>If I had arms, I could kill myself. If I had legs, I could run away.
>she's breathing in my ear
>"Tell me you want me to stop."
>I can't
>this is my life
>it's all hers
>she knows it
>she's sucking my neck like she did when we were teenagers
>the tip of my dick is just barely stroking inside her lips
>she's awful
>I love her
>"Tell me to stop."
>"Please stop."
>she holds my face firmly with one hand
>"Do you remember what I told you? You're mine. You do what I want."
>I feel my cock stretch her open
>it's been a long time
>she's so tight I'm going to lose it
>wait I said stop; she's raping me
>god she's tight
>she kisses me hard
>I can feel her gripping me purposefully inside
>she grabs my face again
>"You're mine."
>yeah I know, you fucking bitch
>"Say it."
>can you give me a break
>"Say you're mine."
>her pussy is milking me
>fuck it, I give up
>"I'm yours."
>her grip on my face and her grip on my cock are suddenly unbearable
>she screams
>I hate myself
>I cum buckets
>I close my eyes
>I'm dead
>this is hell
>she lays down on my chest for a moment
>then she says, "Okay."
>there's pain in my neck again
>I don't look
>I don't want to know
>I black out


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>I come to
>for a second, I think I'm dead
>then I realize how bad I feel
>I'm in my bed
>it's day light
>I'm alone
>I'm missing my left ring finger
>the place where it used to connect to my hand is wrapped in gauze and hurts every time my heart beats
>I go downstairs
>Baby is in the living room
>she smiles at me
>I walk further into the living room
>she raises her eyebrows expectantly
>she looks better
>she looks pink
>I stare at her for awhile and she stares back
>looking at her stomach, I realize if I had been more observant, I could have figured out what was happening
>she tips her head down and keep staring
>I understand
>she smiles
>I don't know what to do
>I sit down on the stupid frilly couch
>it's comfortable
>it's not so bad
>ain't that just the way?
>she pats me on the leg and gets up
>she goes to the kitchen
>I sit for awhile
>maybe I could just sit on this couch forever and she'll stay in the kitchen forever
>but that ain't the way
>I go to the kitchen
>Bear is seated at the table
>Baby isn't there
>I am horrified
>I stare at bear
>I stare at bear for a long time
>it does nothing
>I look away down the hall to the back room
>no where else she could have gone
>it dawns on me that I'm going to be a parent within a few months at the most
>I walk up to the door
>nothing happens
>it doesn't open
>I put my hand on the knob
>I hear a soft thudding in the kitchen
>I twist the knob
>it's locked
>go back to the kitchen
>bear is gone
>my life is fear
>go back to the living room
>Baby is there
>bear is not
>I don't
>I don't care
>I sit back down on the nice, frilly couch
>Baby snuggle up to me
>she's watching a Roseanna rerun from before they won the lottery
>that's fine
>she puts my hand on her stomach
>I'll know peace when I'm dead
>this is fine

The end.

So we have a daughter now. She's beautiful.

She seems to take after her mom.